Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cliff Mess

As the week draws to a close, there appears to be no new progress (or progress of any kind)  towards avoiding a headlong plunge over the fiscal cliff...and no suggestion that B. Hussein won't be departing on his $4 million Hawaiian vacation on Monday while the country prepares to sink to a deeper level of Hell.

And why shouldn't he? He isn't adding anything to the negotiations while in Washington, and if any important agreements are reached in his absence,  he's already set the precedent that his electronic auto-pen has the same authority to sign bills into law that he does. Assuming that his auto-pen isn't vacationing at Martha's Vineyard with the Kennedy family auto-pens.

Reports are already trickling in that all-important Christmas sales aren't as robust as merchants hoped they would be, because consumers are concerned that there seems to be nobody really in charge in Washington who gives a damn about trying to save our economy.

Which is why, at the Jarlsberg home (shown above), we're displaying our holiday sentiments using energy-inefficient lights powered by nice, smoky coal plants.

Because we may have to go over the cliff, but we're damn well not going to do it quietly in the dark.


Velcro said...

Beautiful decorating, especially the message of Hope n' Change in big letters! How long did it take you to do all that? shades of "Christmas Vacation" w/Chevy Chase.

Necron99 said...

@Stilton J, I appreciate all you do and to everyone else who is a regular poster at Hn'C, the sentiment goes to as well. Keep the faith fellow travlers.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Both Anonymous are Blog SPA, Stilton. When I used to blog, before the tipping point made it all seem pointless, I'd get these all the time.

Like your house decor. Now it's time to get back to drinking to forget the country that jilted itself...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

SPA was SPAM. Sorry.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- How long did it take to do all that? Four years and counting. But it's worth it just to see the smiles on childrens' faces.

@Necron99- Thanks. Today's entry is a bit on the slim side (though no less sincere for that) owing to a hectic personal schedule yesterday.

Personally, I want the House to pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts for everyone and make sure the existence of that document is well publicized BEFORE Barry heads out to Choomland of the Pacific. I'm fine in everyone's taxes go up and Barry has to wear it like a dead Albatross.

@Emmentaler- I've erased those comments now; I get maybe 20 a day (they also turn up on old posts, so HnC gives the spammers a lot of ripe targets). And typo or not, a "Blog Spa" would be welcome - someplace for a nice hot tub and massage to ease the stress of blogging.

And as far as getting back to drinking, I never stopped.

Colby said...

@Stilton Griswold,
An excellent display of restraint, Sir! We can still tell there is a house under there. I can imagine a residence decorated by our Congress would have so many lights, the actual structure would become unrecognizable.

I also noticed the handful of missing light bulbs just under the eaves on the left side. Are those symbolic of the Congressmen who are standing their ground on extending the Bush tax cuts to everyone?

Anonymous said...

Love the typo?...

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ Love the Griswold look on the house - the letter exchange is another insight that makes you - YOU!
Nancy Pelosi intimidated that the reason for the lackluster sales this year is because the Republicans aren't budging or caring about fellow Americans who simply want to enjoy their traditions & values. I heard that on Rush' show yesterday & immediately got incensed. I guess that is her intention - to incense those of us "in the know" while actually appearing to give a damn to those who are much less informed.
I also heard on FOX this morning that none of the major MSM news programs showed the violence that erupted at the MI Right to Work Protest. The more I come to learn, the scarier this gets.
@ Necron99 - love the quote and will be sure to copy and paste to my favorite quotes page.

John the Econ said...

As we get closer to the "cliff", one of my favorite narratives of liberals of late is that things were better under the Clinton-era tax regime, as if higher taxes were somehow responsible for the dot-com boom.

Personally, I'd be fine with Clinton-era tax rates, if they were only matched with Clinton-era (meaning 1998) levels of Federal spending and interference in the marketplace. Also eliminate Dudd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley as well. (I'd be okay with keeping Glass–Steagall in place, however)

Of course, when liberals nostalgic for the Clinton-era speak of the Clinton-era, they certainly are not speaking of what really created the prosperity of the late '90s; a principled GOP controlling Congress, reduced government spending, or Reaganomics at work. Not hardly.

No, today's Democrats want no more debt limits and dollars printed indefinitely. Bernake's job is now secure and the presses are running. The T-Bird is pedal-to-the-metal for the cliff. At least the President and family will be having a nice time in Hawaii.

Jim Hlavac said...

You are lucky that "they" or "he" -- you know them and he, yes? -- haven't tried to tax you per bulb. They & He will call it oh, "Energy use surcharge" and then what? Take it down, or pay?

On the other hand, Obama doesn't really care whether the tax cuts expire, or if he gets new and different tax raises. Whatever happens, he will have but one answer to the shortfalls in revenues -- more taxes. Makes no difference any more - more taxes, always, until Santa is proven to be real.

It's No Gouda said...

Colby said...
@Stilton Griswold,
An excellent display of restraint, Sir! We can still tell there is a house under there. I can imagine a residence decorated by our Congress would have so many lights, the actual structure would become unrecognizable.
Not so, Colby, if it were done by Congress only half the lights would work and the rest would be kinda dim.
See the latest "apology" by Congressman Hank Johnson for using the word "midget"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- You have a fine eye for detail. Any artist will tell you that the use of "negative space" - including burned out lightbulbs - is part of the overall integrity and statement of the work.

By the way, had the election gone the right way, this is pretty much how my house would have looked on November 7th, only with fireworks added.

@Irene Peduto- Nancy Pelosi has been opening her yap lately about the fiscal cliff, but predictably is lying through her storebought teeth.

And yes, the MSM basically ignored the union thug (wearing an "Occupy" Guy Fawkes mask) who beat a black hotdog vendor, destroyed his cart (and livelihood) while calling him "nigger." The union thugs also used box cutters (9/11 souvenirs?) to destroy the tent where right-to-work supporters had gathered.

The MSM also ignored the union thug who assaulted a FOX News reporter. But they DID report Barack F. Obama's lies that the Michigan legislation would end collective bargaining in the state.

@John the Econ- The myth of the Clinton economy looms large in the Democrats' storybook. Then again, myth is their lifeblood.

Regarding Bernanke and the printing presses, I've about decided to cash in my retirement and spend it all on a warehouse of cheap whiskey that I can use for bartering in a year or two.

@Jim Hlavac- If Muslims can't be fined for having no health insurance (per Obamacare) then I can't be fined for proclaiming my faith in brightly colored lights. Although technically my faith is in brightly colored lights. I'm a Seventh Day Luminescent.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@It's No Gouda- Hearing Hank "Guam might tip over" Johnson slowly drawling about accidentally using the "m-word" for persons of less than average height reminded me of one of my favorite Bob & Ray routines.

rickn8or said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Solstice, and Memorable Festivus to all y'all.


And kuck fwanzaa.

Buck Ofama indeed.

Colby said...

@It's No Gouda,
Perhaps we are both right. Half the bulbs would work, the other half would be dim, the shape of the house would be lost in the jumble of wires, AND the whole mess would be powered by solar panels made in China.

Hank Johnson is a shining example of the above average intellegence required to be a liberal. My 6 year old grandson knows that islands don't float in the ocean.

Excellent idea on spending your life savings on booze, but I already did that and drank it all on November 7. I'm now down to filtering turpentine through loaves of bread.

American Cowboy said...

I love the photo! Perhaps we could all write the slogan on on the top of our hard earned dollars before spending them on little luxuries like food, clothing, fuel to get to our jobs and so forth; at least while we have any jobs or dollars to spend. LOL

George said...

Barack is just a 'cornball brother'.

queso Grande, now with nuts! said...

@John the Econ, Apropos of your comment regarding democrats and printing presses o' money, Corzine was once speaking; as a Senator, about US debt. Open microphone he spouts....."The USA will always be able to pay it's debts. We can just print more money." His aide is seen leaning in and whispering, then begins the backtracking. Thinking about it now, the lack of Nat'l press coverage/shock was pretty accurate, ominous foreshadowing.
@StiltonJarlsberg, I read on Lucianne that the Times is reporting that Boehner is considering putting up a bill that extends the W cuts for all, and lowered some rates on investments that were set to go up, and cancel the automatic Defense cuts, vote on it and say....."Merry Christmas, see ya' next year!"
I ma stuck in Rush Holt territory, my calls mean NOTHING!! Can you pread the word to have people flood the phones to their Rep's to get them to push for it? Heck, it would be almost a nice a Christmas gift as is the picture of your abode!!
@Irene Peduto, You and I both know that Unionista's are just like liberal African-Americans.....incapable of unjustified violence or racism!!!! What did that butt-munch say?........."Guilty as sin, free as a bird!"
Ptoo, ptoo I spit on heem......

Pasta Luigi!!

Irene Peduto said...

@John the Econ - the GOP Congress coming in a tidal wave in 2014 may save the Dems so they look better in 2016 - just another one of disaster scenarios.
@SJ Muslims don't have to purchase health insurance as per Obamacare? Is there some provision that exempts them? OMG! Is that really true, SJ?
BTW - loved the Bob & Ray routine.
@ Colby - LOL - filtering turpentine through bread! Whew! Got a kick out of that line, though!
@ Necron99 - posted the Orwell quote on my FB page & garnered a wonderful response - a few lines from Orwell's 1984 where the Big Gvt. tells us everything - even when our senses tell us differently, we are to believe what the State says we are to believe. Now I need to re-read 1984 - it's been decades.
@Queso Grande - Bill Ayers - he thought who he was back then - guessin' he's feeling good about himself these days with O in the WH to help him in his cause to take over America "from within the system" rather than with clubs and bats - they have planned it well and have caused more propaganda to spew forth - perpetually - over decades - through education - the great leveler!

Grizzly said...

Great job! I haven't seen that many lights blazing since I last celebrated Earth Hour. (Next year's celebration will start with a huge bonfire. Gawd, I love the smell of napalm in the morning!)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Yes, Obamacare specifically exempts Muslims from the need to purchase health insurance or be fined, because they believe that insurance is a form of gambling and therefore a sin. Of course, it IS a form of gambling - but the rest of us are being compelled to ante up whether we want to gamble or not.

rickn8or said...

" I'm now down to filtering turpentine through loaves of bread"
(Looks up from note taking.)

I'm about to to the point where I figure the next unit of currency will be double shots of Jack Daniels, with change given in .22LR.

Necron99 said...

I set free a genie from an Aladin's lamp who said he would grant me one wish.

Immediately I said, "I want to live forever."
"Sorry," said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."

"OK," I said, "Then, I want to die after liberal/democrats evolve into civilized thinking lifeforms."

"You crafty bastard," said the genie!

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Necron - Along the same lines, I got this in an email forward: The weather in DC is so cold, even Obama is walking around with his hands in his own pockets.

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - OK - the muslims being exempt from having to purchase health insurance is true - then why is it that the Catholic Church has to provide certain offensive services to their employees despite their religious opposition? This reminds me of when muslim women were exempt from being body searched below their necks - my friend said then that she knew somehow they'd get her in a burka - but really this isn't funny - kinda' like things have gone crazy in the USA.
@Necron99 - If only the wish could really come true - an end to the liberals distortions of the truth - ahhhhhh.
@Grafton Cheddar - will try to use that joke (& Necron99's) sometime today.

Necron99 said...

Question: How long did Stanley Ann Dunham need to take a sh1t?

Answer: Nine months.

Ogrrre said...

Queso, Econ, when I was around 12 years old, I thought, "why are there poor people? The government can just print money, and everyone could be rich." It didn't take long for me to realize that such an action would actually make everyone poor. It seems our government, instead of learning from the economic history of the Weimar Republic and of Argentina, is bound and determined to enter into a bout of hyper-inflation.

John the Econ said...

Yes @Ogrrre, it is a shame we cannot learn the most obvious lessons of those who have tread before us.

But it's easy to see how it happens. Printing money is such an easy solution to so many problems of the political class and the bankers they seem to single-mindedly work for. They'll start doing it because they'll convince themselves that it's only going to be a short time as a "quick fix", and then from there they simply cannot stop themselves.

The analogy to drug addiction cannot be more accurate. We've become addicted to cheap money and cannot stop using it. And each new hit of cheap money has less effect on the economy than the last. Just as with junkies who cannot stop, I fear this addiction will continue to wither away the health of our nation until the ultimate conclusion: Death.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Regarding your question about why Muslims get religious deferral from Obamacare but Catholics don't, I can only suggest it's because A) Catholics won't cut your head off and B) Obama doesn't love Catholicism. Seriously, there's no way to square the two positions.

@Necron99- Today, I'm sure she'd be flushed with pride.

@Ogrrre- The sad lesson of the overheated printing press has been repeated many times. I'm convinced that those in charge know what will happen and don't care (or actively desire the inevitable disaster).

@John the Econ- Your analogy is entirely accurate and your conclusion unavoidable. Darn it.

Colby said...

I know this is an outdated post, but....

My father lived through the great depression and prohibition. He is the one who told me people would filter turpentine through bread for a cheap drunk. Yuk...