Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny You Should Mansion That

When Republicans threatened to withhold middle-class tax cuts unless everyone got them, Barack Obama called them "hostage takers" who intended to "harm" Americans. But now, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are threatening to withhold middle-class tax cuts unless taxes are raised on individuals and small businesses earning over $200,000. Which makes them the "hostage takers," though we won't be holding our breath waiting for the alleged president to say so.

Nancy, Harry, Barry and other Democrats keep referring to the potential victims of the tax increase as "millionaires and billionaires" because they've earned $200,000 for at least one year.

Billionaires? Really...?

Which got
Hope n' Change thinking...just what sort of extravagant lifestyle could one of these $200,000 "billionaires" enjoy in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco? So we checked the real estate listings, and here's what we found:

Eat your heart out, Bill Gates! Dream on, Warren Buffet! This palatial and elegant "billionaire" mansion (ironically located on "Clinton Park") will take every cent of someone's $200,000 earnings (sorry, nothing left over for closing costs, property tax, income tax, social security tax, food, health insurance, electricity, heating, or water).

Imagine throwing parties for your "evil rich" friends in this sprawling 376 sq foot space! Relish the envy of the middle class peasants who only wish that their estate had an actual indoor bathroom and genuine "simulated wood floor."

We could go on, but you get the point. $200,000 doesn't make anyone a "billionaire" - especially in San Francisco.

If the Democrats want to fight to raise taxes, they're free to do so...but it's time for the media to start calling them on their preposterous use of the word "billionaire" to label the wage earners and small business people the left is so willing and eager to punish.



drjim said...

"Alleged President"!
HAH! I love it!
But don't Pelosi and her ilk make far more than 200k a year?
Oh, I forgot...they're SPECIAL!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

It is well past time for the media to speak truthfully about many things. I gave up any feeble hope I had long ago that such may happen.
There is good reason they are called the "lamestream", "has-been" "old-and-busted" media. I personally prefer "Obama-fellating" or "fluffers" but those synonyms, accurate they may be, are lewd, obscene and not befitting a gentleman. I would give you the only definition of a "gentleman" that I know but it is equally lewd and obscene, so...well, there you go.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drjim- Pelosi and company make more than $200k a year, but they're fomenting hatred against those who earn more than $200k. It's the whole "earning" thing that they hate because it proves that wealth can be created instead of merely redistributed.

Angry Hoosier Dad- There aren't many accurate terms for Obama or the mainstream media that aren't obscene at this point. Frankly, I think you're still showing laudable taste and discretion.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I recall a friend who lived in a similar place in College Station, back in the 80s. Student housing, you know. $150 / month, no A/C (and in TX, that's an issue!)
$200K for this dump? WTF?!?! no WONDER people are fleeing..

How much easier would it be to just go to a flipping flat tax? Nominal personal exemptions (say, $15k / adult, $10k / kid) and 15% of what's left - do your return on a post card, close all the loop holes, and everyone pays 'fair share'
I know, too simple... too honest
They'll never go for it...

John the Econ said...

Don't worry about this too much. After QE2 doesn't do squat and the fed moves on to try QE3 & QE4, we'll all be millionaires. Eventually even the homeless will be hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax.

(BTW, I'm a fan of the FairTax. Taxing income is evil, and will eventually just make anyone productive complete slaves to the unproductive)

Suzy said...

Tourettes! HAHAHA that's hilarious....

In many cities these days, $200,000/year would certainly still qualify as "middle class" or maybe "upper middle class" especially for those with a large family and a large house.

Wouldn't this, too, punish married filing joint? That's only two $100,000/year jobs.....


I'm with Pete, totally...flat tax for everyone. No returns, no nothing. Everyone takes home their full paycheck and is responsible to save back money or something to pay their tax on April 15.

Anonymous said...

They need the tax increases to pay for their social programs and to get us out of debt for all the TARPs and bailouts. Funny that they keep accusing the Republicans of being the reason we will not get out of debt. But they fail to say that the real reason is all of the bail outs and they need to raise taxes to pay for OBUMMERCARE. They are livid that they are not getting the cooperation they need from the alleged President. OBRIGHTONE will kick their asses to the curb if he thinks it will help get him re-elected. All I can say is start giving donations now to build the war chest we will need to remove this asshole. He is building his war chest now.

Bobo said...

I sent an email to Arizona Senators Kyl and McCain regarding why some on Obama's White House staff and, staffers in the Congress and, federal employees working in federal jobs in Washington were allowed to not pay taxes like the rest of us. The dollar figured owed was like 1 Billion dollars. Know what response I received back? A form letter response from McCain's office completely unrelated to the questions I asked. And from Kyl's office? Your inquiry has been sent over to the IRS. Guess who will be getting audited next year? Yeah, me.

When federal employees working in Wash. D.C. can get away with not paying taxes and our elected representatives and senators don't care to do anything about it, then why would we expect anything to improve through tax reform? I, too, support a flat tax, but if they don't pay now, I don't realistically think they will pay then.

The Senate called up baseballer Roger Clemens for alleged steroid use and said he lied to them about using. He got prison time. Could they not call up the IRS Director and ask why so many federal employees aren't being chased and prosecuted for tax evation? Could they not call up the individuals not paying their taxes and send them off to prison, too? If they did that to just one or two people, the rest would surely pay up.

A billion dollars in unpaid back taxes certainly could help somewhere in our country.

Anonymous said...

Pete(Detroit)....I agree a flat tax, but, no exemptions, no loop holes; every adult that has an income pays the same %. If you make 10K you pay $1500, if you make $100K you pay $15K.

It would be so easy and makes way too much sense. So, yeah they will never go for it.

Use the extra IRS agents to go after people that work for cash and do not report their income. Now there's a revenue increase to Washington.

We all have freedom (what's left of it anyway), safety provided by our most excellent military, infrastructure, opportunities,etc....we SHOULD ALL pay for it.

What do the Dems think that the 'rich' get so much extra of....that they have to pay so much extra for?

Anonymous said...

What's the Demo_rat's definition of "rich", anyway?? I heard Ted Kennedy giving a speech once and he excoriated the "ultra wealthy". What did it take to be wealthier than Ted Kennedy? Was it anyone who made 25 cents more than Teddy? Did Teddy think he was "middle class"??


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Excellent points made above. I'd like to see a "flat tax" too. Get rid of the deductions, loopholes, and all of the other little fusterclucking details which exist only to empower politicians.

And to keep the IRS agents from losing their jobs, I'd suggest that they be given baseball bats with which to beat on anyone stupid enough to claim that a flat tax "ain't fair" if a poor guy pays 10% and a rich guy pays 10%. Perhaps by demonstrating with the bat what 10% of "one hundred hits" feels like...then demonstrating "10% of one thousand hits." Repeat as necessary, sending in additional shifts of men with bats as often as needed.