Sunday, December 12, 2010


History was made in our nation's capitol Friday when the country's first all-White Black president joined forces with the first half-White Black president to explain why the country's economy remains in the red.

Although the press conference about Obama's proposed tax compromise with the GOP was supposed to be handled by the alleged president, he quickly turned the podium over to Bill Clinton in hopes that skeptical Democrats would listen more favorably to the popular ex-president. Unfortunately for Barry, once Bill Clinton got behind that presidential seal, he had no intention of giving it back.

Obama fidgeted at the side of the stage, checked his fingernails, drew circles in the rug with the toes of his highly-polished shoes, then mumbled something about having "kept the first lady waiting" and that he needed to go attend a Christmas party or something. A really, really good party. "And you guys aren't invited," he probably huffed...chewing his stitched lip to hold in the tears as he ran away.

Actually, we're pretty vague on the details of Obama's awkward departure because, frankly, everyone was glad to see him leave whatever the heck his reasons were...including the reporters who happily continued peppering Mr. Clinton with questions while Obama presumably sulked by a punch bowl.

In truth, it was a very odd sight to see Mr. Obama pushed unwillingly out of the presidential spotlight by a member of the Clinton family. Though we wouldn't be surprised to see it again when the 2012 primaries roll around.




Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Your comments indicate that you believe Hillary will run against Obama in 2012. Why won't you accept that she is done with politics, as she stated, when this gig is over? Just because she lied about her work with Rose Law Firm, and drug deals in Little Rock, and about the White House travel office that got a bunch of good, innocent people fired, and the thousand FBI records in her possession, and having her helicopter fired on, and her knowledge of her husband's infidelity and perjury for same, and Vince Foster, Ed Willey, Susan Coleman or any of the 55 suspicious deaths around them and...well, so many things big and small. Why, oh why won't you believe her now?

John the Econ said...

Of course, Clinton was brought in because everyone now longs for the booming "Clinton Economy" of the late '90. Too bad it's not going to happen this time around.

Progressives, and even most conservatives fail to recognize that the economic success of the latter Clinton years only happened after the GOP broke the 40-year Democratic monopoly on Congress; HillaryCare, the BTU-Tax, the threat of additional taxation and other job killers were shut-down. Ironically, The "Clinton miracle" was due almost entirely to the application of the principles of Reaganomics; limited government growth and interference in the marketplace. I really don't think that's what Clinton and Obama are selling here.

Unfortunately, These were principles all forgotten or abandoned by the GOP by 2001. Does anyone really think they will learn the history of the recent past?

Pete(Detroit) said...

Friend of mine was totally geeked when Barry was appointing a bunch of Clinton re-treads to positions in the current admin. "The economy was GREAT the last time these guys held these positions, it's just going to take off again!"
Um, really? You think they had thing ONE to do w/it?

And John, those who do not learn their history are doomed to get voted out, is MY theory.
Hopefully enough others agree...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Angry Hoosier Dad- You're right, I'm too cynical. Hillary was probably telling the truth this time.

John the Econ- Excellent summation (and clarification) of the "Clinton Economy." Slick Willy also benefitted from the "Dot Com boom" which created jillionaires out of thin air...until the "Dot Com bust."

Pete (Detroit)- It's interesting how many familiar Clinton-era faces were brought in by this president after he promised to change the way business is done in Washington.

pryorguy said...

Poor ol Barry Obama....everyones pissed at him right now from both sides....he probably couldn't WAIT to make an exit!!

Loved the cartoon too!!!! Clinton's real legacy....the LADIES MAN!!!

boots said...

Ha! This has to be One of Stilton's best yet. I needed a GOOD laugh!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "color" commentary. Wish I had a colored joke to tell (as in purple, orange, etc.), but I've learned to leave the jokes to Stilton.