Monday, August 26, 2013


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This week marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. On Wednesday that speech will be commemorated by Barack Obama - who has done more to destroy Dr. King's dream than James Earl Ray ever hoped of accomplishing.

Under this president, the color of your skin means everything. The content of your character means nothing. A yearning for equality and integration has been replaced with calls for revenge and reparations.

And sadly this has all been done by design, for the political benefit of scheming Progressive politicians who are the new, but no less loathesome, slavemasters.

This is not the future that Dr. King believed in, hoped for, prayed for, and gave his life for.

But had he given a speech called "I Have a Nightmare," you can be sure that Barack Obama would have been prominently featured. And Dr. King's viewpoint wouldn't have been from the mountaintop... but rather from the crumbling lip of a cliff overlooking a bottomless abyss.

obama, obama jokes, mlk, i have a dream, racism, stilton jarlsberg, tea party, hope n' change, hope and change, conservative, james earl ray
Marchers have converged on Washington to celebrate their new "King." 
Sadly, this photo is real.


Duke Mantee said...


As a young boy many things I was told.
Some were just mean and seemed somewhat cold.
“Do not play with children who have black faces.”
“They’re different from us, we separate the races.”

But as a boy, of course, I would not listen.
Had my parents not heard of a thing called abolition?
They were just kids, we all liked each other.
But they heard the same things from their father and mother.

“Do not play with children who’s faces are white.”
“They’re different from us; we don’t think that’s right.”
Oh, they act like your friend and pretend they’re the same.
But then they get mad and call you the “NAME.”

Black and white children were attacked from both sides.
Parents would say things that were hurtful and snide.
White people are nasty, they smell like wet dogs.
Black people are trashy, they take all our jobs.

But as young children we just didn’t care.
We liked to have fun and played with who’s there.
But the seeds of those lessons had started to grow.
The hate and the malice the children would all know.

Let’s exploit this, say the media and the politicians.
They have their plans and their own selfish missions.
By dividing the races and making them hate each other.
Its fame and power and riches we’ll discover.

Now we are older. And now it’s our turn.
We are the teachers of lessons we learned.
“Pull up your pants, darkie, you look like a thug.”
“Oh, look, there’s another honky to mug.”

We could have been different. We could have been strong.
We could have changed things. We knew it was wrong.
The madness must stop! It’s what we must do!
Are you proud mothers and fathers? We’re just like you.

George in Houtx said...

Yes, I have become what my parents taught me. I judge a person based on character! as a result, I have friends of all races. for a time, I had a black girlfriend. I pushed her away because she 'interfered' with my drinking. many times I have cursed that decision since I sobered up.
and, yes, there are some whites that I know that I am ashamed to say that I know them because they are of a bad character.
I have tried to raise my children in the same manner that I was raised. sadly, because of certain choices, one of my boys has had to spend some time in lockup with some people of bad character. he , now , views other races thru prejudiced eyes.

Coon Tasty said...

As I recently read elsewhere: "By the time I'm finished judging you on the content of your character, you'll be BEGGING me to judge you by the colour of your skin!"

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Duke: Amen, however, I don't necessarily blame parents for the perpetuation of racism as much as I blame government via their policies and the "media" via their choice of "news" and how it is relayed (vis-a-vis the out-and-out lying regarding the George Zimmerman case, and the absolute silence regarding obvious racially-motivated murders of Christopher Lane, Delbert Belton, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, on ad infinitum. It's also funny that the self-appointed Racism Police don't recognize the racism in their constant screech of "That's racist!" Most of what they ordain as racist wouldn't be so if it weren't for their constant assignment of racial overtones in any comment that challenges their status quo.

@Stilt: great point made today. Except no-one outside of us seems to be hearing it...

John the Econ said...

Unlike the vast majority of those who are making their living in the "race baiting" and "hate" industries, I'm not going to project what I think MLK would today say about the state of affairs 50 years after the "March on Washington". But I do have to wonder what he'd say about many of those who will be speaking in his name this week and have been spending his political capital to little positive end, and are making nice livings off of his legacy instead of actually improving the state of affairs for anybody, much less minorities in America.

What would MLK have to say about the >70% illegitimacy rate that did not exist in his time? What would he say about the hip-hop culture which glorifies nihilism, misogyny, violence, and just plane hate (self and otherwise) on steroids? What would he say about feral children running amok in the streets and killing people (white and black) just because they're "bored"?

Like I said, I hesitate to speak for MLK. But I'm pretty sure that he'd be more than just "frowning upon" these realities.

But those who will be speaking in his name will not be talking much about these realities this week, but will be blaming anything and everything but themselves. While generations continue their lives in perma-poverty, these leaders live in luxury spending MLK's political capital like they were congressmen. (some of which are) seeking to keep the inhabitants on their new plantation in line. The only difference between today and 1850 is that the plantation's inhabitants can walk away anytime they want to. It's just that the new plantation owners have made them too scared to even want to.

What those who remain downtrodden today need as much as they did 50 years ago is meaningful work and opportunity. And yet, Obamanomics offers neither. Continued interference in the economy continues to prevent jobs from happening. A higher minimum wage will destroy what few jobs are left for teenagers. ObamaCare is converting low-skilled full-time jobs to part-time. Open-borders immigration schemes flood the marketplace with aliens willing to work for less than what welfare pays. The only thing that Obamanomics offers the race-baiters is that it forces the same misery they've imposed upon their followers onto the entire middle class. Wealthy people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and those who've hitched onto the government gravy train through "government service" will do just fine.

And I really don't think this is what MLK dreamed about at all.

Necron99 said...

@Dr.j; Spot on again sir! Ans everyone else, as well. I expect no less when I have oppertunity to catch up with going on here at Hn'C.

I don't know if any of you are familliar with Mr. David Carroll's channel over on YouTube, (the self styled Intellectual Juggernaut), but he is an astute individual worth giving a listen to.

Especially his latest video discourses:

His main channel:

He is deffinitely someone who not only "gets it", but is unafraid to propound upon what is wrong with the "Afro-American Culture". He never pulls his punches, and as he say, "At the end of the day, it is, what it is."

Anonymous said...

I wonder who else was on a flag.

Oh look heres two.

Cookie said...

Amen to the above comments, with the exception of Annonymous. At least with the Lincoln and Grant flags, stars were still there representing the states and state's rights. The flag displayed at the national mall had all the state stars removed and replaced with the filthy face of the wannabe dictator who doesn't believe in state's rights anyway. I think MLK would be disgusted by the state of affairs in the "race war" going on in this country today.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Duke Mantee- Nice verse, and I certainly agree that things have to change. But for the most part I don't believe that the root cause of racial bias in our country is parent-to-child transmission (except, perhaps, in Liberal households). I think governmental policies since the "Great Society" days drove the wedge between the races and insured poverty and despair in black communities, and the current administration is turning the destruction caused by previous Progressive policies into hate and anger to drive their political machinery.

@George in Houtx- Like you, my parents raised me to believe that all races are equal. That being said, to truly liberate ourselves from prejudice we need to accept the idea that "equal" also means that individuals are capable of being stinkers no matter what their race.

Regarding your son's experience, I wonder how many other people are now forming prejudices based on their own personal experiences? When our culture celebrates the "gangsta" mentality, is it surprising that negative attitudes are reinforced?

@Coon Tasty- That is one of the most delicious phrases I've heard in quite awhile! (On a side note, I'd like to think the originator of that quote was Saint Peter...)

@Emmentaler- Well said. I think it's pretty clear that it is the Left which is fomenting and perpetuating racism, both deliberately and through sheer smug stupidity.

Regarding "no one hearing the message," I think a lot of it comes with age. You need to have lived a long time to see the damage that has been done to black families in this country, and to tune out the revisionism of the Left.

The Progressives best weapon is time - because those old enough to know what's really going on will die off. And if those older folks need a little extra encouragement to shuffle off in a more timely way, Obamacare will take care of that soon enough.

@John the Econ- Very well put. I can't speak for Dr. King either, and in many ways it would be moot to do so. We live in a different world now - and Dr. King's dream should be treated as a "living document" in which the intent is honored while the means and methods evolve sensibly. Of course, that's not what has happened. Not even close.

@Necron99- I haven't visited the Youtube site yet, but will make a point of it.

@Anonymous- I'm not exactly sure what point you're trying to make, although I'll happily agree that it's in wretched taste to put any politician's face on our flag.

And please note that I don't blame Obama for his smirking face on that flag, but I do despair about the people rallying around that flag in their self-righteous and thoroughly anti-American ignorance.

@Cookie- I can only imagine Dr. King's rage if he were to suddenly rejoin the human race, look at the countless murders in Chicago, and then be told that a black president and black attorney general aren't doing anything about it.

Of course, as long as I'm fantasizing, I'd like to think of Dr. King grabbing Michelle Obama by the shoulders and demanding "What do you MEAN the first time you were proud to be an American is when your do-nothing HUSBAND won an election?!"

Coon Tasty said...

@Necron - I've seen ALL of Mike's (David Carroll) videos and he is always hugely entertaining and right on the money.
He is widely hated by much of the Black community because he tells them in plain English that they and they alone are the cause of all of their modern dysfunctionality.
He also HATES Barack Obama, Messy Jackson and Al Charlatan, and is constantly ripping into them.

Piltheser said...

"This week marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. On Wednesday that speech will be commemorated by Barack Obama - who has done more to destroy Dr. King's dream than James Earl Ray ever hoped of accomplishing."

Yes, I'm sure a lily-white, welfare-recipient demonizing, social-equality hating man who has actively demonised the first non-white President in US history and employed racial slurs against him from day one, is the perfect authority on who Martin Luther King Jr., a Democrat (Source - "In the past I have always voted the Democratic ticket." - Letter of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Viva O. Sloan, 1 October 1956, Clear as fucking crystal.) would feel about Barack Obama, the first president to recieve such open racist hatred from white America.

Here's a fun little activity - can you find one - just one - person who actually marched with Martin Luther King Jr. who thinks that Obama has been harmful to his legacy? Hmm? After all, if your belief is anything other than the delusions of a vile racist piece of shit, surely it should be no problem.

Can you find that person? Or are you actively saying that your opinion is the direct opposite of those people who were there to hear MLK speak - who know the truth and the history?

Coon Tasty said...

@Red Bris - Please give us a logical, non-emotional reason as to why welfare-recipients *shouldn't* be demonized?

As for "social equality", allow me to enlighten you: social equality is exactly like respect - it cannot be demanded; it must be earned.
I've worked for everything I have since I was a teenager. I put up with working for lousy wages for years, until I was able to get into a position where I could earn a substantial living. There is no way in hell I'm going to have someone tell me that a ghetto welfare queen who has never worked a day in her life and whose sole "contribution" to society is a brood of fatherless future criminals is my social equal.

WMD said...

Dear Ted Brist, what in your mind would you consider a legitimate criticism of B. Hussein? One to your mind that could not be considered racist? Is there any criticism allowed at all? I am serious, I want to know what the rules are.
I know you won't believe this but I don't give a flying rat shit what his color is. I don't like him because he is a proven communist and is intentionally trying to destroy this country.
Did you vote for him just because he is black? Or do you agree with his policies? Or did you vote for him so you can take the metaphorical high ground and then feel justified in bashing those who didn't and ASSUME the only reason someone wouldn't vote for him is because of the color of his skin. And therefore in your mind you would feel superior to others that disagree with you politically?
Ted, if and when communism truly takes hold in this country someday you will find yourself standing at the edge of a mass grave waiting to get a bullet to the back of your head and you will still be thinking, "This has to be a mistake".
But I do want an answer, is there ANY critisism allowed?

John the Econ said...

@Ted Brist, I'm sure there are some there. I'm certain that there must be some there who are upset about >70% illegitimacy rate, the hip-hop culture which glorifies nihilism, misogyny, violence, and just plane hate (self and otherwise) and the feral children running amok in the streets and killing their own people just because they're "bored".

But we won't be hearing them through the filters. That's not what they want to hear this week.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ted Brist- Not only am I old enough to know "the truth and the history," I do know both of those things. Was I on the national mall 50 years ago? No - and neither was Barack Obama, yet tomorrow he'll stand there to present himself as an expert on what Dr. King would have wanted. Which, assuming we can judge by Barack Obama's policies, is higher black unemployment, increasing devastation of black families, plenty of abortion, and metaphorically standing in the doorways of good schools wielding political ax handles to keep black kids (and their vouchers) out.

By the way, since your racism against "lily white" people won't allow you to benefit from their opinions, why don't you check in with some black opinionmakers on what they think Obama has done to honor Dr. King's legacy? I'd suggest you start with Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, and Jason Riley at the Wall Street Journal. In fact, if you don't check out what they say - and test "the content of their character rather than the color of their skin" - you're pretty much saying that you don't believe in Dr. King's dream...and never did.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@WMD- Very well said. I'll add that if Ted voted for Obama because of "the content of his character," then he doesn't know diddly-effing squat about judging the content of anyone's character. And if he voted for Obama because of "the color of his skin," then he's a racist.

@John the Econ- You're right that the sad facts you listed won't be getting mainstream attention this week. They don't fit into the political and racially divisive fictions which Obama used Trayvon Martin's death to advance.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Oops, your comment got caught in the spam filter briefly. But now it is free at last, free at last.

Piltheser said...

@John the Econ: Funny how, despite Tea Partiers being the loudest, most obnoxious people in the history of America by a wide, easily provable margin (their mere presence has caused congress to be at its absolute worst in the history of America, to the point that their obstructionism has caused Americas credit to be downgraded), you apparently can't find one voice to be amplified that has anything remotely relevant to say regarding Dr. King's march.

But yes, you do have a point. There are many African Americans who look at the state of the average man nowadays, and think that African Americans deserve to be better (Preisdent Obama being one of them, as demonstrated on the many times he has spoken to African Americans).

@WMD: I'm glad you asked - that he has not continuously pushed for harsher regulation on the banks after their free market capitalism nearly destroyed the economy. That he has not closed Gitmo. That he has not raised taxes on the rich nearly enough (as in, not even to the level of Clinton). That he has not forced Israel to recognize Palestine as an independent nation. That he has been far too harsh with whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. That he has not significantly cut back on homeland security and ended domestic spying. That he has not improved Americas immigration policies. That he hasn't ended this foolish war on drugs. That he hasn't ended oil subsidies and put all that money into research in renewable energy. That he hasn't ended the "cold war" with Cuba, thereby allowing the influx of cuban sugar, which in turn would allow the complete ending of all funding and subsidies of corn as a substitute, meaning farmers could start farming lettuce and tomatoes again. That the Republican created ACA dropped the public option.

While your "proof" of his communism is a bunch of quotes you took out of context and the sort of rumours not even the tabloids would stoop to publish, what I see as his flaws are based on actual policy, and actual speeches.

Basically, that, in actual reality, he is too far to the right-wing on most issues. I supported him because for all his flaws, he is still light years of an improvement over McCain or Romney.

As a side note, because I'm fascinated to hear - if he's a communist, how exactly could the DOW, a measure of the success of the top businesses, and thus the best indicator of Capitalistic excess, hit an all time high under him? Hmm?

John the Econ said...

Who was talking about the Tea Party and Congress?

Notice how @Ted Brist must first divert the conversation in totally irrelevant directions and throw some insults before addressing his own topic when challenged? What is the point of that?

Piltheser said...

@____ Tasty (I am not going to type out that offensive word) - because they are human beings. Or is that still too emotional for you, because pointing out their humanity is too humanizing?

As for social equality - I'd like to know how you earned it, and didn't just receive it from a history of your race enslaving the African American race.

@Stilton Jarlsburg: So you're telling me that you were old enough to have been there, but didn't. Well, I'm sure you had a good reason to miss out on one of the most important events in Amerian history and one of the defining moments in race relations, though unlike Obama, I doubt that it was being two years old, and in Hawaii.

I've read their works. Their character shows a deep level of self loathing - in Dr. Ben Carsons case most obviously, with him railing against the food stamps that he himself knows helped his mother provide for himself and his brother. All of them seem to show very little concern for their fellow men, certainly less so than they display for their own well being.

I have no idea how a man like Dr. King would find their character, but personally, I just cannot respect the character of men who would heap such scorn on people needing help.

Piltheser said...

@John The Econ: "The Point of that" being that you, that is, the people who are reading and writing this blog, consider yourselves to be members of the Tea Party. A fact that you have been very obvious about in the past. As such, those people who share your views would also be a part of said Tea Party. And if any person in said grouping had actually marched with Dr. King, they would have been given a platform by the wider tea party entity, a grouping that is continuously being called out for being racist, by which to add credibility to said grouping.

Necron99 said...

Give poor old Teddy the Minstrel a break! Everyone's got to make a living, and if the only vocation he has is putting on the black Face, picking up his banjo, and joining the Dog & Pony show by singing;

"0bammie! How I love ya, how I love ya! My Dear 0bammie!"

Well then, as David Carroll would say, "It is, what it is." LOL

Teddy's head is permanently buried in the sand of liberal rhetoric & media brainwashing and no amount conservative logic or fact is going to change that.

When zombies like Ole' Minstrel Teddy start flapping their gums, I recall what Mark Twain had to say on the topic;

"Do not argue with an idiot they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." ~Mark Twain


"You can't fix stupid." ~Ron White

WMD said...

Dear Ted, thanks for responding, I honestly didn't think you would. The fact that you say he is too far right for you is very telling indeed.
I openly admit to being a Tea Partier, but I will NOT apologize for wanting smaller government and lower taxes.
The fact is, he is a communist. He has been surrounded by them his entire life. Just because even the tabloids don't have the courage to say it doesn't mean I won't. It's the truth. I've done the research.
The Republican created ACA? WOW, you are really out there aren't you?
As for the DOW, it has prospered in spite of him not because of him. It just goes to show that destroying this country isn't as easy as he thought it would be.
And perhaps he has underestimated our resiliency.
And thanks for the list of things that are acceptable to you for us to criticize.
But Ted, my friend, best of luck to you and yours.
You are one whacky dude.

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - Thank de Lawd Almighty...

@Red Fist - If you think Tea Partiers are the most loud and obnoxious people in the US today, I invite you to attend any Red Lobster/Chuck E. Cheese's in the Baltimore area. If you make it out alive, I'll be amused to read about your experience.

FYI, there is no such country as Palestain, just as there are no historical "Fakestinian" people.
Please name the capital of Ancient Failestine? Or one of its kings? What was its spoken language? What was the name of its first Dynasty?
Honestly - you talk to a liberal for more than minutes and their (barely) latent anti-Jewish sentiment comes to the fore.

Now, what other idiocy did you put forth...? Oh yes: neither I nor any of my ancestors had anything at all to do with creating da terble, terble leg-see ob slaybery. During the period that your (fictional) "African-American race" were being sold to Arab slavers by other Blacks (yes, that is largely how slavery happened), my ancestors were whiling away their time working in Welsh coal mines or waging guerilla warfare on English soldiers in the Scottish highlands. Your assumption that I am an American is foolish indeed.

BTW, and I know you've been told this before, "Coon" is the surname of the man - an American, no less - who invented the particular processing method for the brand of cheese that now bears his name. If you are only able to see "Coon" as a racial slur, YOU are the one with the racist mindset.

Oh, I wonder if the reason SJ didn't attend the "I Has a Dream" speech is because he was either in school, as the law obliged him to be, or possibly even fulfilling military service somewhere? I suppose "I was getting shot at in Vietnam" wouldn't be an acceptable excuse to you?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Ah, the pleasures of watching good and wise people kick Ted Brist around like the ignorant, racist, hateful little shit-filled soccer ball that he is. You've all made my day.

I'm not going to bother to negate Ted's every tangential brain fart, but I didn't attend Dr. King's speech because I was 10 years old, and my parents were too busy earning a living and raising 4 children to pack us into the station wagon. They did, however, praise Dr. King and made sure that we all learned and lived the lessons of equality.

And for the record, I'm very much "Tea Party" - which has nothing whatsoever to do with racism, hate, violence or anything else. The Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism and honoring the Constitution of the United States. The fact that jackasses like Obama, Biden, and Pelosi call us racists and terrorists speaks only to the fact that they are liars who also happen to hate fiscal conservatism and the Constitution.

Like you, Teddy!

Earl Allison said...

Hi, Ted! You're still a race-baiting partisan shill! You can handwave away President Obama's numerous faults, lies, and failings all you like -- it doesn't make them disappear.

Since you hate the Tea Party so much, why is there, by any measurable margin, more racism, crime, and animosity from the Democratic Party and those it associates with than from the Tea Party?

Where are the pages of arrests, of assembly areas strewn with trash, and verified reports of violence in the wake of Tea Party events?

Why are there so MANY associated with Democratic groups such as the Occupy groups? How can you claim to care about Black Americans and continue to remain silent on Chicago? I mean, aside from it not suiting the Leftist Narrative ...

See, we have long-term memories, Ted. We've seen you and the Lefties do this over and over -- you project all the things you are either doing or planning to do onto your opponents.

But for Double Standards, you and the Left would have none at all.

And in the wake of the DOW and the repeated Quantitative Easings, where is the Media about the dollar having been devalued 40% since President Obama took office?

Yeah, like I expect anything remotely resembling honesty OR deep thoughts from you.

Keep up the good work of the Libbies, you Partisan Whore!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Anon - I'll certainly agree that those examples were ALSO cheap tawdry abuses of Old Glory...

John the Econ said...

@Ted Brist says "despite Tea Partiers being the loudest, most obnoxious people in the history of America by a wide, easily provable margin (their mere presence has caused congress to be at its absolute worst in the history of America, to the point that their obstructionism has caused Americas credit to be downgraded), you apparently can't find one voice to be amplified that has anything remotely relevant to say regarding Dr. King's march.

First of all, there are few who can compete for the title of "the loudest, most obnoxious people in the history of America" against The Left since the '60s in America. The only place the Tea Party is anywhere near that annoying is between your own ears. But I'm glad you think so.

And blaming the Tea Party for America's downgrade is amusing, at best. Decades of brainless Progressive spending achieved that dubious honor all on it's very own. The election of Barack Obama merely confirmed loud and clear to the credit-buying world that the US really wasn't serious about getting its fiscal house in order.

But once again, what at all does any of that have to do with the topic at hand other than being a feeble attempt at propping a straw man? The kids at the Daily Kos probably thrive on this. Using that argument here is simply bewildering.

But it does prove one thing: Blind hate makes people stupid.

Piltheser said...

@Stilton Jarlsburg: I'm aware that you weakly claim that you aren't racist in the feeblest, most laughably bullshit way. Despite having never, at any point, given even the slightest indication that anything other than racial hatred stretched over a simplistic and juvenile greed about taxes motivates you, and signs such as these:

showing that you are pure and utter racists.

So yes, I'm aware that you are the type of racists who laughably claim they are not racists, while simultaneously being incredibly racist.

Even if there was even the slightest bit of credible evidence that he has ever spent extended time around actual communists (which there is not), I notice you are still ignoring that all of his policies show that he is in no way a communist. So basically, you are using evidence of what you think his childhood makes him think, I am using evidence of what he actually has done.

Pop quiz - this Heritage Fund (Conservative Think tank) created alternative to government funded healthcare was floated in the 90's, and given as the Republican alternative to healthcare, was implemented by the Republican goveror Mitt ROmney, and was later adopted s the Affordable Care Act. WHat is the name of this policy?

So, what you're claiming, is that the DOW has prospered, in spite of Obamas fighting against it, to a higher level than it was under the Conservative false idol, Reagan. So, basically, Obama is a better capitalist by accident than Reagan was on purpose. That is what you are claiming.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ted- Congratulations on finding a bunch of links which have nothing whatsoever to do with anything I've said, anything I've thought, or anything I've published. I've never said anything racist about Obuttweed, which is why you're having to search the internet (skipping your usual porn sites) to find anything at all to rebut with. And failing dramatically, I hasten to add.

Regarding your statement to WMD that the DOW has prospered under Obama making him a good capitalist, you only reveal the admittedly awesome depth and breadth of your abysmal ignorance: the DOW isn't up because the economy is healthy, the DOW is up because the dollar is sick from the Obama administration's quantitative easing (and probably terminally so).

Or at least that's what your mother tells me.

Piltheser said...

@Stilton: See, the problem with proving to you that your stuff proves you are a racist, is that you are a racist, and thus think you are right. You, for instance, ignore that a man has been a lifelong Christian, and take one look at his skin color and scream that he is a Muslim. You ignore his education, take one look at his skin color, and scream that he is incompetent. You ignore the piles of irrefutable legal evidence, take one look at his skin color, and scream that he is not an American. You ignore that he killed Bin Laden when Bush failed disasterously to do so for 7 years, take one look at his skin colour, and scream that he is a coward and a traitor who is making us less safe.

Then you go looking to blogs run by other racists to get the most laughable bullshit to prop up your ideas.

Thus, I had to go to other racists to show you that the tea party is racist. But you, of course, claim that "No true Tea Partier" is racist.

As for your attempt to be dismissive of Obama being better for big businesses than Reagan ever was, I could point out that the dollar is unhealthy almost solely because of the blind racist hatred mixed with the bottomless selfish stupidity of the Republicans in the House and Senate, who are trying to force the government to default on its loans if they don't get what they're whining about, but I feel I could just point out that the DOW accounts for currency inflation.

Coon Tasty said...

@Ted - Two things: 1) Obama is the son of a Muslim, who was raised in a Muslim country and attended an Islamic school. He has also publicly stated that he thinks the Islamic call to worship (the Devil) is "one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth", as well as saying that "the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam." If you think he's a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, you clearly have no clue what the word means.
2) Obama "killed Bin Laden"? No. That was the result of a decade-long search initiated by George W. Bush.
Thanking Obama for it is like thanking Ronald McDonald for the Big Mac you just ate.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Tired Wrist- Okay, just some quick responses to your monkey-vomit scented delusions.

Barry a lifelong Christian? Ha! He has never shown himself to be such, and only joined Jeremiah Wright's church when he realized it would be useful for political connections. Then, when running for president, he claimed that he never listened to a single (anti-American) sermon. Nice "Christian." Meanwhile, I've never said Barry's a Muslim - though I HAVE said that I think he loves Islam more than Christianity.

Regarding Barry's incompetence, it has nothing to do with his skin color - unless YOU think it does. Personally I just think he's a lying dipshit socialist and don't care what color he is.

Bin Laden? Sorry - old news. Valerie Jarrett killed every mission until it looked like the old boy would get away. At that point, the mission to kill Bin Laden was launched without Barry's knowledge or approval...and when he WAS dragged into it, he left the room to play spades with boytoy Reggie Love.

Next, you claim you went to Tea Party sites to find racist material. Wrong, motherhumper. You clearly went to racist websites to find racist material which you ascribe, incorrectly, to the Tea Party. It's got nothing to do with me, and slapping up a bunch of links is hilariously stupid. It's like you think I'm the Helen Keller of bigotry, and you're my Annie Sullivan, patiently finger-spelling "racist" in my hand.

Finally, you just go off your tiny nut when you start talking economics again. The dollar is unhealthy because of racism? Really? Is that because The Fed hates colored people (not African Americans, as you so quaintly and outdatedly call them, but the green presidents on our currency)?

And the DOW is adjusted for inflation? I'm afraid you pulled that one straight out of your ass. Of course, what you were doing with your hand up your ass is your own business.

@Coon Tasty- I don't have time to say more than "well said."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'm shutting down further comments on this page. But tomorrow is a new day, and the ever-infectious TB (get it?) will no doubt still be unhappy with my ongoing ruminations about Dr. King and Barry Soetoro.