Monday, December 10, 2012

Fleas Navidad

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The official Whitehouse Christmas card is in the mail, assuming that a card which doesn't actually mention Christmas can be considered "official." Instead, Michelle Obama selected a stark black and white image of Bo the dog shivering in the snow outside the Whitehouse, which was painted by a woman who claims she used a toothbrush to get the snow "just right." No, really.

The artist will not actually be paid for her work, but has received an invitation to dine at the Whitehouse - perhaps sharing a table in the kitchen with the many "eat with Barry" lottery winners left over from funding the president's reelection.

Michelle Obama chose the image of Bo because, in her words, "he is my son" - and after all Christmas is all about Someone's son, right? Right...? Not that you'd know it from the homogenized inscription in the Obama's family card: "This season may your home be filled with family, friends, and the joy of the holidays."

Of course, if family and friends do fill the Obama's home, they'll have a hard time finding anyone to share eggnog with - because the first family will be thousands of miles away, sunning themselves in Hawaii.

Far away from snow, and Bo, and the rabble who (in the president's words) "cling to religion" at Christmas.

If you think a Black Dog says "Christmas," 
then you'll also enjoy this timeless Christmas carol.


TrickyRicky said...

You're supposed to shake it?

Grafton Cheddar said...

Mooch - "He is my son." Does that make Bo half Wookie?

Irene Peduto said...

The "folk" living at the White House are not into celebrating Christmas in the way Americans are hence their dog, Bo, being their card-bearer! OMG!
@Grafton Cheddar - imagine actually saying that the dog is their "son" in the same way as Christ was someone's son?
I'm going out for a long walk now - glad that I read this first - it'll make it easier to work off some of the anger & sadness these "folk" have brought to America!

Grafton Cheddar said...

Irene, they should be French - the sense of entitlement and tone deafness is truly ne plus ultra.

Pete D said...

"He is my son" - thereby confirming what many of us have been saying for years - she *is* a female dog!

Pete D said...

(Yay Monday Post!)

Jim Hlavac said...

It's not the dog that bugs me, nor any image, really, it's the 50 million cards he sent out to his supporters -- and then to be told it's a stimulus grant to the post office, even though it's franked and free. It's the $100 bill he tucked in each one, from "Uncle Barry" -- well, that's just too much.

Irene Peduto said...

@Grafton Cheddar - these "folk" aren't tone deaf - they are ignoring the opposition with the aid of the MSM & all of the other uninformed Americans (along with those who are myopic to the larger picture of America they've enabled).
@ Pete D (aka Detroit) - Yikes! to the female dog comment - whew! but YAY to your Mon. post. I tell you, Pete, I don't trust these "folk" who can reach into everyone's life.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- In cold weather, you can also wait for an icicle to form and snap off.

@Grafton Cheddar- I'll go out on a limb and say "yes."

@Irene Peduto- It was very hard for me to use Michelle's "he is my son" quote and not say something snarky about her (though I was sure we'd all get the opportunity in the comments today). But I really do think the Obamas have a complete disrespect for Christmas.

@Pete D- And Barry has previously referred to himself as a mutt. Who are we to disagree with their self-assessments?

@Jim Hlavac- In fairness and honesty, I'm not offended by the card (which is actually pretty), I'm offended by this president.

It's No Gouda said...

Hmmmm, the "signature" appears to be B.O.'s but is the "handwriting" Reggie Love's?

CenTexTim said...

With obama as prez the country is going to the dogs, so a canine Christmas card seems appropriate.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@It's No Gouda- I was wondering who would go there (grin)!

@CenTexTim- Too true.

@Readers- By the way, anyone who clicked on the link under Bo will have heard "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin. That's the version I wanted to use for the gag, but I also found this reimagined version with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss which is great.

Stan da Man said...

Gouda - you musta been thinking the same joke I was - Clinton era, but can be applied to many prez's...

"President Sucks!" appears in the snow @ Whitehouse. (Hee! spell check suggested "Whorehouse" - but I digress) President is understandably upset, tells Sec Serv to find out who's behind it. Hour later, chief of Sec Serv is back - "Sorry sir, we've got nothing but bad news - it's the VP's urine, but the first lady's handwriting...."

Colby said...

Well, everybody beat me to the "handwriting in the snow" gag, but I was going to suggest it was Susan Rice's or Bawney Fwank's.

What sort of conceited, self centered, narcicisstic prick with a messianic complex thinks that sharing a meal with him is some sort of special reward or treat? I'd rather eat lunch in a subway public restroom. Yuk... "Sorry, Mr. President. I really didn't mean to spew chunks on you; really, it was just an involuntary reaction. Please pass the Pitbull and yam casserole."

Pete D said...

Colby -
Or a poodle / noodle side dish?

Queso Grande, his phone is not so smart said...

The Uhhhhhhbama's feel about Christmas the same way upper middle/ upper class college sophmores have......disdainful of the whole 'bushwah' , hokey religiousy experience.....until they get theirs.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stan da Man- Hey, it's still a classic joke!

@Colby- Given the opportunity to dine with the president, I would spend the eight hours beforehand eating spoiled meat and dried fruit in hopes of giving him a personal demonstration of fracking natural gas.

@Pete D- Poodle with noodles is good, although if the president is entertaining Jewish guests for Hanukkah he should serve the traditional beagles with lox.

@Queso Grande- I've made it clear here that I'm not religious. That being said, my family celebrates Christmas, sings the songs, and does so with genuine respect and love for the principles of Christmas and the faith of Christians. The Obamas, on the other hand, are sneering as they play act. Their derision for people of faith (with the possible exception of Muslims) is well documented.

CenTexTim said...

"beagles and lox" - groan

On the other hand, I heard that obama's two favorite cuts of meat are rib eye and seeing eye...

with a side dish of collie-flower...

When he has a cold he prefers chicken poodle soup...

And for breakfast? eggs rover easy...

Colby said...

Boy! You're a fine one to say "groan." Collie flower???

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- Ouch (grin)!

Ben Dover said...

Top Ten Things I’d rather do than dine with Barack Obama:

10) Shave with a belt sander.
9) Chew on aluminium foil.
8) Be one of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s 72 virgins.
7) Trim my toenails with a chain saw.
6) Stuff Habanero peppers up my nose.
5) Attend a Barbra Streisand & Madonna concert.
4) Hot wax my eyelashes.
3) See Janet Napolitano naked.
2) Watch Michael Moore movies with Ed Asner, Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Maher.
And the number one thing I’d rather do than dine with Barack Obama…
1) Jump up in the middle of a Louis Farrakhan service and shout the “N” word.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ben Dover- All I can say is "wow" (and well done)!

Chuck said...

Mr. Dover - I might change the order, but ... funny!

What makes this all so ironic is that the celebration of Christmas really has gone to the dogs! The LSM gives more press to Black Friday! Christ is no longer a part of Christmas, and that’s a tough one to wrap tour mind around. It’s like Independence not being a part of the 4th of July celebrations (yes, we’re already there, too).

I loved (sarc off)the news story about the $63/person increase in premiums to defray the cost of covering those with preexisting conditions. Question:
Who didn’t see this coming (hint: those who didn’t pay attention)
It’s interesting that the cost comes way before the benefit … and goes to the Government for “distribution”.

Ladies and Gentleman … it’s a brave new world. Actually, “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and what we are seeing is simply a repeat of history for those who choose not to learn from the past.

Queso Grande, now with nuts! said...

I am a very very typical Midlantic region Catholic of the post boomer generation that attended Catholic School......Oy! Do I have problems with the Church.....
But that's a different story: What I've always liked about Christmas is the uniquely American way it is/was celebrated.
A melange of mid-winter's rituals, all melting potted' up into a celebration of family, giving, caring....yadda yadda....I was a shabbos goy to a neighbor after we moved out of Trenton, and his wife made us the best Christmas cookies, and she and Meyer would sing carols to all the neighbors.....when they were in their 80's.....walking down a 6 mile long country road!
We always went to see the re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware, and ate at the Inn on Christas Eve.

And I agree with you, and all the others who've expressed the same sentiment: Everything I wrote(except where I knock the Church) above is totally abhorrent to the Obama's.

Keep up the good work, I know that I cherish the few moments a day I get to come here.

@IrenePerduto, after this weekend I will have time to put together a Pizza, Beer & Conservative conversation at WIldflowers, will stop back in tomorrow, same bat time etc....hopefully to hear you may still want to try it!


Irene Peduto said...

@Queso Grande - You live nearby enough for me to take a ride - If you're thinkin' of a get-together after Christmas, that would work for me - Sometime between Christmas & the New Year?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- Thanks for sharing those memories with us- very nice!

queso Grande, now with nuts! said...

Avec plaisir, mon host-ami!

@Irene Perduto, Perfect time for it!
I will speak at you soonest,