Sunday, March 13, 2011

HnC Vault: Janet Napolitano

Originally published May 29, 2009

Despite Napolitano's assertion that the real threat to America comes from, oh, readers of Hope n' Change, it turns out that radical muslims with C4 explosives and a stinger missile can be a problem too. No doubt they're just angry from the bad old days when they were being unfairly profiled...

Update 3/13/11 - This cartoon was plucked from the wayback machine for a couple of reasons. One is that Congress is finally having hearings about the potential (ha!) dangers of Islamic radicalism as it may relate to terror. Better very, very late than never.

The second reason is because Janet Napolitano has always been vocal about the dangers of "domestic terrorists," but had previously identified the likely suspects (per the link above) as Americans who are military veterans, who oppose abortion, oppose restrictions on firearms, oppose illegal immigration, are suspect of foreign regimes, fear Communism, are upset with the loss of American jobs, and who bemoan the "decline of U.S. stature in the world."

Thank goodness none of us fall into one of those crazy, radical categories, huh?

Meanwhile, the people who are the exact opposite of everything listed above just sent serious death threats to Wisconsin's Republican State Senators, perhaps inspired by the growing "climate of hate" woven by Michael Moore's declaration of war, and Jesse Jackson's call for revolution.

Where is your call for words that heal, Mr. Obama? What is Homeland Security doing about this, Ms. Napolitano?
Oh wait...I guess if the death threats are coming from your side, it's okay. Never mind.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Suppose Moore can be charged w/ 'inciting to riot'?
As for his absurd claim that rich people's money is a national resource that belongs to all of us, saw a lovely video demonstrating that completely stripping all this country's Billionaires would not even pay off this year's debt. Clearly, we have a spending problem, and the budget does NOT need 'pruning' it needs a chain saw..

Pete(Detroit) said...

Here's the link -

John the Econ said...

I guess Moore slept through all the "new civility" lectures we were forced to endure a few months ago. Oh, wait. Forgot again. Those lectures were only meant for those to the right of Moore.

But it's hardly a surprise to see Moore and his compatriots pull out all the stops. Their more "restrained" rhetoric doesn't work anymore. The public isn't buying the MSM propaganda on it anymore. Resorting to violence (economic or literal) is all they have left.

Jim Hlavac said...

Sorry, Stilt, but geez, Muslims are a threat? Nah. They just want to blow things up and kill as many people as possible. Quite good at it, it seems, too.

Meanwhile, the real threat has been identified: In the past two weeks there were hearings held in Wyoming, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maryland where speaker after speaker told the legislatures that gay folks were "the biggest threat to the nation." And there's been more than a few people who are quite sure that "radical homosexuals" are rampaging through the streets despoiling and "Attacking" families and churches. In the DADT debates, and in many an amicus brief filed with courts all across this nation over DOMA, gay folks are declared the "biggest threat to the nation." Ann Coulter is quite sure that we're the "biggest threat to civilization" itself. She's not alone. Here's not the place to list them all.

And we're a danger to society because we want a piece of paper saying it's OK to file a joint tax return while "sissy smooching." Gun? We don't need no stinkin' gun! A smooch is but enough.

I giggle my head off. Even Obama is more sure of the threat we pose than he thinks Muslims are a threat. From what I hear, it's not the Muslims, it's us "radical" and "militant" gay guys smooching! Sigh. Giggle.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Jim, I agree - it's just bizarre. I never understood the panicked freak out experienced by some people at the thought of "gay marriage" And it's all so NEEDLESS. My understanding is that 75 - 80% of 'straights' have NO problem w/ the concept of 'domestic partnership' contracts. The Militant Gays (tm) jump up and down, insisting that 'separate is NOT equal.' And, for what it's worth, they have a point. Obvious answer is for the GOVENRMENT to issue the LEGAL paper (ie, "domestic partnership") to EVERYONE and if you want a church "Marriage" on top of that, go talk to a gol-dunred CHURCH. I mean really, denying people who are in a de-facto relationship the legal documentation that permits such silly things as hospital visitation, inheritance, all that stuff that flows through having a legal relationship, well, denying that is just plain silly.
And mean.
And stupid.

Unfortunately, a simple solution as proposed above makes FAR too much sense, is too simple to adopt, so will never be implimented..

I feel for ya Jim. Far too much time and effort is wasted holding you and 'your people' down.

DADT may/not be / have been useful. Neither the time nor the place for that one. DOMA was (as da Prez recently admitted) indefensible.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- I agree with you (and Jim Hlavac) pretty much straight down the line. And it's terribly frustrating to see the energy that some people put into trying to convince the world what a "threat" is...while real threats don't get the attention they deserve. Case in point, in regards to the ongoing hearings on Islamic radicalization, some people have suggested that it would be more appropriate to investigate the KKK... which has largely been unheard from since they entered an extended period of mourning for the late Senator Byrd.

pryorguy said...

The progressives are simply in total panic mode, mad as hell, showing how vicious and vitriolic they can be...all the while throwing bombs at the conservatives calling them the same thing! I truly believe right will prevail.

And Jim, straight folks owe you guys of your persuasion an apology for the stigma. You have a right to life and pursuit of happiness as much as the next American does.

pryorguy said...

Maybe 'persuaion' was not the right word, but I hope you know what I mean!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Pyro - probably better word than 'bent'..

Pete(Detroit) said...

Which is the bigger threat - Radical Islamists (Al-Q, etc) w/ attitude of 'convert, submit or die' that want to destroy us / our way of life, or the President's Debt Star (love that one, Stilt!) that will destroy our way of life...???

Andrew said...

Wow, who knew that Napolitano and the Islamofascist/jihadist hearings were once again really all about Jim's gayness?

Jim, you're incorrigible. Since you seem to personalize every issue, we agree-- you can smooch anybody who cares to smooch you, fine with me, and then we can all 'dance the Time Warp again'...:-) But you seem stuck in the '80s my friend--your real enemy today isn't Brad, Janet or Reagan's Middle America, it's the 2011 spread of Sharia. Gays have no future in an Islamic America--think otherwise? Think the last two decades of legal protections can't be swept aside, first by fatwah then by law, by American Islam? Try being openly gay in any of the Muslim no-go zones throughout what was once liberal Europe. That can happen here, is happening in many cities, as quickly as it happened in Europe. We're being colonized. And they're not big on rainbow pride parades.

I invite you to consider that your determined hijacking of every thread and every post to your LGBT-victim-cliche agenda is passive-aggressive at best. It's a subtle, self-centered sabotage that disrupts every conversation and diverts it (today's is a fine example) until it's all about you and your personal agenda. And distracts from bigger issues. Don't pout now. Nothing personal. Try staying on topic. Just sayin'.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- Unquestionably, the so-called Progressive agenda is a greater threat to America's survival than anything Al Qaeda or any other external power (political or ideological) can dish out.

Necron99 said...

Neapolitan-o & the Obongo-maniacs are not far off the mark by fearing Americans who are military veterans, oppose restrictions on firearms, oppose illegal immigration, are suspect of foreign regimes, fear Communism, are upset with the loss of American jobs, and who bemoan the "decline of U.S. stature in the world."

Where Neapolitan-o and her corrupt rgiem mates miss the mark completely is in their attempt to label these people as "domestic terrorists" in yet another smoke & mirrors ploy to conceal the truth that said "domestic terrorists" are in fact potential "Freedom Fighters in the Counter-revolution for the Preservation of Our Great Republic"

The real "domestic terrorists" we have in America can be viewed daily on MSNBC, CNN, The rest of the Lame-stream Media, anyone with the title 'Czar' bestowed on them, anyone even remotely attatched to the DNC & current Administration, anyone who supports said corrupt Administration... and if you want to get down to brass tacks... anyone who is in this country illegally, any elected official that flees a State rather than take their lumps in a losing vote, anyone who fakes being sick to stage a protest against being weened of the tax payers teat, fat, disgusting, communist film directors, anyone who hyphenates their nationality (Whatever-American), New Black Panthers, The Tan Klan, any American Muslim citizen that doesn't openly denounce the violence of their extremist groups bent on destroying us....

I could go on for days.

Anonymous said...

"Better very, very late than never."


SC said...

Jim H – The biggest threat to the American family is divorce, not gays. Since our Gov signed the civil union law; two of my very best friends are tying the knot in July! I couldn’t be happier for them.

Michael Moore; this guy is one BIG hypocrite: There he is in Wis. stirring up the union workers when he used non-union workers on the film, Capitalism and allegedly on his TV show, TV Nation. The film Capitalism is suppossed to show how bad it is & his goal is to make money with it. He actually is the rich in America, so Michael…put your money where your big-mouth is: give it and all your assets to the Govt. or shut-up.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SC- An interesting phenomenon here today; it seems like most of the commentors accept Jim Hlavac and his lifestyle without much in the way of problems, seeing Progressives/Liberals as the real threat. As do I. I don't kid myself that this attitude is held by everyone who visits "Hope n' Change," but I think it speaks to the fact that for the most part, we're here because we're motivated not by hate for anyone, but by love of this country. As well as an awareness that the greatest danger comes not from people who differ somewhat from the alleged "norm," but from those who dislike our very system of governance and freedoms, and are working to change them.

Jim Hlavac said...

Stilt, you say here: "Jim Hlavac and his lifestyle" -- and so many of you made so kind comments, I'm touched. Truly. But my "lifestyle" is middle class. I work. I pay taxes. I go to the grocery store. I buy gas. I do laundry. I mow the lawn. I paint the eaves and rake the leaves. I do nothing different than you all do. The "lifestyle" is "American Middle Class." The attitude is pissed and not going to take it anymore from a bullying government. And my smooching is just, um, a tad different (it's for professionals, don't try it at home, ahem, joke.) Rugged individualism for even less than rugged individuals is an American virtue. Not a vice.

The Left will just shoot us when they're done seizing the country. As they do everywhere else.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- I can understand the sensitivity, but by "lifestyle" I wasn't implying anything about cruising or mischief involving gerbils. All I meant is that any gay person's "lifestyle" is going to be somewhat different to the extent of who they're attracted to, and how and where they can express that attraction. Other than that, I'm sure that the daily challenges and daily grind are exactly the same: the bills still need to get paid, the toilet needs to get unclogged, and the lawn needs to be mowed.

You make an excellent point when you say that the Left will (hopefully metaphorically) shoot you when they're done seizing the country. They don't love anyone; they're incapable of empathy. But they want the votes of the gays, the blacks, the mexicans, the young & foolish, the women who use abortions as birth control, the unionistas, and more. They don't love (or even respect) any of those groups: but they see them as "their bitches" who will get a little "sugar" from the system as long as the votes come in. But if you cross your political pimp, ends badly.