Friday, March 18, 2011

Brazil Nut

Today, a radioactive cloud will arrive in the United States...and Barack Obama will hightail it out of the country. Which, on the balance, makes it a good day for America.

Unfortunately, the radioactivity will be an ongoing situation, but the alleged president is expected to return in a few days, after tending to economic matters in Brazil which are apparently more urgent than Japan's disasters, Gaddaffi finishing off Libyan rebels while the U.N. debates what color stationery they should pick for sending their belatedly-passed "no fly zone" resolution, and our own government continues to be funded (with borrowed money) for only three weeks.

While in Brazil, Mr. Obama will be sharing his vast economic and business expertise with chief executives of companies that
already know how to make things and earn money, after which he will try to wake up the crowd by making balloon animals. Shortly thereafter, the president will fly to a neighboring country where Secret Service agents have told him (trying to keep straight faces) that he will be meeting with Chile's President Con Carne.

But as pointless as this trip seems at first glance, it will actually accomplish a
very important goal for the president. Specifically, it gives him six days in which he won't have to answer any questions about why his administration has taken so little action in the face of a world that is going to hell.


Jamie said...

I think you've hit on something that goes beyond political opinion with that last bit, Mr. Jarlsberg. I don't care if you're a conservative, liberal, socialist, capitalist, communist, fascist, vegetarian, or what have you; you can't deny these two basic truths.

A. The world is slipping.

B. The president is, by all appearances, not actually fixing anything.

On the plus side: at this point, I think the only people who can honestly continue to support this administartion are the stupid liberals and the people who just aren't paying any attention. The chance of a republican victory in 2012 appears to be increasing.

Also on the plus side: in that second panel, is that YOU in there interacting with the president? If so, this amuses me and I hope to see more of it.

Suzy said...

Even having Bill Clinton back in office right now would probably be a lot better for the country and for the world. Although it seems like old age is making him turn into mush, too....

Is there a man with a backbone in the country? (Not counting Jan Brewer.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jamie- I assumed that it was a member of the press corps asking the question in panel two...though there does seem to be an unprofessional amount of hostility reflected in the question. Maybe it's me after all!

@Suzy- Speaking of backbone, I'm pleased to see this morning's headlines saying Libya has now initiated a cease fire. But why are they doing it? Is it because they've finally taken a pounding from our military?'s because after a month of dithering and talking about building an international consensus with our partners, military action was authorized just before Gaddaffi's "final cleansing" of his enemies.

In other words, it wasn't military force that made Gaddaffi back was the realistic threat of such force. Gaddaffi's killing spree happened, in part, because he accurately believed Barack Obama to be too weak to do anything to stop him.

There can't be anyone in the MidEast (or a freedom fighter anywhere) who feels confident in America as an ally under this president.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I don't believe the progressives (liberals, socialists, communists, fascists & vegans) would accede to point B of your post. They cling (like dingleberries to you-know-where) to the media interpretation that Obama's dithering and indecisiveness is a sure sign of leadership; the "wait and see" kind of leadership that was completely unrepresented in the previous administration. They will never admit that the gathering of information and formulating a plan of action goes on in lieu of actual decisiveness.
If you ask Duh Won to decide anything more stress-inducing than "rare or medium rare" or "seven iron pitch and run versus putter from just off the green" fuhgeddaboutit.

Jim Hlavac said...

It is a world gone mad, I agree. And the president is off to get some more Brazil nuts for the fruitcake that is Washington. For not only is the government on borrowed money, at the behest of the #3 in our government, Speaker Boehner, some of it is going to be used to stop sissy smooching. And the indefensible law has done nothing to defend marriage to the point that the nation is broke in many ways because of what some folks did to the sanctity of that institution. Meanwhile, in more than a dozen states just as broke as the feds, weeks are consumed on the issue -- the one issue which affects no one but a measly 5% of the nation -- as the rest of it spins out of control at home and across the globe.

Then I come here for some irony & comic relief on it all and I find it. A gigglicious picture of our glorious leader -- with the admonition "you don't want to google it." Stilt, "google"? Um, giggle, I have such pictures (well, of real men,) on my favorites list just to get through the insanity of it all. Thanks. Truly. Made my day.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- I'll admit that I didn't consider all the pleasurable ramifications of posting a picture of Obama bare-assed, but am glad that we're serving such a wide constituency. Feel free to put the picture into circulation where others might enjoy it!

Andrew said...

Stilton, I also applaud the idea of you interacting directly with the subjects 'in frame'. Asking the questions that need to be asked, but aren't...

Nice that even the leftist MSM are beginning to make sluggish WTF noises about Alleged Leader's preoccuption with vacations, golf and sports picks while Rome burns.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Can you please educate me as to why my prior post was scrubbed. It did not contain vulgar or profane language (unless "dingleberry" is considered a profanity) and did not attack any poster. I mildly and humorously (I thought) disagreed with one of Jamie's points while blasting liberalism and it's various tentacles. I don't wish to offend here and if I did, I welcome enlightenment so as not to repeat the offense.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Thanks for calling this to my attention! Here's the deal: Blogger recently instituted a "spam filter" which automatically pulls some comments and sticks them in my spam folder. I can't turn that filter on or off, I can't tell it what to filter or not (although I can go into the folder and make things "not spam" which should restore them...and should happen with YOUR post moments from now), and Blogger doesn't say what the criteria is for being filtered, because that would make it too easy for the spammers to get around.

So if ANYONE posts a comment that turns up missing, please let me know so I can go look for it! By and large, I won't nuke a post unless someone is a complete troll, or says something which is unacceptably ugly or suggests violence of any kind.

pryorguy said...

I was slightly heartened when I heard on the news this morning that Hilary Clinton has decided she will not continue in her job in the O'bama camp, even if he is reelected. Thats pretty dang bad when a lefty like her is fed up with her boss! I do not believe he will be a 2 term prez. If he is, God have mercy on us all!

WMD said...

I hope you're right about the second term. With not having to worry about re-election can you imagine the damage he would do? The damage level we're at right now is virtually insurmountable. The article today in American Thinker
"America Slouching Towards Fiscal Armageddon"
by Chris Banescu is absolutley chilling.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@robert- You make a great point. Obama basically took a chainsaw to America's midsection for two years, after which he needs to catch his breath and pretend that he doesn't hate us for two years in order to be re-elected. But if he does get another term, then we're in for a full FOUR years of a time when our country is already on life support.

The only thing I find puzzling is why Mr. Banescu would say we're "slouching towards" fiscal armageddon, as it seems like the path is largely unavoidable at this point. Though maybe there's a razor-thin chance of avoiding it...if we can shut down Obama's agenda soon and permanently.

WMD said...

I also went "huh?" about that title. I almost didn't read the article.