Friday, July 1, 2016

Voting In Favor of "Breaks It"

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All we are saying is give pieces a chance.
UK voters stunned the world by shaking things up with their vote for "Brexit." Here in the United States, we'll soon be given the opportunity to vote for Donald Trump - and we think the odds are that if he's given control of our government, he breaks it.

And we're all for it.

This isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of Donald Trump, whom we still think is a loudmouthed boob with sketchy, unworkable ideas and nary a conservative bone in his body. Rather, this is Hope n' Change's declaration of complete and utter revulsion at everything going on in our government, and our long withheld concession that Donald Trump could not possibly - even in complete and utter failure - be as bad for our nation as Hillary Clinton and a continuation of the current insidious, invidious, incestuous anti-American status quo which has rendered our government a dysfunctional mess.

Look at recent news stories. A wildly out of control Supreme Court made abortion easier in the name of women's health, while oxymoronically declaring that it would be unduly burdensome for abortion clinics to meet minimum medical standards to cope with emergencies. The same Supreme Court put their stamp of approval on discriminating against people based on the color of their skin as long as there are "intangible" reasons which the Court finds politically pleasing rather than constitutionally grounded. If Hillary Clinton nominates one or more Justice with liberal ideology, we can kiss the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendments goodbye.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and DNA-oozing slimeball Bill Clinton "just happened" to get together for a cozy private chat, and claimed that they talked cheerily about grandchildren rather than the ongoing investigation into Hillary's numerous, well-documented crimes. Hope n' Change isn't buying it, and is more inclined to categorize this conversation as overt collusion.

Nor do we think Ms. Lynch's assertion that fighting terror by showing "love and unity" for the jihadists would have prevented the carnage three suicide bombers caused in Turkey. These miscreants don't need a hug, they need a slug - delivered at high velocity and of the largest caliber possible. Nor will "love and unity" prevent the next attack on Americans, or the ones which will surely follow.

And speaking of attacks on Americans, it is the public and political reaction to the final report on the Benghazi fiasco which has finally pushed Hope n' Change over the breaking point and into the Trump camp (albeit kicking and screaming).

There's plenty to complain about, but let's narrow our focus to one critical finding which no one on the Left cares about: the president and Secretary of State of the United States lied repeatedly about the cause and nature of a terror attack which killed Americans, and did so solely for their own political benefit.

Barack Obama lied to protect his campaign slogan: "GM is alive, Bin Laden is dead, and Al Qaeda is on the run." And just to ice the cake, he took this lie to the United Nations where he attacked American freedom of speech as a messy inconvenience, and further stated "the future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam."

Hillary also pushed the Youtube lie, to shield her own presidential aspirations from the fallout over her disastrous policies in the Middle East (creating an instability which nurtured the rise of ISIS) and complete failure as Secretary of State to do anything other than rack up frequent flier miles, collect tiny bottles of booze in-flight, and open our nation's secrets to hackers while selling influence to the highest international bidders.

But when presented with evidence of her gross wrongdoing, Hillary looked with dead eyes straight into the news cameras and said (for the umpteenth time, over the umpteenth scandal) it's time to "move on."  Ignore the flag-draped coffins, folks, there's nothing to see here. The woman is like a snake who can unhinge her jaw to cold-bloodedly consume her prey, no matter how large and seemingly hard to swallow.

Meanwhile in Washington, bipartisan funding to fight the nightmarish Zika virus was blocked at the last minute by Harry Reid because the funds would go to mosquito control efforts, hospitals, and health clinics...but not Planned Parenthood. And the Democrats would rather see mothers wracked with pain and illness, and children born with microcephaly, rather than deny taxpayer dollars to abortion mills which, in time-honored quid pro quo fashion, "donate" a percentage of their grant money back to Democrat election campaigns. Your blood-stained tax dollars at work.

And in breaking news, the Pentagon has just announced new rules for embracing transgendered soldiers. And, no doubt, mounting a multi-billion dollar program to provide them with more inclusive latrines even while budgets for actual national defense are cut and cut again.

Enough already. This has got to stop. Choose whatever metaphor you like, but it's time for a bull in the china shop, a hand grenade under the tent flap, or the biggest possible monkey wrench we can jam into the spinning gears of government.

Hope n' Change doesn't believe Trump will really deport millions of illegal immigrants, or stop Muslim immigration into the country. We don't believe his "America first" trade policies will work (in fact, we think they'd cause a reduction in the American standard of living and wreak economic chaos). We're not even sure he can build his fabled wall, let alone get Mexico to pay for it.

But we also don't believe that Trump wants to destroy important American values. We don't think he's corrupt. We don't think he's evil. We don't think he's owned by special interests. And we don't think he's lying about loving this country, its citizens, or his desire to make America great again.

A continuation of Barack Obama's policies and liberal appointments to the Supreme Court will, we believe, be the death blow to an America that really was great...and which still has a scintilla of a chance of being great again.

Donald Trump is potentially a yuuuuge disrupter at a time when our political system needs huge disruption. Our nation would be far more likely to survive his probable policy failures than even a single term of Hillary Clinton's toxic policy successes.

Which is why we plan to cast a "Breaks It" vote for Trump in November. There is a lot that needs breaking.


Joseph ET said...

Now Loretta Lynch can have an excuse to recuse herself and appoint someone else to make a decision on the HRC case. Smart, gets her out of the catch 22 corner. Think about that.
Our Federal government has always had some corruption going on. These days they seem to be very open about it because there is no accountability in DC. Both sides are just as bad. So it continues because they all protect each other to keep the power and the cash rolling in.

James Daily said...

I do not mind Trump being an unknown quality as much as I fear Crooked Clinton being a known quality. As Trump mentioned today, he seems to be running against two parties. I think he is running against one consolidated party and this is the last gasp for any kind of freedom left in this country. My worries are not so much for myself but my children and grandchildren and generations not yet even a gleam in an eye.

Cat Mama said...

Right on, Sir! I couldn't have said it better myself.

REM1875 said...

This is not the witty biting humour I read Hope n' Change for......
Good job Doc I could not agree with you more. Well done and in Naval military language- Bravo Zulu
I too am a reluctant Trump supporter but support him I do.
I well remember the reign of Klintoon the worst and her co-president and am no ways eager to ever go through that again.
So here is a little secret Doc, I don't just look at hope n' change cartoons- I actually read and enjoy what you write unlike that BS we used to tell everyone about buying Playboy for the articles.

Jim Irre said...

I appreciate your sentiment and understand what is at stake. There are arguments that the Wicked Witch of the Ozarks would find herself stymied by a Republican Congress. That is predicated on two requirements. First, that we retain control of and acquire bigger majorities in both houses. Second, that a Republican Congress can figure out where they left their gonads.

I swore I would never vote for Trump, but while swearing (which this old sailor is very good at) I have also thought long and hard about my "conscience" vote putting the Clinton machine back on top in Washington. You make a convincing argument, and my will to vote my conscience is fading fast. We'll see.

Rod said...

Well said; I completely agree. Now to sell it before evil wins again.

In addition to their politics, low character, influence peddling and inept governance; I'm fully fed up with the Clintons and leading Dems openly taking us all for fools. I often wonder why so many Americans are not more offended by that.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Stilt, I always appreciate your astute comments and today's column is no different. Frankly, I have lost track of all the scandals emanating from the DC cesspool and like many of my fellow Americans I am tired of trying to track them. I presume the best we will be able to do is pursue the latest ignominy, hope voters do the right thing, and vote against The Wicked Witch of the Ozarks (BTW, @Jim Irre, I am so stealing that one!)

Bobo the Hobo said...

Please excuse the second post (slow brain and fat fingers hit the enter key too soon!)

While we are on the topic of spanking the Dems, allow me to remind everyone this train wreck could have been avoided in 2008 and again in 2012 but the Republicans refused - the same Republicans who lied through their teeth to get elected and re-elected by saying they would stop _________ [fill in your favorite calumny] and balked at being held accountable. The Republicans have passed the blame in an exquisite version of the shell game with the voters looking like rubes who just blew in with the egg money.

So while we are handing out a thumping to the Dems, don't forget the Republicans who aided and abetted this gang-bang.

Judi King said...

We don't know what kind of congress or cabinet a president Trump would be dealing with. I'll still trust my conscience.

Manfred said...

"Donald Trump is potentially a yuuuuge disrupter at a time when our political system needs huge disruption. Our nation would be far more likely to survive his probable policy failures than even a single term of Hillary Clinton's toxic policy successes." Agreed. I've been telling folks that, for me, the biggest draw Trump has is that he is causing the political establishment apoplexy. The national government needs and enema and maybe Trump can cause that to happen.

chef621 said...

I believe that our government is, perhaps, past the point of being able to be fixed. That is why it will be so easy for the one world government to step in and take over. It is being formed now in Europe. The initial stages are underway.

I think that we have two choices. Vote for Trump, (which is scary) or revolt (which is scarier). Having HRC for president is unacceptable. And now before I answer the door to talk to the two men in black suits, I will end this.

OpenTheDoor said...

The Donald was not my choice, I willingly toss the dice in the hope he will be a better leader than the distasteful alternative.
Welcome to the dark side Stilt.

TrickyRicky said...

@Stilton-Once again you have outdone yourself. I think I will save a link to today's commentary and use it whenever I have to explain the choices we have this fall to my fence sitting friends and family.

Trump was by no means my first choice. He is now the only choice.

rickn8or said...

Re: Billy Jeff and LO-retta: BJ discussed the investigation with her husband while LO-retta listened and chatted with her husband about the investigation.

BJ: "Give me what I want or I'll kill your grandchildren with a golf club."

Geoff King said...

I am sorry but my conscience will not allow me to vote for Trump in the hope that he MIGHT not be as bad as Clinton.
Assuming the powers that be will even allow him to become president without rigging the election in favor of their obvious preference of Hillary or just simply having him assassinated, I fail to see how he could possibly be good for our country. If he actually does succeed in winning, I envision massive rioting on a Furguson-like scale all over this country.
No, I will be voting Libertarian so as to be able to sleep at night. My hope will then be that president Hillary, whose health is very questionable, dies in office quickly or actually gets indicted and impeached. That, or she brings about a civil war-which may be the only thing that will save us at this point.

jlw said...

the difference between bad and worse is much more significant than the difference between good and better.

i, too, support Trump, albeit less than enthusiastically.

Manfred said...

I was planning to vote Libertarian until I read what Gary Johnson thinks. He said he has more in common with Bernie than anyone else. I could not be at peace with myself if I voter for Johnson.

Geoff King said...

I am sorry but my conscience will not allow me to vote for Trump in the hope that he MIGHT not be as bad as Clinton.
Assuming the powers that be will even allow him to become president without rigging the election in favor of their obvious preference of Hillary or just simply having him assassinated, I fail to see how he could possibly be good for our country. If he actually does succeed in winning, I envision massive rioting on a Furguson-like scale all over this country.
No, I will be voting Libertarian so as to be able to sleep at night. My hope will then be that president Hillary, whose health is very questionable, dies in office quickly or actually gets indicted and impeached. That, or she brings about a civil war-which may be the only thing that will save us at this point.

graylady said...

I will gladly carry my barf bag into the voting booth and vote for Trump. I don't like him, but I firmly believe he is a better choice than a known liar and unindicted criminal like Hillary.
And if you believe that all Bill and Loretta talked about were their grandchildren and golf, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale.

graylady said...

A Libertarian vote IS a vote for Hillary, while being able to comfort your conscience and say I didn't vote for her. It's the coward's way out.

Geoff King said...

@graylady: I disagree. A Libertarian vote is a vote for the Constitution. A Republican or Democrat vote is really the same thing. Either will bring about further erosion of that great document and our country. Also, I expect the Libertarian candidate, who will be on the ballot in all 50 states, to recieve a record amount of votes. Not enough to win, but hopefully enough to send the message to Washington that the people are fed up with having our God-given rights revoked.
It was, after all, an extreme minority of colonists that started the Revolution. I do not consider that, or any vote for freedom, the "coward's way out".

jlw said...

@Geoff King

i respect your point of view. i did the same thing with Perot and John Anderson. the Perot vote i regret, because it lead to Clinton and ultimately to now. the Anderson vote was meaningless.

do what you gotta do.

Bruce Bleu said...

Considering all the machinations that must be coordinated there is NO EFFIN WAY that Willie and the AG had a "chance encounter" in a remote airport in a private jet... NO WAY! It’s quite simple to deduce… free Willie was going to “tap” the Attorney Gorilla! Yes, our beloved demimonde has decided to become a “smoke jumper” and bed down with a Simian. He’s “gone over to the ‘dark side’”. The fried chickens have come home to roost. He’s converted to “brown sugar”. He’s shown a new preference of “ugly” over “FAT ASS ugly”. His recent sadness was caused by being “watermelancholy”.

James Daily said...

To those that want to vote Libertarian, please keep in mind that will be a vote for Clinton, not Johnson. That will be one vote Crooked Clinton does not have to match or overcome. It feels good but the repercussions could be a nightmare. Sorry about posting more than once.

Judi King said...

We all know that a Libertarian or a third party vote for anyone else is a vote for the bitch, but at this point ...."what difference does it make?" We've tried that twice before to no avail. She'll will lie, cheat, steal or kill to win this election.

Frank Villelli said...

I would hope that all of you with friends and/or acquaintences who will be either not voting or voting for Hillary will take the time to send this article/opinion piece to them. There is more truth to this than I care to admit. I too will be holding my nose as I cast my vote for Trump. But there is no alternative in this election. If Clinton is elected the government as envisioned by its creator will forever disappear.

Kelly From WI said...

Excellent analysis.. WE certainly live in interesting and scary times. Donald Trump was not my first choice, but will vote for him. Hope he wins and stays safe in office. Saw a homemade bumper sticker yesterday.... Hillary for Prison 2016

John the Econ said...

As I've already said many times before, discounting any unforeseen or otherwise unlikely events, Hillary Clinton will be elected President next November for a very simple reason: For well over a decade now, well over 51% of Americans now receive some form of direct "assistance" from the Federal government. It's popular to say and hear that "Washington is not working", and for the vast majority reading this here, I'd say that's true. But for a large number of Americans Washington is working just fine as it is, and Hillary is the sole representative of the status quo running for election in November. To those both dependent upon regular checks from Washington and those already well ensconced within the Washington establishment, Hillary is the only candidate that guarantees that their checks and influence will continue as they have, and will even be enhanced over the next half-decade or more.

Although I've never been for the man, I do appreciate what Trump has done to the process. It's good that he's destroying the GOP to save it. But at this late point, I'm not sure that it will make any difference. Democrat control of national government is near complete.

And now for the nooze:

Abortion & Guns: Am I the only one that caught the odd Progressive illogic that if the government makes abortions harder to acquire because of added regulation (in the name of "safety", no less) then Constitutional rights are being violated, but if the government makes guns harder to acquire, then a right (which is actually directly enumerated withing the Constitution) is not being abridged?

Do have fun with this one over the holiday weekend with friends and family.

John the Econ said...

Loretta Lynch shares good times with Bill Clinton: Wow, Day-2 of national coverage on this! Who would have thought? This is the sort of thing that the Clintons could assume the MSM would ignore 25 years ago. No so anymore. Could the Clinton Teflon be wearing thin?

First, for those unfamiliar with the Clinton modus operandi, they've never been particularly concerned about appearances of impropriety like traditional political figures. They simply do what they want to do, and then act like you're the one with the problem when called on it.

Both parties are swearing that nothing "official" was being discussed, and that they were simply chatting about their respective "vacations". That may not be entirely untrue. They may in fact have been talking about "vacations", but mainly about some of Bill's.

I've got another theory: This "chance meeting" wasn't about Hillary's investigation at all. It was about Bill's. You see, there's another scandal that's been simmering for some time now involving one Jeffrey Epstein, who is a kind of prototypical out-of-control billionaire James Bond villain with a reputation. Jeffrey is known for flying celebrities on his personal "Lolita Express" to his "Orgy Island" in the Caribbean where parties featuring underage girls are legend. It's long been documented Bill Clinton has taken dozens of these trips, and now even Donald Trump has been implicated.

So one has to ask why something so explosive on Trump hasn't been front page news? Simple. Because once this goes mainstream on Trump, Trump will reflexively let loose on Bill's association with Epstein, which is far longer and deeper. (Sorry, really, no pun intended there) Of course once that happens, Hillary will not be able to escape the collateral damage vortex. Nobody will believe her denials that she knew absolutely nothing about this. And even of they do, she won't be getting the feminist sympathy points she got the last time around when there was only a blue dress involved.

This scandal is no-win for everyone involved, except perhaps the American people. And that's why it will likely go nowhere and Jeffery Epstein will be just another on a long list of billionaires with Hillary in his pocket.

Faith D. said...

You must really trust the Democrat campaign donor, and misogynistic putz. Bless your heart.

John the Econ said...

Benghazi: No need to repeat my thoughts on that from Wednesday. People died due to rank incompetence and indifference and Hillary & Obama lied to save their asses. End of story.

Zika Funding: The people I usually see screaming about GOP obstructionism on social media are strangely silent on this. Hypocrites.

Transgendered GI Jolene: Insane. But on the other hand, I find the idea of some guy dressed like Klinger sending ISIS guys to the hereafter somewhat ironic and amusing. If we're going to go down the hole, we might as well go laughing.

@Stilton, I honestly was betting that this one would have been your cartoon for today and so surprised you missed it. It certainly belongs on today's list: One of the guns used in the Paris ISIS attack was supplied courtesy of Obama's Fast-n-Furious fiasco:

Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

"One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”"

And one more for your bonfire of the insanities:

Airport cops say they need guns to combat terrorists

"Aviation police officers in Chicago are sitting targets for potential terrorists because they don't carry guns and are told to run and hide in the event of an attack, the union representing the officers said Thursday.

Got that? When you're fleeing for your life from a terrorist attack at O'Hare, that guy running over your back is likely from the Chicago security detail supposedly employed to keep you safe.

NVRick said...

I've 'evolved' in my opinion of The Donald. When he first entered the primary race, I figured he was doing it as a lark, but was bringing attention to things that had to be addressed. I was foremost a Cruz supporter and remained one throughout.
Once it became apparent that he was in for the long haul, I thought he could be acceptable as a third or fourth place choice if it came to that. As the primaries went on (and on and on), and I learned more about the man I only had known as a NY billionaire(?) and tv show, my original possible support dropped until I became a #NeverTrump.
Now that we are done with the primaries and the nomination of Trump is more than probable, I've had to do some soul searching. I've morphed into #MaybeTrump and edging toward #PossiblyTrump. Unless things (Emailgate) spin things into the fourth dimension, I will likely turn to #ProbablyTrump.
We still have until November for events to swing me either to #AllrightAlreadyTrump or screaming and pulling my hair back to #NeverTrump.
The future has never seemed so unpredictable.

CenTexTim said...


Check it out!

rickn8or said...

A vote for Trump is a thumb in the eye of the dickless GOPe, lead by Bitch McConnell and Lyin Ryan.

Good enough reason for me.

Rod said...

And who walked Josh Earnest to the Whitehouse press podium when he addressed the Lynch<>Clinton ("chance" my ass) meeting at Skyhaven Int'l Airport? Huma.
We ALL really need to wake up about these people.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Wow! Unsurprisingly there are lots of opinions being voiced today - too many for me to respond to individually, though all are appreciated. I kicked off my morning with a direct email from a reader who declared that I'm a "complete and utter asshole," but I was disappointed that she didn't specify why. Because I damn Trump with faint praise? Because I've finally said I'd vote for him? Or is it just because I'm an asshole?

Today's piece was hard to write. We're faced with some unhappy choices. But watching Hillary and Barry over the past few days was just too much for me. I shouldn't be this depressed so close to Independence Day (wry grin).

For those of you who prefer to vote Libertarian as a matter of conscience, you're going to get no criticism from me. I'm still not able to vote "for" Trump, but of the viable options I believe he represents the best way to vote against Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the motley Washington crew - and that's my top priority.

This is a wild and confusing ride, and I'm glad to be sharing it with so many impassioned, eloquent friends.

REM1875 said...

John The econ
Excellent point on der old slickmeister trying to save willie jeff's ass. That was my thought too and surprised more didn't mention it. Yes, it looks like old brer rabbit has touched the old klintoon enrichment foundation and that never leaves anyone with clean hands.
slick willie jeff, the true hero he is, would feed sHrillary and chelsea to the sharks to save himself- presidency or not.

Interesting that the tie to eric 'the red' holder's guns showing up at the Paris terrorist site has just kinda been pushed to the side in favor of attacks on evil gun owners just like operation fast and furious was supposed to do in the first place.

Colby Muenster said...

A truly awesome rant today, fine Dr. Jarlsberg! I'm betting that you just put into words what many of us have been thinking. And some great and spirited commentary following, too.

I'm still a bit perplexed at why Slick Willie took the risk to board Lynch's airplane. Did he really think nobody would notice? Nope... He is not stupid. And we know they didn't talk about the weather or the price of golf shoes. He reminded her that she owes her position of power (and accompanying high salary) to HIM, and no doubt made some not so idle threats should she do something "foolish" with an inevitable FBI recommendation to prosecute. Nobody is buying their BS about the conversation, so why the hell would he do that so publicly?

Comment to Libertarian voters...
You absolutely have the right to vote for whomever you want and to vote your conscience. I will also vote my conscience... for Trump. Why? Because like it or not, votes for Johnson will not come from Democrats, so these votes only help Billary. If Billary is elected, she will appoint the next 3-4 SCOTUS judges, then we can kiss the Constitution goodbye. It may sound crazy, but I believe we are really that close to losing ALL of our freedoms. There may be no other chance to make our votes count.

Let's stop the leak in the boat before it sinks, so there can be "protest votes" and "conscience votes" in the future. There is a time to stand one's ground on principle, and a time to just save your ass.

REM1875 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
REM1875 said...

Sorry about the last delete but since I fired my editor I have had trouble making sure that what I was saying is what I said.

the original edited text that may now be read and understood (I hope)

'Doc if someone does not call me an asshole by noon it means I have overslept'

Walter1694cir said...

C'mon Stilt, get off the fence. Stop teasing your readers. If you're for the Harlot, proclaim such and if your vote is for the Trump, let it be known.

GenEarly said...

Wow! You must have really hated McCain and Romney. At least Trump isn't a dead elephant like those two putzes.(that I held my nose to vote for)
I can't wait for Trump to shut the Feral Gov DOWN over a Ryan-Mccuckold Increased Spending budget! LOL! That would be a doozey!

Rod said...

I have question. A/G Lynch now says without question she'll follow recommendation of the FBI investigation about Hillary's emails. So: If FBI were to recommend she be taken out back & shot in the head; would Lynch see to it? Just wondering.

IGnatius T Foobar said...

Just want to remind everyone that Ted Bush Cruz is 100% owned and operated by Goldman Sachs, who even pay a whore named Heidi to sleep with him in exchange for political favors. It's a good thing *that* 1%er didn't get nominated.

Em said...

Mr. Jarlsberg,
I like Trump very much and have been an enthusiastic Trump supporter almost from the beginning. I am so glad you have finally come to the conclusion that Trump "could not possibly-even in complete and utter failure- be as bad for our nation as Hillary Clinton." Thank you for at least conceding that point, even if you are never as excited to vote for him as I am.

Shelly said...

Bill's little social meeting with the AG is a pure Clinton "I'm above it all" tactic. Don't for a minute believe it wasn't totally calculated. Just think about it all you folks with your conscience votes. Imagine Bill and Hillary back in the White House, drunk with power, doing God knows what. Do you really think they will change their spots at this stage of the game? Want to suffer one scandal after the other with all the talking heads drawing their swords and taking sides? It was all those votes for Perot that gave us this vile contemptible power couple in the first place and they've been throwing their weight around the levers of power ever since. Thought we were getting rid of them in 2000? Dream on. I remember in his farewell speech, Bill said "I'm not going anywhere." That was the only time he told the truth IMO. Mr. Econ, I think you are on to something about Bill's butt being in trouble, but I don't think it's the Lolita thing so much as the goings on at the corrupt foundation bearing his name.

Anonymous said...

Stilt, you've gotten the Bill/Lynch tarmac visit all wrong! He was after something else too: a Billy Jefferson special. Lynch was wearing a (nearly bursting) blue dress, after all.

Fortunately, you've gotten the Trump matter exactly right.


Judi King said...

@ ignoramus T. foolbar: You're kidding, right?

Zoot Fenster said...

Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies.

Anonymous said...

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -- you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

I too am taking the red pill.... I am not sure how deep the Trump rabbit hole goes, but it beats the alternative.

Anonymous said...

...could not agree more. Been saying for a few years now, we are over the hill, off the slippery slope and screaming to the bottom of that rocky gulch. The system is irretrievably broken and will have to crash to be remade.

Like the Trucker's say, " Been falling so long, feels like gravity's gone and I'm just floatin!"

Jim Irre said...

Steal away!😉😉;-)

Anonymous said...

If Trump isn't able to accomplish one single thing he's promised to do, he has a thousand percent better chance to be great. We know with certainty what the Hildabeast will do. If he holds true to his tone to date, you can bet that he'll be living large in the heads of the jerks in both Parties. We know the country is screwed for decades if Billary gets control of the helm again. (did they ever return the china and silverware they stole last time around?)

My greatest fear is that voters will vote to retain the status quo. After all, they voted the Marxist in... twice!