Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Egg Noggin

A stupid joke? Sure! But not as stupid as the mainstream media's cheery dismissal of any suspicions about Hillary Clinton's surprisingly convenient fainting spell and concussion which can apparently only be cured by plenty of bed rest during the Congressional hearings on the fiasco in Benghazi.

Does Hillary have an actual concussion? In fairness, it might be possible - especially since her noggin probably sustained a number of headboard-related injuries when she and Bill were a lot younger and friskier.

But Hope n' Change is more than a little suspicious and, to paraphrase Mrs. Clinton, believes there might be something of a "vast Left-wing conspiracy" at work to keep the American people from ever getting straight answers about the brutal murder of four Americans.

Which, by the way, the Left is now mocking in a way even more offensive than most of their rhetoric. According to a meme currently making its way around the Internet, "Four adults killed in Benghazi and the Right-Wing screams for answers. Twenty small children slaughtered in America and the silence is deafening."

This would be one of those Louisville Slugger moments that Hope n' Change would so dearly like to, um, clarify for liberals.

Yes, we've screamed for answers about Benghazi because it's important, and because the answers are still being hidden.  But silence about the tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school?! No, we haven't been silent - but we've said things that the Left and the MSM don't want to hear - asking, for instance, if the highly-profitable culture of violence stoked by Hollywood liberals, the video game industry, and the music industry might want to consider voluntarily scaling back their glorification of mass killing.

But then again, the Left isn't really in favor of "voluntary" anything.

Including testifying about the death of an American ambassador if it's too much of a headache.


Velcro said...

The lack of willingness to put the good of the country above personal careers and agendas will be the death of us. Celery's imitation of Humpty-Dumpty will not be forgotten come 2016... of course, I said something similar about this past election also...

REM1875 said...

Remember this is the woman that during the sad reign of slickster the first could not recall a single thing when called to testify and stated such if my somewhat superior memory(to hers at least) serves me correct over 50x.
So I must admit I take a little guilty pleasure at not having to listen to her go through her faulty memory stichk during the peace and joy of the Christmas season. I hope she is allowed to enjoy her concussion till we can really nail her ass after the Christmas season. But I suspect this will be like nailing jello the wall

Robin said...

Okay, how about this meme -- twenty small children killed in America and the left wing screams for answers, 300 Mexican killed and the silence is deafening. And who is racist now?

SusieBee said...

If "Celery" had walked into that school and killed those kids, the media would have given her a pass due to her "concussion." She is NOT going to be held accountable for anything she does in the name of Jamie Foxx's Lord and Savior. She and her scumbag husband disgust me - they are the reason I became a Republican.

TrickyRicky said...

@ Robin....what you said.

Necron99, Defender of the Faith said...

These wretched leftists beat the drum and cry foul every time a horrific event that can be warped to suit their anti-second amendment agenda occurs. As with every other topic or issue they muddle around in, common sense plays no part, and cold hard reality is the least of their ethically twisted perception of facts. Specifically; guns don't kill people..., PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. Period.

Were guns (or RPG's) to blame for the death of our ambassador and the three other Americans in
Benghazi? Perhaps it was the guns that sodomized them as well...

Common sense will tell you any inanimate object can be utilized as a weapon in the hands of someone determined to commit a violent act. If not a gun, a box cutter, a pair of underwear, even a shoe. Or have we already forgotten what devotees of the religion that gave us NASA and Hammas have perpetrated? And what of the blade used to decapitate a live hostage on film?

No gentle readers, their outrage and agenda to take away our second amendment privileges and the right of the law abiding citizens to own a firearm is nothing more than the final step in the pacification of all opposition to their plans for totalitarian rule. Make no mistake, there is nothing humanitarian in the crusade to relive us of our ability to protect and defend ourselves from threats both foreign and domestic.

Twenty-four years ago I took an oath to that effect. Today I still uphold it. If Barry 0, his cadre of cronies, and their legions of fawning mindless drones aren't the perfect hybrid of both (a foreign & domestic threat) I don't know what is.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Mike Huckabee with a little dose of common sense;

Nuff' said.

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - The MSM's implied approval of Clinton's "concussion" goes beyond anything I can really understand. When the MSM is in cahoots with the Administration, such blatant lies will continue unabated.
@Velcro - me too - for both 2008 & 2012 elections - didn't think it could be possible......
@REM1875 - remember when she was visiting abroad and claimed she had to take cover from the gunshots - & remember it was all a manifestation of her imagination? She is untouchable thanks to the MSM.
@Robin - love your meme!
@SusieBee - you learned earlier than I did about that Party! They disgust me, too. She paid her dues, her hubby came out for O, it's her turn now - OMG!
@Necron99 - always love to read your posts - especially agree with your lines about O's cadre of cronies & fawning mindless drones ... being a perfect hybrid of threats...
Will check out the link re: Huckabee.
Thanks for posting again today, SJ - was hopeful - just love this opportunity for dialogue.

Grafton Cheddar said...

I would think that one of the Pantsuits could testify in her absence. Oh, the tales they could tell...

Dr. J - do you think that there will evolve from this a new variety of concussion - the four year long in duration kind?

Colby said...

...ranks right up there with "The dog ate my homework."

Billary has four years to reshape her image, and prepare her attack on whatever 70 year old milquetoast candidate the Republicans come up with. Dollars to donuts says she will become the democrat version of anti-obama to suck up some of the RINO vote. In 2016, NBC, CNN et all will make damn sure Benghazi is never as much as whispered. Fast & Furious has already been swept under the rug; they can easily make Benghazi go away as well.

Gasp! Are you trying to insinuate that some sort of double standard exists? Why I'm shocked, I tell you!

Thanks for another surprise posting!

WMD said...

Good morning all. I've got something I wish to share, it's not really about Celery but I got it in an email two days ago and I just wanted to pass it on.

> > T'was 11 days before Christmas
> > around 9:38
> > when 20 beautiful children
> > stormed through heaven's gate
> > Their smiles were contagious,
> > their laughter filled the air
> > they could hardly believe all the
> > beauty they saw there.
> > They were filled with such joy,
> > they didn't know what to say
> > they remembered nothing of what
> > had happened, earlier that day.
> > "Where are we?" asked a little girl
> > as quiet as a mouse.
> > "This is heaven" declared a small boy
> > "We're spending Christmas at God's House"
> > When what to their wondering eyes
> > did appear, but Jesus, their Savior,
> > the children gathered near
> > He looked at them and smiled, and
> > they smiled just the same
> > then He opened His arms and He called
> > them by name.
> > And in that moment was joy,
> > that only heaven can bring
> > those children all flew into the
> > arms of their King
> > and as they lingered in the
> > warmth of His embrace,
> > one small girl turned and looked at
> > Jesus' face
> > And as if He could read all the
> > questions she had He gently
> > whispered to her, "I'll take care of
> > mom and dad"
> > then he looked down on earth,
> > the world far below.
> > He saw all of the hurt, the
> > sorrow and woe
> > then he closed His eyes and He
> > outstretched His hand
> > "Let MY power and presence
> > re-enter this land!"
> > "May this country be delivered
> > from the hands of fools"
> > "I'm taking back my nation, I'm
> > taking back my schools!"
> > then He and the children stood
> > up without a sound
> > "Come now my children, let
> > me show you around."
> > Excitement filled the space,
> > some skipped and some ran
> > all displaying enthusiasm that
> > only a small child can
> > and I heard Him proclaim as
> > He walked out of sight,
> > "in the midst of this darkness

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- I'm just about to the point where I've reluctantly accepted the fact that those on the Left will continue to get away with anything and everything. Even now, I doubt that there are many leftie liberals who could remember Benghazi - assuming they've ever heard of it.

@REM1875- There was a joke which circulated years ago pointing out how odd it was for Bill and Hillary both to get huge million dollar advances for their autobiographies, since neither could remember anything under oath. I honestly don't know if she has a concussion or not - I do know that she's a liar, and so I feel no shame in doubting her now.

@Robin- Yes! You've knocked it out of the park!

@SusieBee- I've always detested the Clintons, but I've got to admit that in comparison to Obama they don't look quite as bad to me anymore. They were loathesome personally, professionally, and politically - but I don't think either had the destruction of America on their "to do" list.

@TrickyRicky- I agree. Now that's a zinger.

@Necron99- I would be willing to bet anything that the harsher gun control gets, the more mass killings we'll have - because the killers don't obey the rules, and seem to love defenseless targets. And by the way, in this age of terrorism it's nice to think that some plots never come to fruition because the possible perpetrators have uncertainty about armed citizens.

@Irene Peduto- Thanks for refreshing my memory about Hillary's account of dodging bullets on a runway... which was a complete lie.

@Grafton Cheddar- Concussions are a conveniently tricky thing. They can cause permanent memory damage about recent events (like, oh, failing to provide security for your personnel) while doing no other damage which would keep a person from otherwise living a normal life (like, oh, running for president in 2016).

@Colby- At this point, members of the MSM are simply Hillary's litter bearers. Which is slightly easier to accept if we think of litter as being another word for trash.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@WMD- I've said before that I'm not religious (and not going to change), but at times like these, I envy the solace of faith and its promise of justice.

Suzy said...

You know...the crisis in Benghazi was not convenient and has been covered up.

The crisis in CT IS convenient, and is going to be part of the foundation for dramatic freedom loss in our country, unless something changes very soon.

I really wish one of the parents from CT would stand up and say, "I refuse to allow this administration to use my child's death as a tool to promote their agenda."

Yeah, I can wish....

WMD said...

@Dr. J, I'm not particularly religeous myself. I do believe that most religions and philosophies have something positive to offer. However, I have noticed that since the liberals have tried their best to eliminate God from the public square, things have only been getting worse. They don't want bibles in schools but they'll hand you one on your way into prison.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: There should be no surprise. The press was owned by the statists in USSR. It only follows that the same should be true here in the good ol' USSA...

John the Econ said...

Too bad this came out too late to be today's cartoon. Guess who is the "Time Magazine Man of the Year", again.

"He's basically the beneficiary and the author of a kind new America - a new demographic, a new cultural America that he is now the symbol of," says Time editor Rick Stengel.

How do I escape this book?

American Cowboy said...

I briefly scanned the article about "Celery" fainting. I noticed her picture with the article and could not help but wonder if it was an unfiltered look in the mirror that caused her to faint?

American Cowboy said...

I am a "newsaholic". I read both liberal and conservative sides of any given story as usually the truth lays somewhere between. However I have cancelled my Time subscription with the written explanation that I will not financially support a "news" magazine that is that blatantly pro-0bama and anti-American. I also refuse to capitalize 0bama's name instead using the zero key, that pretty well describes my thought about that guy. And for now my thoughts cannot be censored.

SusieBee said...

@John the Econ:

I'm not surprized about the Time Magazine thing. On his video blog, RAMZPAUL basically said that Barry could eat a baby on live TV and a certain demographic would still vote for him. There is a lot of truth in that statement.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- While I'd be pleased to have one of the parents speak out, I'd actually prefer that they be left in peace to grieve. This is a battle for others to fight - and we need to. I'm not against gun control, but I'm entirely unconvinced that there will be greater safety if new laws are added to the books. All that will be accomplished is the disarming of responsible people.

@WMD- I have great respect and admiration for churches as an organizing force for good, and for their messages encouraging people to think about more than themselves. There simply is no comparable engine of moral authority in our culture, which is why I'm such a fierce defender of religious liberties.

And I'm sick to high heaven (pun not intended but perhaps divinely inspired) of the lack of basic moral instruction in schools. When I was of school age, nobody was specifically teaching morality, but it was interwoven in other materials. Today's moral relativism sends a baffling message to children. And, for that matter, to me.

@Emmentaler- No, there's no surprise involved here. Nor is the fact that Hillary's personally appointed investigative committee within the State Department has found a lot of mistakes made in Benghazi, but no reason to discipline anyone involved. Hillary claimed responsibility for Benghazi, but has a very funny way of showing it.

@John the Econ- In fairness to TIME, Mr. Soetoro is absolutely the symbol of the new cultural America.

By the way, seeing your comment and confirming that Barry is the "person of the year" made me think, "is it too early for a shot of whiskey?" Yes, of course - though when I checked the time it was 10:40 am, and seeing "1040" reminded me of taxes, and I wanted a drink again (but won't have it).

By the way, one of the contenders for TIME's person of the year was "Undocumented Americans" - a phrase that pretty much made me fill my pants. There's no such thing as an undocumented AMERICAN.

Crap. It's still not 5 pm.

@American Cowboy- I try to expose myself to both sides of the news, but must admit that it's gotten harder as time goes by (no "Time" pun intended). TIME and Newsweek are both pure propaganda at this many of their contemporaries.

@SusieBee- If Barry chomped a baby on TV, he'd not only be celebrated for supporting women's health, but for recycling protein.

John the Econ said...

Oh goodie. Joe Biden has just put in charge of gun control. Either we have nothing to worry about, or we're finished.

Grafton Cheddar said...

Aaarrgh! He just can't shut up! Stilton, it's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world!

Plank9595 said...

Comment is from Time's own site discussing the short list for person of the year which I thought was brilliant.

"If I go to Mexico illegally am I an undocumented Mexican?"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I can hear Biden on the stump now: "...and why does anyone need a gun when we're already protected by our Secret Service agents?" (Hmm- if that becomes Friday's cartoon, make believe you didn't see this).

@Grafton Cheddar- Well, maybe I'll have just enough to gargle with...

@Plank9595- Exactly right. And if I tour the Whitehouse, do I spend the time inside as Undocumented President?

Chuck said...

20 little school kids murdered by a lunatic and the left wants to abolish the second amendment. 3300 unborn babies murdered every day by a physician and the left wants to make that cheaper and easier.

I’m not trying to belittle the tragedies, just illuminate the hypocrisy.

Suzy said...

Stilt, I guess my thoughts about a parent speaking out came from a dread that by next year we are going to see at least one family bribed to go public for gun control by the Left. I hope I'm wrong.

Robin said...

@Chuck --- Amen!!!

Colby said...

VP Joseph Rosannadanna....

This was a briliant move by the bamster. It will make it appear that he is actually concerned about gun violence, and it will give Joe some busy work to make him feel like he's actually part of the obama clique. The last thing Crap Weasel wants is to end gun violence because it's a vital part of bringing a country to the point of anarchy. This makes it much easier to be the savior and president for life. Conspiracy theory? Maybe...

Colby said...

Nope, you are not wrong. They'll drag out at least one person to be the Joe Soptic or Sandra Fluke of gun control. I'd bet we will see both types speaking out; the ones advocating unconstitutional gun laws, and those advocating having teachers with guns or armed security. The problem is, we will only hear about the anti-gun ones.

txGreg said...

@Colby (and Suzy),
You're almost certainly right. I have already heard one parent - from Columbine - who was interviewed live on FNC last Friday. He advocated for an armed response to criminals rather than creating even more target-rich locations for them. Haven't heard his comments re-broadcast since.

Ogrrre said...

Hillary already had severe memory problems, and should not have been approved by the Republicans in teh Senate. How many times, during her testimony before special prosecutors did she state she did not recall or could not remember the various felonious acts committed by her and Comrade Bubba? Now, with this concussion her memory will be even worse. She should be removed from her position, and the federal government conveniently forget to pay her the pension that congress has approved for her. Surely, if her memory is so bad that she can't remember a damn thing she has done, she won't ever know that she has not received her pension. When she complains about that, that is the time she should be hauled before Congress and forced to testify, as she would have recovered her memory. Works for me.

American Cowboy said...


Perhaps I am a conspiracy theorist also or maybe just a bit too paranoid, but I have a nagging question in the back of my head that I can't seem to silence. Did the powers-that-be perhaps sacrifice children in the pursuit of their agenda? Damn I can see the thought police combing IP addresses now!

Grafton Cheddar said...

@American Cowboy, "sacrifice children in the pursuit of their agenda"... Well, that might be going a little close to the edge, but one thing is sure: crises are never to be wasted.

The real damn shame of this is the opportunity to address the mental health cliff that we have already gone over years ago, and the family of this creepy little guy was right in the middle of it. If you are a parent of a kid with serious psychiatric problems, you are largely eff-you-cee-kayed when it comes to "getting help" (and I use the term with a certain amount of sarcasm). It's worse or worst depending on one's state laws, but generally speaking: crappy and little insurance coverage, a legal system that thwarts or punishes you you at every turn, and providers who are either too busy, or they are not competent to take care of goldfish in a tank, let alone your son or daughter. And the DipSh*t-in-Chief can only drone on and on about his sorry little self-centered opinions about the evil bang-bangs, without anyone having the balls to call him out on it... Aaarggh!

Sorry - I should have issued a rant alert!

Karl Uppiano said...

A very important scientific principle states, "correlation does not imply causation". I have used this when urging caution and skepticism about global warming/climate change, and I will use it here too. I will not deny that there is correlation between these goblins who commit mass murder, and violence in the media, video games or whatever. These goblins are no doubt fascinated by it, drawn to it, and in many cases obsessed by it in ways that normal people would find downright creepy.

But I think we could be doing ourselves a disservice by allowing ourselves to be deluded into mistaking correlation for causation, because we'll miss the real cause. If you have not read I Am Adam Lanza's Mother, by all means please do so. It explains so much. And it is very consistent with another report that indicates that Adam went ballistic when he discovered that his mother had initiated proceedings to have him committed. She could see the signs. Unfortunately, it was too late. She woke up dead; the little spring inside Adam's mind was wound up too tight and it snapped.

By the way, I do think guns played some role in all of this. Guns probably are the most convenient and effective way to commit mayhem, if that is your goal. Adam might have smothered his mother in her sleep, perhaps. Or set her bed on fire. But that is less likely to work. He could have blown up the house, but that might have killed the cat. And maybe he liked the house, just not his mum. Blowing up the school could have killed more people, but again, that would have required a lot more up-front planning, expense, risk of detection and so on.

Guns were the best choice (which explains why the good guys prefer them too). Some people abuse alcohol. Some people abuse guns, and some people abuse video games. They just aren't equipped to handle it. The 'progressives' tried saving us from ourselves with prohibition. It didn't work, any more than Bloomberg's ban on Big Gulps will. The illiberal control freaks are missing the forest for the trees, and abusing the freedom and liberty of the rest of us, who can do these things safely, in moderation, keeping it in perspective.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- As much as the Left doesn't want to admit it, it's a valid comnparison which deserves honest examination. Either you think life is precious or you don't.

@Suzy- Believe me, I understand where you're coming from. Rightly or wrongly, the Sandy Hook parents will be listened to in a way that others won't. I have tremendous sympathy for the grieving families and will listen to what they have to say, but I don't think more stringent gun control laws are the answer.

@Colby- You're right that the appointment of Biden says that the "issue" is both high profile (for publicity purposes) and of low importance (c'mon, it's Biden!)

@txGreg- Sadly, the real question for the Sandy Hook parents is "do you wish that there were members of the school staff who had been armed?"

@Ogrrre- Very tidy and I like your logic!

@American Cowboy- I don't think the administration was in any way involved with the massacre, but I think they were ready to announce gun control plans and were simply waiting for some sacrificial lambs with which to make it more palatable.

@Grafton Cheddar- Well, it's a good and important rant. What ARE we do do about mental healthcare in this nation? Committing potentially violent people might protect the public - but in this case, it seems that the reason the shooter flipped out was because of fear of being committed. And who will determine what constitutes a dangerous mental aberration? Is it someone who blogs nonstop expressing (ahem) anti-social anger and suspicion towards the government? Believe me, I worry about these things.

@Karl Uppiano- Excellent and well-reasoned comments. I certainly don't want to suggest an equivalency between correlation and causation...but I do think it's important to consider it. Do violent entertainments and access to guns play a part in this and similar tragedies? Absolutely. But is mental illness the more central issue? Definitely. But it's a harder and more nuanced subject to argue, which is why so few are suggesting that we really address the problem of mental illness and assessing danger to our communities.

Grafton Cheddar said...

@Stilton, "And who will determine what constitutes a dangerous mental aberration? Is it someone who blogs nonstop expressing (ahem) anti-social anger and suspicion towards the government?"

Ooops! I wasn't aware I was that bad! ;-) If I could get three square and avoid lobotomy, I might consider it. And Karl, I have read that piece - I and a number of other families I know could easily have penned it ourselves. Getting a kid with difficulties through intact into young adulthood in this society is not for the faint of heart. The woman in that piece made her decision, clearly a painful one, but that doesn't mean for a minute that it is the right decision for anyone else.

I was rather blown away yesterday to hear Andrea Mitchell on MSLSD (yes, I was TV slumming!) saying that the Affordable Care Act is going to be especially detrimental to mental health. She must have gone off the reservation for a moment. I'm not sure it will even matter - here in NH, if you have a mental health crisis, you can't even get in to see a full-fledged shrink for three to six months (assuming you could even afford one, [$400 and hour]: many will not take your insurance, if indeed you have any). So you go to the ER, see a psychiatric resident, get a script, go home (assuming no one is bleeding), and then get lost in the "system". If you are deemed a threat by said junior birdman, you go to the state hospital for a week or two, get loaded up on meds, then you are cut loose - problem solved.

But all of this will end with Obamacare... yeah, right!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- I certainly read the article and knew that it had to describe the lives of many people (though I didn't know it would include anyone here).

It's not surprising that Obamacare is going to be very bad news for the mental health field. The fundamental idea at the heart of Obamacare is to reduce costs and increase efficiency by depersonalizing medicine. This is done in a host of ways: eliminating "cost ineffective" treatments which some individuals might need, the computerization of records forcing everything into some form of pre-determined governmental code, and refusing payment unless a patient is "cured" and has no recurrence with a government-assigned timeframe.

Mental illness, the most personalized of illnesses, simply doesn't get properly treated using this assembly line approach. Like you say, someone can be medicated - but unless they're medicated into near unconsciousness, their behaviors may not be controlled. Moreover, medication may mask a condition rather than cure it (does "painkillers instead of pacemakers" strike a bell?)

And what about the many patients who could benefit from talk therapy? How will the government measure the efficacy of such treatments, or determine their length? What constitutes a "cure" (if such a term isn't considered absurd)- simply not killing anyone, or eventually having the individual feeling better and interacting with others more successfully? And who measures THAT?!


The mental health system is already a mess, much like the medical system in general. Obamacare makes both worse - in the case of mental health, much worse.

Chuck said...

Ah ... mental illness. How to quantify, qualify and define ...

The problem is that it isn't a hard science. Heck, half the country thinks the other half of the county is crazy (and the halves have multiple labels that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other). Especially now, in this time, with this “leadership”, we are adrift and at odds.

We are the proverbial house divided against itself. … and you know how that ends, right?

Sparky said...

@ Chuck
20 little school kids murdered by a lunatic and the left wants to abolish the second amendment. 3300 unborn babies murdered every day by a physician and the left wants to make that cheaper and easier. I just blogged that very thought today! AMEN! One of the reasons our society is in decline is because of abortion. It's practice is dehumanizing all of us. We're sacrificing our most precious resource to the false god of convenience.

As always Stilton you're right on the mark! I'm not surprised at anything the Arkansas Mob Celery or Slick do. I've despised and distrusted them since they first came on the scene for the rest of world in the late '80s. I can guarantee that anything that comes out of their mouths is a planned lie.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I have to wonder how these kinds of things that end in mass murders nowadays turned out in the times before "science" could even define them. How did the Babylonians or the Greeks handle their Adam Lanzas? Okay, they couldn't use a gun to kill 20 kids, so what did they do? Did they all go into their society's armies or what? Did they go on some kind of sword rampage? Does anyone know?