Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Free For All

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For 2012, "Sandy" was our least favorite name owing to its association with so much sadness, destruction, and shameless politicization. Per the cartoon above, MSNBC newsidiot Chris Matthews actually expressed delight that Hurricane Sandy occured because it helped the president politically.

But the worst has got to be Barack Obama's current invoking of the murdered children of Sandy Hook not just to promote gun control- but as the reason that members of the GOP should "take off their partisan war paint" and raise taxes, increase spending, and give Obama unlimited borrowing powers.

It says a lot (in fact, frighteningly too much) about this president that he would enthusiastically use the blood of innocents for his selfish political power grab. The children of Sandy Hook did not die to promote Socialism. 

And although Hope n' Change is purely secular, we hope there's an especially hot spot in Hell for anyone who says otherwise.

And now for the week's Facebook roundup...

obama, obama jokes, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, gun control, fast and furious, sandy hook

I created this cartoon right after Eric Holder opened his gun-running yap about it being time for this administration to crack down on gun control. But I didn't want to use it; it was too soon and too raw. But Obama, Holder, and the MSM have already thrown taste and decency to the wind and decided that they want to roll back the 2nd Amendment now, before all of the blood has dried. And so, like it or not, I've got to fight back rather than let them go unchallenged.

There are hundreds of deaths linked to the Fast & Furious fiasco. What the heck did Holder think the drug cartels would do with all that weaponry? Go deer hunting?! We don't know and will never know why Holder thought it was a good idea to give guns to those most likely to use them to take human lives - because Barack Obama used Executive Privilege to make sure the American people will never know exactly who within his administration shares the blame for those hundreds of deaths.

The hypocrisy of having Obama and Holder lecture the rest of us on "gun control" is appalling and unacceptable.

obama, obama jokes, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, gun control, joe biden, sandy hook

Speaking of Godawful ideas, Barack Obama has put VP Joe Biden in charge of an emergency process to generate new gun control policies. This despite the fact that after his televised debate with Paul Ryan, the popular consensus was that Biden was not only a raving, hyperactive lunatic but is probably the sort of guy who should be court-ordered not to get within a mile of a gun. Or metal cutlery.

obama, obama jokes, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, Mayans, apocalypse, end of the world

And of course, today is the day the Mayans said that the world as we know it would come to an end! Which is clearly ridiculous, because as any Conservative can tell you - the world as we know it came to an end on November 6th this year.

The reference to B. Hussein as the "Lord and Savior" is a direct quote from alleged actor Jamie Foxx, who surely speaks for a lot of Obama-worshippers across the country. 

Including the president.


SusieBee said...

Who need a disaster named Sandy when we have a disaster named Barry? Hurricane Barry has ravaged the US for four years already.

But thanks be to Barry, I have seen the light! Because of him, and his asssult on my freedom, I joined the NRA this week and look forward to exercising my 2nd amendment rights soon!

REM1875 said...

WTG Susie B! We are happy to have you. Welcome aboard.

Grafton Cheddar said...

I'm planning a trip to the local Walmart...assuming there's anything left.

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - your cartoons are frighteningly true - you will have much to blog about, should you have the time to do so, over these next, long four years. Thanks for posting - again, SJ!
@SusieBee - I joined the NRA some time ago but plan on 2013 to be the year I begin the long process of obtaining a gun - in NJ!
Ditto to REM1875.
btw - reading everyone's comments on Wed. post was incredibly thought-provoking - thanks to everyone who tells it like it is!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Susie Bee- As you say, Hurricane Barry is the most damaging disaster of all...and he's now been given a second wind.

And from what I read, you're not alone in deciding to join the NRA recently: membership is skyrocketing out of well-placed fear of what mischief Barry, Biden and Holder may be cooking up.

@REM1875- Somewhere, Charlton Heston is smiling.

@Grafton Cheddar- A joke on the Internet says that Obama has already succeeded in getting rid of guns- you can tell by all the empty store shelves in gun stores.

@Irene Peduto- Truthfully, I'd like it better if I had nothing to blog about. Doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon.

Mike Porter said...

Stilton: Yeah, thanks man - I wasn't quite quick enough with the duct tape, and now there are brains and blood all over my keyboard and monitor. That'll teach me to hit your blog before coffee. The good news is that I have an eight o'clock dentist appointment, and so now have half a chance at obscuring the pain somewhat (assuming that they let me wave off the Novocain).

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Stilton, he's also becoming the Great Unifier: pretty soon every citizen will be a member of the NRA.

TrickyRicky said...

I was a junior member of the NRA many, many years ago. We had a rifle club and one of the dads set up a range so that we could become familiar with firearms and proficient with our .22 target shooting. I never was too much into hunting, but do have a handgun for home protection.

Last night I became a Life Member of the NRA to try and do my part to save the second amendment. Costly, but worthwhile in my estimation. Now it's time to save up for the concealed carry classes.

Irene Peduto said...

@Tricky Ricky - concealed carry class? You don't live in NJ for certain! I don't expect it to be easy for me just to obtain the permit - to keep the weapon inside my home! Whew! The changes that have been made to our freedoms become evident as I speak with others where the Dems didn't run their State - into the ground..

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- Sorry about the keyboard and monitor. I suggest Wet Wipes for the blood and brains, and a lint roller for the remaining bits of hair.

@Grafton Cheddar- I'm not an NRA member, but may become one. Some unions actually make sense.

@TrickyRicky- Good for you! I've definitely been sending money to organizations (like, for instance) to show support, and the NRA should go on my list. Come to think of it, I should probably be investing in gun ranges, too...

@Irene Peduto- Good luck getting your permit. Here in Texas, the process is considerably easier. Heck, it's practically mandatory.

txGreg said...

@Irene Peduto - Good luck, hope you get through the paperwork blockade and make it to the range. I don't listen to Beck any more, but if your process is anything like the NY one he diagrammed in 'Arguing with Idiots' then you have my deepest sympathies.

Like Stilt said, it's pretty easy to get both gun and CHL here in Texas. (A little bit more expensive than it should be to exercise a Constitutionally-protected RIGHT for that permit... but still not hard).

If I may be so bold as to offer some advice. If at all possible, go to a gun range and try to shoot any and all of the guns that you think might interest you. Find out how they feel to load, to operate and to fire. We went through a handful before my mom settled on the one she likes.

Colby said...

David Keene is my President, and, he's only asking for 25 bucks a year. The NRA sunk a ton of money into trying to defeat Obama, so we need to support them more than ever now.

Great posting today, Stilton, although I'm sure sorry about Mike Porter's brains. Look on the bright side, Mike. Now you can officially become a Democrat! Wait... that's not a bright side. My bad.

I was semi-dissapointed the world didn't end today; stupid Mayans! I guess we keep plugging away, drinking "coffee," posting on the best blog in the world, and supporting those few politicians that "get it."

I would like to wish all of you Hope'n'Changers a Merry Christmas!

Irene Peduto said...

@tx Greg - not bold of you, at all, to make such a good suggestion. I did look up a shooting range nearby my home already but didn't consider using different weapons prior to buying one! So - thanks!
I don't listen to Beck as much as I did when he was on tv because, since he's online only, it's more a challenge to remember to go to his site. Why don't you, tx Greg? Just wondering if it's something I need to know.....

CenTexTim said...

SusieBee and TrickyRicky, welcome to the club.

re: inventory in gun stores, I got my granddaughter a .22 for Christmas (hey, we live in Texas and it's what she wanted). Anyway, the shelves were pretty bare - mostly low end and high end stuff, with very little in between remaining.

And don't even get me started on ammo. The shelves were bare of the popular calibers.

Colby, I'm with you on the 'coffee.'

txGreg said...

@Irene Peduto, It was one incident really, but it made me unable to trust him any more than your average politician. It was a short incident, but hard to explain briefly - although I will try. Everyone else, feel free to just ignore us.

Back in the 2010 gubernatorial primary here in Texas, we had an upstart Tea Party candidate named Debra Medina who was starting to put some real poll pressure on "Rhetoric Rick" Perry. Beck invited her onto his show on Feb 11, 2010.

When the interview started, Glenn came out of nowhere with a "Have you stopped beating your wife" type of question designed to paint Medina as a "9/11 Truther." Not being a "politician" Debra obviously had not researched Beck very well and didn't even know what he was talking about. It was bad radio from both sides, but I was willing to let it go.

Then a week later (18th), Beck reacted to an interview Debra gave on a local Texas station where she said she laughed at his question at first because she thought he was joking - even if she did not get the joke. Beck claimed that was not what happened (it was) and then purported to play audio to back up his version of what happened.

I say "purported" because although he did play clips from the previous week, he mixed questions and answers from the brief "interview" out of sequence with each other. Remember this was only a week prior, and it was his own show. There is no way he "accidentally" got some bad audio from the prior interview. It had to be a deliberate attempt this time to simply smear Medina on behalf of Perry. (not saying that Perry was involved BTW)

Beck used to say something like "I either believe what I say, or I am a fraud." Like I told him in the email I sent... he showed himself to be a fraud, and I could no longer trust anything he said whether I agreed with it or not.

To the best of my knowledge (I have a couple of friends who continued to listen to his radio show for a while) neither Glenn nor his radio cronies ever apologized in any way for their actions, and I have avoided him ever since. That's my story - not meant to tell anyone else what they should do.

American Cowboy said...

I'm still looking for a Colt .45 semi-auto ACP model M1911A1.
I remember back in the seventies one could be had for a reasonable cost, before all the gun hysteria. Fifty years of collecting revolvers, rifles, pistols in various configurations and it is strange. Not one single firearm has EVER managed to load itself, leave my home, and go on some insane shooting rampage. Maybe my firearms are not as smart as the liberals think they are?

American Cowboy said...

Hurricane Barry was given a second wind. Too bad he "breaks" everything he touches. I thought something stunk in Washington.
Okay, so that was cheap humor.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@txGreg- I was similarly advised to try a lot of different guns before settling on one. Perhaps in order to find one that didn't scare the crap out of me (not that the gun itself scares me; I'm scared when a gun is held by an inexperienced idiot - especially if it's me).

@Colby- In fairness to the Mayans, they're all missing today! Maybe we overgeneralized thinking they meant the rest of us were in danger.

And yes, "coffee" drinking will continue in this new post-apocalyptic world.

@CenTexTim- I'm puzzled; if guns and ammunition are selling out everywhere, why haven't the media reported on the new wave of gun violence which would sweep the nation from all those nasty weapons?

@txGreg- Ouch, pretty damning for Mr. Beck. I like a lot of what he says, but don't take anything as gospel.

@American Cowboy- This is going to sound like I'm joking, but I'm not: going with a purely Freudian perspective, I think liberals equate our guns with their reproductive organs - acting independently of thought, planning, or responsibility.

Seriously, just TRY to find a liberal who'll admit that people should be able to control their genitalia (or should even try to). Is it really such a stretch to imagine that they believe the same thing about guns?

Irene Peduto said...

@tx Greg - Wow! I always listened to him pre-Internet. As SJ says, it's pretty damming. Didn't know what Perry's reputation was in TX except that I'd met a Lib in NY City who said she hated him - figured he must be ok, then. I also know that many people in NJ hate Gov. Christie; but I don't.
@SJ - so you too were advised to shoot first and buy later - did you find the weapon you wanted that way?
@American Cowboy - I haven't seen the cost associated with a gun; but I've heard something about it. Do you have a general price range for what a decent gun would cost?
As always - this is my "learning/sharing" site - thanks much!

txGreg said...

@Stilton, I try to be cautious about any of the talking heads and treat their declarations with a grain of salt - Beck included. It's just when I find out for sure that they've lied to me - apparently deliberately - that I feel it's not worth the time to listen any more.

Also, regarding your comment to CenTexTim... I'm sure they'll report on that wave of violence - whether it happens or not - long before they even consider whether to tell us that the homicide rate in the U.S. is at a 50 year low. (Breitbart)

txGreg said...

@Irene Peduto, A lot of Texas conservatives and/or Republicans like Rick Perry. I'm not really one of them. I think his rhetoric is conservative, but his instincts tend to be big government at best, whole-hog liberal at worst.

Not sure about prices in your area, but a good gun will probably set you back $300-600 or so. Finding one used of course could result in a great bargain. On the lower end of that scale, I would suggest looking at something like a Bersa Thunder .380 to start with. Slide is easy to operate, nice trigger pull (especially if you choose to fire it single-action style) and very low felt recoil. With the right ammo, a .380 is probably as small as you want to go for personal defense IMO. It also has less likelihood of over-penetration (going through walls & such). I'd definitely recommend at least firing something like that first if you've never shot before. You pull the trigger on a .45 or something first time out, and you might never touch a gun again.

My mom would probably not still be shooting if my .40 Glock was the first gun she fired. But after getting used to her .380 and 9mm for a while, she came back to my .40 and decided it was alright too... it just didn't make a good impression early on. :)

Grizzly said...

Obacolypse! heh, heh ... That's probably why he felt he could afford to issue and executive order today giving all fed workers Monday off as a paid holiday.

Sarah Rolph said...

Merry Christmas, Colby, and all y'all. Got my 'coffee' eggnog right here. Our lovely fragrant balsam tree is decorated with precious, sentimental ornaments--the angel my folks got when I was born, the silver glass reindeer that was my parent's first ornament together... And our ancient cat is sleeping right here beside me, having shrugged off his latest medical problem. Wishing you all many Christmas blessings and wonders!

Necron99 said...

@Irene, Good on you for joining the NRA! I have been a member since I was old enough to join and upgraded to Life Member as soon as I was drawing an adult pay check, lo many moons ago. Everyone on the forum has offered you sound advice about purchasing a handgun. I am a Colt 1911 .45 ACP man myself. I've been favoring the Colt New Agent for the past few years due to concealability. I carry a Walther PPK .380 as a back-up. The Bersa Thunder is an inexpensive version of the Walther PPK and a very dependable little gun.

In these uncertain times it is the responsibility of every law abiding American citizen to be armed and prepared to defend themselves and their fellows against all threats "foreign & domestic". Especially the threat against our freedoms rooted in the 2nd amendment. Because once that amendment is tampered with, nullified, or repealed, it is only a matter of time until all others are.

And I defy anyone to produce just one liberal who can equate the loss of one freedom with the loss of all freedoms.

Irene Peduto said...

@Necron99 Thanks for your support - you too, though? Do all of you live in States that seem to support your rights? Are you also in TX? Whew!
I won't need to conceal a gun since I am in Jersey. But the Bersa Thunder sounds like something I could buy & use. The New Year will see another change in me - a woman able to defend herself if ever necessary. I do live alone; the house is alarmed but a gun would make me feel safer - I also want to protect my rights to own a weapon in order to protect my life. Love those founders, huh?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Actually, I haven't settled on one yet. Currently my home is protected by a marginally crazy dog and a variety of sporting goods. And some surprises.

@txGreg- There aren't many talking heads I absolutely trust. And "trust" simply means that I believe they're being sincere instead of spinning or lying. But there are a few.

And the MSM won't let facts stand in the way of a good story. If they're suddenly so concerned about gun crimes, why aren't they screaming about the war zone called "Chicago?" Oh yeah, because Rahm Emmanuel is in charge.

@Grizzly- Actually, all of Barry's fiscal policies to date seem to have indicated that he believed the world would end on the Mayan timetable. But now he's stuck with reality again.

@Sarah Rolph- You paint a lovely holiday picture! Our Christmas tree also has family ornaments and memories going way, way back (no designer tree for us). Though this year we inaugurated a new, 9-foot artificial tree which looks great but doesn't have that magical scent. On the other hand, we've been burning a Yankee Candle mistletoe candle, and it's a very pleasant substitute!

@Necron99- It's very handy to have so many well-informed folks on this blog on the subject of firearms. Pretty much all I know is you don't want to be on the end of the gun which has a hole in it.

@Irene Peduto- I do love those founders!

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton: Actually, Mayor Rahmbo IS concerned about the gun violence in his city. He's afraid law-abiding citizens could gain the right to "carry". Heaven knows they might "off" some illegal gun-toting thug before said thug could vote for him in the next election.

gwhdad in Texas said...

@ American Cowboy: if you aren't dead-set on having a Colt, you might look at a Colt-clone made by Armscor in the Philippines. they have a 'G.I.' model for prox. $390. I've been told by friends that it is interchangeable with a VietNam era 1911.

Karl Uppiano said...

The 'progressives' have been throwing their crap against the wall for the past 100 years, faster than we can scrape it off, so eventually it sticks. We (classical liberals) have to go on the offensive. We have to stop playing defense. We've been going negative for generations. That's a losing proposition. I’m convinced of it, and results would seem to bear me out.

It's time to turn the tables. Let's start playing offense! We should promote our ideas, and stop attacking theirs. Let's be offensive, and start throwing our crap up there faster than they can scrape it off! Maybe in 100 years, some of ours will stick. What's to lose?

Pete(Detroit) said...

Karl, good thought!

Irene, one law of guns (and it's a natural law, like gravity) is that the bigger it is, the heavier it is, the harder to carry (weight) and conceal (size) but the smoother it shoots (for a given caliber). The smaller / lighter it is, easier it is to carry / conceal, BUT it will hold fewer shots and have heavier recoil (for a given caliber). If you are not to be carrying it (ie, strictly a 'drawer gun) I would recommend the largest gun you can hold properly. That might be a Bersa, or a Kahr (Small guns, fit small hands) or you might like a glock, or Beretta. I bought a CZ 75 SP-01 for my first 'semi', the curved grip felt better to me than a regular 75, and I rented one AND a Beretta 92, and the CZ shot better. Spending $100 (or even $200) on rentals to make sure you LIKE the gun you're spending $5-$600 on seems smart, to me.
Also consider a revolver - they're slower to reload (well, if you practice, w/ a speed loader, not all THAT much slower) but I like the reliability - pull trigger, go boom. No Go Boom? Pull trigger again (and yes, duds happen).
Also consider a shotgun - depending on your size, 20 ga might make more sense than 12, both perfectly adequate for home defense, or shooting games (or hunting, for that matter)

Buying a gun (especially your first) is an intensely personal decision / choice and you need to put in the time to make sure that what you get is what you WANT, and what you will USE.
Go to a show, (or several dealers) and 'try on' several. check for fit, function (how easy it is to change the mag, if semi-auto, that sort of thing). Take notes. Arrange to test fire the ones you think you like. Ask friends - you may know people who own guns that you don't know about (most of us are pretty quiet about it to our non-gun friends)
Some ranges have special 'ladies night' demo's w/ reduced pricing on rentals. Some ranges will let you apply (a portion) of rental fees to any eventual purchase from there...
What ever you decide to buy, DO spend some $$$ on a lesson or three on how to USE it, and then be sure to take it out frequently (once a month, or so, to start, at LEAST) until you get good. The ONLY way to get good is to practice - same as anything else.
Best of luck to you!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

As I've pointed out before, the Mayan calendar was clearly incorrect. Especially since their world ended about 6 AD...

Per the discussion regarding the NRA vs. "gun control": I am a Benefactor member of he NRA, and all of my five children have lifetime memberships. Why? Because it is that important. Our 2nd Amendment rights secure all others. I like the idea that those who don't own guns for the protection of their families should have to pay more in police taxes than those who don't.

@Stilton: I chafe at your inference that the NRA is a union. Is is an association of like-minded individuals; not an labor hostage situation.

@Pete: Amen - though, it shouldn't cost a couple hundred in gun rentals. If you let most ranges know you're in the market, and have a few tentatives, for the cost of ammunition (sometimes without) they'll bring you out to their range and let you try them out - at least the range I teach my Hunter Safety courses at does this. In MI, though, if they don't have a range, you don't rent - so check the laws where you are, and visit the sales counter at your local shooting range.

Oh - and Buck Ofama and Foomberg. And, while you're at it, Nuck Feifstein, too. And Merry Christmas to all.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Emmentaller, agreed, it 'shouldn't'... but it might - was like $25 (possibly including one box of 9mm - I forget) for each of the three I 'tried on' - not bad, I thought, to ensure I wanted what I got. Bought from gunbroker for like $100 less than could have got at the range, but shipping to FFL and a xfer fee took 1/2 of that - so, overall diff b/n buying online vs range that lets you apply rental fees / does not charge you fee is probably negligible.

Irene Peduto said...

@Detroit Pete - I have added your expertise to my on-going document of Gun Options - can't believe I have so many to offer suggestions...
@ Emmentaler Limburger - same for you - & Necron99 - all of you are the most sharing group of individuals - all on one blog -
Thanks to SJ for offering us this opportunity to share and to provide an on-going learning experience!

REM1875 said...
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REM1875 said...

How many did we loose to the apocalypse? We are still here. I will now have to pay the bills I put off till the 22nd (you know " just in case") and then there is the Christmas shopping I put off. Looks like everyone will be getting Texas lotto scratch offs.

Don't forget the 40 S&W a very manageable round that many believe is superior to the 9mm and for those who want something big in a small package I recommend the 327 federal magnum which also shoots the 32 h&r magnum, the 32 s&w long, short, and even the 32acp.

REM1875 said...

My previous post was deleted because my tablet's "predictive text" translated my thoughts in high gibberish, which it has want to do often, and I FAILED to proofread. My apologies.

Irene Peduto said...

@REM 1875 Thanks - added your info to my Gun Options document - you guys have given me much to consider.
I will let all of you know what's happening in January!

REM1875 said...

Gun prices- general rules for hand guns
$150 - 300 Dependable used, surplus, and some new are in this price range. Your survivors will not become independently wealthy off one of these usually at your estate sale, but they may delay that sale for several years if used wisely (Russian Nangent revolvers in excellent shape of go for 99 bucks most of the time.
$300- 700 good new and some excellent used options in this price range.
$700 - 1200 quality new guns, superior used guns in this range
1200 plus -custom, special purpose, and many nice antiques are in this range.
In firearm arms it is function before aesthetics. In other words how well that gun works FOR YOU, is more important than what that gun locks like that is important.
These are general rules - that do not cover the guy in the bar who picks up that pristine, antique 6000 dollar merlin hulbert in a bar for a hundred bucks or the guy who buys a custom 5000 dollar gun that is nothing but headaches.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- I was being tongue in cheek with the reference to the NRA as a union rather than an association - mostly because I'd like hearing Obama say what was wrong with it if it was one of his High Holy unions.

I've got nothing but respect for the NRA - and they certainly don't compel anyone to join. Although the Lefties are certainly making the idea of joining really attractive.

goyisherebbe said...

No problem. The world as we never dreamed of it in our worst nightmares replaced it a long time ago.