Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Finish

What a week it's been! America's Commander-in-Chief was (by some accounts) unable to abort a mission to kill Osama bin Laden, but at least delayed the implementation by making the mission much more dangerous owing to his demand to gather irrefutable proof.

Which now,
we can't see.

Apparently, Mr. Obama is under the impression that the Islamic world (which he seemingly
views as extremely dangerous and easily inflamed) hasn't heard about Osama bin Laden's death, and they won't hear about it if no proof is released. So remember - don't tell anyone! Loose lips sink ships, including ships of state!

Meanwhile, the president is working overtime to create credible proof that he was the driving force behind the kill mission, going so far as to visit 9/11 firefighters in New York yesterday and asserting that "you have a president and an administration who's got your back." Unlike, say, the previous president?

Apparently, Barack Hussein Obama is
very concerned about those who might be offended by a photograph...but still shows no sensitivity towards those who are offended by insincere words.



WMD said...

Stilt, you crack me up dude!!

Chuck said...

Love number 4 in the list: "Whitehouse Photoshop guy on vacation." Of course the number 1 reason could also be true since we know Osama backed Obama in 2008.

I, too, am amazed that he would take so many risks with others lives to have conclusive evidence of the kill, and then not release any of it. Unbelievable.

I spent a great deal of time reading more from the "White House Insider" last night at Ulsterman's site:

I've got to confess that I can't verify the authenticity either, but it so fits what we know and have seen of this administration. The only possible conclusion is what we we've always said: Obama is a great campaigner and a lousy (lazy, inept, spineless ... ) president. Since he is back in campaign mode, his start will shine again ... as long as nothing interferes, like reality.

If this stuff is pure fiction, it is VERY well done!

John the Econ said...

Sorry, but I am not sure what the point would be. Photographs are not "proof" of anything anymore. Just as there are those who would not accept any image of the President's birth certificate, there are those who would not accept any photo of a dead OBL.

The real problem isn't the availability of documents or photos, but the credibility of those presenting them.

Chuck said...

star ... not start

Chuck said...

@John - too true.

WMD said...

I agree with what John and Chuck said. But personally, I don't care about seeing any photos. I believe he is smoking a turd in Hell right now and that's good enough.

I also clicked on that link and read that story. And ever since I first saw the photo of the folks in that war room, I wondered why king hussein wasn't in the captains chair. It's like he snuck in at the last minute and said "Hey, is there room in here for me"?

But, big picture wise, it's great to see we have the Keystone Cops running the govt.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Do you suppose that if others (Christians, Jews, Americans in general) rioted when WE were offended, he'd start to give a crap? Or are we better off, as he's more inclined to tell us how he REALLY feels, bitter clingers and all...?

"Proof Nazi" - AWESOME!!!

Jim Hlavac said...

Speaking by first hand knowledge, during the Bush years there was a constant flow of information from the White House and State Department to my sister and her kids about what the president was doing, and regrets on each 9/11 anniversary that Osama wasn't brought to justice. There were also personal holiday greetings sent, "thinking of you," sort of stuff, each year of his term. Bush even had the kids and spouses of all the firemen down to the White House, several times. And they were not public events so much as hand holding by the Bush family; Laura, the daughters, and Barbara Bush too. Bush took the time to personally sign any photos or scrap books the families brought, which they were invited to do. They were not quick meet and greets, but family picnic-like and they lasted a few hours. He seemed to really care, and it wasn't just for publicity. I don't know if he did it with any other group, like the Cantor & Fitzgerald firm which lost so many. I'm assuming he did, but they weren't publicity events, so I don't know.

Then, a new president came along, and that all ended. With no reason.

I await to see if any sort of personal message from this president comes to my sister about this. I'll know soon enough.

Mike aka Proof said...

The "Soup Nazi" photo is great!

Jim Hlavac said...

I think, too, since this is a subject I'm intimately connected to -- my sister's husband was one of only three Jewish firemen killed. He was David M. Weiss, of Rescue 1, on W 47th Street -- which lost more than 1/2 their forces, and I knew those guys. At parties, picnics, down at the station house. David was even NYC fireman of the year once. Quite a hero; he jumped into the East River once, off the FDR Drive, to save a man who drove over the rail after having a heart attack while driving.

David's funeral was held at the largest synagogue in Manhattan, some 2 or 3 thousand people so silently standing there as we walked in to take our places. Lexington Avenue for blocks was a sea of silent people by the thousands. A FDNY bagpiper played Amazing Grace on the front steps; being a Christian hymn it could not be played inside the sanctuary, but it could be heard. The improbably named Rabbi Smith broke the tension by saying: "Only David could get a Christian hymn played at a synagogue."

And if Obama really wanted to show some respect, he would have gone to that synagogue and spoke too, and to any of the churches where funerals were held, body or not, and done it quietly with dignity and grace. He could even have done it with an assortment of religions.

Instead he made it a campaign stop. And refuses to show me the picture of the man who killed David. Blah.

Tim said...

Well, the Islamic world is finally acknowledging that OBL/UBL (depending on your transliteration) is really dead. Now all that's in question is the details - which we'll probably never know.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- You summarize things very well saying that the problem isn't the availability (or not) of the pictures, but the credibility of this Whitehouse. Pictures can be faked, as can other forms of evidence.

But there's something about the smug act of withholding the photo that draws attention to itself, along with the president's suggestion that our desire to see it is somehow base and unworthy of the lofty American principles which he so exemplifies.

Moreover, a "death photo" would at least be one more piece of empirical evidence on the record, making it more difficult for this administration (or anyone else in the world) to misrepresent the circumstances of bin Laden's death.

My best bet is that the picture will be released (or leaked, wink-wink) when it will be of the greatest political benefit to Barack Obama. And that is the real reason we can't see it now.

@Jim Hlavac- Again, I have to thank you for the personal perspectives you're able to share. I have my share of problems with President Bush, but I've never doubted that he's a profoundly good man. The sort of quiet and heartfelt deeds you describe above almost oxymoronically demonstrate both humility and greatness on the part of President Bush. And the actions of Barack Obama predictably show the exact opposite.

David sounds like he was an incredible guy, and I know I'm only one of many here today who are saddened by your family's great loss.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Tim- So the "bad guys" acknowledge that Osama is dead, but they won't really be upset or strike back as long as we don't show a picture - right?

If that's the case, they're showing a surprising new civility.

Earl said...

Jim. Thank you for sharing with us. You've helped give even more substance to my feelings that Bush really cared about Americans who suffered under his watch. I had heard about his visits to the wounded that came back from Iraq and Afghanistan, but I had not heard of his outreach to the victims of 9-11. I can't jump up and down about Bin Laden's death because it trivializes the loss of so many people. But I do feel pride of country and satisfaction that justice was served by men like your brother-in-law who are the true heroes. Obama by the way, comes across as a crass boob telling NY firefighters that his administration has their back. What the heck does that even mean? What a petty, political hack.

pryorguy said...

Love the SOUP NAZI shot! Hilarious!! Or should I say "PROOF NAZI"?

btw, what did you all think of Herman Cain on the debate last night? I dont think he will ever be President Cain, but he is a good guy!

SC said...

The cartoon is great and the proof Nazi, too funny. It has been a crazy week. Seems like the entire operation was seen by those in the situation room while it was happening. I wonder what that was like; Hillary looks clearly shaken in the photo.

Jim H – Thanks for sharing; hope that you & your family, (especially your sister & the kids) are OK. Can’t imagine all the different feelings and emotions you all must have. Sounds like your brother-in-law was a wonderful man.

And thanks for the insight into President Bush. It seems just like him. And he wouldn’t need someone to tell him that meeting with the families and keeping in touch was the right thing to do. And it all ended……there is a reason, the current President doesn’t have a clue. If he doesn’t have an advisor or Czar (or Valerie Jarrett) to tell him what the right thing to do is, he’ll never figure it out because he has little or no substance, integrity, moral fiber, or character.

It’s justice that OBL is dead, I hope the sharks didn’t choke on him.

Now, I have to whine……I CANNOT f’ing believe that this was Obama’s 1st visit to Ground Zero. Are you kidding me? I was screaming at my TV last night when I heard it. He has been flying all over the world, appearing on talk shows, golfing, flitting here & there & never made it to Ground Zero? Unforgivable. And the NY libs probably still love him. I don’t get it; I just cannot wrap my little conservative brain around it.

Robert, Is it a bumper sticker? It should be – I love it.

There were things that I liked about all the debaters last night, but, not 1 of them was a clear winner to me. I think Herman Cain is a good guy, but, I’m not a fan of the fairtax. But, to be honest I haven’t read a lot about it. The little I have read (& heard) screams fraud & abuse. And the honest folks will somehow get screwed - again. Sorry, another long, all-over-the-place post.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SC- No apologies needed, your post was interesting and enjoyable - which is something we can all aspire to!

I agree that it's pretty appalling that Obama hadn't bothered to drop in on Ground Zero while president (let alone opining on building a mosque there without visiting). I try to tell myself that if Bush had visited after killing Osama, it would look just fine to me. But I know Bush, and I know Obama...and I don't believe that Obama's intentions were anything other than self-serving. Is that bias on my part...or just an informed judgement from watching his every move for over two years now?

Regarding Herman Cain, I haven't seen his performance yet. I TIVOed the debate and will be watching it this weekend.