Saturday, March 12, 2011

HnC Vault: Let Them Eat Poi

Originally published December 28, 2009

As average Americans struggle with double-digit unemployment, and the Democrats prepare to launch the most expensive (and economy-busting) legislation in a half century, Barack Obama will be vacationing in a $4000-a-day mansion in Kailua, Hawaii ("the favorite beach of Hawaiian royalty").

While in Hawaii, the president will have the opportunity to inspect the tax-supported healthcare system which has caused so many doctors to quit and move that the president of the Hawaii Medical Association likens the state's medical care to a "third world nation." Or he can inspect Hawaii's public long as he doesn't visit on a Friday - when all the schools are closed because the teacher's union gave themselves 4-day work weeks.

And of course, when in Hawaii the president can pay a ceremonial visit to the "Changing of the Guard" which protects his birth certificate. Have fun, Mr president - and don't hurry back!

"None shall pass!" Hawaiian "Keeper of the Birth Certificate"

Update 3/12/11 - I chose this cartoon for a weekend "golden oldies" slot for a couple of reasons. Most topically, with the situation in Wisconsin, I thought it was very interesting to look at the damage that a teachers' union can do when out of control. In this case, they voted to give themselves a 4-day work week, leaving Hawaii's poorly-educated children stranded each and every Friday.

The commentary also mentions the fact that Hawaii is the "best insured" state in the union (with much of the coverage coming from the government)...which is why doctors have all but deserted the state. When the head of your Medical Association describes "third world conditions," it's a frighteningly clear warning of what Obamacare will do to the rest of the country if fully implemented.

And finally, we see that even all that time ago, Obama was talking about "not spending like we're using monopoly money" (an actual quote), but then went on to run up deficits that are unprecedented since the emergence of carbon-based life forms. Making him the biggest hypocrite in the history of History.

Update #2- Theoretically, posting old cartoons on the weekends was supposed to give me some time off. But news and events that can't be ignored keep catching up with me!

I'd already posted this Hawaii-themed cartoon before the horrendous earthquake and tsunami in Japan (and minor waves in Hawaii which damaged some boats, but otherwise were no big deal). And then along comes leg-tingling Chris Matthews, who gleefully announced that this unspeakable human tragedy in Japan is "sort of a good opportunity for Obama to remind people he was raised in Hawaii" rather than Kenya.

I watched the news footage of death and destruction in Japan slack-jawed, astounded by the devastation (and the continuing danger). But what Chris Matthews saw first (by his own admission) was political opportunity. The man is a human maggot.



drjim said...

Matthews a maggot?
You're FAR to kind.....
Besides, even maggots have a useful place in the scheme of things!

Chuck said...

Agree with Drjim!

John the Econ said...

From day one, their MO has been to never let any crisis go to waste.

Pete(Detroit) said...

And, natch, everyone will use the 'meltdown' (still theoretical, at this point, as far as I know) of the power plant to further impede new nuke plants in this country.
Never mind, there are 'meltdown proof' designs - One I recall having shaped (helical?) fuel rods that would expand when they got to warm, pushing the fuel away from itself, slowing the reaction and cooling the core...

Ah, well, live and (don't) learn, I guess..

Pete(Detroit) said...

As for the televangelist Matthews, he forgets that it matters less WHERE Mr.O was born, than to whom. His parents were not citizens, neither is he. Anchor baby, indeed!

WMD said...

As detestable as I find chrissy, you gotta know that there is a whole team of people in the WH whose purpose it is to think EXACTLY like that.
It makes me weep to think that there are people whose sole purpose in life is to exploit human suffering to further their political agenda.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the modern democrat party. Soulless, bitter, angry little trolls. (When I say "little" I, of course, mean their character)

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

No argument with any of the above, but I have to wonder if Chrissy is the fly larvae (maggot) or the fly. Yes, maggots feed on carrion and nasty, rotten stuff but flies eat sh!t and bother people. Potato - potahto I guess.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Robert- Yes, I know the Whitehouse is filled with such "political thinkers" in every administration.

Still, I've got to admit that I was angered when Obama made a jaunty walk to the podium, announced with no conviction whatsoever that he was "heartbroken" by the events in Japan, and then said that this serves as a reminder that despite our different religions (among other things) we're all "one people."

As I don't recall hearing a lot of people calling to deny the Japanese aid because Americans hate Buddhism and Shintoism, what came through was another presidential reminder for us to embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Paranoia on my part? I think not. For anyone keeping score, I worked in advertising for eons. I know a deliberately implied message when I hear it. And in this case, I resent the hell out of a massive human tragedy being exploited for the president's personal agenda.

Angry Hoosier Dad- I realize that by calling Chris Matthews a maggot, I was insulting maggots. But it was the best I could do on short notice.

Unified Militia said...

We're ready for "Hope & Change."

And you?

pryorguy said...

Catch the prez news conference on the tsunami yesterday? I watched (and was not disappointed) when he began answering questions, especially the ones about drilling for oil ( he 'sounded' like he's all for it), but he finally got around to stumping for all those 'green' fuels which will bring the 'green' jobs!
BTW, isnt it fun watching the union folks implode? musta learned it from those nasty ol' tea party people, they are so violent!!

Andrew said...

Yes, I too found that to be an astonishingly unconvincing pronouncement. So above it all he can't even keep his disdain out of his reading. Glad everyone caught the jarringly inserted non sequitor linking the earthquake to the need for more Sharia. A warning Act-of-Allah against those asian Infidels, or something.
Re: Mathews' classification: perhaps he's a maggot inside a fly? Best to cover all bases...

Sue O said...

Minor point, but the "Hawaiian" is a Maori from New Zealand. Otherwise, dittos all the way.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Sue O- I commend you for your attention to detail, and admit I don't know. I will say that the posture (and tongue) are also ones used by the Samoans in Hawaii (as well as the Maori who give shows at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu).