Sunday, June 13, 2010

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When Barack Obama speaks, he usually uses language which is so vague, obscure, misleading, and ambiguous that when he actually says something that is 100% clear, we can be sure of one thing: he's lying.

As a case in point, the president ramrodded Obamacare by repeatedly promising the American public "If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what."

Well gosh - that certainly seems clear, direct, and hard to misinterpret!

But according to a new report from the Treasury Department, under Obamacare the majority of employer-insured Americans won't be able to keep their current health care plans. Period. No matter what.

Up to 90 million Americans will be forced by the government to purchase more expensive health plans, whether they want them or not. And up to 80% of small businesses will have to scrap their current healthcare plans...and choose between purchasing more expensive government-designed plans, or simply cancelling employee insurance altogether and paying a less-expensive fine.

Of course, the only real news here is that it's now the government confirming all the dire things that conservatives had been warning about in the many months preceding the passage of Obamacare.

But seeing an approaching asteroid isn't the same thing as stopping it.


Pete(Detroit) said...

I continue to be amazed by the 'ass-toids' that continue to support O-care... "Btu the government isn't RUNNING anything, they're just making everyone buy insurance - how is that bad?"
Well, when the set the policies you can buy....

Have said for YEARS - you want cheaper health care, pay cash. Get people invested in taking care of themselves, reward them for shopping around, getting the best price - kind like the whole medical IRA thing.
But no, too much like right...

Anonymous said...

I think its time to do a cartoon on an isue that very important to the nation. On that NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN do not want the people to know

Once you get here you will see where someone else have upload a video ( ) of one more Obama's agenda of how to destroy America. The people need to know what these scumbag socialist backed by the worlds worse are up to.

I bought this bumper sticker yesterday

Dr.D said...

How can we tell for certain when the Obama administration is lying to us? It is simply. When ever they say anything, we have a 99.9% certainty that it is an outright lie; the remaining 0.1% uncertainty is that it is simply untrue. They never, ever, communicate the truth. This is the fundamental rule.

There are occasional exceptions to the rule when they blunder and the truth slips out by accident, but then you see furious backpedaling.
This is the best sign that the truth may have inadvertently leaked out, because you can take it to the bank that that is never the intent.

These people are sons and daughters of the devil himself, the father of lies. He knows them all, and they know him well. He will gather them to himself in hell fire at the end.

Anonymous said...

OPPS the other vidoe you guiys must see is

The Obama and the mexican Prez have come to term and now this JA we have in the whitehouse kisses his butt. NOT !

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete & DrD- As the Obamacare lies continue to stack up, we noted in this morning's paper that Obama is saying money is needed for the "Doc Fix" to keep Medicare payments from being slashed next week. He warns that many doctors may stop treating Medicare patients if this isn't done immediately.

BUT...(you knew that was coming, right?) it was the Obamacare plan that specifically excluded the costs of the "Doc Fix" in order to create the false impression that the plan was financially viable.

But the mainstream media still fails to "connect the dots." The piece I read about the "Doc Fix" made no mention of Obamacare...and only described the president making a plea for funds to help little old sick people.


Unknown said...

One of the big things that scare me is when they start to cut expenses and get to looking at retired people and say they are no longer useful so lets cut their health care out. All they are is a total drain on the system. It will not start out that way, but they will get there pretty quick. Some government quack will decide if you will get treatment.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Spinelessobama- Despite the left's insistence that Obamacare does not contain "death panels," it contains plenty of language which will allow such panels to exist - albeit under different names.

Last week in England, many "standard" infirmities of old age (cataracts, bad hips) fell into the category of things the government couldn't afford to fix anymore...and the same will happen here.

And note that Obamacare does require seniors to have regular "end of life" discussions with the government, to help people decide if they even want to go on. With cataracts. And a broken hip. And, in Obama's words, "painkillers instead of pacemakers."

The Obama administration already has plenty of flacks on the road pointing out that it is the elderly who run up the most medical expenses, especially near the end of their lives. And gosh, that's not "fair" to the young - right? The "evil old" are deliberately running up high healthcare bills, just because they're sick and don't want to die.

But in the interest of fairness...they'll have to. And on the government's timetable.

Front Woodsman said...

So, being the ex-owner of a small business that was driven out of business by a State "Recommended Businesses" site that listed us as "Not Approved" for failing to pay a $100.00 Corporate Personal Property Tax bill on time, and having had to spend lots of bucks to incorporate again in another state, I'm now being told by THAT state's insurance commissioner that I'm required to pony up even more bucks for an employee healthcare regulation fund that will in turn audit my new Company and tell me what state-approved plan I have to buy for my one employee, me, if I want to keep my Corporation registered there. This BEFORE the onset of the new Obamacare regs. Getting rid of Obamacare is not going to fix things, now that all the other littler bureaucrats down to the State and County level have been shown how to use small businesses as their own personal ATM's. As far as I'm concerned, the Death Panels are already out there. Just look at any of the new paperwork from insurance companies or from the State Labor Boards, and check out how many places the age of the applicant is demanded. Employers are already being actively encouraged to prune off anyone over 50 if they want insurance premiums that are even close to bearable. Acceptance decision makers in employer paid programs look at the % of employees in each age group, and if you have 50% or more over 50 years old, look for your pockets to be picked at renewal time. Taxman on one side, Insurance Czar on the other, all we need now is Pestilence and Death, and we've got all four Horsemen lined up against us. Nice way to boost the small business experience. Anybody else who can spell "Apocalypse" out there?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Front Woodsman- Your experiences are all too common, and you do a great job of laying out the logical extensions of these policies. Higher costs, higher taxes, less hiring, and a bleak future for anyone on the far side of 50.

Which again dovetails with the "end of life counseling" which the government will be giving: hey, your eyes are bad, your hips are bad, your blood pressure is shot, and you're permanently unemployed at age 57 - what do you have to live for?

"Sign here, here, and here...lie down on that gurney...take the pink pill in the cup...and put on the headphones playing Obama's inauguration address."

pryorguy said...

wow...'soylent green'

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pryorguy- Exactly. Watch for the IMAX Disembarkation Centers coming soon, from a government near you.