Saturday, May 7, 2011

HnC Vault: Rear View

A close adviser to Barack Obama is now describing the president's actions in Libya as "leading from behind," which seems a less accurate description than "covering his ass."

Over the weekend, while the president was "killing 'em" at a stand-up comedy appearance for synchophants in the press, he was also "killing 'em" in Libya. Among the targets of Mr. Obama's "kinetic military action" were a school for children with Down's Syndrome, as well as a direct attack (of the sort the president says he would never, ever condone) on Muammar Gadhafi which the dictator escaped, but his youngest son and 3 grandchildren were blown to smithereens.

Now some people might say that this sounds like, oh, war rather than delivery of humanitarian aid...or at the very least an assassination attempt. And they might expect an explanation from the man claimed to be "leading from behind." But they'd be sorely disappointed.

According to Whitehouse spokesman Shin Inouye, the president has no comments (and possibly no thoughts) on any of this, and reporters should ask NATO what's going on instead.

Because "leading from behind" means never having to say you're responsible.


Update May 6, 2011

Today's cartoon from the vault is a bit of an aberration, because it's never been seen before and it only goes back to last Monday. This is the cartoon that was ready to go when the news came out that Osama bin Laden had been killed, and the news cycle shifted dramatically.

So to prove that Hope n' Change is a "green" political parody site, we're re-using the cartoon rather than throwing it out. And frankly, nothing that's happened in the past week would make us change a word of what we wrote above.

More and more reports are leaking out that Obama did indeed "lead from behind" on the Osama kill the extent that he was possibly against it, and didn't know it was being carried out when he was literally pulled off the golf course to see what the grown-ups in the military and CIA were doing.

That theory dovetails rather neatly with the president claiming that he doesn't know what's going on in Libya, either. Or Bahrain or Syria. Or anywhere else, except Democratic fundraising events.

Of course, if the mission had gone badly in Pakistan, we would have gotten a repeat of the previous week's shrugging and finger-pointing and "we didn't know anything" claims that we heard regarding the failed attempt on Ghaddafi's life.

Because this is a president who will never take true responsibility for anything. But as we saw from his "victory lap" in New York, he's all too ready to grab credit...whether it's his or not.



Pete(Detroit) said...

Good golly, that woman's behind is HUGE!!!
Sure, I could comment on what a nasty, arrogant, unpleasant, mean, self centered dominating person she is, but the cheap personal attack is just SO easy..

Feels good, too - I may be a graying, aging, balding mouse potato, but at least my rump fits into a single pair of pants...

Earl said...

A little off topic and I date myself, but every time I see Bo the Portugese Water dog I remember that Ted Kennedy recommended the breed and maybe even helped find the breeder. (Think Chappaquidick - and that may be a deliberate misspelling on my part.) And then there's the height of hubris to name your dog with your own initials. On the other hand, I applaud the drone strike in Yemen. Too bad we didn't get the guy. Nice to think the cleric may feel a tad nervous right now.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Damn, I thought I heard that we DID get him.
And yes, Ted 'The Swimmer' Kennedy recommending a "water dog" was much funny, even at the time.

Suzy said...

The pic of Moochelle is hilarious....and her poor dog is like: ""

I really hope the truth comes out, before the election, about Obama's part (well, or lack thereof) in the bin Laden thing....I also have heard pretty strong rumors that it was supposed to be a capture...and the idea that Obama had been making them put it off for quite a long time.... sometimes I wonder if they just got a sliver of permission and then went in and took care of it themselves. Too bad Navy Seals have too much character and manliness about them to spill the truth about their commander in ch.....uh... alleged President.....ha.

Jim Hlavac said...

You know, I know a lot of behind jokes of a different sort. And I know sissies, too. Some friends of mine are sissies; they squeak and squawk when they step on one of our big Louisiana cockroaches. But this Obama fellow is taking sissy squeamishness to a new level.

There seems to be no plan whatsoever to remove the source of the trouble? -- khaddafi, gadhafi, k-daffy, qhadaphi -- we can't even figure out how to spell the man's name, for heavens sake. That's how much he has bumfuddled the world.

And instead of having the "The Bad Dictator Removal Act" to give legality to taking out a "leader" who bombs his own cities we have this Boland amendment, I think, to just kill anyone who is not the trouble, like citizens being bombed already by the dictator gone bad, but prohibit removing the source of the problem. It's very, um, ass backwards.

Meanwhile, perhaps Obama can take one of his golf clubs and shove it up his behind and give himself some spine already. Or maybe he figures if we spend a few billion blowing up sand for a few months to avoid hurting anyone he can bankrupt the nation a little quicker. I don't know.

Mike said...

Now now boys. Just because Moochelle's backside is bigger than Mount Rushmore is no reason not to notice her marvelously toned biceps.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I had no idea I was opening the door (uh - backdoor?) for so many butt references today.

Incidentally, Mrs. Jarlsberg believes that the picture of the first lady is a bit out of date, and that her derriere is a bit smaller these days. But then again, she's never been the biggest ass in the Whitehouse.

John the Econ said...

I do believe that I suggested last week that the OBL raid did have the benefit that it literally knocked Libya & Syria off of the news pages.

And the "Hey, it wasn't us, but a NATO operation" is ludicrous; NATO is an American command in cooperation with our allies. But silly statements like that are usually enough for the folks at the New York Times.