Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sick Simpering Tyrant

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To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, widely considered the greatest American speech ever given on the topic of freedom and government of the people, by the people, and for the people, Barack Hussein Obama did...well...absolutely nothing.

And why? Because he was allegedly busy working on "the whole website thing" for Obamacare, almost certainly the most massive and historic example of a program which is entirely of the government, by the government, and for the government, while feeding "We the people" into a woodchipper.

Moreover, what the heck could Barack Obama have to say in favor of a speech which was intended to unite a divided nation? This president's entire administration has been devoted to dividing our nation - a task at which, sadly, he's been uncharacteristically successful. Not since the days of the Blue and the Gray have we seen anger and enmity ramped up to the degree we currently see between the Blue states and Red states.

We are living in an era in which Lincoln's words are being gravely tested. And we now risk finding out that a nation conceived in Liberty really can not long endure when so many people in the topmost reaches of power - including those at a certain Pennsylvania Avenue address - are dedicated to bringing this country to its knees.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, lincoln, gettysburg, address, obamacare, golf
Okay, we know Barry bragged about enjoying cocaine
but don't know if it was ever in the form of crack. So sue us.


WMD said...

This is the kind of thing I wrote about yesterday. Remember when biden was caught saying the unaffordable tax act was a BFD? Well guess what, so is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysberg Address. At least it would be to any real American. This, ahem, "person" disgusts me. He just spit on all those soldiers graves. Then he pissed on them, then he shit on them. Pardon my French.
How can this guy sleep at night?
Commander in Chief my ass.

TrickyRicky said...

My contempt for this "man" and everything that he represents is beyond characterization. He has had the audacity to try to compare himself to Lincoln...the train ride to D.C. for the inauguration, along the same route, using the Lincoln bible for the swearing in, on and on. Then he ignores the essence of what Lincoln stood for and died for. Swine.

CenTexTim said...

"Okay, we know Barry bragged about enjoying cocaine but don't know if it was ever in the form of crack. So sue us."

This administration won't sue you, because that would mean using the judicial system. Instead, you'll just be spied on by the NSA and audited by the IRS.

SusieBee said...

This sad little man is just jealous that, 150 years later, one of Lincoln's speeches is still remembered and honored. He would like nothing better than to tear down the Lincoln Memorial and replace it with one dedicated to himself.
Remember, America's history is not Barry's history...

Colby said...

Barry is just showing where his priorities line up. In his drug marinated brain, "saving" ACA trumps just about anything else, and Gettysburg was some insignificant little thing that happened long ago in a galaxy far far away. And, after all, Lincoln WAS a white Republican.

There is something else about his refusal to honor Gettysburg's huge place in American history that bugs me. He says he needs to "work on" fixing O-upyerass-care, but what the hell can he do to fix it? He's can't fix shit, so that means he's busy cooking up something stinky to distract and detract.

I also love his apparent willingness to write an apology letter to Hamid Karsai. Somebody please name one other president that would even consider such a thing. I don't think even Peanut Carter would do this.

The letter should read something like this: "Dear Hamid, I'm really sorry we sacrificed precious American lives to save your sorry, worthless ass from being drug dead and bloody through the streets of Kabul with a broomstick shoved up your ass. Next time we will let you handle it yourself."

On a side note. I am a former "Yankee" who has lived in the South for about 25 years. I will attest that 99.9% of Southerners will tell you that the War of Northern Aggression was not fought over slavery. Secession occurred because Southern states thought the federal gubmint had gotten too large and powerful, and no longer respected the wishes of the people. Sound familiar?

Rant over....

Stuart Brogden said...

Actually, the man known as Obama exemplifies Lincoln. "Honest Abe" was a man who walked differently than he talked. He was a staunch advocate for the consolidation of power at the national level, reducing the states to mere dependents. Lincoln should be judged by his actions, not his speech alone. Here's good on lie book for folks who have only heard the victor's version:

Bruce Bleu said...

The irony of this poseur comparing himself to Lincoln is amazing! If Lincoln were alive today, with any modicum of power, the "manchild-in-chief" would be standing against a block wall with his last cigarette in his lying mouth!
Cocaine or crack? Trust me, Stilton... the only "crack" lamont is at all interested in is above the belt-line of a plumbers saggy pants! And speaking of drug use, is there a statute of limitations on idiot druggies who rat themselves out, or does he get a pass because he wasn't given Carmen Miranda Rights?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@WMD- The same media sources which claimed that Obama's "race speech" (in which he clung to Jeremiah Wright while describing his own grandmother as a "typical white person" with ingrained bigotry) was every bit as great, important, and historic as the Gettysburg Address were among the first to say that it's no big deal that Obama didn't attend the commemoration of "a political speech."

Yeah, it is a big deal.

@TrickyRicky- Exactly.

@CenTexTim- Actually, that disclaimer was aimed at any nitpicking liberals who would whine about my equating cocaine and crack.

As far as the NSA and IRS giving me the hairy eyeball, I think I got on their lists a long time ago.

Amusing note: I like to bargain hunt, and every day I visit a site called "" It only recently dawned on me that the NSA computers probably start flashing red lights every time I write the first five letters of that URL: "Fatwa."

@SusieBee- The beginning of America's history isn't Barry's history, but the end of it may be.

But you're right- why would Barry have any great love (other than political envy) of Abraham Lincoln? Obama is quite literally the descendant of slave traders - not slaves.

@Colby- Like you, I wondered what the heck "help" Barry could offer in fixing the website. I'm pretty sure he's not much of a code monkey, so all he can do is plot new distractions...pretty much all of which would involve further dividing our nation.

And I must admit that I sometimes think that my home state, Texas, would be better off if we seceded.

@Manfred- Interesting take, for sure. And there's no doubt that Abraham Lincoln has become a simplified caricature for most people (just like every other person and event in our history).

Still, the Gettysburg Address is a potent American symbol and its 150th anniversary deserved presidential attention.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- Sadly, we can't toss Barry into jail for his admitted cocaine use because he might simply be lying about it to seem (heaven help us) "cool."

By the way, Barry said he liked cocaine when he could afford it - but doesn't explain where the money came from. It's been suggested that he sold weed to get cash - which is a lot more believable than him actually ever having had a job.

John the Econ said...

Obama is little more than a user of the past. He really doesn't care about it so much beyond how he can manipulate history to justify his future.

As for the future, it's not looking so great for the world's greatest orator, who can no longer sell a coherent thought. How bad is it? Even SNL now feels free to take shots at him:


Oh, and we have a new scandal. Seems that the Census Bureau fudged the employment numbers just before last year's election.

Basically, employee(s) were told to create people out of thin air and count them as having jobs.

It's not too far removed as to how "climate science" is conducted for the same reasons.

So you can add this to the IRS scandal as another reason there should be an asterisk on Obama's 2nd term. Was the White House directly involved? Who knows? But as with the IRS scandal, it doesn't really matter. It's just another example of how big government is completely out of control, and will do whatever it takes to support politicians who support an expansionist agenda.

Hey liberals: Could you imagine what Nixon might have done with such a pliant bureaucracy? You had him impeached for far less than all this.

American Cowboy said...

Evidently The Wahn is leading by example with his treatment of those soldiers graves. I refer to the comment made the the pMSNBC guy about Ms. Palin.

Is that the whir of drone engines I hear?

History has been re-written to attempt to make those 99.9% out to be "wrong". I would be apt to side with them though, even though I am a born and raised in the upper western states, life time working old style cowboy.

@ Manfred
I read a copy of some Lincoln correspondence in which he purportedly claimed that his primary reason to "free" blacks in the CSA was the hope that in showing their gratitude they would come north and fill in the dwindling numbers of soldiers in the Union army forces. A political move more than strictly humanitarian?

Finally, I just heard on the news that Øbamma is now claiming that the Republicans are to blame for the "health"care web site fiasco. WTF??

PRY said...

This crap just gets more bizarre day by day!

John the Econ said...

Oooops. While on a dog-and-pony PR event in Miami, the site crashed while Sebelius was trying to sign up another poor unfortunate for ObamaCare:

I guess they're not making their new deadline.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- What?! The Census Bureau faked data to help make the unemployment numbers look better?! Obama will be FURIOUS about this, and will no doubt investigate it thoroughly, right after he finishes his investigations into the IRS abuse of the Tea Party.

@American Cowboy- Yeah, Barry is out there blaming the GOP for things not working. And it's actually being reported rather than being met with a hail of rotten fruit and vegetables hurled at this miserable liar.

@PRY- That's what always makes tomorrow so scary...

@John the Econ- What deadline would that be? The deadline to be, oh, 80% functional for "most of the folks" trying to use the website at month's end? Good luck getting the government to cough up any stats which would show results contrary to even that vague standard.

Although maybe to assure valid numbers, we could have the Census Bureau help with the count...

Bruce Bleu said...

lamont being a drug DEALER to make money to by "toot" is a FELONY!!!!!! Why the hell can't we investigate THAT and throw his bony little ass in the slammer?!!!!!!!! Oh, wait... that incriminating evidence is probably in the same lock-box as his birth certificate and school records... CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

JustaJeepGuy said...


I read Carl Sandburg's one-volume condensation of his six-volume biography of Lincoln, and there's a quote from CSA Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest indicating that the South most certainly WAS fighting to keep slavery. Yes, Lincoln WAS opposed to disunion, but the South wanted to keep slavery because they never could have made cotton into a paying crop if they had had to pay someone to work the fields. If they didn't like slavery so much, why did they work so hard after the Civil War to keep the former de jure slaves in de facto slavery?