Friday, November 22, 2013

Hawaiian's Punch

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When the Hope n' Change editorial board met to decide today's topic, it was to difficult to choose between the brutal "knockout game" in which young black punks attack innocent people for no reason, or the ongoing disaster of people losing their health insurance and access to doctors because of Obamacare. And then it dawned on us: except for a question of scale, it's the same story.

The perpetrators of the violent "knockout game" have apparently been doing it for a long time, but the mainstream media has been actively covering it up as long as they could because reporting any particular story accurately would mean making a black man look bad. Sound familiar?

And the only reason we're hearing about the "knockout game" now is because the sheer number of victims is getting too big to ignore - in much the same way that it's also increasingly hard for the mainstream media to bury reports that 50 to 100 million Americans are about to lose their health insurance. Talk about a knockout punch!

Boiled down to their essentials, both stories are about those who are innocent and vulnerable being deliberately attacked by coldblooded bullies, with potentially life-changing or life-ending consequences.

Obamacare has become the equivalent of a dark and threatening back alley in a very bad neighborhood. And to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi,  God help those who are forced to pass through it to see what's in it.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, obamacare, knockout, game, conservative, tea party, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg
It's all about "re-branding."


Earl Allison said...

It's as if the entire Left doesn't grasp that there is a pendulum -- it might be to the far Left now, but it WILL swing back.

All the great and small attacks and insults will be remembered and repaid, and the Left will do what it always does -- play the victim.

As for "The Knockout Game," eventually someone will fight back. Then we will see our racist President and Attorney General come down on those poor souls.

I think Obama WANTS unrest, so that he can sieze power.

I also think that he, like the rest of the Left, won't like this new world they are creating nearly as much as they think they will.

When the dam bursts, and the Right STOPS turning the other cheek and shying away from conflict?

The Left will be lucky if the ONLY thing that happens is that everything they have done to others gets done to them.

I knew Obama was a lazy, intellectually dishonet, shiftless grievance-monger. But you would think he would have at least a basic understanding of history.

Apparently not.

pdwalker said...

Sharp, sharp punchline.

Well done.

Fred Ciampi said...

obama wants his name off of obamacare. Has anyone suggested that obamacare be changed to Kevorkiancare?

TrickyRicky said...

@Stilton- Truly brilliant analysis, worthy of VDH or Krauthammer. Spot on and very chilling, truly Obamacare and Knockout are cut from exactly the same cloth...simply a matter of scale, not intent.

@Earl Allison- Eventually one of these animals will pick the wrong person to attack and will be shot dead. While I myself will not shed a tear, the president will suddenly have another phantom son, and the wails and gnashing of teeth in the media and the grievance industry will be deafening.

SusieBee said...

Less than ten years ago, I took a course on communist China in grad school. The similarities I see between "O" and Chairman Mao are uncanny. When the iron rice bowl ran out, millions of Chinese starved to death. If the right doesn't man up and take action, we're headed down the same path. This administration has been following Mao's playbook from the very beginning.

Colby said...

What a comparison you have made, Dr. J! I'll shout "Bravo" while simultaneously shaking my head in disgust. But, Earl Allison is right; the pendulum WILL swing and there will be some DC shitheads like BO and Harry who will finally reap what they sow. The pieces of owl crap that voted to destroy the filabuster rules that have been standing since 1789 will be screaming bloody murder when the Republicans take back control of the Senate. I'd give my left nut to be on the Senate floor the first time Reid gets chased off the podium with 51 Republican votes!

Regarding the thugs that jump out and hit innocent people, one finally got his due in Lansing. Too bad he's still alive to talk about it and pretend he feels bad for the victim.

And ain't it a hoot that California of all places, told BO to stick his grand "health care fix" up his skinny little ass!? How ya like THAT, Nan and Diane?!

One more blather before I go. I laughed my butt off when I read this about my beloved Senator Hagan. And it was in the WaPo!

David in SoCal said...

@stilt: Brilliant analogy as always, Dr.'J'!
I've always considered Ohitandrun more of a little thug than a 'stand and fight' person; kind of like that little yappie dog the Mother-in-law has, that is biting the backs of your ankles until you turn around and confront it, then it runs away squealing as if it were a stuck pig.
But the problem is that Oanklebiter has a platoon of 'Kujo' frothing-mouth attack dogs defending his every assault on our freedoms. Time to call the Animal Control Officers and have these bipedal rabid canines put down.

Just found out yesterday, that Commiemexifornia has turned down Obaitandswitch's offer to 'allow' those 1 + million Californians to 'get their health insurance back'
Ah, yes; 'uninsured limbo', a dream come true.


Answers the question: "Mommy, why does Daddy drink so much?"

WMD said...

@David in SoCal, I think a more apt term rather than Oanklebiter would be Oanklegrabber.
That's actually a twofer!
All hail king hussein(pbuh)!

Bruce Bleu said...

Hey, Fred Ciampi...

Here is an eye-opening video…

I guess that’s the pot calling the kettle “african-american”!

Everyone, has anyone noticed that the first amendment guarantees freedom of the PRESS, but now we have a "media", NOT a press? And the media is simply a broadcast arm of the democrap party? (Another "bait and switch"?)

CenTexTim said...

@David in SoCal -

Don't know if you noticed, but embedded in the article that you linked to is a sentence referring to the cancelled insurance policies as "substandard" plans. That's evidently the left's new tactic for justifying the elimination of those plans - they have, after all, been deemed substandard by the all-knowing, all-seeing government.

I can't wait to hear their justification next year for penalizing the 'Cadillac' plans: "Those are too good for you."

It's Friday. More 'coffee' please...

David in SoCal said...

@CenTexTim: EVERYTHING we do or have will be labeled 'sub-standard' according to this Politburo. Even my Union 'Cadillac Plan' does not 'meet' the requirements shoved up our culos by Oproctologist. There will be a $63.00 'fee' imposed on the Union for each of it's members. Sure to be more 'fees' levied against the Unions as this Tax implodes, and revenue limits are not achieved.
How much longer does America wait until we grab our torches/pitchforks and march upon the Hate House, in order to get our Country back?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl Allison- I also think that Barry would like anger to turn into action in this country - so that he could use force instead of political manipulation to further impose his agenda. Some of his administration's acts can only be described as deliberately provocative.

@pdwalker- Thank you. When talking about a possible attack on Syria, Obama said our military "doesn't do pinpricks." In fact, he didn't let our military do anything at all - but I liked the phrase and try to exemplify it on these pages.

@Fred Ciampi- That sounds about right.

@TrickyRicky- The concept of finding parallels between Obamacare and the Knockout Game amused me at first, but that quickly passed when I realized that I wasn't making it up, and they really are almost the same.

@SusieBee- When you look at Obama's agenda, you find a lot of historical precedent...and no good outcomes.

@Colby- I hope the filibuster "nuclear option" comes back to bite the Dems in a big way. In the future, the Left MUST be treated the same way they've treated the Right. Bipartisanship is dead, and I won't mourn it.

Regarding California, it's certainly not going to be the only state to announce that Obama's "fix" is impossible and unworkable.

Finally, regarding Senator Hagan's "call for help," it seems to have been answered: the government just announced another extra-legal "tweak" to Obamacare, changing the next enrollment period from a few weeks before the midterm elections, to a week AFTER the elections. The stated goal is to give people "more time to think about their options." The reality is that if people are reminded of the Obamacare disaster before November, they'll realize that their only real "option" is to toss the Dems out of office.

@David in SoCal- I can't imagine Obama winning any real fight on his own, whether physical or not. I like your description of him as an annoying little yappie dog...which reminds me that I should bring "Bark Obama" out of the mothballs for a few new cartoons.

@WMD- A lot of people don't know it, but "Barack" is actually Arabic for "anklegrabber." I checked it on Snopes, Wikipedia, and the Huffington Post and they all say it's true. "Hussein," on the other hand, translates to "no lube."

@Bruce Bleu- Obama has said that "rebranding" is necessary, which is why you couldn't pay him to utter the word "Obamacare" anymore. He's desperate to get his name off this turd, and we can't let that happen.

And you make an excellent point about the difference between a true "press" (which suggests a body which might actually exert some pressure) versus the "media" which is largely entertainment based propaganda at this point.

@CenTexTim- Yeah, "substandard" is the new buzzword, being used to say that people are now better off with NO insurance rather than the "bad" insurance that they liked and relied on.

Regarding the "Cadillac" plans, their actual claim isn't that they're "too good for you" (although they surely think it), but rather that by allowing expensive plans to exist, it "bends up the cost curve" for all policies - which is why Obamacare calls for a 40% fine on such policies.

@David in SoCal- I may be in error, but I thought I read that the administration is considering another one of their illegal "adjustments" to the law and, temporarily at least, excusing the unions from the $63/person reinsurance fee. A nice favor for the unions, but yet another way of making a mockery out of the fictitious economic model used to sell this nightmare.

Colby said...

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but the Republicans should stop this nonesense of trying to get enough votes to delay O'Bendovercare, and start pushing HARD to make to asswipes stick to the law they passed. No more friggin' delays, no more of our hard earned cash handed out to &%$#ing unions, no more waivers. Push, push, PUSH the full and glorious implementation.

I swear that if some of these guys went to HRH Barry and said, "We studied the law deeper, and now agree that it's the best thing since sliced bread AND toilet paper, and we want to help you get it FULLY IMPLEMENTED" as soon as possible, Barry'd crap his pants. He might just get Harry to repeal it if he thinks Republicans like it. Is HRH Barry that gullible? Maybe? Nah.... never mind.

David in SoCal said...

@ Stilton: Well, considering the Unions donated 10's of million $'s each to elect/re-elect the 666 one, you would think so. But I have a feelin' that Onarcissist could care less about who he crushes under his socialist steam roller on his way to fully implement what he 'believes'. Many of the Unions were furious that Ojobkiller didn't get them the work they were promised after the 2008 erection[sic], but they helped erecting him again, anyway. Would love to chat more, but gotta go get another 5 gallon bucket of Oanalube at Costco to prepare for the next onslaught of Opolpot's beliefs. I Pray for the strength to overcome, and salvation from the awful situations we have been forced into, against our will.

PRY said...

@ Colby...I too would like to see this monstrosity left alone so EVERYONE who cares can see it for what it is...but I see on the news Friday night that (and we knew this was coming), the assholes-in-charge are wanting to DELAY it until just after next year's elections. And they will.

I just hope, in spite of the pain it causes so many Americans, that many folks see, for the first time, the real truth of the matter, and vote accordingly.

PRY said...

Also, the way I see it, the dems NEVER want to see a caucasion male in the oval office if they can help it. To me, THAT has been the BIG bugaboo we've had to deal with...I'm not sexist or racist, but I don't want another black man, black woman, white woman, or any other (liberal)minority in there, then we can throw stones all we want without being labeled some kinda BIGOT! I would like Ben Carson, but he's not likely to run. And this stinking media, the professional drive-by bombers with the huge soapbox! Wow, it's incredible!

John the Econ said...

H&C has an "editorial board"? So that's how it's done. It would be my dream job to join, if only I knew it actually paid anything commensurate to the quality of commentary here.

I only recently became aware of the "knockout game", and at first assumed that it was just another one of those urban legends that spreads like wildfire across the interwebs. I guess my unfortunate surprise is what I get for again underestimating the depravity that the welfare state has engendered. I also understand that the game also goes by the name of "polar-bearing", since the preferred victim is usually white. Once again, one can only imagine the national crisis and encounter session we'd all have to endure if the races in this scenario were to be reversed. Once again, (sung to "Car 54": Attorney General Eric Holder, Where are You???

@Earl Allison, it's clear that the extreme left doesn't believe that the pendulum will swing back. After all, they have the Census Bureau issuing phony data. They'll now have ultra-liberal judges appointed without trouble to deal with the obvious election "irregularities", and they've long since had the IRS to intimidate or punish anyone who dares try to challenge them.

As for someone fighting back against the "knockout game", it has happened. One participant attempted to "taze" someone, but his tazer malfunctioned, and the intended victim had a carry permit. After the encounter, the perpetrator admitted to several previous attacks, and came to the conclusion that perhaps the game wasn't such a smart idea. Hopefully other avid players of this game will have similar encounters with their unwilling participants. I fear that is the only thing that would put an end to this latest form of social breakdown.

Bill said...

Well, let's invent our own game of knockdown. We'll just up these black thugs and use shotguns and rifles on them -- the gangs that is. We're too civilized to pick on unarmed innocents.

John the Econ said...

Unfortunately @Bill, that would probably be what would finally get the attention of the now miss-named "Justice Department".

Under the perverse sense of Progressive justice, it's law-abiding citizens defending themselves that are seen as the true threat to the state.

Just look what has happened in Britain, where crime victims who dare to defend themselves are actually punished more harshly than the criminals are.