Friday, July 18, 2014

Killer Jokes

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There's nothing funny about the cartoon above, because there's nothing funny about Barack Obama's public reaction to the missile attack and downing of a Malaysian Air jet carrying 295 people, 23 of whom were Americans. All were killed.

Which prompted Barack Obama, speaking at a Republican-bashing event in Delaware, to issue a passionless 40 second acknowledgement in which he said the attack "looks like it may be a terrible tragedy" (note to the president's speechwriters - a "tragedy" is an earthquake or tsunami, not a missile attack on innocents) before rolling immediately into joking with the audience .

"It's great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden," the grinning president said, "And we've got actually some better-looking Bidens with us here today. We've got Beau and his wife, Hallie. Give them a big round of applause - we love 'em!"

The lounge-lizard-in-chief then made a joke about Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who was also in attendance.

"Jack Lew's signature is actually on your money," Obama laughed, "although it's kind of illegible. We teased him when he first became treasury secretary that he was going to have to fix his signature a little bit because it looked just like a caterpillar running along the bottom!"

Yes, there's nothing to take the sting out of American deaths like a well-timed caterpillar joke. And also, no more telling sign that this president is an ice cold America-hating sociopath.

His easy transition from making a perfunctory statement about American deaths and then rolling into jovial comedy is nothing new. He did the same when he announced the many deaths and injuries at the Fort Hood massacre, before immediately starting to crack jokes and laugh it up with his fawning audience.

And while he resisted the urge to do a stand-up routine when surrounded by the flag-draped coffins of those who died in Benghazi, he certainly wasn't moved to treat the occasion seriously enough to tell the truth, or take even a modicum of responsibility.

In complete fairness, at the point Obama started his shuck-and-jive routine with the crowd, he didn't know that 23 Americans had been brutally murdered (or know that the missile attack was quite likely coordinated by Russian military personnel) - but he did say "right now, we're working to determine whether there were American citizens on board."

Knowing both the likelihood and the gravity of this possibility, this should have been the moment that he elected to act like a president instead of a politician.

To speak as an adult rather than a comedian.

And to finally show that he has a heart and soul...rather than a chilling, bottomless contempt for everyone other than himself.

UPDATE: Details about this event continue to come in. It now seems that rather than 23 Americans on the doomed flight, there was "at least one American." In the interest of accuracy, we wanted to post this information - but it doesn't change our feelings about the president's reaction in the least.


Snowpuss said...

July 16, Obama warns Putin to back off on the Ukraine border. July 17, only mere hours later, Putin blasts a civilian aircraft out of the sky on the very same said border. Not only is he an ice cold, American hating sociopath, but a weak and pathetic leader.

Leader. Pfft. He doesn't even have a nodding acquaintance with the word. What a miserable pos.

REM1875 said...

"looks like it may be a terrible tragedy"
MAY be a terrible tragedy? Just because you were not actually harmed it MAY be a tragedy?
May be a tragedy is finding out you are having lunch at a school that uses moochelle's recipes. A plane load of civilian be blasted out of the sky IS a tragedy, you selfish sob.

Frankie said...

Can we PLEASE start showing this jackass the same respect he shows us? He should be verbally abused every time he shows his face in public. Every. Damn. Time.

Anonymous said...

"Obama started his shuck-and-jive routine with the crowd, he didn't know that 23 Americans had been brutally murdered" of course he didn't know, he had to wait and read about it in the newspaper

Wahoo said...

Who's Barry's joke writer? Michael Moore?

TrickyRicky said...

Ice cold America-hating sociopath. Pretty much sums it up. May you be assured Mr. pansy ass that the feeling is mutual. And my absolute, consuming, diamond hard loathing for anyone, of any persuasion, who can still support and defend this evil buffoon knows no bounds.

Judi King said...

This "man" is NOT a president! He's a f'g joke. I, for one, can't even abide looking at or listening to him ever. I just mute my TV and close my eyes.

alan markus said...

Who's Barry's joke writer? Michael Moore?

No, if it were a Republican, Michael Moore would make a joke out of it.

From Wikepedia:

Bush's critics, notably Michael Moorein his film Fahrenheit 9/11 - in which Moore erroneously named the book My Pet Goat - have argued that the fact that Bush continued reading the book after being notified that the attack was ongoing shows that he was indecisive.[1] A 9/11 Commission Staff Report entitled Improvising a Homeland Defense, without citing a specific source for the claim, reads: "The President felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening."[3] According to Bill Sammon in Fighting Back: The War on Terrorism from Inside the White House, Bush's Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, at some point, was in the back of the classroom holding a pad on which he had written "Don't say anything yet."[4] Sammon contends that, although Bush was not wearing his glasses, he was able to read this message, and it went unnoticed by the media. Sammon further states:

Bush wondered whether he should excuse himself and retreat to the holding room, where he might be able to find out what the hell was going on. But what kind of message would that send—the president abruptly getting up and walking out on a bunch of inner-city second-graders at their moment in the national limelight?

See, we now have a most awesome President ever - what kind of message would it send if he were to infringe on America's opportunity to be blessed with his "good humor" and awesomeness being in his presence? Or to cause the people attending yesterday's $30,000+ a plate fundraiser attendees to kind of have a "bummer" day - especially since they are most likely part of the jet set.

Colby Muenster said...

Hello America! This is the kind of "leader" you get when you elect somebody who can't see the elephant in the room because he is too busy gazing at his own reflection in the mirror.

And REM1875 spoke volumes above. O'Liar's choice of words never ceases to leave me flabbergasted at his total disconnect with the pain of others.

Sparky said...

Excellent commentary Stilton. Ditto to what Snowpuss posted! I'm so sick of O'Blamer!
July 16, Obama warns Putin to back off on the Ukraine border. July 17, only mere hours later, Putin blasts a civilian aircraft out of the sky on the very same said border. Not only is he an ice cold, American hating sociopath, but a weak and pathetic leader.
Leader. Pfft. He doesn't even have a nodding acquaintance with the word. What a miserable pos.

Skeptical Voter said...

Now let's be fair. The man was hungry, and was on the way to a scheduled photo op at a hamburger joint.

Geoff King said...

Yes, he may not have known about the 23 dead Americans when he did his stand-up routine, but he certainly did know when he stopped for a burger, fries, fist pumping, and photo-ops later:
Glad to see he is on top of the "tranquil" world situation. Forget about the possible onset of WWIII, I want to know if Michele/Michael approved of his fast food meal.

CenTexTim said...

Why not? This buffoon and his entire presidency has been one long, sad joke.

American Cowboy said...

At first look the placement of the microphones gives the appearance of a heart.

It is interesting that the shape, placement, and color of the mics gives the totally accurate impression that obamma has a black heart, if any.

American Cowboy said...

@Snowpuss said:
Not only is he an ice cold, American hating sociopath, but a weak and pathetic leader.

And Putin hates Americans too.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

"We'll be here all week, and don't forget to tip your terrorists"

"LLIC" - I like that!

Geoff King said...

Before everyone jumps on the "blame Russia" bandwagon, there is now some evidence that Ukraine may have shot the airliner down and is attempting to frame Russia for it:

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snowpuss- While I wanted to focus on Obama's callousness in today's rant, it's certainly worth noting that his lack of leadership has encouraged all of the bad actors on the world stage, including Putin.

@REM1875- Remembering Fort Hood, Obama didn't want to say definitively that it was a "tragedy" in case it just turned out to be "workplace violence" again.

@Frankie- I would love that. He should be shouted off every stage, and his every fundraising stop should be picketed and protested by hundreds.

@Anonymous- With our intelligence agencies gathering more information than ever before, you have to wonder why none of it ever gets to the president, forcing him to learn everything from TV.

Second problem: having a president who, rather than do his job, watches TV.

@Wahoo- That would explain the level of hilarity.

@TrickyRicky- Amen, brother.

@Judi King- I would avoid any sight or sound of the man if it weren't for my sense of responsibility to this page and its readers.

@alan markus- Just for one day, I'd like to see Barry have to cope with the kind of savage media coverage that Bush was afflicted with.

And you're absolutely right that Obama feels that the sheer awesomeness of his presence outweighs any other consideration or world event.

@Colby- "A total disconnect from the pain of others" is exactly right. That's why I call him a sociopath: the man has no empathy. And watching him (unconvincingly) fake it is genuinely frightening.

@Sparky- Barry puts the POS in POTUS.

@Skeptical Voter- True; even after learning of the jet's fiery destruction, the president announced "I'm starving" and headed to The Charcoal Pit for a nice, charred burger.

@Geoff King- I don't begrudge the man nutrition (even tasty nutrition) but I sure as hell begrudge him being an insensitive jackass.

@CenTexTim- You know, if I ever collect Hope n' Change into book form, a good subtitle would be "One Long, Sad Joke."

@American Cowboy- If you ever see any semblance of Obama's heart, you can be sure that it's an illusion.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- "Try the veal. It's hallal!"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Interesting link. It's too early to place the blame for the missile attack, which is why I wanted to concentrate on Barry's non-presidential response to the gravity of the situation.

John the Econ said...

The only real joke here is this Administration, and it's not funny.

Anyone else been noting how subdued the 100-year anniversary of WWI has been observed? Perhaps it's because the global environment is just too damn similar today; Half of the world is looking for a good reason to let loose, and the other half is pretending that none of it is actually happening.

So this is how "Leading from Behind" turns out?

@alan markus, I've always wished that SNL or somebody would do a version of Bush's reaction that would have made people happy, like jumping to his feet, dropping his jacket and tearing his shirt off to reveal a Superman costume underneath, and then flying out a window to intercept incoming airliners...

That's certainly a better image that that which would resulted had 911 happen 10 years later, with Obama wetting himself..

A slightly related tale: Several generations previous, the left had no problem criticizing Presidents who'd rather play golf than deal with real crisis:

G. Mennen Williams, the Democratic governor of Michigan wrote a poem about it:

Oh little Sputnik, flying high
With made-in-Moscow beep,
You tell the world it's a Commie sky
and Uncle Sam's asleep.

You say on fairway and on rough
The Kremlin knows it all,
We hope our golfer knows enough
To get us on the ball.

Now that's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Much has been said about Obama. What about the clowns who thought his behavior was not only appropriate but funny? This is the problem with the USA, people who have no standards. People who have no humanity but are only concerned with their own petty persuits.

Show me an Obamista and I'll show you a smug, ignorant, selfish, fool. But then I repeat myself.

Judi King said...

The problem with the USA is people who think there is as problem with the USA!!!!!!!!!!

REM1875 said...

New presidential terror alert system~
Could be a tragedy- get back with me after lunch.
Possibly a tragedy- mutiple deaths but outside the US, with no direct link to my administration proved yet.
May/might be a tragedy-mutiple deaths due to my actions or inaction but the media is spinning it for me.
Tragedy-something true about me has leaked out before media can spin it for me. Could damage my self esteem.

Dom Paulo said...

Interesting - hadn't seen that yet that there may only be 1 American on board. Whatever, Putin's folly is spinning out of control - and once again we see why statist power is dangerous.

Honestly, this whorer for president is really retired-in-place. I suppose we should count our blessings - it could be worse if he were actually trying to DO something.

But lest we forget, there are a lot of other morons still around - they are called Congress. Oh ... and the electorate who put them there.

Cookie said...

"looks like it may be a terrible tragedy" Seriously? So what would it have taken to definitely be a tragedy? Just one more death? When that many people die, Americans on board or not, it IS a tragedy! Hundreds of people have lost family members in a truly tragic fashion. This president is SO out of touch! He should have manned up and excused himself from anything he had planned that day in order to return to the oval office and do something presidential like, oh, maybe talk to the leaders in Ukraine, or Russia, or the Netherlands (since the majority of the passengers were Dutch). His lack of any morals of any kind is inexcusable. We have a monster supposedly running this country, certainly not a man. The only tragedy in in obummer's mind is a day when he can't golf!

Karnak said...

Cookie -

Yup .... drip, drip, drip. Like a bad case of diarrhea.

Frankie -

That's racist. Ha! Just kidding.

I am late for my 12-step ....

Vestigial Idiot said...


Doc, you just can't make this stuff up. I mean "you". You can't make this up. Really. This is not from a previous HnC installment. You can't make this up!

"We believe that this woman is unbelievably as stupid as the people who vote for her. And that is pretty damn stupid."

"We believe in money for nuttin', no responsibility, and that the laws of cause and effect do not apply if we wish it so. Oh ... and Easter Bunnies, we believe in those too. Yeah - warm and fuzzy stuff - we believe in that."

She will be the next president - mark my words.

Bruce Bleu said...

Close your eyes and consider Liawatha/Fauxcahontas's claim to be of the Cherokee Nation and consider another tribe. I think she and Queen Latifa are from the same one... Arapahoe!!!!! (At least I think the "Ho" part is accurate!)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- WWI is being overlooked because it can't be neatly summarized in a Tweet. God help us.

@Judi King- Agreed. If enough people believe this is a bad country, they can succeed in bringing it down.

@REM1875- Nice!

@Dom Paulo- Today, when Barry was making much more serious statements after getting ridiculed for his earlier comedy routine, he was quick to do a breakdown of the passenger nationalities and then say that "this is the world's problem." Which is true as far as it goes, except that "the world" never agrees on anything, nor does it have the power to make things happen. That's why a superpower needs to lead. And we're now seeing what happens when it doesn't.

@Cookie- Following his comedy routine and speech, Barry attended two fundraisers. There's no clearer way to understand someone's priorities than by watching what they actually do.

For Barry, glad-handing wealthy donors is more important than anything a foreign power might do.

@John the Econ- It's appalling when Howard Stern fans try to prank newspeople following a tragedy. On the other hand, calling an idiot named Krystal Ball on MSNBC isn't exactly interfering with actual journalism.

And like you, I received a refund check from my insurance company last year - along with a letter containing legally mandated language giving credit for this windfall to Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Of course, the "refund" was only a fraction of the price increase I'd been charged that same year.

It's such an effing shell game...

@Karnak- For your 12-step program, don't forget that step one is admitting that other people are a problem.

@Vestigial Idiot- The satellite technology described is actually a damn good thing to have. You're right - it's nice to see some taxpayer funded service which is actually worthwhile for a change.

Regarding Elizabeth Warren's "11 Commandments," I had to freshen my glass of adult libation. I have liberal friends who thing she hung the moon. I think she's a socialist idiot. And I'm right.

John the Econ said...

No @Stilton, I don't think she's an "socialist idiot". She's a rent-seeking capitalist of the worst sort; she's made millions, and yet has contributed little of substance to the world. She is, in fact, the worst liberal caricature of what they think of all capitalists; somebody who exploits the weak and stupid for her own selfish benefit.

What makes it worse is that like Hillary, she honestly believes that she'd doing "the people's work" and that allows her to disconnect from her profit-seeking reality.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I stand corrected!

Geoff King said...

More coming in on the airliner that was shot down. Evidently it was directed by Ukranian Air Traffic Control to fly in a well established no-fly zone. This could have provoked Russia to consider it as a hostile aircraft. Coincidently, the Ukrainian ATC is controlled by NATO, which is controlled by the globalists. The whole situation stinks of false flag to me. George Soros and the globalists, who overthrew Ukraine in the first place, want a war badly, and will do whatever it takes to have one. Since Russia has nukes and has said they will use them, this really does not look very tranquil to me.

David in SoCal said...

God Bless Hn'C! One of the best group of comments ever, @everybody! Y'all get a gold star on your calendar for today!
IMHO: There are 2 excuses for OIcouldn'tgiveacrap's lack of empathy yesterday,(or today), for the butchered innocent victims of flight MH17:

1. He was caught off guard. Valerie Jarrett wasn't there to print out a response on TOTUS, or to perform her patented 'Supermarionation' on 'him', with the operating cross and strings.

2. Ozeroempathy can't stand it when there is a REAL tragedy that takes the focus off of him, or his photo op's.

The fresh dog crap on the bottom of my US Keds looks down upon him.

Everybody said...

Well, thank you, David in SoCal.

Does that mean you will be sending us all a Double-Double, animal style? Some fries too? Each, that is?

Seems like the appropriate thing for someone in SoCal to do ... Just saying.

David in SoCal said...

Your order is up and in the mail..........

Judi King said...

Is this anonymous person even from the USA? He/she sure never learned English.

Geoff King said...

Unbelievable. In another apparent attempt to further weaken the US military, Øbastard has picked a female non-pilot to head the US Air Force in the Pacific:
A non-pilot heading the Air Force? That will do wonders for morale, I am sure. What's next? Perhaps a person who has never been on a boat leading the Navy and a person who has never shot a gun leading the Army?

PRY said...

Wow, I get the feeling we ALL want O outa here! The thing is...even after his term is over, even more so than Clinton, his face and influence will still be felt; he's not going away!

This graduate from the Alinsky School of Selfishness is only behaving the only way he knows how! It is no surprise he doesn't lead, he WANT this nation to fall! That's why he (and his entourage) is so jolly lately; he's on top of the world! He laughs as he sees polls calling him the worst prez of all time...but he has successfully carried out his mission, and will continue to do so, to destroy our home!

Obama the Destroyer, hell-bound and doesn't even know it.

Geoff King said...

I can picture her now, giving commands to pilots in a combat situation: "push the thingy to make your plane go faster and do some kind of manouver so you can do whatever it is you do to shoot down the bad guys".

Vestigial Idiot said...


You are unfortunately correct. People want stuff for free, and now they see Fauxcahontas as their savior. It is Alinsky in full bloom.

Like I said before, you mark my words, she will be the next president - Just like Obama/Pelosi/Reid et al, she wants to destroy the Constitution, empower the bloated-lazy-dangerous bureaucracy, and enslave the voters by handing out freebies. This is what the true face of "progressivism" is. Forget the so-called "11 commandments". That is just a ruse.

But you know, hey, I am all for having Soros, Gates, Buffet, Steyer, Gore, Moore, and all the other limousine lefties give me their money. Give it to me guys. GIVE IT TO ME! .... crickets.

And where is Obama having his beer today, while he coasts his way through the lame duck years? He laughs at America.

PRY said...

I just discovered this new film, "There's no place like Utopia" playing this summer, where I don't know...but it really lays it all out, the whole ugly, but sensible picture.
Remember when Kruschev said they would take down America without firing a shot back in the 60's? Well, it's well underway, and I'm afraid a lot of folks just don't have any idea what is going on!

Here's the link to the trailer, or clicking my name might work...

This little ditty is to the tune of Lennon's "Imagine"....

Imagine there's no Obama lording over us
It's hard but you can try
No power hungry fascists coming down at us
Above us only free blue sky
Imagine all the American people
Still free today...

Imagine there's no enemies of the state list
It's hard but you can try
No control freaks to worry about if they at us get pist
And no fascist DHS Secretaries too
Imagine all free Americans
Living life without them...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday all the sheeple will join us
And free Americans will be as one

David in SoCal said...

@Geoff: It makes PERFECT sense, my friend, that the O'Alinsky Ineptocracy would hire someone with no experience in the organization they are picked to run. This whole damn administration is run by 'folks' who have NO experience at what they do,(except for being socialist suck-butts), starting with Imperial Leader Darth Obama, and on down the line. Inept leaders, leading inept voters...Is the bar open yet?

Anonymous said...

I was told that one needn't remove one's shoes anymore when going through TSA lines - that seems to not be true but I did find this lovely thing. {LINK}

"Pat-downs are conducted by an officer of the same gender as presented by the individual at the checkpoint." Come again?

What a world we live in. We bend over backwards for Muslims, though it is eminently arguable about the security threat they pose; meanwhile we throw into one class and castigate all persons who are, shall we say, not in a protected group. That, BTW, leaves only one class of people.

That is a test. Can anyone come up with the answer?

Vestigial Idiot said...

Geoff, David in SoCal -

A Hungarian saying: "A fish rots from the head down."

David in SoCal -

Still no Double-Double yet. Are you sure you sent it to the correct address? This is serious business ....

David in SoCal said...

Vestigial: As noted above, your order is coming by mail. I'm working VERY hard trying to stuff the envelopes as fast as possible; may take 3-5 days for the 'snailers' to deliver. Should arrive along with you check, which is 'in the mail' as well. Keep drooling!

bobtater said...

You know after five and years of this Presidency it looks like a terrible tragedy to me.

Vestigial Idiot said...

David in SoCal -

If drool I must, drool I will. But I trust you!

Geoff King -

Another tidbit in this tragedy. I don't get it yet.

Geoff King said...

Yeah. There are far too many unanswered questions about the Malaysian airliner to pass judgement on anyone at this point. Another source claims the recovered bodies had been dead for at least two weeks. Couple that with the fact that this aircraft is identical in every way to the previous Malaysian airliner that disappeared over the South China Sea, and you have the makings of epic conspiracy theories. Naturally, despite any evidence, Øbama and the NWO globalists have already put the full blame squarely on Russia. That alone makes me believe there is far more to this story than we are being told.

Geoff King said...

*despite a lack of any evidence. Also, one should ask what possible gain would Russia achieve in shooting down a third party civilian aircraft when the whole world is watching their every move? In the same vein, who would gain from such an action if Russia was falsely accused?

Bob Ondiss said...

Hello. My name is Bob Ondiss, and I represent the Law Firm of Stu Pidasso, Defense Lawyers, Inc.
Mr. in SoCal is my client, and I regret to inform you he will not be able to complete his contractual obligations to the starving/drooling masses @ Hn' Apparently, he was arrested by the California State Department of Health, charged with 'Distributing Ultra Tasty Food Items',(California Penal Code Section OU812), without proper permitting and Health Department Licensing. On behalf of Stu Pidasso D.L.I., and Mr. in SoCal, we regret any hunger pangs and drippy chins this incident may have caused.

Sparky said...

@Dave in SoCal / Bob Ondiss ~ ROFLOL! :)

Left at the alter again! said...

Oh crap - Nutjobs everywhere! .... Diss'ed again by yet another Stu Pidasso!

David in SoCal Lockup said...

Karnak: Thanks so much for a reminder of one of the greatest times to be an American. I'll never forget as a 15 year old, grabbing my Dad's binoculars in an attempt to see the Lunar Module before and after it had landed. Watching Walter Cronkite tear up as he reported the event,was very moving as well. God Bless America!

Wahoo said...

To warm up the crowd at Barry's next fundraiser, during the next global or domestic disaster, may I suggest: "Take my wife...please."

Geoff King said...

RIP James Garner. Even though he was a card-carrying Democrat, he was one of my favorite actors. Maverick, Rockford Files, Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter, Tank, Murphy's Romance, etc. All excellent.

John the Econ said...

Feeling dizzy. Did I just hear John Kerry come down on the Palestinians and Hamas? It's too early for me to be drinking, so it's not that.

David in Socal said...

@Econ: The way I heard it was 'Went down'.

Geoff King said...

Yeah, Kerry served in Vietnam...he served himself. His Purple Heart was for accidently wounding himself with a grenade:
He is the worst kind of fraud.

Anonymouseseses said...

David in SoCal -

He served in Viet Nam? Naaaaw. Nope. Jane Fonda served in Viet Nam - she served the enemy.

He PREENED in Viet Nam which of course would lead to his greatness as ketchup-in-chief.

I am trying to figure out how to say that in French.

David in SoCal said...

@ Geoff: Yeah, he 'scratched' himself as a result of his own stupidity, then wanted sympathy and a medal for doing nothing to stop the influx of communism, other than to promote communism here in the US under the Ocommie Administration.
@Anonymouseseseseses: Kerry served the Viet Cong AFTER he retruned to the US. It's French Indonesian that (IservedinVietNamKerry speaks)Choi-Oi!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymouseseseseses:'Ketchup-in-Chief': LMAO! Brilliant! Thanks!

David in SoCal said...

WTH?!!! I was I-D'd as Anonymous!
I resent that moniker!....
David in SoCal

JustaJeepGuy said...

I haven't seen or heard anywhere that JFK Lite (I've heard he was in Vietnam, BTW) said anything bad about any Palestinians (or ANY terrorists, for that matter) and will only believe it when/if I hear/see it with mine own eyes/ears.

As for today's date, which SHOULD be remembered forever by all true Americans, I'm so saddened that we couldn't go back to the Moon for decades, if ever, no matter how badly we might want to. Thanks a lot, Demo_Rats!!! And you're supposed to be the ones so interested in science.....

David in SoCal said...

JustaJeepGuy: The Dumbocrats actually ARE interested in science..
...The 'science' of Green Energy that throws billions of tax payer dollars at companies that will go bankrupt and be sold to Chinese interests; and the 'science' of Global Warming,(now 'climate change'), that steals billions of tax payer dollars and gives nothing in return for an unproven fallacy, or the 'science' of internet technology that spends 700 million tax payer dollars developing a 2 million dollar website that does not, nor was EVER intended to work.
But not to worry about space exploration JJGuy: Ogivemoneytoourenemies will throw 60 million at the Russkies to fly each of our 'astronauts' to the 'international' space station, while wasting the money NASA would have had on crap like Ogetnothing Care and saving MS13 thugs from south of the border. I have to admit though, that I too believe in 'climate change'. I've noticed that it's a little hotter in the Summer, than it is in the Winter. Run for your lives! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Robert said...

Ice cold America-hating sociopath. Just observe his facial expressions and body language whenever he is forced to bestow the Medal of Honor onto someone he regards as inferior to himself.

Vestigial Idiot said...

Robert -

Man, are you ever correct. That describes the man to a tee. I am sure his stomach turns every time he puts the medal on each hero.

You know, I am really surprised so far that the left and our president have not yet brought up Iran Air Flight 655. What made me think of that is the Russian claim I read somewhere that there were corpses on the Malaysian flight as a "ruse" for actual passengers. I remember that coming up with the Iran flight. I do not now recall how all of that was resolved. It always seemed like a creepy ploy on the part of the Iranians to send that airliner into hostilities (from a base used by both military and civilian aircraft). I think maybe Putin is trying to argue the same thing here. I don't know. But it is clear that a lot of training went into shooting those SA-11 missiles. As soft as an airliner is, at 33Kft with that type of missile, it is still a hard target to hit. I need to review again what happened with 655 but you would think the left would be all over comparing that to the current crisis. I wonder why I have heard so little?