Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frankly My Dear

Following the release of a poll that showed
only 38% of Americans were sure he was born in the United States, and the dogged questions of Donald Trump (who has spent millions to prevent anyone from seeing his actual hairline), the alleged Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama II finally displayed his long-form birth certificate yesterday.

Well, a
copy of his long-form birth certificate.

Okay, a copy of a possible
abstract of his long-form birth certificate.

And it seems like such an innocuous and boring document that people are wondering why it was withheld for so long. After all, there's nothing
embarrassing in it, is there?

Granted, it specifies that his parents didn't live on a
plantation, which sounds a bit funky to anyone who isn't familiar with Hawaii's third-world culture and sweltering fields filled with spiritual-singing ukelele pluckers.

And it shows that the last date that his teenaged mother worked was, well,
never. And that his father's "usual occupation," at age 25, was student...although it might have been more accurate to describe his "usual occupation" as bigamist and kiddy diddler.

Still, the release of this impressive and at least conceivably authentic document should be enough to finally get people to drop questions about whether or not Mr. Obama is American and get back to the more
important questions.

Like why he's

Without little inky footprints, we'll still never know his number of toes.


CenTexTim said...

Regardless of whether or not the proffered certificate is legitimate, that is only the minimal qualification to be president. The alleged natural-born loser currently wasting oxygen while befouling the Oval Office is sadly lacking any other qualifications to be the leader of this country, much less the free world.

James said...

His demeanor during the whole thing was disgusting, wasn't it? The reason it took until the tail end of his third term to finally show some semblance of certification is that he HAD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO. Disregard the fact that it sparked a national debate that deepened political animosity, caused a soldier to be jailed, and gave fuel to his numerous political enemies - he was BUSY. At least now he'll get back to wo... why is that plane going to Chicago?

Dave said...

CenTexTim--Totally agree that he has no qualifications for the position that he is currently making the butt of jokes the world over, however, I don't think that is the biggest problem we face with the Moron-in-Chief and his dedicated band of A**-Kissers. The largest problem is the him and the rest of his radical Left-wing supporters are actively attempting to destroy our great country. I mean even if the entire democratic party was complete and totally idiots the laws of averages say that occasionally they would do something that was GOOD for our country. Such as passing a law that didn't destroy businesses and punish people for succeeding.

James--Of course he was too busy! How could you expect him to get his birth certificate released quicker, the man has absolutely no time for something as complicated as writting a letter to get the certificate released to the public. I mean you try keeping up his schedule and see how much free time you have, between golfing, basketball, jetting ALL over the world (On vacation) on taxpayers' dime, and campaigning for his second term which he started doing about 3 minutes after stealing the last election.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

His references to "distractions", "sideshows" and "carnival barkers" is another example of Democrats accusing Republicans of what they do themselves in hopes that people won't notice. The fellating media is doing all it can to prop up this steaming pile, but the dung won't stay up and keeps sliding down their prop sticks. They need bigger sticks.

Anonymous said...

Or is it the truth that it took this pretender this long to gin up a fake because he simply has not taken the American electorate seriously? I look at this and I still don't believe it is legitimate.

John the Econ said...

Oh, he takes the electorate seriously. It's the electorate that is the single biggest barrier to the ultimate implementation of his statist agenda...

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stilt - Hairline, plantation, ukulele pluckers - you're on a roll today!

AHD - "Projetction!!!"

Dave, the largest problem is that he and his party of boot licks actually BELIEVE that what they want to do is GOOD for the country - amazingly, they don't see it as 'destroying' it at all...!!!

Jim Hlavac said...

Actually, look closely, and someone named "U K L Lee" signed the document (bottom most line.) And now what are the odds of that?

Meanwhile, many a photoshop/illustrator professional has already shown that the document realized by the White House is actually not a simple scan, such as you or I might do, of a single picture -- but rather, it's some sort of layered document, built with bits and pieces of other data and compiled into one. I'm no CSI forensics guy, but you know, it smells funny.

I'm no birther, either; the man was born in Hawaii -- but when a politician goes to great length to hide something, well, then something is wrong.

Meanwhile, it's the Socialism not the birth certificate. He's going for the oil companies now, because the price of gas is nearing $4 a gallon. And he had the audacity to proclaim that "oil is yesterday's power" while solar panels are the wave of the future. Funny is, I have to go fill up the gas tank with gas and solar rays this morning. It's not where he's born, it's what planet is he on?

Suzy said...

I'm with Jim....I'm not really a birther...but then maybe I am, because to me, if its being hidden, there has to be a reason.

Whatever....we just have to get the guy out.

("oooh weird, U K L that real?")

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- The back and forth in your comments has already covered a lot of what I'd say. Personally, I believe that the released document is probably authentic because it has additional detail that can be checked...and that would be too big a risk to fake. That being said, hiding the document until now was done deliberately as a crass political strategy (costing the state of Hawaii large sums of money, among other things) which demonstrates the alleged Mr. Obama's political gamesmanship and contempt for the seriousness of his office.

Regarding the "layers" found in the PDF file released, I believe it's an artifact of the scanning process and not as suspicious as it looked at first. Although there have been several recent instances of the government accidentally releasing redacted PDF files without realizing that turning off the "black bars" layer would make the original documents viewable in full. So stupidity can never be completely taken off the table.

But the birth certificate issue was never going to get Barry Soetoro out of the Whitehouse. And as others have noted above, it's not his eligility that's the real problem, it's his clear willingness and desire to do harm to our country. That's why 2012 is so important.

Chuck said...

He released it now because recent polls suggest that 11% of democrats aren't sure he was born in Hawaii. I think he wanted to wait until closer to the election, but he was pushed by Trump. Of course, those democrats also didn’t care …

Meanwhile, the MSM never touched the story for the last 2 1/2 years (and any of their "reporters" or commentators that did were quickly eliminated), but now they don't want to talk about anything else!

Pete(Detroit) said...

"talk about anything else" - Like the economy, the price of gas, the economy, un(der)employment, the economy, the 'kinetic military action', the economy, inflation, the economy, etc...

Doktor Paulie said...

Demoncrat "strategist" Bob Bechel said on Fox this morning that release of the birth certificate "proves how whacky the Republican base is." Apparently since some of them were so-called "birthers". No doubt this view is shared by a great many fans of the obamanator. I wonder if they think that because some of theDemoncrat base believe the Bush administration sabotaged the Twin Towers on 9/11 to bring them down, it therefore proves how whacky the Demoncrat base is? Or maybe they just think that anybody who relies on facts, logic, and plain common sense is whacky.

Andrew said...

I like several comments elsewhere to the effect that the eligibility issue is just entering a new phase...and now Obama's camp is forced to defend the authenticity of a document that does have some oddities to it, including a registration number that is apparently out of chronological sequence, etc.
Comparisons to Nixon's deciding to release 'just a few' early tapes, which only fed the flames....and greased the skids.
Trump's game now moves on to more recent issues, college transcripts and international passport records and whether O portrayed himself as a foreign citizen during travel and college applications. Being more recent, there may not be so many people who are conveniently dead, like O's delivering doctor, whose surviving widow and son say they had no idea.
I'm one of those who expects forthrightness and openness from my candidates, much less my POTUS, so for me the disgust is as much about his long refusal to release a document of public interest as whatever it did or didn't reveal.

Mike aka Proof said...

Stilton: Looking at the WH "copy" on your website, I really noticed how pristine and clean the copy was for the first time.

Looking at other microfilmed copies of the same vintage, filed within days and probably microfilmed at the same time look dramatically different. When they give me the Pulitzer, you can be part of my entourage!

James said...

@ my above comment: "First" term, obviously, not "third", God forbid!

If he's faking all this and he was born in Kenya, then he deliberately lied to get into the office and has continued to do so as honest americans questioned his authenticity.

But if he was born in Hawaii, then he has deliberately withheld information as honest americans questioned his authenticity (on one occasion as a soldier was put in prison for brining it up) for some sort of political gain.

I ultimately think, for numerous reason, that the birther argument is a lost cause and that Trump is an attention-hungry fool. But that being said, it's Obama who comes across as the real villain here, no matter how you look at it.

pryorguy said...

Again, the alleged prez has caved aspect of his character that I find very troubling...if it really was important enough on principle NOT to reveal his birth document, his shallowness and political unctions have made him give in again to something I assume he did not want to do. I guess holding out this long accomplished whatever political motives were involved because just like a wild bear always craps in the woods, Obama always does what is politically expedient for him. What a creep.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Proof- Very interesting points about the quality of the print. At first I thought that, perhaps, it had simply been automatically clean up - but then why the (remarkably clean) shading at the bounding edge? Why are the pencil marks so clear?

Still, it's time to let the birth certificate issue go because it distracts from the real issues.

However, for those pundits claiming that Republicans and "birthers" were whacky, I'd suggest that many birther arguments were actually confirmed: despite MSM reports to the contrary, the "real" birth certificate had never been shown...nor was it hard to locate. Additionally, as Obama claims he's been "too busy" to request a copy (surely an easier procedure than renewing a driver's license) while setting Guinness records for golfing, basketball, vacations, celebrity dinners, TV appearances, and general jackassery, it's also confirmed that the document was deliberately withheld because Mr. Soetoro wanted to play games...and give the finger to people who cared about constitutional process.

At the moment, I'm all for Donald Trump grandstanding to see the alleged president's college transcripts, because that's really stupid and pointless and might hasten the end of his idiotic political aspirations.

Doc - N. Nevada said...

The only question I still have about this new document is that: the Nordyke Twins were born close to the day the Obummers BC says, in the same hospital, registered in the same Honolulu Office, yet their registration numbers are WAY out of sequence with each other? Looks like someone goofed again! One registered one day and numbered, the other days later with LOWER numbers ... Hmmmm. If it walks like a duck ... etc., etc.
In addition, a problem I have yet to see brought up since this documents release ... it does clearly show his listed father was NOT an American Citizen, therefore, according to Constitutional Law Scholars, the Obummer is NOT a natural born citizen, as decried therein he must be - to serve as President. Soooo, when does the Usurper in Chief move out of the WH?

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stilt - I'll say this for The Donald - he sure makes Rudy look good!