Monday, June 27, 2016

The Price of Weeking Off

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Well that was silly.  Hope n' Change tried to take a restful but productive week off, but instead we ended up posting as many cartoons as usual (just check out the "Staycation" post below) while the world enthusiastically went foam-drooling, "bibbidy-bibbidy-bibbidy" lip-diddling, howling at the moon crazy.

And on the personal front, 98% of the things we'd intended to do last week didn't get done. It seems we stink at time management as badly as we stink at taking time off.

Regarding the stories du jour, we don't have a lot to say about Brexit because A) we don't know much about all the details and B) it's our understanding that not much of a change will actually take place for a couple of years, other than C) our retirement savings getting kicked where it hurts (without benefit of an athletic cup) last Friday.

Donald Trump gave a major speech about how much Hillary Clinton stinks as a candidate and as a human being, which we enthusiastically agree with, and kicked off, making us wish we'd had the foresight to buy the domain name first. We do, however, own the domain name for - which we might convert into a Hillary site in the coming days.

There's not much need for us to discuss Hillary's email situation other than to say that scads of newly incriminating evidence seem to arise every day, but DOJ doyenne Loretta Lynch is so busy with her "Show ISIS Some Love" campaign there's no chance she'll file charges against the woman who gave our nation's enemies about 1000 times more secret information than Benedict Arnold did.  (For those of you too young to have learned about Benedict Arnold, he gave away our secret of topping poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. )

The Supreme Court did a good thing by ruling that Obama absolutely exceeded his legal authority (ie, broke the freakin' law) by stuffing our country with potentially disease-ridden illegal immigrants who are doing the important missionary work of bringing Shariah Law and sporadic bursts of terror to our shores. Of course, we'd be more impressed by the ruling if it forced Obama to do anything differently - but the SOB knows that Republicans aren't going to seriously challenge him on immigration during this election year. Or any of the other seven years he's been getting away with this lunacy.

The Supreme Court also declared that if there's no other way on God's green earth to legitimately get a black kid into a college, it's okay to discriminate against (and perhaps viciously beat with an ax handle) anyone who has white or yellow skin, as well as those potential students with brown skin if they're Indian or Pakistani instead of an illegal Latino.  Apparently, the Supreme Court's definition of "diversity" is "a rich mix of those who have earned their position, and those who are absolutely clueless but are useful stereotypes." Which is, now that we think of it, a pretty accurate description of the Supreme Court itself.

And with that being said, Hope n' Change court is officially back in session.


REM1875 said...

In honor of your staycation I figured I would follow Stilton's lead and do the same.
I didn't even finish the yard.
The good news is we are going into that special season here in Texas
where the yard goes dormant and stays crunchy for about 4 weeks.
I will again take this week off and see if I can accomplish more
(in this heat? yeah sure)

TrickyRicky said...

@Stilton-you can run (or stay) but you just can't hide from this crap.

Fred Ciampi said...

Did I really read somewhere that The Hildabeast must be not guilty because the FBI hasn't charged her yet? A lib blog said that the FBI couldn't find and evidence of wrongdoing. Hmmmmm. Or is it because the FBI has been ordered to stand down by 'someone'? But I notice that they're not standing down when it comes to the fine patriots in NV and Oregon. Oh, Jedger Hoover must be turning over in his grave. And did you change the font here or are my new eyeballs playing tricks on me?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- In my part of Texas, the grass is going hog wild instead of dormant, and we have to mow every 4 days. Yuck.

@TrickyRicky- You're right. I can't avoid the news entirely and, once exposed to it, I need to vent or go crazy.

@Fred Ciampi- In polls I've seen, the vast majority of libs either think Hillary did nothing wrong with her emails, or just don't give a flying fudgesicle about it. Hilarious to think anyone, no matter how biased, might be reporting that the FBI has found "no evidence" of wrongdoing - we already KNOW there's wrongdoing with missing documents, destroyed documents, transmission of secret documents, and more.

As far as the font for HnC, everything is the same as it ever was. Including the (expletive) news.

Geoff King said...

Obviously it is too early to predict the long-term results of Brexit passing. Will other European countries follow suit? Will Scotland demand independance from the UK?
However, since George Soros and the rest of the globalists were against it, how bad could it possibly be?

Rod said...

"Never waste a good crisis" applies to the financial market as well. There's a reason why market watchers talk it on down; just as they will be talking it back up. It's called greed. Unless you need the money now; stay calm and blog on.

Mike Porter said...

Well, the potentially good news in all of this may be found in the polls leading up to the actual Brexit vote; that many folks of the 'leave' mindset apparently didn't want to come across as 'racist' for desiring to curb unfettered immigration of seventh century trolls resistant to assimilation, so the outcome arrived as something of a surprise. Most notably comes this headline from the Observer:

Brexit Flunk: Every Major Bookie in the UK Put Pounds on ‘Remain’

Perhaps we're seeing something similar in the polls here... Trump supporters not in the 'polite closet' are generally of the 'screw you' variety. As far as they're concerned, folks in the media have been shoveling the shit for so long they can all just choke on their damned polls. Any guess on the odds of that?

Bruce Bleu said...

Interesting factoid regarding Benedict Arnold, but did you ALSO know that when "Benghazi" was over, and lamont and Reggie Love surfaced after 7 hours of "being missing", that the substance around lamont's mouth was NOT "Hollandaise sauce"? I'm sure it comes as a complete surprise to you that Bathhouse Barry "plays for the other team", but it's something you must reconcile to yourself, he is NOT a man of honor, (hell, it's still not established that he's a MAN at ALL!)

Geoff King said...

By odd coincidence, yet another person who was set to testify against Hillary has suffered an untimely "accidental" death:

John the Econ said...

Brexit: A bit of a surprise, and way too complex to completely explain in a single blog post, but suffice it to say that it's a massive blow against unaccountable mega-government. The best summation I've seen as to the explanation why is that it's not totally dissimilar to the Trump phenomenon; It was passed by older Brits who remember a UK before the EU, when Britain was still thought of as an "empire". It was largely voted against by "educated" young Brits who have known nothing else, and are scared of the unknown. It's also telling that the EU was holding back on its forthcoming mandates on tea kettles, toasters and hair-dryers because of "global warming". Citizens are tired of unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels telling them what kind of tea kettles they can use over a phony government-created crisis as the excuse.

And then there's the other parallel of what's happened in America, with a "Trump" coalition of middle-class Brits who have not shared in the good times of the financial and bureaucrat classes and also has to compete with the low-skilled immigrants for fewer available jobs.

And then there's the immigration issue. There are those who believe that Britain already has all the Middle Eastern immigrants it needs, and the EU's lack of will to deal with the problem certainly boosted the exit forces. Just like many Americans, many Brits want their borders back.

This is also a big blow to mega-statists like Obama, who last month urged the UK to stick with the EU. One has to wonder which way Obama's endorsement swung the very close vote.

Market fallout: Is this cool or what? My commodities shoot up over 4% while my equities drop 3%. So I sell commodities and buy the fire-sale equities for a 7% bump in a day. I'll probably be doing more of the same today, after a weekend of the sake kind of worthless reporting. This is why the traders just love media-generated "volatility". The UK isn't going anywhere. Trade will not end. The sky will not fall. In fact, Britain will probably be better off in the long run now that they've got some sovereignty back and their leadership will be forced to relocate their balls. Meanwhile, the media is doing everything it can to create hype, scaring the clueless into liquidating their 401Ks. This is sad, but I don't mind making 7% if they're going to listen to the complete idiots on CNN who actively seek out only the people who are spewing the freak-out.

God save the Queen!

John the Econ said...

Hillary's E-Mail: As I've said before, the "legality" of Hillary's private server is largely non-sequitur. It's the fact that she had it in the first place that is the issue.

There is only 1 reason for anyone to go to the trouble of running a private server: Accountability. She wanted/needed absolute control over her e-mail to avoid discovery. Unless the Russians get pissed and do a data dump, we'll never know what those 30,000 or so messages were about beyond wedding plans and yoga routines. The debate about security protocols that may have been violated is akin to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Remember, under the "Clinton Ethos", nothing is "wrong" until successfully prosecuted in a court of law, which this will never be. But that does not mean that Americans have to accept this as behavior suitable for a Commander in Chief.

Speaking of Hillary, this was shameless even by Clinton standards: Last week, responding to Trump's attacks on the money laundering Clinton Foundation, Hillary responded, "It's no surprise that he doesn't understand these things. The Clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life-saving AIDS medicine."

All we need to understand is that Bill, Hillary & Chelsea take a 90% slice of the action.

"Donald Trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties."

At least they get paid for the privilege instead of being used as fodder for photo ops.

Supreme Court & Diversity: Sad, especially since "affirmative action" actually hurts the very people it's supposed to help in the long run.

...and Stilton, you missed this one: "Ahmed the Clock Boy" is back. Seems that after only 9 months in the promised land of Qatar, he's homesick and would rather be back in racist, islomophobic Texas.

Colby Muenster said...

Welcome back, Stilton (as if you actually, like... went somewhere). I'm glad you find it so difficult to not post!

Yes, SCOTUS' decision put an end to Barry's "New Democrat Creation Plan," but I'd hardly say they ruled against it, seeing as how it was a 4-4 tie. Still, the outcome is the same, so I'll take it! But this ruling served to remind me of how very, very close we are to having a one branch gubmint. If (God forbid) the murderous, lying hag gets elected President, we can kiss the Constitution goodbye with her first SCOTUS nomination. At the end of eight (shudder) years, we'd be lucky to have one or two good justices left. Or worse, guys like Clarence Thomas could end up like Vince Foster or John Ashe or...

@Geoff King,
Yessir, the libtards are freaking out over Britons waking the hell up, so Brexit HAS to be a good thing. I believe this is just the first domino of many. What the heck will boob-sucking countries like Greece do when their responsible big brothers abandon them? I can almost hear the wheels turning in German's heads!

Barry in Britain said...

Yes its been an interesting week here in Great Britain. As regards our potential exit from the EU, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. All manner of factions are ganging up to prevent the will of the people. Even Cameron has lost his cojones and passed the buck to his successor. So no possible exit trigger until October. By then of course sense will prevail and the government will vote in favour of remaining "for our own good"
Watch this space....

Glad you got the lawn mowed Mr J.

Dave said...

Excellent summary of the week!

NVRick said...

Being retired, I'm always on va/(mostly)staycation. We're well into our second or third week of triple digit highs but at least the forecast for next Saturday gives us a reprieve with the high predicted to be a soothing 99 degrees. (But it's a dry heat.) Someone recently (maybe at this site) described dry heat as being baked in an oven as opposed to boiled in water.
Not much to do around the house as we have rock instead of grass, and we have an irrigation system.
Keep up the good fight, Stilt. Your insights and comments always provide entertainment to offset the daily crap in the rest of the world.