Monday, September 9, 2013

Shoot the Messenger

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READERS- See the post below to catch up on the changes we're making here at Hope n' Change.

As for today's cartoon, all we'll say is that if you want to send a message to someone, then you should send them the message - not send it to a random neighbor.

But sadly, we think that Iran has already received Barack Obama's "message" loud and clear: he will not prevent either their acquistion or use of nukes.

Because this president believes that Middle East "peace" will only be achieved when the entire Middle East is under the dictatorial control of radical Islam. And he seems to be doing everything possible to make it happen.

UPDATE: To make absolutely certain that the "message to Iran" will be unmistakably clear, John Kerry has just announced that any military action taken against Syria for using prohibited weapons will be "unbelievably small."  No doubt to match a foreign policy which is unbelievably stupid.


Coon Tasty said...

Barack "Son of a Sunni Muslim; raised in a Muslim country; attended an Islamic school" Obama is helping Sunni Wahabbists take over the Middle East?
But...but...but CNN assured me he was definitely a Christian!

IGnatius T Foobar said...

It's been clear from the very beginning that Ba'raq Osama was the "manchurian candidate" for islam.

Bruce Bleu (Bausch) said...

IGnatius T Foobar,
lamont insane obama is the "mankoranian candidate". Remember... the "call to prayer" to the moon-god of Arabia (a false god in terms of Christianity) is the sweetest sound he's ever heard. He wrote in his book Audacity of [Arrogance], "If the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will side with the Muslims." This clown can't even THINK like an American!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Bruce, it comes from spending his formative years in foreign lands, raised by America hating, dog eating commies, 'n stuff...

American Cowboy said...

Just heard on the news that Sen. Lindsey Graham says if the U.S. doesn't attack Syria the U.S. WILL face a nuclear attack.
Would that be the reason for the alleged deployment of nuclear warheads from Dyess to the East Coast? Until now there has been very little if any comment about Syria having nuclear missiles capable of reaching the U.S. and I don't believe there are any other rogue countries with that missile ability, is there?
No one would ever use weapons against their own citizens to further a political agenda would they?

WMD said...

Is it just me or does anyone else think this mideast situation is getting out of hand? Or is all the various rhetoric just getting out of hand? Now people are talking about using nuclear weapons for Chrissake!

Things never should have gotten to this level, but that's what happens when you fraudulently elect a part-time community organizer, who quit that job, a part-time state senator who votes "present" and quit that job, a part-time US senator who is bored by the whole political process and quit that job, to the highest office in the land.

That's the trouble with revolutionaries, they are masters at knowing how to steal power and set people against each other, but they don't know shit about governing, managing or dealing with other foreign powers or the geo-political socio-economic complexities of the world stage.

I'm not saying I do either, but I don't have to be to see how the king hussein regime has completely screwed up EVERYTHING!

We just seem to go from one emergency to the next. Everyday it's a new dilemma.

And it always irks me when this regime constantly blames other people for their own shortcomings. After over four years now they are still blaming George Bush. They always went on about how they "inherited" all these problems. What a bunch of horse shit. Hey! king hussein, it wasn't your TURN to be president, you WANTED the job, you CAMPAIGNED for the job, remember?

I need an adult beverage.

Necron99 said...

This is all going down the same way Alan Moore detailed it in his masterpiece 'V for Vendetta'. The only major difference is his story is set in the UK, rather than the reality we're facing here in the U.S.

A brief synopsis for those of you who may (or may not) have seen the movie, but not read the graphic novel:

"The story depicts a near-future UK (substitute; USA) after a nuclear war, which has left much of the world destroyed, though most of the damage to the country is indirect, via floods and crop failures. In this future, a fascist party called Norsefire (substitute; Democrats) has exterminated its opponents in concentration camps and now rules the country as a police state."

Sound familiar?

Well it should...

Its happening in the halls of power right now. Shady politicos are endorsing it, pushing for it...

And the MSM? They're doing what they do best... Burying the truth and backing up their overlords.

John the Econ said...

It's easy to blame the situation on Obama, but the reality remains that America knowingly put this amateur into office twice. I think this morning's "blinding flash of clarity award" goes to @WMD for saying "...that's what happens when you fraudulently elect a part-time community organizer, who quit that job, a part-time state senator who votes "present" and quit that job, a part-time US senator who is bored by the whole political process and quit that job, to the highest office in the land."

As I said last week, Obama cannot trash America's credibility. We did it by electing this amateur twice.

So we now get to see the reality of how that "international reset" where the "global community" was supposed to go from "hating" and "fearing" us to "loving" us has worked out. Now they both "hate" and not "fear" us. Even if Obama does lob a few missiles Assad's way, Assad knows that will be the extent of it. He'll go on doing what's he's doing anyway. When dealing with people who hate you, I'll take "feared" over "loved" any day. (I was no fan of the Bush Administration, but I did have to give it to them that the "international community" took him quite seriously. Remember, after we invaded Iraq how quickly Qaddafi changed his tune?)

Today, I simply cannot resist the sense of schadenfreude I feel towards Obama and his enablers on the left, which made their rally against Middle East interventionism the cornerstone of their platform and Obama's campaign in 2008. Say what you will about what a bad actor Assad is, but he's Barney the Purple Dinosaur compared to what Saddam Hussein was. (And Saddam had the 4th largest army in the world) But Iraq was wrong and Syria is right?

But my head almost exploded over the weekend, when I read Obama-enabler Thomas Friedman in the New York Times:

"I keep reading about how Iraq was the bad war and Libya was the good war and Afghanistan was the necessary war and Bosnia was the moral war and Syria is now another necessary war. Guess what! They are all the same war.

Whoa! From a liberal? But he doesn't stop there:

"...please do spare me the lecture that America’s credibility is at stake here. Really? Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting since the 7th century over who is the rightful heir to the Prophet Muhammad’s spiritual and political leadership, and our credibility is on the line? Really? Their civilization has missed every big modern global trend — the religious Reformation, democratization, feminism and entrepreneurial and innovative capitalism — and our credibility is on the line? I don’t think so."

Whoa Thomas! I hope your life insurance is paid up! Openly calling the Islamic world backwards in the Islamic-worshiping New York Times? I'm not sure who's going to be gunning for you first; the fatwa-issuing imams, or your supposed fellow travelers of the apologetic left. You've committed blasphemy upon both.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'll catch up on the comments when I can, but wanted to call your attention to this excellent Wall Street Journal piece: "Obama's Successful Foreign Failure."

Cookie said...

“I wish he was more of a commander-in-chief than a community organizer.”
Don't we all wish that?

John the Econ said...

@Cookie, what makes you think he's not been "more of a commander-in-chief than a community organizer"?

He's been "commander-in-chief" of the IRS, which has been systematically targeting his legitimate political opposition. He's been "commander-in-chief" of the NSA, which now has a more complete dossier on you than you do. He's been "commander-in-chief" of a security state operating under a number of agencies that are now routinely violating people's 4th Amendment rights as a routine, and are likely better armed than the military is. He's been "commander-in-chief" of an unaccountable bureaucratic regime that will soon have total control over your health care. He's been "commander-in-chief" of a regulatory apparatus that now effectively decides what kind of jobs you might have and how much you will get paid.

The list goes on.

A mere "community organizer" can't do any of those things. A "commander-in-chief" in America shouldn't even be able to. And yet, here we are.

TheOldMan said...

The military is not a messenger service. If The Dear Golfer wants to send a message, then he should ask the NSA for Assad's cellphone number.

John the Econ said...

Or perhaps @TheOldMan, Kerry could just deliver it personally during his and Teresa's next dinner date with the Assad's:

Anonymous said...

John the Econ, you are hysterical (in a good way). I remember Obama during the debates back in 2008 saying he would talk to dictators and such. Why hasn't he had a beer summit with Assad?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Funny how obvious it all seems when you put it that way...

@Ignatius- I'll have to admit that I initially thought that Barry was just a socialist, racist took some actual policy decisions before I realized he was A) bent on destroying America's status in the world, and B) supporting radical Islam. And actually, I didn't want to believe those things right away - he had to pretty much beat the ideas into me over time.

@Bruce Bleu- Isn't it amazing how much of this crap is actually in Barry's autobiographies, yet was still ignored (and still denied) by the media?

@Pete(Detroit)- Well, it's like Hillary said: to raise a child, it takes an America-hating, Islamic, dog-eating village.

@American Cowboy- Lindsey Graham is one of those politicians who I don't want to hear from anymore or ever again. Like McCain, he's just a noisemaker at this point.

@WMD- Things are way out of hand, because that's the way Barry wants them. He's not inept, he's freaking evil.

@Necron99- Alan Moore is a pretty sharp guy. Unfortunately, he may also be prescient.

@John the Econ- Great points. Everyone who voted for this jackass needs to be ashamed, because they have brought our nation low - and perhaps even too low to ever redeem.

And I love the Friedman quote, even though I still think he's a complete douche nozzle.

@Cookie- I think what you're really wishing is that Barry was some entirely different human being.

@John the Econ- NOBODY but the "commander-in-chief" could have done so much deliberate damage to this country. B. Hussein found the weak spot in America's armor, and it was White Liberal Guilt. It put him in office, and he's been tearing the living guts out of our country ever since.

@TheOldMan- It is taking every shred of my self-control to agree with you WITHOUT using any expletives. Exactly right, sir!

@John the Econ- The rich, they are not like us.

@Anonymous- You're right; Barry was going to have hugs and conversations with all the bad guys, and the world would be all peace, love, and flowers because everyone would love Obama. Seriously, Barry is so into (ahem) self-gratification that I'm surprised he doesn't leave a DNA-filled slime trail like a slug...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- A couple of small housekeeping notes: for those who are paying close attention, I've changed the blog's header. It didn't seem right to call it the "Daily Conservative Webcomic" anymore, even though for years I maintained that pace. Additionally, the background pattern (on the sides) now features fewer cartoony characters (although I still love them) and more of the rogue's gallery from the Obama administration. It just seemed like the site was ready for a little refresher as I try to catch a second or third or fourth wind.

Colby said...

Love the new look and especially the new wallpaper which even features our "head" cheese (you). Also, I'm late chiming in here, but was SOOOOO relieved when I found out you decided to continue with this blog. A random post here and there sure beats the hell out of nothing! And continued prayers for you and your situation.

@American Cowboy,
What the hell DID happen to Lindsey Graham?! He used to be on our side, or so I thought. I suspect the voters in the fine state just to my South just may replace him next time around. i am so sick of RINOs, and even more sickened by RINOs that I thought were for real, like Graham and Christie. To all you Tea Party types out there.... please vote these ass-wipes out and replace them with guys like Paul, Cruz, and Gowdy, who have the guts to take a stand. This is the ONLY thing that will wave our country from Sheik Barry and his ilk.

Colby said...

Stupid fat fingers.... "Save" not Wave.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, Tom Friedman is a definitive poster child for elite liberal hypocrisy. He's Al Gore fused with John Kerry. He made his money the old-fashioned way by marrying a billionairess. He advocates for higher taxes that won't impend his lifestyle one iota. He bemoans the carbon footprint of ordinary Americans as he builds his 11,400-square foot mansion. Only someone so removed from ordinary wants can write some of the fantasy BS he writes. You're right, @Stilton; The rich, they are not like us.

But like a broken clock, every so often he's right. I can only imagine the heads exploding at the Times.

And good call on the format change. Feeling obligated to produce quality content on a daily, or even semi-daily basis is a big load. Doing at your whim is better for everyone. God bless.

txGreg said...

"Feeling obligated to produce quality content on a daily, or even semi-daily basis is a big load."

Referring to "a big load" on a blog dedicated to lampooning idiocy in D.C. Talk about teeing one up...

George in Houtx said...

Colby, re: that 'save / wave' thing .... I just call that "rented fingers". seems that rented things never seem to work quite right.
@WMD:your rant about a "part-time community organizer, et al" reminded me of something I heard years ago. ".... who plays at revolution, would do as well to plow the waves."

Anonymous said...

This statement is yet more proof that Obama wishes for a dictatorship, rather than a Constitutional republic. Asking Congress to vote against the will of the people...

Obama said Friday, “it’s conceivable that at the end of the day I don’t persuade a majority of the American people that it's the right thing to do,” but he added that sometimes members of Congress must do what they think is right even if they go against their constituents’ wishes.