Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take 11 Million and Call Me Mañana

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It strikes Hope n' Change as exceedingly odd that girls as young as 15 can now make the decision not to support a child for their entire life, but that adult Americans aren't being given the same choice when it comes to supporting illegal aliens for their entire lives.

Specifically, if the immigration "reform" proposal currently in the Senate is adopted, it will conceivably cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion to support 11 million formerly-illegal immigrants. According to the Heritage Foundation, who are smart folks that you really should be reading and donating to,  there will be a total outlay of $9.4 trillion in government services and payments to the border jumpers, and an influx of $3.1 trillion in taxes from the ones who A) find a job and B) report it to the IRS. Do the math, and that leaves $6.3 trillion to be paid by current taxpayers for the privilege of guaranteeing a Democrat majority in Washington for all eternity, and the need to "push 2 for English" on every phonecall you make for the rest of your life.

Hope n' Change is pretty sure that a really, really nice wall could be built on our southern border for a lot less than that...with enough money left over to ship 11 million illegals back to Mexico (well, except for the many illegals coming in from terror-sponsoring countries who can go to either Guantanamo or Hell) and slam the gate behind them.

Because "illegal" should mean something. It should not be rewarded. It should not be enabled. And the lawful should not be punished for crimes committed by others.

Make no mistake: immigration amnesty is about one thing and one thing only: the De-Americanization of America, which has been Barack Obama's primary objective since taking office. We can only hope that political correctness and political cowardice don't cause the GOP to help Barry get 11 million steps closer to that goal.

obama, obama jokes, immigration, reform, heritage, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, conservative, illegal aliens, amnesty


WMD said...

I'm 99.99% behind you on this except for one thing. And I have thought this for years, that 11-18 million figure is another complete and utter falsehood. I've traveled alot around this country and by my own "conservative" estimate I would put the figure somewhere between 60-90 million illegals. And I keep hearing the neo-comms say we can't round up 11 million people, but it is somehow possible to round up 350 million guns? Si Se one party rule!!!!
Thank the Lord for HnC and Johnny Optimism! There is something to brighten my day.
Thanks Stilton, hope all is well.

TrickyRicky said...

It's been said many times, but bears repeating. Hussein has minor interest in seeing "comprehensive reform" pass and be signed into law. As written, it is such a monstrosity that he knows it will be killed in the house. Then he can use that as a blunt instrument to bludgeon the "obstructionist" Republicans over the head, along with the inevitable racist label. It's all about the 2014 mid-terms and the opportunity to run wild for the last two years of his administration.

Colby said...

Then comes phase two... "Hey, they're legal now and they're paying taxes. It's only fair we let them vote, right?" And just who will they associate with their newly found right to vote??? It won't be Republicans, that's a guarantee.

At some level, I agree with amnesty. How can we in good conscience deport twenty-somethings that have grown up here? If we would have stiffened border security 20-30 years ago, we would not be faced with this continuing amnesty crap. I'm 100% with Stilton. Build a damn 50 foot high wall and put motion detecting rocket launchers or something every 20 feet or so. Stop the bleeding, THEN and only then are the problems within our borders manageable.

Chris said...

Oh say can you "SI"?

John the Econ said...

Today's cartoon covers a cavalcade of American insanity. Where to start?

I would have thought that the immigration insanity exposed in the wake of the Boston bombing would have put the brakes on this. It's not just our illegal immigration non-policy that is completely screwed up; our legal immigration system is even worse!

We let people simply in because it's too dangerous for them to remain in their homelands, they get on welfare, and then take extended vacations back from where it was too dangerous to live? Some even just move back home. Then we let people hostile to America simply come and go even when their visas are expired?

Is there nobody in Congress willing to say "STOP!"? Or are we going to pass another bill so that we can find out what's in it later?

And then regarding the Heritage study and the walk-in immigration problem; do they really want all of America to become California? Sure seems like it. For decades now, California has been watching legal citizens who have minimum impact on the bloated social services sector who 6-figures leave only to be replaced by those making minimum wage who are entirely dependent upon the welfare state. The state auditor recently pegged the state's net worth at negative $127.2 billion. Um, by any objective standard, that's bankrupt.

But as long as cheap domestics are easily available in the DC suburbs, they don't see a problem with this.

And of course, there's "Plan-B". Why is it illegal for anyone other than a parent to give a child so much as an aspirin, and yet it's now permissible for anyone to give them birth control or an abortion?

But that's just the beginning. The real question should be "Why aren't more of our kids confused?".

Why is it that on one hand, feminists lecture us that any off-color comment made by any male may constitute "sexual harassment" and will emotionally cripple grown, mature women, and yet little girls as young as 15 are mature enough to make "reproductive choices"?

Or how do we reconcile prosecuting 5-year-olds for sexual harassment for just kissing on the playground, and then handing out condoms to the same kids 8 or so years later?


Unknown said...

I was raised by maternal, Polish grandfather. And, yes, he came to America, legally. And, I know, I have an Italian surname. Go figure...Anyway, my grandfather taught me how to speak Polish. However, he told me this: "If you want to speak Polish, you only speak it inside THIS house. Outside of this house, you speak English and only English."

With that being said, I have to break that rule that my grandfather told me. So, to all of the Democrats, illegals, and anyone else, I want to say this:
"Może pocałować mnie w dupę!"

Mike Porter said...

I've never understood the "how do we round up and deport 11 million illegals" question - we don't have to. Simply tweak the underlying parameters: enforce immigration law. Identify those who employ illegals and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Kick the living hell out of those who would endeavor to create 'sanctuary cities'. Absolutely deny benefits to those who cannot prove legal status. Clarify or eliminate the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment. Do this and a sizable portion of these illegals will deport themselves. For those who have committed additional crimes while here, give them a choice: jail time or deportation, with the requirement that if they choose deportation they must take two progressives with them.

txGreg said...

@Mike Porter/WMD - I agree. I get really irritated whenever some talking head says we shouldn't enforce our laws because "it's just too difficult." BS.

In addition to Mike's suggestions, I'd add the following: put ICE agents (who are actually allowed to do their job for a change) actually in the emergency waiting rooms of all hospitals that receive public funds. Allow the illegals who come in to get treated if there is an actual emergency, then move them to the deportation queue. If a hospital objects, cut off any & all taxpayer funding, and let them work from private funding.

Do something similar with schools and any other places illegal aliens tend to show up with a hand out.

Let them do most of the legwork... no need to "hunt" them down from house to house.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@WMD: There is logic to their rationale: Due to their attempt to chill support of the 2nd Amendment - subjecting lawful purchasers to a required background on every firearm purchase made in the US, the Feds have records to find the guns (which they were supposed to destroy; however, no such data in such an operation is truly destroyed - phone recordings, transaction records all carry the information even if an official "record" doesn't exist...). There are no records regarding the uninvited leeches, even if they wanted to find them to round them up.

I agree with EVERYTHING said. John's analysis of the situation around immigration, entitlements, and "sanctuary" with what we just enjoyed in Boston. In a rational society, one would expect that there would be a halt to any effort to promulgate further such "opportunity" to our enemies - but "Congress" and "rational" should never be used together in the same sentence.

Mike Porter and txGreg are spot on. Further, if all ability to partake in our "entitlement" society were withdrawn from non-citizens, and the surveillance of those on the dole was made reasonable (ie: ensure they are who they say they are, are qualified to be on assistance, and are not simply abusing it), you'd find the majority of the problem would quickly correct itself without having to deploy a single ICE agent. After that step, taking eh additional steps cited by txGreg - particularly punishing the law breakers who give them work - will finish it up. It's a matter of tightening the hold on the goody bag and simply enforcing the laws on the books that we need. (Though I'd like to add that anyone caught in our country illegally should be put on a prison labor crew working on, say, our interstate highways for a couple of years before deportation. That would further make undocumented visits to our country unpalatable...

Pete(Detroit) said...

Ok, the thing that *I* just do NOT get about the whole Plan B discussion - If a 15 year old needs 'plan b' it's because she's having (or has just had) sex, yes?
Is there ANY place in THIS country where it is REMOTELY >legal< to have sex w/ a 15 yr old? Why are they not being picked up and interrogated as to the identity of the (statutory, at least) rapist? Makes ya wanna holler!
(Trows hands in screaming around the room in a 'Kermit the Frog' style freakout...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- So many good comments here that I'll keep my own responses brief.

@WMD- I'm not really buying the 11 million figure either, because the Feds tend to produce the numbers that they want us to hear rather than anything accurate.

For instance, they say that illegal immigration is actually declining - and how do they know? Because they're catching fewer illegals crossing the border, ergo fewer must be trying. OR, just maybe, it means that our enforcement is getting worse, and the illegals' methods of sneaking in are getting better.

@TrickyRicky- You're right that Barry wants the current amnesty legislation to fail so he can beat the GOP over the head with it. Which is why I'm afraid that the GOP might actually grant amnesty so they can look like the good guys by sacrificing their principles and our national security.

@Colby- Yes, yes, yes. FIRST we secure the southern border, THEN we talk about immigration reform. Period. Until that border is secure, all else is BS.

@Chris- Actually, the new anthem goes "José, can you sí..."

@John the Econ- Great remarks. Regarding "Plan B," the over the counter availability is the greatest gift ever given to statutory rapists - now, the little victims won't have to explain to any adults (especially her parents) who it is that has been raping her. Which seems like sort of an odd form of female empowerment, doesn't it?

@John Greco- Three cheers for legal immigrants. They are welcome here, although as John the Econ points out, we need to start using some intelligence in that area too to weed out the dangerous elements.

As for your Polish declaration, I had to use Google Translator to see what it meant. I'm told it means "Me can in (to) pocałować dupę!" Okay, so the technology isn't perfect yet...

@Mike Porter- Hallelujah, brother! ENFORCE THE CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS!!! (Whoa - sorry about the all caps moment. I feel better now.)

@txGreg- Truly, WTF kind of excuse is it to say "it's too difficult" to enforce our laws or clean up messes? In the private sector, anyone who used that excuse would have their rear end kicked out the door.

I'll also point out that the REASON it seems too difficult is because Washington D.C. has made it increasingly difficult. It's time for them to clean up their own Augean stables.

@Emmentaler- Fine comments. Step up supervision of who's getting benefits, and crack down hard on employers who don't get proof of citizenship from their workers.

@Pete(Detroit)- As I said previously, "Plan B" is the statutory rapist's dream come true. Additionally, watch "Plan B" become the new form of birth control for young girls who don't want to discuss with their parents the need to get on the pill. Of course, "Plan B" won't protect these young rape victims from the new strain of Gonnorhea from Hell, but at least the little ladies will be "empowered," right?

Unknown said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg -- Basically, the phase means "you can kiss my a$$!" In fact, the word dupę (or dupa) means butt. But, just don't say it in front of my baba (grandma), or my dziedek (granddad). You will get the wooden spoon...:)

When my grandfather and his family came to this country, which was in the early 20th century, they were encouraged to become American citizens. In other words, they adopted the American language as their own, its way of life, and its patriotism. You see, the Russian Empire controlled Poland for nearly 123 years. The Russians oppressed the Poles in many ways. So, what little money my family had, they came over here and made a new life for themselves. Now, you just don't see that.

In fact, these people are now encouraged not to speak the English language, even though it's not the official language of the United States, our way of life, and our patriotism. And, some, not all, came here illegally. My God, what's going on?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John Greco- I just knew it was a useful phrase! Reading your family's story gave me a melancholy sense of nostalgia about the way immigration used to be... before the American Dream was replaced by the American Scheme.

WMD said...

@Mike Porter, @txGreg, @Emmentaler, All points well taken. And agreed with. I just saw the 11 million figure again first thing this AM and my emotions got the better of me. I'm not unconcerned about those who have grown up here etc. I understand why people want to come here. And I frequently feel the need to thank the Lord for being lucky enough to be born here (although not particularly religious I figure I owe a nod to whomever smiled on me for that one).
But I balk at the notion that the SW United States "belongs" to hispanics. Excuse me, I think the Navajo, the Hopi's the Apaches, the Utes the Toltecs the Mayans, the Inca, the Aztecs and many other tribes/nations. were here before the Spanish, no? But evidently history starts and stops whenever it's convenient for the neo-communists. Ooops, I'm ranting again. I need an adult beverage.