Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Strange Bedfellows

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, syria, al-qaeda, libya, benghazi, lies, hillary, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change

Hope n' Change doesn't think there's much mystery anymore about who this president is in bed with. And that ongoing betrayal only adds to the profound sadness of this day.

BONUS MATERIAL -  I've posted a couple of graphics over on Facebook and will add them below. In the future, that's probably what I'll do with any "bonus" material I cook up between "real" postings. Plus, it's a little reward for you loyalists who visit the page more than once!

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, syria, al-qaeda, libya, benghazi, lies, hillary, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, syria, al-qaeda, libya, benghazi, lies, hillary, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, syria, al-qaeda, libya, benghazi, lies, hillary, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, million muslim march, islam


Bruce Bleu said...

It must be a democrap thing... Bill Clintorus was in bed with Al Gore-duh (and any female with an equator rather than a hip size) and now lamont shares HIS bed with magilla (look at her and try to convince me he's not attracted to men) and Al kye-duh and any gee-hod-ist with a scorpion in their turban for America. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!!

Bruce O'Hara said...

Pshew...hit him right between the eyes with this one! Good shot :-)

Colby said...

C'mon, Stilt! At this point, what does it matter? It's been a year now; old news; ancient history; water under the bridge; the horse is out of the barn. It's time to focus on important matters like, like.... ummmm.... like SYRIA! Yeah! Let's focus on Syria now because the cival war there is obviously an urgent matter that threatens our national security, right? (sark off)

In other dumbness... I'll bet Barry breathed a huge sigh of relief when Putin gave him a way to back off his stupid "red line" idiocy. I didn't watch the turd in chief last night because my wife doesn't like it when my head explodes i nthe living room, but I heard the focker say we should wait and see what Russia does before doing anything else. WHAT!!!? I'm trying to wrap my brain around that statement. I'm trying to imagine Reagan (or Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon... even CARTER) saying something like that and not getting friggin' barbequed by the press. Wow.... Again, I'll bet ol' Vlad laughs himself to sleep tonight.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of BOTH 9-11 terror attacks. On the drive in this morning, I saw a huge crane next to I-40 with an enormous American flag flying, and it gave me chills. Yes, Barry, despite your efforts, tru Americans still exist and flourish, and always will. And, yes, Billary, IT DOES MATTER, you insipid hag!

Sorry to rant..... Thanks for posting Stilt!

Duke of URL VFM#391 said...

It is sad that this is valid, very sad. We have had incompetent Presidents before, but have we ever had one who so despised everything that America is made of?

David in SoCal said...

Today, more than any other day throughout the year; my thoughts and Prayers go out to the victims, their families and friends, of those who needlessly perished as a result of the cowardly terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001. I also Pray for the four brave Americans, their family and friends who needlessly died on 9-11-2012, as a result of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, and lack of response by the Obama administration.
And now for the news: In an interview this morning, after his Oscar winning performance at the Pentagon(sans TOTUS), Mr. Obama was asked how he felt today about the 9-11-2012 attacks on Benghazi. Mr. Obama replied: "Ben Gazzy; who the heck is Ben Gazzy?!".
Great toon today Stilt, as always, and thanks for taking the time to post the truth again.
God Bless (and help) America.

Sparky said...

You hit the bulls 'eye' again Stilt! I'm so sickenedd by this inept, evil Administration. Did anyone else notice that Mooch "all this for a dam- flag" wore a PURPLE DRESS to the ceremony?!! As a woman, I am outraged! I think this is some kinda commie In Your Face statement to the victims of 9-11 ... or am I just getting over sensitive to their little childish games at America's expense?!

Indeed, may God bless, and help, America. May His mercy shine upon all of us. Blessings to you and yours too Stilt.

Bruce Bleu said...

You've GOT to forgive magilla for her horrible inappropriate clothing. Because of her exorbitant expenditures on 28 "personal assistants" she could only afford Stevie Wonder as a fashion consultant! Why else would she wear a light kelly green and bright yellow top, light olive green pants and blue shoes in that photo about 4 years ago.
I'm glad I could help out here.

idahobob said...

What else can we expect from a satanically led, muslim/communist, that is probably an illegal alien also?


Anonymous said...

Sparky, what is the significance of the purple dress? I am not trolling, I just genuinely don't understand. (To play devil's advocate, blue and red make purple. If she wore white shoes or something it is kind of flagish.)

Sparky said...

@Bruce Bleu ~ You made me LOL on that one! Very good.

@Anonymous ~ I guess proper atitire is a quandary for so many young people, unschooled now in etiquette. Wearing purple to something that is tantamount to a funeral is extremely tacky. It couldn't have been more so if she'd worn red.

Cookie said...

Right on, Stilton, right on. As always.
Colby hit the nail on the head as well. And I felt that huge pang of guilt as I ready Colby's post about the huge American flag flying because I forgot to put my flag up today! I've had it flying all summer, but recent storms caused me to take it down. It will be back up again when I get home from work in an hour or so. Thanks for everyone's comments. And AMEN to David in SoCal's comments at the end of his post. Truly may God help and bless us.

Anonymous said...

Sparky, thank you for the information! I did not realize that.

Bruce Bleu said...

Regarding the way magilla obama appears in public, like the black-widow dress in Chicago at lamont's win in 2008, the pinata dress, the "flea-market" outfit on the stairs leaving Air Farce [sic] One... it's been said before, and very likely will be said again... "you can take the "ho" out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the "ho".

JustaJeepGuy said...

On a brighter note, the two state senators here in Colorado were both successfully recalled. I did my part!

California 2003: Demo_Rat Gray Davis recalled

Wisconsin 2012: Scott Walker NOT recalled

Colorado 2013: two Demo_Rats recalled

Y'think maybe the Demo_Rats need to re-examine certain of their ideas?

Bruce Bleu said...

I wish we had more Michelle Malkins and Steve Greens in El Paso County.

Now, Stilton, I just have to set the record straight here on this new cartoon with the veracity and fact-checking skills of Ted Bris, ("part" of him must be Jewish). The mohammedans (interesting that a "kosher" religion has "ham" in their prophets name) being credited with "math skills" is a dubious claim. They didn't invent the mathematical discipline of Algebra... one of their islamic-crusade "hit-men" was re-enacting the beach scene in "From Here To Eternity" with his camel, and some mutated Chlorophyta (which had mammary glands) washed up on shore and was in desperate need of "support", and subsequently the guy invented the "Algae-Brasserie" (or "algae-bra"), and I assure you by all that is an asian female rap singer, (Ho Lee), this story is as true as man-made global warming!

Anonymous said...

I dunno Stilt - 55 worshipers of Moooo-man is kinda impressive, knowing all that rolling thunder planned to be there to "meet'n'greet"!

Mark Philip Alger said...

And remember: there are a billion Muslims in the world.

You know why women are so bad at estimating distances? Because they've been told all their lives that this
( | | ) is 12 inches.


Grumpy Curmudgeon said...


I hope everything is going well with your family, our prayers are with y'all.

I have opened a Facebook page, Grumpy Curmudgeon, to vent some of my frustrations with the current set of Keystone Cops habituating at the White House.  I will unabashedly use some of your cartoons and insight when applicable to reenforce my points, as I believe that you are the best at laying satire at the feet of those who deserve it the most.  We will see how much Zuckenburg will tolerate before it gets shut down and I will be forced to inhabit the realms of Wordpress or Google Blogspot.

Thanks for everything you have done and for what will come in the future as you are able to find time.

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." - Tacitus

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

RE: Mooch's attire

9/11 is a national day of remembrance and mourning. I have a high school friend who lost his son in the WTC, and his cousin lost their son and daughter. Both families are still devastated to this day.

For Mooch to show up in a neon purple dress at a Memorial Service does not only show how totally crass she is, but exhibits a total lack of respect and upbringing.

I never totally agreed with 'W', but I'm glad as h*** he was in the White House on 9/11. Gore probably would have apologized to the jihadists for putting the buildings in the way, and Lord only knows what President Wishey-Washey would have done.

queso Grande said...

Not unlike the Carter administration; which was all about symbols, so too is the uhhhhbama admin.
Purple is the color of the SEIU......Serive Employees Industrial Union, currently forcing the fast food min. wage increase.

When you well and truly hate America, you gotta preach it loud and often, and teh obama's do.

It's No Gouda said...

Hey, fellow HnC fans, for more Photoshop fun with the One's dignity see:

txGreg said...

@It's No Gouda,

I think the URL you are looking for does not have the "the" at the beginning.

WMD said...

Mooch has got ....what....28 personal slaves.. er.. assistants and not one of them have the knowledge or balls to tell her she looks like crap. And she should have been in black at a memorial service? I have no fashion sense what-so-ever and I know better than that. I guess we should be glad she wasn't in a hoodie...

Reiuxcat said...

Great up date Stilton. Guess I'm a little late.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I just added Earl of Taint to my "great blogs" list in the left column. Some hilarious photoshopping going on there!

Hope everyone is enjoying a happy Friday the 13th!

mjloehrer said...

Stilt: I knew you wouldn't back off from delivering a series of blistering toons. Great job.