Monday, December 6, 2010

Enriched Iranian

We admit it. Hope n' Change was initially skeptical about Barack Obama's longterm strategy for dealing with Iran's desire for nuclear weapons. Talks with "no preconditions," eternally "open doors" for them to walk through, hoping the situation will "resolve itself," and sending Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a luxurious Hickory Farms beef & cheese basket at Ramadan.

But now, all of the president's "courageous restraint" has actually paid off, and Iran has announced that they won't be importing dangeous yellowcake uranium for potential nuclear weapons anymore.

Unfortunately, it's because they don't need to import it anymore...due to the fact that while the Obama administration was standing on the sidelines, Iran developed the facilities to make their own yellowcake uranium (enriched from ore from Iranian mines).

Mind you, the Iranians can't make enough of the stuff to power the country's nuclear reactors for peaceful generation of electricity (which is their claim)...but they can produce enough to make nuclear weapons, which is better than nothing when you're a lunatic despot whose stated goal is to blow Israel off the map.

All of which makes it seem more likely that Israel is going to have to do something soon in the interest of self-preservation. Because unlike Barack Obama, they have a very clear idea of how the Iranian threat will "resolve itself"
if left unchecked.


Rick said...

When you say "lunatic despot whose stated goal is to blow Israel off the map." Do you mean A-mook-of-a-job (Ahmadinejad) or Obama?

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Good point, Rick. I seriously don't know which of those two hate Israel more. And even if Obama doesn't hate Israel (good luck proving that to anyone but Hillary) he is still the most incompetent person in any room he inhabits. His international fence-mending skills have all the effect of a bulldozer run amok in a glassware shop.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I get tired, too, of folks who say "so what's the big deal, Soviets have had lotsa bombs, for long times?"
Yeah, but MAD worked (oddly enough) against the Soviets. W/ Ahmadinejad, if he can manage to instigate Armageddon and call forth the 13th Imam, he's a winner. Mutual Assured Destruction is NOT a deterrent, it's his effing GOAL!

John the Econ said...

Who needs powerplants when you're a nutcase with bombs? Expect the appeasement crowd to start pushing for "aid" dollars in exchange for non-promises. After all, it worked so well in our dealings with North Korea, didn't it? (Thanks Clintons!)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Rick- I can understand the confusion between despots, and will to clarify things more in the future.

Angry Hoosier Dad- I sometimes wonder if Obama's clear dislike of Israel comes from actual ideological issues, or simply because the volatility of the region distracts from his personal agenda. In either event, there's not much doubt that he'd be glad to see them gone.

Pete(Detroit)- Yes, life was simpler when we were fighting enemies who didn't consider their own deaths to be the ultimate victory.

John the Econ- You're right. "Aid dollars" is simply a nicer way of describing blackmail payments. And the U.S. will probably be making them very soon.

moronpolitics said...

Don't forget that, had we just left Iraq Saddam Hussein would be sitting on the 1.2 million pounds of yellowcake that we found and removed to Canada. Of course, in his tour supporting his book George W. Bush NEVER ONCE mentioned that fact -- instead repeating endlessly that there "were no WMD in Iraq". The Bush family tradition may have started as "we don't blow our own horn" or "we don't brag about accomplishments or endlesly defend ourselves against criticisms", but it has morphed into some bizarre refusal to mention things that are important to the national debate should anyone be able to see such mention as bragging or taking credit. It can be HARMFUL to the country at the expense of your "family tradition", W. Maybe you could go back to drinking instead?

pryorguy said...

The Iran situation calls for a LEADER with vision and courage! Too bad we aint got one!

Anonymous said...

They should have let Israel bomb them when they wanted too but no, the good old USA was worried about world opinion. Well soon they'll have a nuke and you'll really need to worry. Well, I guess it's still not to late to have that joint go up in smoke, if you could find someone with balls to pull it off. It won't be Obama, so don't worry.

Doc - Northern Nevada said...

IF we ARE reaching outside the box just a tiny bit ... by now, all sane people who are trying to keep up on things, have become informed by one means or another, of the current building and staffing of Regional Residential Centers (as they are lovingly called) that with barbed wire rows facing inward from the top of double and triple row heavy duty chain-link fences and mucho camera coverage on all approaches, etc, etc (can we say regional detention centers? Couple that with the fact that there are already enough Executive Orders in place allowing the Commander In Chief (whomever it is at the time) to declare Martial Law and herd all 'terrorists" (aka anyone who disagrees with the Progressive Socialist Liberals)into them 'for their own protection'. This, ofcourse, needs to be "justified" before the Congress will let it happen or the military commanders will actually follow the orders to arrest and detain fellow Americans ... BUT, as long as we are reaching outside the box, would not a theatre-wide nuclear conflagration that has the very real possibility to extend to our shores be a reason for the Obummer to do so and issue the order?
I Love MY Country, but really do FEAR my government - more and more each and every day!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Doc - Northern Nevada- You paint a scary "worst case scenario." I don't think it will come to that but, unfortunately, I also no longer think that such scenarios are unthinkable. Crazy, yes. Impossible, no.