Sunday, May 1, 2011

HnC Vault: Kids Book

Originally published March 29, 2009

In these days of Hope n' Change, "inspiration" isn't what it used to be.

Update 4/1/2011

Following Barack Obama's cocky and condescending presentation of his birth certificate this week, we couldn't resist going to the Hope n' Change vault to pull up this cartoon to remind people of another name on that birth certificate: Barack Obama senior.

What a class act: he knocked up Obama's mother when she was 17 (and he was already married), ended up with multiple wives and a busload of children - several of whom still live in huts without economic assistance from their step-president brother.

He attended Harvard, but was forced out before completing his Ph.D. in economics, because the university was concerned about his low moral character.

After returning to Africa, he worked for an oil company (which must cause enormous conflict for his anti-oil son) and became a raging alcoholic, wife beater, and serial drunk driver who lost both legs, and killed another driver, before finally killing himself in yet another DUI accident.

We don't dredge all of this up to mock the president, but rather to raise the question (as others have) about how the experience of having such a nightmarish father shaped young Barack Obama's personality and worldview into something distinctly distorted and unhealthy.

At the very least, his father's rejection would explain why Barack Obama is obsessed not with governing (which he isn't good at)...but with campaigning, hearing the cheers, and soliciting votes as a perverse affirmation of his worth. And why having a father who pretended he didn't exist would cause Barack Junior to write (or commission) two autobiographies before actually accomplishing anything.

So while we now concede that Barack Obama has a birth certificate...we can't help but notice that the circumstances of his birth have left him somewhat certifiable.



Jim Hlavac said...

On the bright side ... um ... hey, it's May Day! The international holiday for the onslaught of socialism! Which alas brings to mind "mayday, mayday, the ship is sinking," but I digress.

But maybe his father's sordid past is why he's "evolving" on gay relationships -- he doesn't want our kids to go through the same thing he did ... hey, wait a minute, we don't have kids. It must have been what he heard from Reverend Wright for 20 years. For the good Reverend "god damned" us just as clearly as he did the entire country.

Oh well, Obama's family strikes another one for "family values." But is that really any reason to wreck the nation with $1.6 Trillion deficits as far as the eye can see and incomprehensible laws? I don't think so.

It's not his family, it's his socialism.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Jim, gays as parents is one thing sure to encourage people's heads to explode. They seem to think that if it's learned it will be passed on, and if it's genetic, it will be passed on (by surrogate host for guys, and natural / artificial insemination by an un-involved sperm donor for the ladies)

One theory I heard of (possibly discarded by now)is that 'orientation' is at least partly influenced by the mother's emotional / hormonal state during pregnancy. Wouldn't it be funny if the stress / angst of being pregnant in a fundie church CAUSED the homosexuality they so despise?

As for the two Barry Os - while on a personal level, the son has yet to sink to the level of douchebaggery of the father, he *is* screwing over the whole country, and by extension, much of the world.

Suzy said...

I wanna know who "U.K.L. Lee" is....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- It's quite likely his father and his socialism: when you think of it, the boy without a father is now trying to institute a system in which the government (which at this moment is Barack Obama) becomes everyone's father/protector/breadwinner/disciplinarian while discounting the importance of traditional family structure.

@Pete(Detroit)- The nature/nurture argument gets additionally complicated when you look at Obama senior and junior. By nature, the younger Obama got a heapin' helpin' of genes from an alcoholic of low character. By nurture, he was raised in a muslim environment before moving in with white relatives. And became president. It's too much for me to unscramble...

@Suzy- We know very little about U.K.L. Lee other than that he was frequently described as "plucky."

JustaJeepGuy said...

I found this interesting:
"He attended Harvard, but was forced out before completing his Ph.D. in economics, because the university was concerned about his low moral character."
So once upon a time, Harvard had moral standards? When did they decide morals had no place in Harvard? And why?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Actually, Harvard has never had moral standards, but they did insist that the most egregious offenders cough up enough money to the University to pay for their "indulgences." Unlike the similarly morally bankrupt Kennedys, Barack senior didn't have the he was shown the door.

Jazz said...

@SJ-- I noticed that "U.K.L. Lee" was not the only one in the office registering birth certificates.... Also, it is rumored that Harvard -- and even Yale -- once had moral standards; but that was before they had "values." "Let's see ... serial rapist; that will be one new Law School. Wait, we just got one of them. Hmm.... Oh, I know! How about a Political Science lab. Well, it says "science," so it MUST need a lab!"

moronpolitics said...

I shouldn't ask, should I? Just what exactly "Pops up"??? While we are talking about great art, etc... Are there plans to go 3D HD producing Obama's work about about underwater Hippo's blowing bubbles beneath the sea? Any coursework on it?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Just got the news that Osama bin Laden is dead; our special ops guys handled it on the ground in Pakistan and we've got the SOB's body. The news is still breaking, but it's great to hear.

Olie said...

FYI, the update for this cartoon was on 5/1/11, not 4/1/11, as posted.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something about the sins of the
fathers not being visited on the sons?
Fresh start and all that?
Anon, Don

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Olie- Thanks for catching that! I've now fixed it. Historians would have been confused that I reported the killing of bin Laden as "breaking news" a full month before it happened!

@Anonymous- The sins of the father shouldn't be visited upon sons, but in many cases it's inescapable because of the influences and consequences of the father's actions (or inactions). Obama certainly can't be blamed for any of the failings of his father...but neither can he completely separate himself from the dismal legacy.