Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tough Row To Ho

To the shock of absolutely no one except the experts, unemployment rose again in November to 9.8%...creating holiday visions of empty stockings for the millions of people whose unemployment benefits are about to expire, and for whom no new jobs are on the horizon. The broader index which includes former job seekers who have given up all hope (the so-called "Obama Unemployed") remains at a staggering 17%...a number which even jolly old Santa can't laugh off.

But the Democrats can!

Those mischievous elves in Washington are actually using the final days of their lame duck session trying to kill more jobs. For instance, the Democrats want to raise taxes on the small businesses that do most of this country's job creation... thereby killing their ability to expand, and probably making it necessary to lay off employees.

And big business is on the Democrats' "naughty" list too - which is why they're proposing a massive increase in capital gains taxes which will encourage investors to pull their money out of the stock market when businesses need it most. And when investor capital dries up, employees lose their jobs.

And so, once again this year, destruction of our economy is the great gift that Democrats are giving the country for Christmas. When all we really wanted was a long overdue visit from some wise men.



Suzy said...

I was hearing yesterday that if the economy picks up and people actually start looking for jobs again, that the numbers will actually make it look WORSE because the "haven't given up hope" group will add to the current unemployment group, making unemployment look worse.

So we should just keep that in mind in case Republicans improve the economy and the initial unemployment numbers start to go up for awhile.

Pete(Detroit) said...

For like the 3rd month in a row, unemployment actually fell slightly in MI.
As people (slowly) start buying cars again, the autos, suppliers are adding jobs back, and the trickle-up is.
That's one theory
The other is that everyone w/ skills but no job has left the state (and therefore no longer showing)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Suzy- Statistics can be very misleading... especially when politicians want them to be. You're right that the current and largely bogus unemployment figure could actually go up when people start feeling "hope" again and start looking for jobs...and the mainstream media will happily tout that as a Republican "failure." That's why everyone should be concentrating on the 17% figure that includes everyone; it's the only one which will tell us if real progress is being made.

Anonymous said...

Not only will the lamestream media claim any increase in unemployment numbers as a Republican failure, they'll claim the tiniest improvement as a victory for Baracky Fife--and any improvement will be exactly that: TINY!


Anonymous said...

Ooops! I meant to say, "any improvement attributable to Baracky" will be TINY!


rashid1891 said...

That's why everyone should be concentrating on the 17% figure that includes everyone; it's the only one which will tell us if real progress is being made. I like it so much I am very happy to see this side Thanks MA