Monday, November 29, 2010

Name Dropper

The scenario was absolutely terrifying. A terrorist parks a van at the site of a crowded, outdoor Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Inside the van are six 55-gallon drums of explosive, wired to a cellphone detonator.

The terrorist walks a safe distance away, enters the detonator's number into his own cellphone and presses "send" - expecting thousands of men, women, and children to be killed or maimed. Instead, FBI agents tackled him as he screamed "Allahu Akbar!"

The bomb was a fake, supplied to the terrorist by undercover FBI agents.

The terrorist, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was a young middle-eastern man (Somali-born) who believes in a radical form of islam, has been in touch with suspected terrorists in Pakistan, and who said that his attempt to attack "families celebrating the holidays" was an act of jihad.

In other words, he would perfectly fit the profile of a radical islamic terrorist if such profiles were allowed to exist.

We are thankful that the FBI acted aggressively to protect Americans from this nightmarish scenario...and hope that the Department of Homeland Security and TSA will finally start to
concentrate more on genuinely "likely terrorists" than on squeezing the breasts of nuns or touching children on their "special parts."

When Bush was in office, the Democrats repeatedly called on our intelligence agencies to "connect the dots" before later deciding that it was more politically correct to make believe the dots don't exist. But as Mohamed Osman Mohamud reminds us, there really is an appropriate use of profiling - and it needs to be done before the terrorists connect the detonators.

The intended victims of islamic radical Mohamed Osman Mohamud


Pete(Detroit) said...

Gosh, Stilt, they'd have to BELIEVE in EVIL, or something, to be able to see the dots.
And that goes right against believing in "free" health care, Government Cheese, and unicorns and rainbows.
There is also this strange belief that the people who did NOT 'start' "the war" can do ANY thing to 'stop' it - other than annihilation / conversion of the other side. I really, REALLY hope we don't have to 'kill them all' - but at this point, it kinda looks that way >sigh< ("them" being the radical extremists of ANY flavor who think the random killing of innocents is a good idea)

Anonymous said...

I just read that the Department of Justice is going to aggressively pursue the person(s) who set fire to the Islamic Center where this terrorist worshipped. Fine by me; arson is bad. But more ink space was given to muslims fearing retribution from muslim haters than men, women, and children fearing annhilation at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Contrary to others in this article, I'll not jump to conclusions about just who set this fire. I still remember Bill Clinton and the media stoking the flames of racism by accusing white people of burning down black churches. The evidence eventually pointed to black church members in virtually every burning.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The FBI did a good job, and let's hope they continue to ferret out these scum before they commit their heinous acts, but remember...
we have to get lucky 100% of the time. They only have to get lucky once. How long can we count on the terrorists/Islamists ineptitude?
My tolerance for Muslims who refuse to speak out against this evil is wearing mighty damned thin.

Anonymous said...

Since we have yet to find any blue-haired old ladies wearing explosive laden Depends or 8 year old girls with C-4 in their Hello Kitty backpacks, we should probably concentrate on the young middle eastern men that keep trying to blow stuff up. I know that makes sense and all, but it seems we have yet to try anything that makes sense. It might be just crazy enough to work!

But if granny ever tries to blow up a tour bus to Las Vegas, I hope the FBI take her down hard.

Bobo said...

Angry Hoosier Dad - Don't hold your breath waiting for Muslims to speak out about this evil...they have no intention of ever doing so. We are the infidels and need to die.

As for Ms. Napali-baloney-o, the finger she's holding up is a demonstration for TSA agents to know which finger to use when checking passengers for kestered explosives? That will be the next choice passengers will have. First the Naked Scan, then the Grope and coming up next to an airport near you, "The Bob" (Bend over buddy).

Suzy said...

Really sobering to think about...all of it.

Meanwhile...I'm no terrorist, and I have no intention of being treated like one...I think we'll just stay grounded for now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- All good comments. And obviously, we're not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, or anything of the sort. But we are saying that they deserve more scrutiny than other groups, not because of who they are, but because of who the terrorists are.

Anything else is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

So why wasn't this scumbag terrorist shot on the spot and forget the trail or any chance of this idiot getting off and a technicality.

Bobo said...

Anon - (above) He wasn't shot because the liberal media would have crucified the law enforcement officer for doing such a "dastardly act to a poor, misunderstood individual whose mother never really loved him and his father wasn't ever around."

The officer would have then been tried in the courts and sentenced to life in prison, or death, for no other reason than doing his/her job to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defending it from all agressors, foreign or domestic. No matter how legal and justified the shooting could have been, the officer and family would have to suffer the ridicule of the liberal media.

Joel said...

At the risk of seeming pedantic, I don't think you can consider Somalia part of the Middle East.

What really frosts my apricots about all this is that the kid was a naturalized citizen. He took oaths to become one of us. That infuriates me much more than if he'd been a foreigner who slithered into the country to blow up Americans. No, he is an American. We welcomed him, and he responded by trying to kill us. Bastard.

Joel said...

Woops! I should have edited that last epithet. Please put asterisks in it or whatever is necessary.