Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Conflagration Prize

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Progressives are happily dancing atop the graves of our Benghazi dead following the final House Select Committee 800-page report on what went wrong and who is to blame.

In a nutshell, it seems that everything went wrong, and the entire incident was the almost unavoidable outcome of policy failures, bureaucratic mismanagement and miscommunication, dismal understanding of the situation in Libya, gross underestimation of necessary security to protect Americans, and general fumbduckery. Meaning that no one - especially Hillary in the Left's estimation - is to blame because the entire system failed at every level.

For Progressives, this means that Hillary is now cleared and qualified to become president of the United States, an office from which she can give every citizen the same level of protection she provided for the fallen in Benghazi.

Interestingly, the report makes clear that pretty much everyone in the Obama administration, including Hillary, lied their pants (or pantsuits) off about what actually happened - choosing to promote their entirely bogus "Youtube demonstration" story in order to not distract Americans in an election year with the troublesome truth that the war on terror hadn't really ended with Bin Laden's death. Hillary Clinton knowingly lied to the victims' families when she told them that the videomaker would be brought to justice, and subsequently lied when she accused those still-grieving family members of being liars themselves for failing to cover her polyestered rear end.

Democrats on the investigative panel issued their own version of the report, declaring that the whole Republican-led investigation was a political sham intended only to sully a presidential candidate's reputation, which is an unacceptably sleazy and partisan thing to do. The Democrat report then somehow inserts 23 negative references to Donald Trump, which is apparently an acceptably sleazy and partisan way to sully a candidate's reputation.

While it would seem that the fat lady has sung, or in this case cackled, on the sad subject of Benghazi, Hillary was in no way exonerated. The full report notes that the record of Hillary's actions or inactions will never be complete owing to her use of the infamous, secret private server and deletion of tens of thousands of emails.

Which, unlike the fatal miscalculations made about embassy security, shows impressive foresight on her part.

FLASHBACK: PROPHET AND LOSS STATEMENT (9/26/2012) - Obama uses Benghazi deaths to defend Islam and attack the 1st Amendment at the United Nations.


Mike aka Proof said...

So, the Democrats issue a report that mentions Donald Trump 23 times, but it's the Republicans that are playing partisan politics. Got it.

rickn8or said...

Hillary couldn't run ONE department before, and now she thinks she can run ALL of 'em??

REM1875 said...

Where in the chain of command was Donald Trump and what the hell was he responsible for during Benghazi?

chef621 said...

Great post, Stilt! Loved the fumduckery. It really fits! It reminds me of my dad saying tomfoolery when we were kids.
Of course, you know, all this happened a long time ago, so it does not matter what lies were told, (according to the left). All that matters now is maintaining the status quo by making billery president.
New Zealand is looking more and more inviting.

TrickyRicky said...

@Mike & REM-Exactly! Trump may be flawed, but seriously, how does he end up in a Benghazi report? I have such a deep, abiding loathing of Ma Barker and her evil family that I am afraid that I can no longer abide my friends and acquaintances who plan to vote for the she-devil. She is pure evil, they may simply have cognitive dissonance, but that is no longer an excuse. Enough is enough.

Fred Ciampi said...

So, it took an 800 page report to determine what went wrong in Benghazi. I can only surmise that a report outlining what is wrong with the whole administration would be 8,922,344,732 pages long. Approximately.

Fish Out of Water said...

Typical actually, placing blame on everyone means no one individual is to blame....

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, I've got to admit I feel bad when I see Lefty Lucy. Although a grain of sand is like the Rock of Gibraltar compared to her brain, I can't help looking at her, seeing that smile and thinking she's cute. I DO apologize and hope this doesn't affect my ability to post on HnC.

Geoff King said...

Face it, Damnocrats do not care if one of theirs lies through their teeth. We learned that when Slick Willy was re-elected president after lying under oath in Federal Court.
If he had been a Republican, or had it been you or I, we'd still be making little rocks out of big ones.

GenEarly said...

Yet another reason for Bigger Government......"Systemic Irresponsibility".......
and "Both"Pol Parties play the same game. For instance This Report is the last Retort of the Chamberpot Party. Just long delayed paper, ink and blather, No Actions, except continuing to Fully Fund the Feral DC Beast.

Dan said...

The spokesmen at news briefings/conferences (yes, I'm looking at YOU, Josh) often deny reality or try to gaslight us. Just once, after being blown off with some nonsequitor or some sort of omission or lie, I'd like to see the questioner pull out his cell phone and play back what was *actually* said.

John the Econ said...

Oh GOPers, why do you always keep hanging all your hopes on things that will never, ever happen? Bill & Hillary's deal with Satan preclude any meaningful legal action against the two. So exactly what were you expecting to come out in this latest report that we didn't already know?

Your problem is that you all keep hoping for some kind of smoking gun that will somehow convince the majority of Democrat zombies that Hillary is the self-centered political crook we all know her to be. Forget it! It's not going to happen. Ever.

Instead, you ignore all of the painfully obvious proof of her unsuitability for public office you already have which is more than enough to convince any sentient being that Hillary is at best incompetent, and at worst, evil.

The real scandal of Benghazi IS NOT that the attack happened and was allowed to succeed. This was clearly due to government incompetence and failure of leadership. Everyone already knows and accepts this. Even Hillary admits this. (What difference does it make?) Nobody is surprised by this. We accept it daily.

The real scandal of Benghazi IS how Hillary & the Obama Administration chose to publicly respond to it primarily by blaming America's freedom of speech and the primary culprit. None of this is in dispute. Instead of telling the truth that this was an al Qaeda guided attack, they concocted an alternative narrative and blamed a stupid and obscure YouTube video, and then proceeded to attack and prosecute the video's creator in a direct attack against the 1st Amendment. This is the real crime. Instead of taking advantage of what should have been a "teachable moment" (as Progressives like to call these) and educating the populations of these ignorant totalitarian cultures that in the West speech is not controlled by the state, Hillary's State Department and the Obama Administration spent taxpayer money to go on an apology for America tour, culminating with Obama's "The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam" UN speech.

This is the real crime against America. Nobody will ever go to jail over it, but that shouldn't matter. Merely being exposed as being part of this should preclude any candidate from public office. This is the theme the GOP needs to be pounding against Hillary: Anyone that argues that the 1st Amendment should be subservient to other political interests has no place in American government.

But instead of taking this route of higher ideals, the GOP will instead hinge their hopes on legal actions that will never take place, and continue to lose. Perhaps it's because they don't aspire to any higher ideals anymore either, and are content for being the party of lesser scandals & evils.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- The word "irony" just isn't enough somehow.

@rickn8or- Well, she can probably run all of them as well as she ran that one.

@REM1875- According to the Dems, Trump could have built a wall around the embassy and make Islamic terrorists pay for it, but he failed to do so.

@chef621- The Left loves to stall, stall, stall as long as possible when it comes to scandals, then eventually declare them to be "old news." And the damn strategy works every time.

@TrickyRicky- I don't like to use the word "hate," but I've got to say that I hate the very sight (or sound!) of Hillary these days. Yes, she is evil.

@Fred Ciampi- I think the page count you mention would be a good start, but could there really ever be a "last page?" I doubt it.

@Fish Out of Water- Exactly. And even though there was blame for "everyone," there were repercussions for no one - except the families of the dead, and the further erosion of our nation's status and credibility on the world stage.

@Bruce Bleu- Oh, Lucy is cute as a button despite her idiotic politics. I like to think her ignorance is simply a product of youth, and that someday she'll see the light. Hey, it happened to me - not that I was particularly cute even when young.

@Geoff King- I think the Dems consider lying an actual virtue. At the very least, they don't care because "everyone does it." At least, everyone they know, socialize, and work with.

James Daily said...

I started reading a bit of that report, but it was sloshing over my high waders so I had to forgo the rest or I would have drown. It beats me how Ambassador Stevens had begged and pleaded for more security but that had no bearing on the outcome of the the invasion, yes, those killers invaded a sovereign country when they attacked the Embassy but that did not matter. The conclusion of the report is that there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats in covering Hillary's polyester covered ash.

Boligat said...

@John the Econ: This is the theme the GOP needs to be pounding against Hillary: Anyone that argues that the 1st Amendment should be subservient to other political interests has no place in American government.

Not sure that will help. I just heard some stats that seem to indicate that among 20-30's close to 50% think that the 1st Amendment needs some serious revision, especially in regards to protecting "hate speech".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@GenEarly- I think "Systemic Irresponsibility" encapsulates the concept perfectly. And it's everywhere.

@Dan- I'd love to see that happen.

@John the Econ- Excellent remarks and a fine summation. As I've railed here on many an occasion, one of the things that enrages me the most is that Obama, in making his "the future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam" remark, used an attack on Americans to criticize America at the full consciousness that he was lying. "Treason" is a word that springs readily to mind.

@James Daily- I still like Trey Gowdy and think he did a laudable job, including NOT making this a political witch hunt. But as a general rule, I see little difference between the Republicans and Democrats these days; I think they try to show "professional courtesy" in helping cover up scandals so they can enjoy the same benefits when caught in their own scandals. Which is why the whole "Donald Trump as political hand grenade" movement has gotten such momentum.

@Boligat- The free speech statistic is frightening and saddening. I think we're actively approaching the age of Life (unless you're a fetus), Liberty (within proscribed limits), and the Pursuit of Blissful Cluelessness.

Colby Muenster said...

The Democrats have been playing dirty pool for decades, and the only way to counter this tactic is to play dirty pool back (which most sissy Republicans refuse to do). "We need to take the high road here," they say. Well, where has that gotten us so far, Brainiac?! We are not dealing with rational adults; this is the me generation, nad they get their "news" from Twitter and Facebook. It's time to fight fire with bigger fire, dammit!

John the Econ nailed it. These Benghazi hearings seem to have been going on for decades, and accomplished basically nothing other than the libtards are even more convinced Trey Gowdy is a self serving witch hunter.

Could it be that Trump is (was?) doing so well because he is not afraid to sling some mud?

Knowing what we do about progressives, does anybody doubt that Hillary could still get elected President, even from jail? hell, the prison system would probably build an Oval Cell.

Shelly said...

Remember "It's the cover up, not the crime." Oh, but that only applies to Republicans. It's painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain, Hillary and Obama conspired to cover this up. Libya was supposed to be her crown jewel of foreign policy and Obama had a reelection coming up with the key argument that he had terrorists on the run. And that's how the video BS came about. They couldn't appear to be incompetent or anything like that. Off topic but still unbelievable, did you see that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch just happened to run into each other on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport? So they spent 30 minutes on her government (meaning our) plane just talking about grandchildren and stuff. This is the woman in whose hands the fate of Hillary may lie. They really take us for fools, don't they. They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

John the Econ said...

Yes, @Boligat, I'm well aware of the suicidal complacency of a large percentage of the millennial generation. It's certainly part of the price we must pay for allowing our educational system fail to the degree that it has. It's also amazingly ironic that as the left castigates the supposed Nazi parallels of a Trump candidacy, such a large percentage of the supposedly best educated generation ever should miss the parallel where a complacent German majority allowed the Nazis to proceed along with their agenda, with the belief that as long as they themselves avoided saying anything controversial, it would all work out well for them in the end.

All I can do is console myself that as a soon to be post-middle-aged male American, living under a Sharia-friendly regime will be a much better deal for me that it will be for the vast majority of these see-no-evil ignoramuses. Live it up kids; you only have a decade or so left of it.

@Colby Muenster, the only unquestionable upside to a Trump candidacy will be watching him go after Hillary in a debate setting like no Republican would. It will be fun watching him unfurl decades of Clinton slime, and then watch the fact-checkers the next day work diligently to refute it all.

@Shelly, that's the amazing thing about the Clintons; Half the time, the cover-up isn't even necessary. Would Obama have lost his 2012 re-election had they played Benghazi straight? I doubt it. They could have simply written the whole episode off to being just "one of those things" that happens as a matter or routine in that part of the world, and the MSM will happily comply, just as they'll ultimately do with yesterday's episode of "travelplace violence" in Istanbul.

Boligat said...

@Stilty, When I was growing up we used to say it was Life, Liberty and the Happiness of Pursuit. Exactly what was being pursued was never spelled out but usually was restricted to females. In some crowds it might include booze. Nowadays, though, I never use that little phrase because I don't even want to know what is being pursued. That said, it's hard not to know with said pursuit being displayed on every magazine cover in the grocery checkout line, every night on the news, in the movies, in the streets, online, in every passing conversation in the school halls and the mall, in restaurants, in the aisles of WalMart, etc. It's just awful. I weep for my grandchildren, especially my granddaughters. Most of them are still in grade school. My daughter-in-law is seriously considering homeschooling them all.

Bruce Bleu said...

"Cute as a button"? I actually used to be cute, when I was 18 months old. MAN... I've REALLY gone around the bend since then. Speaking of fasteners, I can imagine Turd Kennedy referring to a female being cute "as a zipper... his OPEN zipper".

Jim G. said...

Who is this guy, Benghazi? That's what the Millenials want to know. They are voting for Hillary, no matter what. And hey, can't we all just get along? You all need to respect the Muslim religion because if you don't, you are all RACISTS!!!

Jim G. said...

Who is this guy, Benghazi? That's what the Millenials want to know. They are voting for Hillary, no matter what. And hey, can't we all just get along? You all need to respect the Muslim religion because if you don't, you are all RACISTS!!!

Popular Front said...

'is to blame because the entire system failed at every level'
Now that is just a total bullshit excuse. What the hell ever happened to personal initiative? Why didn't someone, anyone up or down the command chain exercise it and send a ready reaction team in to try to save those poor bastards in the embassy? Hit the 'GO' button and worry about the inquiries afterwards. I truly hate this shit. Guys in the field get blown away and the civilian turds bicker and try to pin blame and score political points.

Thinking about their last minutes in Benghazi, when the clock ran down and they KNEW no-one was coming in to help makes me so angry. All that's left for you then is to do a 'Butch & Sundance' and try to take as many of the assholes with you as you can.

Pete (Detroit) said...

IIRC, at the time, it was reported that the two former SEALS were on top of a nearby building. They were killed b/c they had given away their position by 'painting' a group w/ a targeting laser. Supposition at the time was they could hear a drone, and were expecting it to fire a missile at the group they were indicating.
Which, of course, never happened.

Dan said...

@Colby Muenster "the only way to counter this tactic is to play dirty pool back"
Quite true. Sometimes you have to forgo your deeply held beliefs and just firebomb Tokyo or Dresden, collateral damage be damned.
The fictional 00 spies were licensed to kill for a reason. I don't doubt that we had similar licensees during WWII, immediately postwar, and up to the 1975 Church hearings and report.
There are times you have to be stern.

Colby Muenster said...

I just watched the movie "13 Hours." It doesn't fling specific blame at Killary and O'Liar, but does do a fair job of portraying how these brave men and women felt when they realized they had been betrayed, ignored, and left to die. It also takes away ANY doubt that this was NOT a freaking protest over a freaking video.

@John the Econ,
I am VERY much looking forward to the Trump/Clinton debates, if they actually transpire. You know durn well she's going to avoid them like the plague, especially if they take place on Fox News. In the aftermath, the "press" will crucify Trump, but I don't think he gives a rip.

Colby Muenster said...

Sad but true. It's troubling that politics ahs come to this, but either you counter fire with fire, or kiss our Republic goodbye. And to any moonbats reading this, yes, we are a Republic, not a Democracy. Go look up the difference if you care to take the time. And no, God did not endow you with inalienable rights to friggin free health care, friggin free college, or free friggin anything for that matter. friggin...

Rod said...

I took a break from all this disgusting political bullshit for a trip to see the kids and many old friends; then get back to resume "normalcy" and care of aging parents. And it was a nice break which I may continue.

It looks like it's going to have to become much worse here before a national will develops to end this corruption and make things any better. That will be ugly, so we also need to be preparing for it.