Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Socialist Climber

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A recently released photo of Hillary Clinton struggling to climb a small flight of steps is raising doubt about the candidate's health - let alone her name having anything to do with actual mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary.

Forget Sherpas - Hillary apparently now needs an entire expeditionary force of Secret Service agents just to haul her uphill, while a mysteriously ever-present special aide stands ready to give her an emergency injection of the anti-seizure medication Diazepam in case she suddenly starts foaming at the mouth and keels over from another "short circuit."

While we don't know how serious her conditions are, we do know that we've never heard sufficiently believable explanations for her previous blackouts, the severe head injury which Bill Clinton said took her "six months of hard work" to come back from, the blood clot near her brain, her thick prism glasses, and Huma Abedin's emailed warning to colleagues to handle Hillary delicately as "she's often confused."

Hillary's physical health is a genuinely legitimate issue in this election, and voters need to demand answers. Oh sure, last year she released the results of her pap smear - so we can only imagine that whatever medical condition she's hiding inside her skull must be even more terrifying.


In the meanwhile, Barack Obama has made political history yet again by having just played his 300th game of golf while in office (and doing so in Martha's Vineyard, just so it would cost us more).

This is a remarkable accomplishment for a man who doesn't have time for security briefings (including the day after the bloodbath in Benghazi), who repeatedly failed to meet with his jobs council, a man who has presided in absentia over the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, a president who presides over more Americans who are out of the work force than at any previous time in our history, a man who has created a boom (literally) in domestic and international terror, and who has opened our borders to a genuinely impressive array of vagrants, career criminals, and exotic diseases.

Happily, his final "fore" year term is nearly over. And frankly, we can't wait until he grabs his clubs and hauls his dimpled balls out of our White House.


Mike aka Proof said...

How is Hillary Clinton like Sir Edmund Hillary?
They both reached their peak a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I read the comic block and blew coffee out of my nose. I'm still laughing. Thanks!

Dr. Strangelove said...

I'm more worried about Kim Jong Hillary's psychological condition than her physical.

Fred Ciampi said...

I remember being taught in history class about FDR. He was in a wheelchair because of a bout with Polio in his youth. His 'handlers' took great pains to hide the fact that he needed a wheelchair to get around so as to not scare a sensitive public. At least he had all his marbles, so to speak.

So, another rhetorical question; what if she becomes a blithering idiot (well, more so than she is at the moment) and has to drop (so to speak) out of the race for King-Of-The-World? Who will step up to the plate? So many choices, so little time. Sigh. Heavy sigh.

Mike Piss said...

"Now watch this drive" - Barack Hussein Obama

REM1875 said...

Fred every morning I heard FDR drank his medication, he was allowed 3 drinks a day and the booze was under lock and key not in his possession by orders from Elanor.
Wilson, fdr and clinton at times let their co-president run the country, kinda like how us country kids learned how to drive only we did it where no one else was on the road so no one else would get hurt or killed.
If we count berrie as val-jars co-president we have a surprising number of demonRats who were aided in their crimes by accomplices.
Anybody else remember the stink the media made of Bush's "excessive" time on the golf course?
Seems his rare games at the beginning of his administration were the stuff headlines were made of.

It's frightening thinking of the block and tackle system they are going to need to get sHrillary up all 13 of those gallows steps - but worth every bit of the effort.
Brings to mind how they used to raise sunken battle ships

As always good job doc.

Bobo the Hobo said...

@ Fred Ciampi - the Rats will parachute Joe Biden in at the last moment to take Hil's place. It's almost a guaranteed win.

Fred Ciampi said...

Good point REM, which means that the moo-lalas in Iran have really been influencing the goings-on of our once great country. Hmmm, I wonder if I can still get into my fatigues after 53 years? Probably not. I'll just have to be satisfied with my Ghillie suit.

TrickyRicky said...

How utterly consumed by power lust must she be to continue this run for the White House in her obviously impaired condition? That alone should give one pause. Great 'toons and commentary as per usual Stilton. Now I can make it through another day of work. Boy, that other family I'm carrying on my back is getting heavy, must've had another bebe.

jlw said...

@ Fred Ciampi
the FDR had polio in his youth is a common misconception. he had polio as an adult. he was born in 1882 and got sick in 1921. age 39.

@ TrickyRicky
Hillary wants the WH for sure, but she has a consolation prize. should she lose, there are two things that can be done with unspent campaign funds. one is give it to other campaigns, making her a big power broker. the other is give it to charity. there sits the Clinton Foundation ready and willing. Hillary once stated that her fundraising goal is $2 billion.

Geoff King said...

Another possibility: there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hillary. She may be faking health issues to gain the pity vote or to preclude any scenario that puts her in prison.
Not that I would accuse her of lying....

john1v6 said...

I doubt she's faking this for sympathy. She'll get enough sympathy votes when she's "unexpectedly" widowed in October

Dick said...

Great article. When I snort coffee through my nose it's a sign of really funny stuff.

Bruce Bleu said...

Talk about a "smear" campaign...

Definition of "pap", from Merriam Webster:

1 : a soft food for infants or invalids

2 : political patronage

3 : something lacking solid value or substance

and lamont plays his 300th game? Considering a round of golf takes 4 hours, based on a 40 hour week would mean lamont has spent 7 months of "work" (his "presiduncy") PLAYING GOLF! USA Today reports that lamont takes 5 to 6 hours, making the time wasted up to 11 months. Is the office of President so nonchalant that such dedication is consistent with the job.

JoAnn in VA said...

Watching Hillary lately has been reminding me of "Weekend at Bernie's". Only Bernie seemed a lot more alive...

John the Econ said...

Such is the hazard with deals made with the devil; there's always a twist near the end. Also a likely reason that we'll never see her (honest) medical file, along with Trump's tax return.

I wonder how this is going to play out during the debates when one has to stand alone at a podium opposite an individual well prepared to push each and every one of her all-too-exposed buttons. Will be interesting.

It's often been suggested that Hillary is little more than a puppet for the rich and powerful that have shoved money and power at the Clintons. Could it be that in very short order, she literally will be a puppet; merely a figurehead of government just like the left always accused Reagan of being? Irony.

The King's Golf: I for one have never been particularly exorcised by the amount of time that Obama played golf. After all, every minute spent on the links is a minute less spent with his phone and pen screwing up our lives. I have little doubt that had he played 600 games, the economy would probably be doing better than the 1.55% that it's predicted to average over his tenure. (4 years of a seizing Hillary will almost certainly do better than that) And what's the point of attending security briefings when your official foreign policy is called "leading from behind"?

John the Econ said...

Ha! This is timely. No surprise here:

1 Surprising Activity That Bad CEOs Do the Most

"A recent report found that bosses who spend the most time playing golf also post the lowest corporate performance."

No question about that judging by our nation's performance over the last 7 years. You'd think a CEO that inherited the economy at the bottom could have done better than 1.5%.

Shelly said...

Breaking news: Trump just released his tax returns. He emailed them to Hillary.

GenEarly said...

Either/Or, hopefully some people get over themselves and see the forest and not just the trees.

Wahoo said...

"just so it would cost us more." Not to mention the going rate for hi-grade bud in Martha's Vineyard.

John the Econ said...

E-Mail, E-Mail, E-Mail: More of Hillary's "work related" e-mail from her private server that by accident, I'm sure, was not delivered as requested keeps popping up. This latest batch make it even more clear what the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department was. I'm starting to lose track as to how many paychecks Huma Abedin was concurrently collecting from how many employers; the State Department, Clinton Foundation, and now a consulting company set up to broker deals between the two. As I've been saying for years now, those in the rent seeking professions have done very well during the Obama era. These are people who aren't the least bit concerned about rising tax rates because the money flows to them so fluidly. When the government is so generous to you, you don't mind it taking back it's "fair share".

Meanwhile, Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich, the murdered DNC worker was Wikileaks DNC Source.

This made for interesting dinner party conversation last night, when I asked how many of you have been personally connected to someone who died in mysterious circumstances? Statistically, it's pretty rare. And yet it's astounding how many dead bodies there are orbiting the Clinton existence.

We also have a new e-mail dump from the DNC. Seems the New York Times is sticking with promoting Hillary's "it's the Russians" narrative. I wonder what they're saving for the "October Surprise"?

25 years ago, after watching the media whitewash all the Clinton scandals during the '92 election, I came to the conclusion that video could emerge of Bill & Hillary clubbing baby harp seals to death for the mere amusement of doing so, and the New York Times would write op-eds about the personal sacrifice the Clinton were undertaking to do so for the betterment of us all. Little has changed. I really have to wonder what the Clintons would have to do to earn the scorn of those people.

Unrelated Topic, but timely - Presidential Pardons versus Logic: What is the point of stronger gun control laws if the most Progressive President ever releases violators of existing gun control laws because those laws imposed punishments that he judged were "too severe" for the crimes committed?

Answer: Because gun control isn't aimed at those people. It's aimed at you.

Colby Muenster said...

Shrillary is having trouble with stairs because she is accustomed to being carried up them in her litter borne by grateful worshipers (i.e. the associates who have not yet died from "accidents").

I just wish Trump would get his head out of his ass, stop saying stupid things, and concentrate on this old shark instead of the little fish. He will no doubt unleash his yuuuge mouth on her during the so called debates, but that too could backfire on him bigtime with the sympathy voters.

Julian Assange? Keeps hinting at some big thing that's going to put Shrillary away. He best be getting on with it before a barbell accidently crushes his throat! And really, I'll be very surprised if his whopping big "leaky whatever it is" amounts to much. Probably something like Geraldo's opening of Capone's vault. Looking back on the baby harp seal thing (as Mr. Econ so kindly reminded us), I really can't imagine how big of a scandal it would take to actually put a stop to the Clinton machine. Maybe video of Shrillary going after a Planned Parenthood facility with an AK47? Nah... that probably wouldn't even come close.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Just wanted to confirm that despite my lack of comments here, Hillary's hit men haven't worked their way down the list to my name yet. I've just been too busy to respond to your remarks above, but NEVER too busy to read and enjoy them!

james daily said...

If Shillery is practicing for getting up the steps to AF1, they are a lot taller. She will probably need a forklift. It is interesting about Biden being the nominee as I think he is also brain damaged. I have never heard so many gaffs as when he speaks. He actually may be less qualified to be a Prez than Barry. Lord knows they keep him out of the media as much as possible. Amazing country that we elect these people.

mamafrog said...

@ Bobo the Hobo, If they pull that with Biden, you can bet he won't enjoy the prez perks long. They'll off him quick to get her scum bucket vp in. I think he scares me almost more than her. He's just as bad and with all his marbles still (relatively speaking)!

@ John the Econ, I'm with you on him staying on the golf course more and away from the damage he can do when forced to go to work. Though it makes you wonder who's minding the store and what candy jar are they sticking their grubby little hands in.

One of the witch's handlers, who was pocketing the needle in a picture the other day, is a neurologist. Or at least, so I've read. Really makes you wonder if they are drugging her to keep her going to keep her doing more of what they want?

Geoff King said...

Perhaps the drugs being administered to HRC (Her Royal C-word) are to allow her to appear in direct sunlight.
The Zombicrat Apocalyspe may be upon us.

the Tunnel Dweller said...

Obama doesn't have to be there; his minions at the various agencies such as the EPA know what he wants done and can't wait to do it all.