Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lame Duck Hunting

For two years, Democrats have largely ignored the business of running America and have instead spent all of their time on Barack Obama's priorities - like screwing up healthcare, and shoving taxpayer money down the throats of unions like geese being fattened for foie gras.

But with only days left in this lame duck legislative session, there simply isn't time to get everything done that the Dems have previously ignored. Which is why Republicans are taking a stand and preventing any legislation from moving through the Senate until the Democrats agree to a funding bill necessary to keep the government running, and
also agree not to raise anyone's taxes in the middle of an economic crisis. Which sounds like it should take all of, oh, five minutes.

But nooOOooo. Before those things happen, the Democrats want to vote on the
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" issue to protect the Gay rights of soldiers like PFC Bradley Manning (who lip-synched to "Lady Gaga" while stealing the Wikileaks documents) , and the DREAM Act which creates a path to citizenship (and all of those lovely, taxpayer-funded citizenship perks) for illegal aliens.

Perhaps the Republicans were discouraged after meeting with Barack Obama and other top Democrats to try to prevent tax hikes...and the presidential response was to create a bi-partisan
committee to explore the possibility of negotiations on taxation and the horse it rode in on.

Hope n' Change salutes the Republicans for taking a tough and necessary stance, and forcing the Senate to finally do a little honest work before the lame duck Democrats get the flock out of Washington DC for the last time.


Jeff H said...

That disgrace to the uniform of the United States Army (i.e., Manning-boy) is the poster boy for why the DADT policy should be changed to ATE (Ask, Tell, Expel).

Anonymous said...

Manning needs the maximum punishment.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The military world is not the civilian world. You surrender certain "rights" and niceties to be a part of it and this is for the sake of uniformity, esprit de corps and discipline. Without these you have no effective fighting military; just a bunch of rabble in the same clothes...with guns. While we did have some gays in the military back in the 70's when I served (end of the draft era), they had the sense and decency to keep to themselves and in the closet. The penalty for being "out" was far more severe from their fellow soldiers than from the system. DADT maintains a workable relationship for gay and straight military members while burdoning gays with keeping their mouths, and other orifi, discreetly shut. Gay activists don't like it because it doesn't fit with their agenda of mainstreaming deviant sexual behavior as "normal".

John the Econ said...

So let the Democrats whine about being unable to continue with the Obama agenda. It just reminds everyone why they voted them out.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Just to be abundantly clear, I'm not Gay-bashing here. But I am pointing out that many of the reports about PFC Manning cited his homosexuality (and a breakup with a boyfriend) as playing a significant role in his decision to steal the secrets.

That doesn't mean we should tar an entire group based on the actions of an individual, but it sure as heck complicates the issue and makes this exactly the wrong time for Harry Reid and company to declare that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should have a higher national priority than funding the government and preventing job-killing tax hikes.

moronpolitics said...

Many of you have figured out I am a racialist. just made up the word. I believe in a positive awareness that we have different racial groups and ethnic groups in America and that they have racial and ethnic "identities" -- things that members of the group rightly or wrongly believe connect them. I also believe that Black Americans are one of the most important of these building blocks and that they are DESPERATELY NEEDED in my Republican Party.
TBS, I try to make certain points when conversing with members of this "group" whether in person or in public forums. So sue me.

I don't mention their "group membership" or ever say that "you people" might or should share any belief. However, these two planks of the Democrats invisible platform are something I mention. I can't believe that "The President" -- I NEVER refer to him by his last name alone -- the President's popularity with aforementioned core group is heightened by his slavish (OOH! wrong word?!) devotion to these causes. Exactly how does either help him there? Why do I plant these seeds?

Because our best maybe ONLY hope of his being a one term president is IF Black Americans "vote with their butts". I learned this phrase from a fellow pamphlet pusher in the Reagan 1 campaign. He said that many Southern White Rednecks who had voted for Jimmy the Legume the first time might not vote against him. The best we could hope for was that they would stay on the couch and say "I'm not going out in (this heat, this cold, this rain, the middle of this football game) to vote for THAT FOOL."

If the GOP had the brains of a bowl of Chit'lins they would be lining up the best movies, music specials etc etc etc for election day 2012 NOW -- targeting just WHO we want nailed to that couch and who we want off of it because "there is NOTHING on today".

Pete(Detroit) said...

Yeah, yay!
If Congress passes NOTHING in the next two years, that will be the least damage done in AGES..
(yes, I know, 'necessary' stuff, budgets, etc, but nothing 'frivolous'...)

pryorguy said...

Come on, now, did we expect ANYTHING different from these lame duck dems than we are getting? You would THINK that a root of patriotism and pride of country would create a willingness to do something on their way out that was more in line with the will of their constituents...but we are finding out exactly where their loyalties lie...maybe they're pissed, maybe they are still misguided, but by golly, they are NOT going out in a reasonable manner! Of course, each and every one is set up for life now, even if they only served one term in congress. Arent we all sick of this elitism?

Anonymous said...

WTF...they have ONLY known for 10 years that the tax cuts will expire on 12-31. Hey, don't rush into anything! The Republicans should have extended them or made them permanent when they had the chance. Now we have to expect the lame duck dems to do the right thing? ARGH! And in less than 28 Washington!