Monday, December 17, 2012

Taxes of Evil

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After spending over a year demanding tax rate hikes on evil "millionaires and billionaires," on Saturday Barack Obama got what he least wanted from House Speaker John Boehner: an offer to raise tax rates on millionaires and billionaires. Just millionaires and billionaires.

And apparently, Barry has flatly rejected the offer because he actually wants to tax "billionaires" who make around $200,000 a year - which is approximately $999,800,000 less than a billion bucks.

Actual millionaire Obama says that raising taxes only on the millionaires and billionaires he's been bitching about won't actually raise enough money to substantially reduce the deficit, which is surely true since his plan to raise taxes on the top 2% of earners already wouldn't substantially reduce his nightmarish deficit. It would, however, kill tens of thousands of jobs - so the president would be able to add more dependents to his government plantation.

Boehner surely knew that Obama wouldn't agree to raising taxes on only "millionaires and billionaires," and perhaps made the offer simply hoping that the president would STFU on that phrase and finally say that he's really demanding a massive small business tax.

Barry will never admit it, of course. Nor will the MSM call him on his hypocrisy.

But we can dream.

Your million dollar bank accounts? You didn't build that.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Boehner's gotta go. Just effing GO. I would be embarrassed to be from his district. At least MY rep (John Dingell, the fossil who talks) ADMITS to being a vapid turd herder by belonging to the Democrap party. Cheese biscuit Boehner has the audacity to put the "I know" in RINO. What a dick

Anonymous said...

Not to make too fine a point about it, $200,000 is approximately $800,000 less than a million.

But we get your point, and it's valid.

TrickyRicky said...

I've been trying to tell this to people for ages. "Millionaires and Billionaires" is simply code for anyone who happens to have more (or work harder, or save more) than you do. Class warfare demagoguery pure and simple. While not a fan of Boehner or any supposed Republican that caves on taxes, I do like the STFU and stop lying moment that he has presented to Obowmao.

SusieBee said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, Anonymous, but he said it was $999,800,000 less than a billion bucks...

Grafton Cheddar said...

I guess I'd rather force Big Guy to tax the wealthier, rather than let all of the BTCs expire and tax ALL of us. One way or the other, they are going up, and either way, they won't address the real problem. I think of Boehner as having to choose between, as I recall it from childhood, having to drown in a barrel of monkey vomit or pig snot... something like that anyway. The more worrisome cave is giving in on the debt ceiling right now. WTF is up wid dat?

Speaking of Big Guy, did you enjoy being lectured last night about how we are not doing enough as a nation to stop mass murders?

Earl said...

Today's WSJ lead editorial makes an interesting point about Boehner's tax increase proposal. It would also impose a limit on annual deductions. The more affluent tend to itemize deductions more than the average taxpayer. But liberals are having second thoughts about raising the cap on deductions, and the WSJ's guess is that residents of high-tax Democratic run states are about twice as likely to take advantage of tax loopholes as taxpayers in low-tax states. "One tax writeoff in particular illustrates the point: the deduction for state and local income taxes. This allows a high-income tax filer who pays, say $20,000 in state and local taxes to deduct those payments from his federal taxable income." So California, New York, Hawaii, etc. can rake in money from state and local taxes (to fund public sector unions) and the federal government gets stiffed. So much for tax equity.

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - Boehner is between a rock & a hard place, I'm thinkin'. O has so much power and support (MSM, unions, actors, etc.) that he will always continue to look good & Boehner and anyone else will always look bad.
@ Necron99 I saw Orwell's 1984 last night (On Demand) - such massive deception on such a scale & Winston, in the end, became one with the deception. In this time, the deception is fueled by the MSM and the "folks" buy into it.
@Pete D - Is he a RINO? He doesn't really have much power when compared to O's nor does he have the power of the press or the airwaves. Maybe he is a RINO - but I'm not certain anyone could stand against this Admin. & be publicly supported.
@ TrickyRicky - Yes! Class warfare demagoguery is what's behind all of this. Take from those who work and give to those who don't. These people have gotten to the very top in our Gvt. - How can America ever be the country we all knew & loved again?
@ SusieBee - I liked your response to the "fine" point by anonymous.
@Grafton Cheddar - I agree with you about Boehner - he is really up against an incredibly powerful propaganda machine. But the debt ceiling is still an issue. As for listening to him lecture us last night, I refuse to watch him - ever. The horror of those shootings makes me reluctant to watch any news because the sadness overwhelms me - so I didn't watch - but doubly so because O was there. I did get some clips, though - Bloomberg wants him to lead? OMG! Watch out for our 2nd Amendment rights!
@ Earl - and so it legally & woefully goes.....

Irene Peduto said...

@Colby - re the older post: thanks for the inside info about filtering turpentine through bread back in the dark days of the Depression.

Colby said...

In Boehner's defense.. He really is in a tight spot. The Republicans WILL get blamed for anything bad... period... end of story. All he can do is try to minimize the damage. I really like the idea of Congress passing a bill to extend ALL of the Bush tax cuts for FOUR years, and slipping in some stuff to close loopholes. then you force Crap Weasel to veto it and take the blame for running off the cliff. Sadly, this simply will not work; the butt licking "press" would still crucify Boehner et al. The evil Republicans would take 99.9% of the blame anyway. It's like Grafton Cheddar's "monkey vomit / pig snot" analogy. The Republicans are completely screwed here, so they may as well do their best to salvage anything they can and hope for a power grab in 2014.

Even though it's on all of our minds, thank you for not posting about the tragedy in Connecticut. Perhaps later when the numbness wears off.... nuf said for now.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

As much as I hate to say it, I really am starting to believe that the Tea Party needs to become its own party. We vote them in today as "republicans", and the "establishment republicans" (I'm talking to YOU, boehner and mcconnell) make sure they are ineffectual, and remove them from key roles where they can actually have a CONSERVATIVE impact on government. boehner is clearly a traitor to any conservative cause, and is interested only in that next election to which his cushy job is subjected every two years.

As a student of history, I know third parties have not done well in the past, but, also as a student of history, I recognize that the republican party was a new party in 1854. Maybe it's 1854 all over again...

@Irene: I'd expect that if Michigan can hold out against the thuggery of the unions, there won't be much "union" left to support the liberals in a short time. Being, outside of WDC, the most union-friendly state in the nation, I think that RTW in Michigan may be the curare dart for pretty much every union - whether exempted from the law or not. Who want to pay extra money for something they can have for free? And how can a union hold power without the money? Frankly, it was this action that "brought me back to life" and gave me some hope after that disaster in November, and the continuing disaster symbolized by (R).

@Grafton: That is to be expected. As long as we hold our 2nd Amendment rights - the rights that give us any hope of preserving the other rights granted us - we are not doing enough. After all: guns kill people, right? And after guns are made illegal, mass murders will continue unabated because most of these types of folks don't give a flying roll-in-the-sheets for laws. Those that are kept from guns as their mode, as I expect the mentally ill such as the perp in this case, would be, they'll simply use other means - but those means are no threat to the government's advance on your remaining rights - particularly your PROPERTY RIGHTS which every socialist despises.

And spoons made me fat...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- I haven't heard anything out of the alleged "secret negotiations" which makes me happy with Boehner. The drift I'm getting is that the GOP will completely cave so they can get past January 1st, while promising to "try harder" in the future. Which will never happen.

@Anonymous- Obama never refers to just's always "millionaires and billionaires." And he refers to the people who earn $200k as "millionaires and billionaires." So I'll admit the math is strained, but it's the same math Barry is using.

@TrickyRicky- The reason Barry always sneaks in the word "billionaires" is because nobody but nobody is going to have much sympathy with what a billionaire has left over after taxes - even if they're high taxes. But it's a false flag and a way to create envy and hatred against those folks you're talking about: the ones who have just a bit more than Barry's target audience.

@SusieBee- It's also valid to make the point (as Anonymous did) that $200k is only one fifth of a million - but it was more fun to drag out that bigger figure!

@Grafton Cheddar- The problem with Barry raising taxes on the wealthy is that it forces the GOP to break their promise to prevent it. Remember what happened to George Bush senior after he broke his "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge? Obama's goal isn't to raise money - it's to rip the conservative spine out of the Republican party.

Regarding Barry lecturing us on mass murder and saying he'll do "everything in his power" to make changes, I'm very unhappy. I deliberately avoided making the elementary school tragedy the focus of today's cartoon because it's too horrific, too raw, and not something which should be politicized. That being said, the fact that Barry is now trying to use these deaths for his political advantage is an outrage.

@Earl- Isn't it funny how one man's "deduction" is another man's "loophole?" And how touchy people get when you threaten the deductions that they have and like? Truthfully, I must admit to a certain sense of schadenfreude if those high-tax states lose their deductions and have to pay more federal tax.

@Irene Peduto- Boehner and the GOP are going to come out of this looking bad no matter what, so he (and they) need to choose whether they look bad because they caved, or look bad because they stood up for their beliefs. I prefer the latter.

@Colby- I completely agree with your assessment, and the phrase "monkey vomit / pig snot" is starting to grow on me.

Regarding the shooting nightmare, I don't want to talk about it, or think about it. I'm heartbroken and in mourning.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- I'm just afraid that the numbers don't exist to make a third party viable. I don't think this country is going to be saved by elections anymore - which isn't my way of suggesting any other solution. I just think the election process is irreparably broken.

Regarding unions, I'd like to think that the situation in Michigan could start the ball rolling towards starving them out...and choking off funds to the Left. And even if that doesn't happen, it was fun to use the words "starving" and "choking" when thinking about those entities.

Finally, as you point out, the 2nd amendment exists to protect the other amendments. The problem isn't guns - as was proved by the man in China who slashed 22 schoolchildren with a knife. The problem is that crazy people do crazy things - so making sane people defenseless isn't going to help. But maybe Barry isn't going to change the gun laws, but instead will demand mandatory screening for anti-social personalities and "preventive" detention to keep them out of trouble. Beginning with all of the notoriously violent Tea Party types.

Chuck said...

This just in: Boehner has caved on the debt limit, too. This was so predictable (and predicted, too, right here on this blog).

As to the politicizing of events: everything is political when you have parties willing to exploit anything to advance their agenda. You are right, future elections are irrelevant because conservatives have already been irreconcilably split and the liberals remain united in their arrogance and ignorance.

It's No Gouda said...

For years and years the left has whined that the "Bush Tax Cuts" benefited ONLY "the rich", but now that they're about to expire they "discover" that "middle-class" taxpayers will take a $2500 "hit". Nice of 'em to "suddenly" be concerned about us.

John the Econ said...

This is hardly new. Anyone remember about 17 years ago when the Clinton administration was pushing for their "millionaire's tax" that started at $250,000? Al Gore had the best explanation for this: If you make $250,000 for 4 years, then you're a millionaire! So see? If you do the math right, we're all "millionaires"!

Call me a contrarian, and I know that the following will certainly not be popular here, but I'm thinking I might like to see us go over the "fiscal cliff", at least for a little while.

For one thing, this isn't the real "fiscal cliff" that I am afraid of. That cliff is the point at which the world unanimously comes to the conclusion that there is absolutely no way that America can make good on its debt, and the dollar becomes worthless. I promise you, we don't want to go there, even though current Fed and Administration policy is pedal-to-the-metal in that direction.

The "fiscal cliff" we're talking about now is just about spending, taxes, and who's going to pay. And as long as most of that pain is only going to be inflicted upon "the rich", then the real problem, unrestrained spending, is not going to be solved.

So I think I'd like the tax cuts to expire. Let the sainted and supposedly fragile "middle class" experience a bit of what they wish imposed upon someone else. Outside of the Tea Party, there is little political pressure right now regarding our totally out-of-control spending. And why should there be, especially when most of the population of this country sees it as a problem to be solved by taxing someone else?

So grin and bear it folks, because it's coming in one form or other. I promise you, the pain you may feel by having to pay an extra $2000 to $4000 in Federal taxes is nothing compared to 10% or more of inflation that is going to hit no matter what Congress and Obama does.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- The entire concept of "debt limit" has become a joke. There are no limits on spending and borrowing, and the money will not - can not - ever be paid back. It's all become a game of generational musical chairs, hoping that our kids (rather than ourselves) are the ones devastated when the music stops.

And I'm afraid you're right that everything is political now. Neither logic nor decency takes anything off the table anymore - and worse still, the people who try to exercise those qualities are put at a disadvantage, ceding the field to the vultures and opportunists.

@It's No Gouda- The WSJ had a great editorial making that same point. The Left claimed that the Bush Tax Cuts benefitted only the why would it hurt the middle class to let those tax cuts expire? And the answer, of course, is that those tax cuts provided more help to the middle class than the wealthy- and the Left/MSM never admitted it. Until now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I've advocated going over the fiscal cliff for the very reasons you mention. It's time to throw an eye-opening bucket of ice water on the voters who want everything but don't want to pay for it.

I had other things to say, too, but you already said them better (grin).

PRY said...

@Grafton...I felt the same way, pandering politics in a townful of grieving people was TOTALLY inappropriate! But, does he care? And who's going to say anything, what good would it do for that matter! Glad thats off the old chest!

Queso Grande, feeling lije a dumbass said...

I am holding my head in my hands in shame, thinking for even a moment that Boehner would do the right thing.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- No, Obama does not care. Nothing is more important than his personal politics and power.

@Queso Grande- It is our curse to have hope, which allows us to be kicked in the cojones time after time.

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Pry, @SJ - "The Speech" is being referred to as Obama's Gettysburg Address. Caution: Hurl Alert!

Irene Peduto said...

@ SJ, John the Econ, Colby, Grafton Cheddar, Earl, Emmentaler Limburger, No Gouda, Tricky Ricky - and anyone else I may have omitted - I want to thank you for all of your expertise in sharing the years of experiences you have gathered. I was a Democrat all of my life until 9/11 so politics was always something I knew little about except having to vote for the Dem running against the Rep. That was it! All I have learned has been acquired as a result of my inquiries after 9/11 to understand how it was that it could have happened in our country. It was then I began to learn about the media's bias and followed the trail to where I am today. Thanks - more than you know - for helping to continue to educate me with the truth, with a shared value set, with comaraderie, & instincts for what's to come. Thanks - for all you do to help me learn.

Colby said...

I hear ya! I, too am a convert. I voted for McGovern; I thought Al Gore was the answer to the country's problems back in the day. FDR was a demi-god, and Jimmah Cahtah was the first president to have a heart. Boy was I WRONG!!

Then I grew up and noticed my freedom slowly slipping away, bit by precious bit; like the frog being cooked alive by the slowly rising temperature.

I will credit Rush Limbaugh for my awakening. I tuned him in one day just to see what all the commotion was about (liberal friends slamming him on a regular basis). It was like waking up from a 50 year slumber!

Colby said...

@Grafton Cheddar,
8,000 killed
27,000 wounded

I can't wait until we start hearing the comparisons to the Sermon on the Mount!

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Colby and @Irene... Very much the same history for me - after all, I've already confessed to carrying around the little Red Book in my teens. Sheesh, I coulda had a V-8! Actually, it was year 2000 when my dad had a crippling stroke and I found myself suddenly taking care of him for a year until he passed.

And Colby, the Sermon on the Mount will be on Jan. 21st, assuming of course that we make it past Dec. 21st. There is this question, however, as to whether said speech and the expected multiplication of giveaways that we currently don't possess (except through courtesy of China) will be in public, or whether only the very few will be allowed to watch. We may very well have to rely on the word of Tingles and Andrea Mitchell as to the nature of miracles performed.

SC said...

@ John the Econ – I agree with you. Let’s not forget about the taxes associated with Obamacare, the middleclass is going to hit hard. I see us heading for another recession & folks barley making mortg pymt & bills possibly losing their homes. Add the inflation you mentioned & we’re in deep spit.

Maybe that’s what it is going to take for us (what ? 51-53% of us that pay fed income taxes) to finally rise up & say Stop the Spending.

These are not the Bush tax cuts, they are the Obama tax cuts that he voted for 2 years ago…you don’t hear ‘Obama-tax-cuts’ for the rich.

rickn8or said...

"It's all become a game of generational musical chairs, hoping that our kids (rather than ourselves) are the ones devastated when the music stops.

Our kids are going to be devastated alright, but it will be our grandkids that have to pay it back.

I have nightmares about my grandsons kicking me and yelling "You saw this coming; why didn't you STOP him?"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- Obama's big "race" speech (ie, throwing Reverend Wright under the bus - along with Obama's "typical white" grandmother) was touted as another Gettysburg Address too, but nobody remembers a damn thing he said now. His words are expertly delivered but mean nothing and don't last.

@Irene Peduto- As I've said here before, I'm sort of an Amazing Grace conservative: I was lost, but now I'm found. It's easy to embrace liberalism without thinking about it because the narrative is that it makes you a good person. The truth, of course, is just the opposite - which is why it's so difficult to get people to admit the error of their ways. I assure you that we're all still learning from one another - I've certainly benefitted from the assembled thinkers who visit this site!

@Colby- Similarly, I turned on this "crazy guy" Rush Limbaugh years ago because he had a reputation as some sort of rabble-rousing lunatic; I thought it would be an amusing freakshow. But nooOOoooo. Rush made sense - a lot of sense. And I've continued listening for years and believe him to be a national treasure.

@Grafton Cheddar- Reality gave you a hard slap (sadly, that's how reality seems to do its best work).

And when Obama is reinaugurated, in public or private (or both), I don't plan to be cold sober.

@SC- Good point that Obama wanted to keep the tax cuts in place a couple of years ago. Why? To keep the economy from tanking in an even worse manner. But now, every scenario is a winner for him: the economy gets worse (and more people on his dole) and the GOP is blamed, the military is cut, or the GOP allows tax increases and breaks faith with their conservative base.

@rickn80r- I think our kids will be devastated, but our grandkids aren't going to pay back diddly squat because the game will have fallen apart by then. But you (and I) may indeed get dirty looks from our grandkids a few decades from now as we're working side by side in Chinese owned rice paddies.

REM1875 said...

Only a liberal millionaire could whip up such class envy and warfare against a class to which they themselves are comfortably members and see no irony in it.
So lost in "do as I say, not as I do", "being above it all", and "these rules don't apply to us". I can only picture the look on the Cuban intelligentsia as the were put against the wall.
I guess a self centered life run totally on emotions with a complete lack of reality and logic could make this appear to be a valid reality?

Necron99, Last Tribune of the Republic said...

@Irene Peduto, the movie version of '1984' was good, but please do yourself a solid and re-read the book.

Celluloid/digital(?) is such a paltry substitute for the written word and I blame visual media for being one of the greatest contributors to our country's current condition of dumbed down, short attention span, 0-drones.

Most of us here at Hn'C can remember an age before cell phones, internet, and the constant bombardment of satellite media on video monitors.
I remember a time when imagination was a personal experience fueled by the mind rather than the fill in the blank Hollywood supplied imagery of visual media. A time when kids played in the yard instead of being today's monitor glued, imagination atrophied, visual stimulus-crack dependant zombies cloistered away in a climate controlled rooms.

These people who are manipulated and conditioned to accept what the video monitor serves up as reality are no different than the people being constantly bombarded by "Big Brother" in '1984'. The destruction of words in the Newspeak Dictionary is allegorical to the destruction of the individuals ability to "IMAGINE". The removal of the ability to READ BOOKS & THINK FOR ONE'S SELF engendered by the video monitor in these generations is Orwell's prophecy fulfilled. Why read the book when you can watch the movie? Why find out what's really going on when you can watch MSM or Jon Stewart?

Why participate in REALITY when FANTASY requires no thought, no insperation, no sweat, & no effort?

Having said all that, I admit that I myself am not a complete Luddite. My presence on this blog is proof enough of that. LOL the point of my rant is that we who knew of a world before the deluge of Video monitor dominated life are the ones who must preserve the flame of IMAGINATION reading books exercises in this 'New Dark Age' of manufactured reality consumed by a generation of monitor heads who will never, ever, get it...

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - thanks re: we are all learning from one another .... I feel as though I have benefited so much from the discourse on this site but have not contributed the savvy posts others' have written - but maybe, just maybe, I do contribute just by being a part of this wonderfully imaginative site. But you, too, are a convert? whew!
@Necron99 - OMG! Have I ever been taken to task! OK, OK! I will re-read the book - it isn't that I am averse to reading, quite the contrary. I have soooo many books, articles, etc. that I am severely backed up. I will admit, though, the movie could never achieve the level of understanding that the book can - the movie was rather boring & all of the individual's thoughts, especially Winston's, could not be captured in the movie. I remember knowing that if I didn't read 2001, A Space Odyssey, I would never have understood the movie. Same thing w/ regard to 1984.
@ Colby Wow! another admitted convert along with Grafton Cheddar! I must say, I believe I am in even better company than I originally thought - we converts are better at it, huh? I love Rush, too.
@ Grafton Cheddar - thanks for your admission to being a former lib and also, mostly, for the comparison in numbers regarding Gettysburg. So you turned around in 2000 - for me it was 9/11 & Bernie Goldberg's book, Bias. That's how I came to understand how I'd been duped by the MSM.
@ SC - You're so right about that. The spin, though, is so loud I can't what's true.
@rickn8or - I feel the same way about my grandchildren but they are already from 14 - 20 years old and they hear from me, regularly! I so hope SJ is wrong about that generation having to work in Chinese rice paddies. Yikes!
@Rem1875 - I am always impressed by how illogical it is to demean someone when you are a part of it. I even now think of Michael Moore at the Occupy rally when he was asked what he would "give" to their cause since he was one of the 1%ers. Such a lack of common sense seems to pervade our culture - now, more than ever.

Necron99, Last Tribune of the Republic said...

@Irene Peduto, Apologies Dear Lady. It was not my intention to "take you to task". I guess I over stepped myself whilst ranting over the necessity of reading and I beg forgiveness. It has always been my curse that people mistake me for being vulgar when I'm being serious, and being serious when I'm being vulgar.

Colby said...

I'd like to start a pool. How soon will it be before Ed Shultz or Bill Maher say, "That slut Nikki Haley just appointed an Uncle Tom to the Senate. He's not a real brother." The pool winner gets a picture of a Twinkie.

...Michael Moore? What a complete turd! Hollywood and DC are overflowing with the "do as I say, not as I do" crowd and Moore is their poster child. How about Crap Weasel taking $4 million Hawaiian vacations that WE PAY FOR, while forcing Congress to crack down on "rich" bastards that make (gasp!) $250k per year.

Colby said...

Hate to post twice in a row, but I just saw an awesome, custom made sign that took up the entire rear window of an F-150. It said, "We are only $16,000,000,000,000 away from getting back to broke!" Now I want one for my ancient, oil leaking, smoking, diesel Jetta (that still has a Romney sticker).

TheOldMan said...

This just in, millionaire now starts at $400000/yr income. Must be that new math that I missed in the early 70s... I still think that we should drop the mortgage interest, state tax, and property tax exemptions, even though I live in CA and this would affect me a little. Once taxpayers have to bear the full brunt of their political choices, they may learn to make better choices.

Irene Peduto said...

@ Old Man - $400,000 isn't a million? Hmmmmmm.
Your "take" on how to make things better would be true except many of those on the dole don't ever have to pay for any sort of a tax increase - they just continue to plod along with what they've got and that's ok with them. There really is no incentive for them to vote otherwise, I'm afraid.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I don't think Obama is personally susceptible to "irony" about anything anymore.

@Necron99- Excellent comment. As a writer myself, I'm saddened to see the replacement of books by video games and lurid entertainments which eventually dull the senses. And similarly, as you point out, the "virtual world" of computers is no substitute for the real world - although that's what it has become.

@Colby- I'd be amazed if someone hasn't played the Uncle Tom card already, but I don't want to depress myself by doing a Google search.

By the way, the sign you describe reminds me of an experiment I'd like to try, rather like Jay Leno's "Jay Walking" segment when he interviews people on the street who can't answer simple questions. I'd like them to look at the number "16,000,000,000,000" and then A) see if they can read the number out loud and B) say if they know what that number represents regarding our country.

@TheOldMan- The WSJ had an excellent editorial (as cited by Earl) about what will happen if those tax exemptions/loopholes are dropped in the high property tax states like California. While I'd rather you didn't get hurt, I'd relish the screams of the liberals who would get stung.

@Irene- You're right that tax policy will never influence those who don't pay taxes - especially if taxing the rich or even the solvent is tied to their free goodies.

queso Grande, now with nuts! said...

@Irene, SJ, Colby.....I too am a convert. Even though I first voted for Reagan, Bush just turned me off.....and for whatever reason Ronnie just seemed like he enjoyed a good time as much as that college student I was did; Bush looked like the Dad who called the cops on the party.
Ihad a wee bit more of a look inside the Left though....Dad was a ward man in Trenton back in the day, I had relatives in the (D) System sinecured out the wazoo and even went on to do a lot myself. We'll talk over pizza but some of the stories the Press covered in the last few years were no surprise to me at all.

As for books over video, I taught Lit Volunteers of America and I could never ever abandon that sweet sweet medium. My wife is gonna kill me with all the collecting at yard sales I do.....I have around a book per square foot of house right we are just under 2,000 square feet. My most recent is an 1840 History of America.
Oooh, I loves me old paper.........

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Colby, regarding Special Ed and Bull Maher, it will be the latter on Friday night, except it won't be "That slut, Nikki Haley". More likely it will be "That C-you-next-Tuesday", knowing the high level of class and general misogyny he always brings to the table. Actually, I'd wager some matchsticks that he'll refer to Tim Scott as something worse than 'Uncle Tom'. I can't believe that I ever thought he was funny (which I think I did, hmmm....) Let me wax French and simplement dis, "Quelle douche!"

Anonymous said...


Hm. Random thought: Since wealthy liberals go on and on about sharing the wealth and how they'd willingly pay more taxes, why not just campaign for money for the debt?

The president's obviously good at it since he got a second term. Might not get us out of it completely but it'd help... Well, maybe.

As for the spending issue... what exactly are we spending all of this money ON? I know we're still at war (which somehow manages to never make the news despite the fact that people you might love can die any minute!), so that's part of it, but it can't ALL be healthcare due to Medicare having been on the books for a while now. And it isn't exactly great insurance...

Ah well. Regardless, in the end, I'm still poor. I can't even imagine earning just 100k a year and I work 2 jobs! So let's just hope nobody forces the people who own the companies I work for away :)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Yes, why can't the president convince his true believers to voluntarily ante up for the good of the country?

And as far as what all of the money is spent on, that's an excellent question - especially since every cent of it is (theoretically) spent on items of such importance that they can never be cut or even reduced.