Thursday, December 9, 2010


Barack Hussein Obama is a man who chooses his words carefully. There are no acts of terror, only "man-caused disasters." Under his watch, the term "Islamic radical" has been scrubbed from the books of Homeland Security and law enforcement. When a Muslim murders soldiers at Fort Hood, or attempts to detonate an underwear bomb, or drives a car filled with explosives to Times Square, this president reminds us to watch what we say and not "jump to conclusions."

All of this being the case, when the president labels Republicans "hostage-takers" (and the American people "hostages"), we have to assume that he has not done so casually, but is instead making a deliberate attempt to be as insulting as possible...not just to the Republicans, but to the American majority that just voted them in to restore fiscal sanity in Washington. And all while reminding us that he doesn't take real terrorism seriously.

"It's tempting not to negotiate with hostage-takers," the president sneered to the Whitehouse press corps, "unless the hostage gets harmed. The hostage was the American people."

And what, exactly, were the hostage-takers demands? The end of Western civilization? Blood running in the streets? Virgins to gleefully violate for the rest of eternity?

No, the "hostage-takers" didn't want Obama to raise the people's taxes and kill jobs during the worst employment market since World War II. And Obama had to "compromise" to save the American hostages from the "harm" of hanging on to their own money and making their own life choices.

Hope n' Change would normally try to tie this commentary up with a neat little bow and some clever wordplay. But not today. Not when something is this serious.

When Barack Obama's supremely partisan political rhetoric gets this ugly, and his desire to divide our country and inspire class warfare becomes this obvious, it's really time to look seriously into impeachment. And until we do, we are all hostages.



Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I have said and will repeat that no DemocRat will ever be impeached again, at least not without videotaped proof of murder or worse and not without a signed confession. Why? Bill Clinton. The Rats (& cowardly Repubs) know that they can let a Dem president skate on just about any crime and there will be no downside. That's all that matters...not the constitution or our laws, just what consequence they will have to suffer for their actions. It sucks, but that's who we vote for and that's what we get.

Anonymous said...

I heard Obama use those words and haven't heard anyone comment on how ugly they were until this Hope n' Change cartoon. Thank you for reminding people what a hopeless piece of s*** this alleged president is.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Jeeze, Stilt, you act like you think it's YOUR money!!!
Didn't you get the memo? Under the Brave New World Order, you work for the Fed, and they decide how much you're allowed to keep. After all, how can they keep feeding the parasites "free" food, housing, cars, gas etc. if you're not 'willing' to 'contribute' "your FAIR share"
Frakking Asshats. ('spread the wealth' types, that is)

Also, just wait until the 'hostage' is the 'poor and sick' when the New House fails to fund ObamaCare..
And if they FAIL to fail to fund it, we'll toss 'em all out again next time, too!
In any event, expect the rhetoric to get more bitter and vicious as the grid totally locks.

John the Econ said...

Another fine example of the warped mindset of progressives. Honest American citizens who resist totalitarianism are equated with "terrorists" while actual terrorists get treated as honest citizens.

And if the GOP really wanted to play politics with the economy, they'd let the tax rates rise and doom us to another 3 or 4 years of depression, but guaranteeing a GOP take of the White House in '12. But unlike the Democrats who feel more empowered the more people suffer, that won't be the case.

Chuck said...

That is the game they are playing. In 2 years, we get to go through this tax rate extension (not Tax Cut as they paint it) AGAIN! All that needs to be done to raise taxes in 2 years (a presidential election year) is … wait for it … NOTHING! And they are very good at doing nothing ... especially if there is any possibility of political gain.

Unemployment … now up to 155 weeks!!!! NPR says this is good for the economy (so if we all stop working and go on the Government dole, that ought to be GREAT for the economy). And we’ll revisit this issue in a year when they are set to run out again. Kick-the-Can
The Budget: we’re now 10 weeks into FY2011 and still no budget!?! Isn’t that one of their main jobs? Kick-the-Can
AMT: forestalled for now, but not fixed … we’ll revisit that in a year, too. Kick-the-Can
Obamacare – 211 exemptions and counting. Multiple nightmares in the bill not yet addressed. Still a “work in progress”. Kick-the-Can
And there is much, much more in this list of Kick-the-Can governance, and we all know it, but the media gives it a pass.

535 elected members of Congress, and I honestly believe we could have done better randomly picking 535 names from the phone book! Just the fact that someone wants to run for office makes them undesirable for the office they are running for, with very few exceptions, IMHO.

John the Econ said...

Did anyone else catch the "Bushism" in Obama's presser the other day?

"This isn't the politics of the moment. This has to do with what can we get done right now."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Angry Hoosier Dad- I'm well aware that impeachment will never happen. I'm just fuming that a president can essentially declare that the American voters are "the enemy" and remain in power.

Anonymous- Bullseye.

Pete(Detroit)- You're right about the twisted logic in Washington: "All your base are belong to us" (for you videogame geeks). The Dems (and certainly a fair number of Republicans) believe that every dollar taxpayers are "allowed" to keep is costing the government a dollar. It is a completely socialist mindset. And as the systems continue to fail, the rhetoric against the "wealthy" is going to get uglier... and turn into action that is uglier still. And don't even start me on Obama's continuing reference to people who earn $200k a year as "billionaires."

John the Econ- I get a bitter taste of bile in my mouth when I think about the fact that Obama will benefit from any economic reforms (and potential job growth) that the Republicans can push through. But unlike Obama, who referred to all of this as a "game," the Republicans are actually treating it like reality...and trying to help the public even if it means potentially weakening their own political hand.

Chuck- Very well said! With our economy in shambles, it's staggering to think that politicians can continue to pass the buck on meaningful change - hoping that some future collection of legislators will be stronger, wiser, and less cowardly.

I agree that we could probably do as well drafting randomly selected citizens to replace the current members of Congress (and take away all of the lifetime perks that would make the job too cozy). In fact, we could give the draftees "time off for good behavior" if they actually do something positive for the country, then let them get back to living real lives again.

Suzy said...

There's probably a whole LIST of valid reasons Obama could and should be impeached if someone were brave enough to actually pursue it.

Anonymous said...

I think u still tied this one up with a neat little bow. I thought the last sentence was clever.

Unknown said...

Suzy - Here is a list of 50 of them

Bobo said...

And if the Senate passes and O-blah-ma signs the Dream Act the financial consequences will be astronomical, especially if they also grant the "dreamsters" citizenship. Anyone care to guess which political party most of them will join so they can vote in 2012? Hellooooo!

pryorguy said...

We are not living in "Russia" yet, but it sure aint the America where I grew up! All this taxation (such as the death tax) is downright stealing!

Man, this guys gettin on my nerves!!!