Friday, January 25, 2013

Mind Over What Does It Matter

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Physicists and deep thinkers investigating the mysteries of Quantum Mechanics and multiple-realities received a huge boon yesterday (Stephen Hawking was said to be so excited that he twitched an eyebrow) when Secretary of State Hillary "Splitting Headache" Clinton declared the end of causality and the death of Schrödinger's cat by stating that answers - and therefore questions - are completely irrelevant in our universe because "What does it matter?!

Were our representatives brutally murdered and perhaps sodomized by YouTube protesters, or just by some guys strolling down the street with rocket launchers feeling bored? According to Hillary, "What does it matter?"

Did Obama really beat Al Qaeda, or is it still as big a threat as ever? What does it matter?!
Did Susan Rice and Barack Obama lie, repeatedly, about the attack? What does it matter?!
Did the State Department fail to interview their own survivors in Benghazi to find out what happened? No? What does it matter!?

Did Osama bin Laden bring down the twin towers, or was it George W. Bush? What does it matter?!
Obamacare is causing medical expenses to skyrocket rather than decline. What does it matter?!
Were the Sandy Hook murders committed with handguns, or the "assault weapons" the government is so eagerly trying to ban? What does it matter?!

Is this now officially the worst economic recovery in our nation's history? What does it matter?!
Has Obama's Jobs Council not even pretended to meet in over a year? What does it matter?!
Is one out of four kids in America now using foodstamps? What does it matter?!
Will raising taxes kill more jobs and become a disincentive for investing in America? What does it matter?!

Will Iran soon have nuclear missiles with which to wipe out Israel? What does it matter?!
Did the president of the United States use his inaugural address to viciously attack capitalism and foment class warfare? What does it matter?!

We could could go on and on, but you get the point. We all get the point.  Hillary has coined the perfect phrase to represent the Elitist Left in this country- because nothing matters to them except getting the results they want. No question of morality, responsibility, or even logic. If they think it's the right thing to do, then what does it matter if our nation goes to hell?

And included in their pronouncement is the assumption that the rest of us should presumably STFU and ignore things like cause-and-effect, evidence, accountability, and clear conclusions.

But we won't ignore those things.

Because we know damn well what matters and, unlike our elected enemies of the state, we know why it matters.
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THIS is the video that should be inciting angry protests.
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Velcro said...

...and that is what, in a nutshell, sets us apart from liberals: we know why it matters.

I understand about the spam, Stilt.. no problem.

SusieBee said...

Hillary's anger over being called out on this administration's deliberate abandonment of its own embassy is indicative of their belief that they are above reproach. If terrorists/"protesters" murdered Bill Clinton and dragged his lifeless body through the streets, retribution and outrage would have been swift. Hillary also knows Barry has thrown her under the bus on this one, and she's pissed off because it could hurt her chances for another run for president in 2016.

Forward, Hillary, into the abyss ...

TrickyRicky said...

Filthy, evil, amoral swine. Hatred, loathing, blind rage.

Does anyone out there know how to conjure up a couple, make that a couple hundred authentic voodoo dolls? I can handle the application of appropriate treatment from there.

graylady said...

This admnistration LIED to the American people. What does it matter, they've done it time and time again. I begin to wonder if they've ever told us the truth. What really fries my hide is that those Congress critters let her get away with it, with the notable exception of Rand Paul. The Dems, well, I expected it of them. What else can you expect from a bunch of s**t eating, low-life liberals. But the Repubs should have held her feet to the fire until she fessed up to the real truth. Then they could have let her slither back into her hole.

Colby said...

I do not intend to offend anybody here, but I am a Christian and feel compelled to respond as such this time. We believe that everyone, and I mean everyone will one day stand before God their Creator and account for how they conducted their lives. That includes Hillary, Barack, Joe, Harry, Nancy, me… EVERYONE. I will confess that I am very ashamed of some of the things I will have to explain, but I am grateful I won’t have to explain what Hillary and BO and other “progressives” have done; up to an including the murder of our citizens in Benghazi and the murder of 55 million innocent babies. If this be Progressivism, I’ll continue living in the dark ages, thank you!
The Senate investigation of Benghazi is going to (predictably) get NOTHING worthwhile out of this scumbag, but I’m glad they have her sorry ass in the hot seat anyway. At least maybe a few sheeple might get a picture of the true Hillary Clinton.

I overheard somebody yesterday calling this a witch hunt. Makes me wonder what a progressive would have to do beyond ruining lives and murdering people to warrant judgment from their peers. Could (let’s pick a random name) Holder shoot somebody in the head on primetime and escape the wrath of Democrats? Would they say he was just having a bad day? Would they say the gun did it? I really wonder….

Sparky said...

Excellent post Stilton. Mohommed the Goat Bugger is happy with the Benghazi Dog & Pony Show but what does it matter?! [/sar] And I see we just when from bad (Hilda-beast) to WORSE with John Kerry. Lord love a duck.

Chuck said...

In point of fact, it doesn’t matter. The majority (what Rush Limbaugh calls the “low information voters”) will hear nothing of this. The propaganda arms of the left (the media) won’t cover it and the masses stay blissfully uninformed (about everything that matters). So, it doesn’t matter. It means nothing. It’s in the past now and we will ignore it, fail to learn from it and be doomed to repeat it.

Jim Hlavac said...

Of all the Great Political phrases of our land -- We the people ..., Four score and ten ..., I have a dream ..., Ask not ..., (there's so many) -- "What does it matter?" will rise above them all in the debased cynicism of the current Democratic Party -- I can hear their acolytes now, both high and low, caught in any infraction of the law: "What does it matter?" Not "I ask the court's mercy," but, "what does it matter?" -- One could go on with this theme.

But, I think of another -- hell hath no fury like a political woman thrown under the bus ... and poor Hil -- thrown down and stomped. Her political memoir -- already floating in her head, I'm sure -- will matter a great deal.

Perhaps like Khrushchev's speech on Stalin, Hilary will spill the beans one day -- and it will matter indeed. Frankly, it's one political memoir I'm looking forward to. I think we shall look back to this "matter" as the breaking point in Obama's hagiographic crusade.

Buck O'Fama said...

Obviously your website makes Obot skulls explode like a rotten grape in a microwave and thus you have proven yourself to be indespensible and I will endure any and all inconveniences to ensure we mock these puddingheads at ever opportunity. Thank you Stilton for such a marvelous link of humor and wit.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

So, then, you're suggesting that Schrödinger opened his box, causing the state of his cat to coalesce into the one in which it's not either living or dead, but the one in which some bored islamic jihadist pissed off over a YouTube video produced by some other feline was helping it feel love in the entirely wrong place... I'm pretty sure ol' Erwin never saw that as one of the potential realities within his thought experiment... But, of course, what does it matter. Apparently, to the voters - both those who voted for four more years of... of... "this", and those who chose not to vote in protest of Romnoid - it doesn't...

American Cowboy said...

Looking at the photos of the Hag of State she appears in the first two to either be severely constipated, or suffering a little pain from perhaps 0 bama doing to her what he is doing to the rest of the country. In the last picture she appears to have developed "blowers" cramp from not having sex with her messiah. Just my observations, and opinions. But what do they matter?
BTW it's too bad that likely the left has employed SPAMMING to disrupt a differing viewpoint.

John the Econ said...

Excuse me for not being as excited about how or why the attack on the embassy at Benghazi took place. The answer is pretty obvious; The this Administration and the government it leads is simply incompetent. That's not a surprise to anybody. But expecting Hillary to simply stand up and say that was not realistic.

The bigger sin, and I dare say "treason" against America perpetrated in response to the Benghazi cluster was the narrative that this administration chose to promote to cover up said incompetence; That's it was America's Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech that was responsible. Not only was this narrative promoted as the cause to the attack, this administration then took steps to convince our enemies that it would actually do something about it. Of course, the only possible thing that could be done about offending the fragile sensibilities of fascist Islamic fundamentalists would be to strip American citizens of their Constitutional right to be critical of Islam. (this is already happening in Europe and elsewhere)

Lately, I've been telling my liberal friends that their assault on the 2nd Amendment is nothing compared to what else the Progressives have in mind. They're chomping at the bit to run roughshod all over the Constitution. You simply can't expect to be able to wipe the 2nd Amendment away without weakening all of the others. The 1st Amendment came before the 2nd for a reason.

txGreg said...


I believe there is no limit to the lengths so-call progressives will go to cover for one of their own.

No hyperbole: I honestly believe that if the current administration announced a new "food stamps program" for the poor, the media and others would immediately start telling that Soylent Green is good for us.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- By the way, ONE reason why "it matters" whether or not Benghazi was a terror attack is that the consulate (or whatever the hell it was) should have had security equal to any probable threat. That threat was known, the lack of sufficient security was known, and Ambassador Stevens pleaded for more security on the last day of his life.

And "it matters" because I have yet to see a scintilla of evidence that our people weren't left to die because Obama didn't want to engage in a defensive action which might have distracted from his all-important reelection.

I'd say more, but I don't have anything left but four-letter words.

@SusieBee- Regarding Hillary's run for the Whitehouse in 2016, I suggest that beginning today she be given the same level of personal security she gave Ambassador Stevens. And if the problem of her 2016 run subsequently "takes care of itself," well... what does it matter?

@TrickyRicky- I applaud your willingness to embrace a multicultural approach to addressing our concerns. Astonishingly, a quick Google search didn't turn up a ready source of liberal voodoo dolls. Perhaps you've identified a market niche which desperately needs filling!

@graylady- The session was set up in such a way that it was easy for Hillary to run out the clock so that followup questions couldn't be asked, and after each hostile question she would next be addressed by a Democrat who could give Madame Secretary a soothing massage and 5-minute break to relax. I'm starting to think we need less parlimentary procedure and more waterboarding.

@Colby- In all sincerity, I wish I believed that everyone will eventually be judged. Even if it meant that there's a lot of fire and brimstone in my future.

And yes, Holder could commit murder on primetime TV and not only get away with it, he'd probably get a reality series called "Eric Holster - Cracker Killer."

@Sparky Hudson- In today's Wall Street Journal, there's a piece which says that European nations are warning their citizens to get out of Benghazi because it's pretty much a lost region now. But hey - what does it matter? Maybe if we'd had the balls to send a response - or even investigators - things would be different.

And John Kerry is a freaking nightmare.

@Chuck- It truly doesn't matter to the Left and the low information crowd. Nothing does. Which is why I've basically lost my flickering faith in the electoral process.

@Jim Hlavac- It seems to me that the dismissive shrug is the new Nazi salute.

Regarding your other point, Hillary isn't going to forget being thrown under the bus, and will try to get revenge (and I hope she does). In the meanwhile, isn't it interesting that her campaign debt got paid off somehow the day before her testimony on The Hill?

@Buck O'Fama- Clearly you're of Irish descent (as am I). Regarding the nuisance of having to enter some freaking code to post comments, I hate to do it but you wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of crap I have to dump every day (most of it from the spam filters, but it still tweaks my OCD). The spammers don't only attack the day's post, but every post I've ever made, and it was just starting to take up too much of my time. I'm hoping that by adding the security code thingie, they'll get frustrated and go away and we can streamline things again.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler Limburger- All of this makes me think that Obama's playing card deck of possible death targets should be called "Schrödinger's List." When the movie is made, Liam Neeson can play the president's white half.

And yes, Schrödinger's thought experiment pretty much goes to hell when jihaddists crash an airliner into the cat's box.

@AmericanCowboy- It does look like Hillary is giving her Depends a workout.

And regarding the SPAM, it's not really left-leaning trolls, it's people trying to sell crap like porn, online casinos, and viagra. Although come to think of it, that does sound like the agenda of the Left...

@John the Econ- I am deeply concerned about the cause of the attack because the minimum allowable security should always be equal to the predictable threat. That wasn't the case here, and we still aren't being told why.

But you're right that the bigger threat here is Barry, Hillary, Susan Rice and the rest of the jackals attacking Freedom of Speech as the "real" cause. Hillary is now saying that she recognized the attack as terror from the get go. Why then did she tell one of the victim's father that the administration was going to arrest and prosecute the videomaker?!

And of course, Obama took the video story to the United Nations, and implied that such things were the price of Freedom of Speech. And that he was "working" on it...

You're absolutely right that the first amendment exists only because the second amendment protects it.

@txGreg- I believe it, too. At which point I might willingly take the seat next to Edward G. Robinson at the IMAX-CARE Transitional Theater.

Irene Peduto said...

The spam has been unrelenting - we all understand your need to try to control some of it...
@SusieBee - O throws everyone under the bus when they are no longer of use to him, huh? But, SusieBee, she said, emphatically, that she will not participate in politics any longer. You know how much we can believe her, right?
@graylady - they lied - repeatedly, but what does it matter at this late date? Yikes!
@Colby - surely do wish I had your faith - it is yours to wield against those who mean to do us harm... & you are soooo right - there are many people who will hear nothing of this because they don't want to hear about it - they are indifferent to anything political except their own misguided opinions. So it really doesn't matter because it doesn't matter to so many.
@Sparky - I very briefly heard him on the news last night before I quickly changed the channel - four more years of channel changing with news segments, I see.
@Jim Hlavak - she will only tell this part of the story should she run in 2016. Then she can throw O under the bus. But - she will come out of that, should she do so, smelling of Roses....
@Buck O'Fama & American Cowboy - I sooo agree with you re: the popularity of H&C & having to use spam to cause disruptions...
@John the Econ - your last post is sounding the bell for America, but as you know, we are in Europe's wake...
@txGreg - re: Soylent Green - whew!
@Stilton - your cartoon & commentary were excellent! You have found the sore spot we are still reeling - when Rush played a montage of the Senators initial comments to her, it was repulsive to any sensible person. He did caution that it would be hard to hear, and it sooooo was! Thanks for all you do - for all of us.
Have a great weekend, folks!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, the real cause of the attack is that people who hate us took advantage of the fact that this administration simply does not care about international affairs. (Notice that few "social democracies" really do) They are but a distraction from their real priority, which is destroying America from within. Our presence in most of these places is merely perfunctory.

Irene Peduto said...

@John the Econ - every time I hear the quote about burying us from within, I remember Nikita Krushchek saying that he would bury us from within - I wasn't yet a teenager I think or maybe just so, but it has lingered in the back of my mind all of these decades. To see these people in control of the United States of America is a harbinger of things to come. I heard that O spoke about going into the history books as a man who knew where things in America were going and that he would be perceived as an innovator. More & more I believe he's correct. The left is in complete control and the madhouse has been set free and "occupy" high places.

Irene Peduto said...

OOPS! Set it free without looking up the proper spelling for Nikita Kruschev - so much easier than I had thought it to be.....

Colby said...

Just a thought here...

If obama continues to allow the evil Senate Investigation to put the heat on po widdle Hillary, will she reach a breaking point? She is certainly capable of bringing ruination down upon His Royal Highness's head, but will she? I think it could happen, and he will rue the day he f**ked with the Clintons. She probably knows shit about Barry that would make your hair stand up.

@John the Econ,
I remember conversations from my rebellious teenage years back in the 60's about how outdated the constitution was. Many of the teenagers having those conversations are now our Senators, Congressmen and President.

@Jim Hlavac,
Hillary got in bed with a snake; is she really surprised she got bit? I think she really is! That's a surprise too; maybe she's losing it? I would love it if she got pissed at her keeper and spilled her guts. Probelm is, it woudl give her a political boost, and we sure as hell don't want that!

John the Econ said...

Speaking of the Constitution, a little good news today:

Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional

"In an embarrassing setback for President Barack Obama, a federal appeals court ruled Friday that he violated the Constitution in making recess appointments last year, a decision that would severely curtail the president's ability to bypass the Senate to fill administration vacancies."

"If the ruling stands, it means that hundreds of decisions issued by the board over more than a year would be invalid. It also would leave the five-member labor board with just one validly appointed member, effectively shutting it down. The board is allowed to issue decisions only when it has at least three sitting members."

Perhaps the economy really will improve this year.


Recently, I referred to Bill Clinton as the 'teflon' president because nothing stuck to him. Must run in the family.
Only a stupid liberal could say 'what does it matter?' and get away with it, be praised even. Are we living in the 'Bizzaro world' or what? Remember that from the old Superman comics?

Earl said...

I watched a little of yesterday's hearings. Since I never trust anything that comes out of Hillary's mouth, I was way more impressed by her Groucho eyebrows (was she going for "angry eyes"?) and the nutty professor glasses. She looked downright comical. You can't satirize this stuff since it's already so over the top. Thank you, Stilton, for just saying it the way it is. You don't try to make ugly pretty and we thank you for that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- No question. Anyone who saw Dinesh D'Souza's film "2016" can clearly see that Obama's foreign policy consists of supporting whichever side he considers anti-colonialist, including (or maybe especially) if it's anti-American Islamic radicals.

His goal is to bring this country to its knees, because he hates it. I personally don't think the point is debatable anymore.

@Irene Peduto- This country can only be buried from within. And we've got just the shovel-ready policies and politicians to do the job.

@Colby- I think it's too late for my follicularly-challenged scalp to have "hair standing on end," though the truth about Barry could probably get my ponytail flapping pretty wildly.

And frankly, I hope the Clintons burn Barry to the ground. Metaphorically, of course.

@John the Econ- Good news is so rare these days that I hardly know how to process it. But this is good news.

@PRY- I frequently feel like we're living in Bizarro world. Then again, I also feel like our president acts like Mr. Mxyzptlk, and I think we missed a good opportunity to send him back to his home dimension by not putting the word "Kltpzyxm" on the Inaugural teleprompter.

@Earl- I wish I could make ugly things pretty. But all I can do is try to reveal the ugliness when the MSM claims things are pretty. It's not much fun.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Irene Peduto -- speaking of spelling Khrushchev right -- it's "Hlavac" -- with a "c" -- not a "k" -- like the "sh" we sort of hear in Khrushchev is actually one letter -- "shch" -- which has its own Cyrillic letter which I can't do here, but looks sort of like III with a bottom right hook, my "c" is more "ch" than "K" :)


I think Steve McCann of 'American Thinker' is right on when he says..

"It is now painfully obvious that the bulk of the American people cannot be reached by reason and historical facts; they must experience first-hand the worst of times before they wake up from their celebrity infatuation combined with the assumption that there will always be a bottomless pit of money to be siphoned from an equally bottomless pit of wealth by a government committed to take care of them."

Precisely, I'm sorry to say, where this nation is right now. So many do not have a clue. The ones that do don't care. Probably getting rich or free groceries.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Well, I for one seriously doubt that the MSM will do anything to help Hillary out from under that bus. Remember, the MSM all leapt to prostrate themselves the instant that Barack Hussein announced he was running because they were tired of covering for Slick Willie. When they've helped to destroy the country, will they stop and ask themselves why they did that? Or will it just not matter?

JustaJeepGuy said...

Oh, I guess I should have said "Will it just not make a difference?"

John the Econ said...

@PRY-THRU THE TIME WARP, I am afraid you are right. Unfortunately for us all, they will not realize their mistake until long after the golden goose is dead. And even then, many, if not most, will still believe that it wasn't their fault.

They'll never understand that the reason their dollars are no longer worth anything was because the government kept printing money because they refused to vote for anyone other than those who promised to keep the freebies supposedly paid for by someone else coming. They'll never understand that the reason the lights aren't on 24/7 anymore or that fuel is now unavailable was because of the success of their "green" agenda that invested in dead-ends while squandering real sources. They'll never understand that the reason they're now oppressed by both the government and the street thugs is because they voted to make society safer by outlawing guns.

Many will never get it.

John the Econ said...

How about looking at the upside of this: Hillary's "What difference does it make?" exclamation is going to become a meme that will follow her like superglue should she decide to run in 2016. A crooked lawyer who worked the coverup of a crooked S&L? What difference does it make? Took payoffs in the form of mysterious "cattle future trades"? What difference does it make? A few more Americans dead overseas? What difference does it make?


Meanwhile, my intellectual counter-pal Paul Krugman came up with a gem that almost overshadows his "trillion dollar coin" idea: "Potential GDP".

Yes, that's right. Obama's spending spree and addition to the deficit isn't really all that big if instead of reality, you compare it to the "potential GDP" of America.

You see, sooner or later, the Solyndras, windmills, and billions spent on food stamps and extending unemployment benefits are going to pay off big time while eventually, our health care costs are going to plummet under ObamaCare, doubling, or even tripling America's GDP. That's the GDP Obama's budget should be compared to, in which case the government's share of the economy would only be 6.5% instead of the current >21.5%.

Now, this all seems like complete nonsense to me, but then again, Krugman was once a adviser to ENRON, so he knows far more about sophisticated bookkeeping and high finance than I do.

Red said...

I don't know about Hillary being thrown under the bus. Maybe she's expected to fall on her sword willingly but this administration must not know her vewy well. The whole thing is a sham and a shame for our country. On another note: The FortHood jihadist: the focus on saving this asshole's beard should tell you everything you need to know about the state of things in this country. This administration disgusts me.The majority of liberal voters disgusts me. I hope and pray the tide will turn and our country will return to some common sense decency and better priorities. For example, "bacteria" passes for life on Mars but an embryo isn't. What logic is that? A convenient one at best, a sad and heinous one at worst.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Now that we've got the "ch" sound, what's the proper phonetic approach to the "Hl" at the start of your last name? Enquiring minds want to know.

@PRY-THRU THE TIME WARP- Eloquently, accurately, and tragically put. That's exactly where I see our nation right now.

@JustaJeepGuy- I don't think Hillary is under much of a bus, because I think the MSM agrees "what does it matter?" It didn't matter to them before, it doesn't matter to them now, and it won't matter to them in the future.

@John the Econ- When I speak about having lost faith in the electoral system, it's precisely because I believe that many (most) will "never get it."

Regarding "Potential GNP," I think it should be put in a potential burlap bag and dropped into the potentially deepest part of the ocean. Seriously, Krugman would have more credibility if he suggested forming a commission to harvest the gold at the ends of rainbows.

@Red- The idiocy attached to not shaving Nidal Hassan is just more of what got so many American servicepeople killed and wounded at Ft Hood: a desire to make political correctness more important than human life. Hassan is still, technically, in the military and so should be held to its dress code without a second thought. Frankly, I think his face should be bikini-waxed so the problem won't present itself again for quite awhile.

And per your comments about Mars, it is rather amazing that we put so much stock in finding life elsewhere in the universe when we care so little about it right here on Earth.


I do not believe this will hurt Hillary's 2016 bid one bit. Several of you have hit on why this is. They don't know and if they did they probably would not care. Look a Bill, he's a stinkin hero now. The left NEVER gave a rip what indiscretions he was involved in, still dont. Same for the old lady.

Chuck said...

@John the Econ – Awesome post! Krugman should be potentially drawn and quartered.

@Red – agreed and well said! As to the murder … let him keep if face fur … in his grave. That he isn’t already there is more distressing than the manufactured beard issue.

On an even sadder note: my Army Retirement certificate is signed by “free Willie”. For this reason, I didn’t frame it and don’t display it. His election is what convinced me to retire. Can we please retire the name “Clinton” to the dustbin of history?

REM1875 said...

Their are good lies and bad lies according to the media. A bad lie is a republican misspeaking - worth weeks of head lines and years of derision.
Good lies are the ones democrats tell us straight to our face and are not even worthy of mention because their hearts are in the right place but most of all because it's for our own good as all who are not in the leftist elite class are just so damned stupid. Yes from the beginning of time we have managed to survive by some fluke without govt 'help' but they are going to correct this mistake for the good of mankind.
Yes, as they stand gazing proudly in a mirror, they are 'the ones they have been waiting for'

REM1875 said...

I am ever so grateful that the president has managed in these troubled times to focus his laser like vision on the most pressing issue of our time -football. And we are ever so grateful that he managed to give a shout out to unions, because unionized football just like unions in all things will be our saving grace.

MadJack said...

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

― Mark Twain?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I increasingly think it's nearly impossible to politically hurt any politician who is propped up by the MSM, with Hillary right at the top of that list.

And people's memories are short to nonexistent these days. I'll bet in a "man in the street" setting, not one person in 10 could tell you the name of the last president to be impeached.

@Chuck- At this point, I'd be happy to see Nidal Hassan get the same "shave" that Daniel Pearl did.

And it must be tough when folks like you don't feel like they can support the Commander-in-Chief. I'm frankly amazed that anyone can in these sad times.

@REM1875- You're absolutely right about the "good lies / bad lies" dichotomy.

@MadJack- I'm pretty sure that was Mark Twain, and it's really a brilliant insight into our times. It's hard to convince people that they've been fooled because they have to admit to foolishness. Which is why the MSM continues to prop up Obama rather than admit that they helped elect their emperor based only on his "new clothes."

SeaDog52 said...

Gee Big Sis wants to buy 7000 Personal Defense Weapons (aka Assault Guns to us civilians):

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog52- And those guns will have clips carrying 30 shots. She must be planning to go after some mean ass deer!