Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last Straw

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Barack Obama has told the people of Louisiana that he can't just "swim down there and plug that hole" (sorry, Malia!) nor can he "just suck it up with a straw."

Which is somewhat surprising, considering how much the president's clean-up plan does suck.

Because other countries, with some of the most advanced technology in the world, have offered to assist with the clean-up...but the president has turned them all down, so that all the clean-up can be done by American union members who don't want foreigners cutting into their personal paychecks.

Granted, this means that the oil will spread much farther, contaminate more beaches and wetlands, kill more wildlife, and cause more economic damage.

But at least the president will be able to save that which is most precious: his cozy relationship with the unions.

No matter how much it sucks for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

The POTUS said these things? Sounds more like a smart-mouth 6th grader than a highly educated adult. Why am I surprised given his recent coarse language, denials, blame casting, etc. Get past the finger pointing and get to the solution.

Anonymous said...

My mother always said, "I can't hear you when you whine." Suddenly, I can't hear what our president is saying... not that that's a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

No wonder the unions are so pleased at the spill. They will be working for years now, at 100K a year to shovel tar balls into wheelbarrows. They've found in the spill a neverending contract.

alan markus said...

Seems like a lot of pixels & oxygen being expended speculating on how tonight Obama "becomes a man" (Instead of watching the speech, I'll be looking for Porky's YouTube clips for scenes where the characters "become men"). Supposedly tonight Obama will demonstrate his leadership capacities, and all doubts about his competency to hold office will disperse. At least that seems to be the MSM "set-up" for tonight.

Anyway, Mona Charen has an excellent column speculating on what Obama should say tonight - well worth reading.
What Obama Should Say Tuesday Night

Here's a sample:
"When the Deepwater Horizons rig blew up and spawned a terrible oil spill on April 22, my administration's response was conditioned by decades of liberal and leftist thinking about business and government. My background in academia and community activism had never exposed me to the basics of making business decisions or to the fundamentals of a market economy. To the contrary, my friends on the left and I tended to see businessmen, doctors, bankers -- pretty much anyone who made a profit -- as selfish creeps. "There comes a point when you've made enough money" I scolded, when urging passage of a financial reform bill.

So when the oil spill became a national story, our instinct was to bash the company. "I am angry and frustrated that BP has been unable to stop the leak," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar complained. "We're 33 days in ... and deadline after deadline has been missed." Salazar seemed to believe that BP, which was losing millions of dollars a day, had lost half its market capitalization since April, and was potentially facing ruin if the spill could not be contained, somehow lacked a sense of urgency. "We're keeping our boot on the neck of BP," Salazar assured members of Congress."

Buzz Bannister said...

Sounds like a good time to leave the TV off.

Colby Muenster said...

Top Ten Things that are More Fun than Watching an Obama Speech:
1) Eat lint
2) Let your cat shower with you
3) Pluck your eyelashes
4) Drive around and “flip off” every cop you see
5) Roll around naked in poison ivy
6) Lick that stubborn, yellow stain off your toilet seat
7) Wax your pubic hair
8) See if a Weed Eater really will trim your toenails
9) Have someone film you getting a colonoscopy
10) Take a half dozen 3 year olds to Toys R Us

fred said...

The guy's an unmitigated DISASTER,that about sums it up.If you don't see it then you are incompetent also, or you just aren't paying attention.Either way your part of the cancer that's in the white house!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good comments, and I think we should all give Colby's Top Ten list of things to do instead of watching the president's speech a try. They all do sound like more fun.

pryorguy said...

oh man i love this site! so nice not to feel alone anymore in my disregard for this guy!

Cookie said...

Hey, does anyone know if the annointed one was using a teleprompter when he made the "suck it up with a straw" comment? Or was that original? While I wait to find out, guess I'll go have a shower with my cat!

Dr.D said...

He says he can't just swim down there and plug the hole, but oh, how I wish he would really, really try hard. I would be willing to forget about all of his screw-ups to date if he would just get to 3000 ft. in a free dive.