Saturday, December 18, 2010

Insanity's Workshop

There's no surer sign of Christmas in these strange days of Hope n' Change than elevated threat warnings about potential terrorist acts. And while the TSA is busily shaking and unwrapping all of our holiday packages (so to speak), Al-Qaeda may be taking another direction entirely.

According to a recent bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement officials should be on heightened lookout for potential car bombings, trucks ramming into holiday crowds, or the possibility of Mumbai-style suicide attacks with small arms and grenades.

The idea, of course, is for Al-Qaeda to pull off attacks which would permanently associate Christmas with the same wretched sick-to-the-stomach feelings associated with 9-11.

Sadly, there's very little that can be done to prevent such small scale (but large impact) events. But a good place to start is by having security personnel pay extra
attention to anyone who looks even vaguely like Osama bin Laden or his evil little helpers.

Granted, profiling may put us on the politically correct "naughty list." But it will be worth it if it helps keep Christmas focused on the Virgin and Child...instead of the 72 virgins.


drjim said...

The sad thing is that Israeli-style security )PROFILE the ba$tards!) works, while all the "security" things that the geniuses in D.C. keep coming up with are after-the-fact, knee-jerk reactions.
And the politicos in Washington keep wondering why the citizens are getting fed up with them.....

Chris Mallory said...

I would guarantee it will happen in a state or city with very strict gun control laws. Armed citizens are the only way to stop these type attacks.

Louis la Vache said...

Maybe the solution is to have an Italian President from New Jersey.
The Washington Wimp of questionable legal standing to occupy the White House certainly isn't up to what this Italian from Jersey would do, even though it's (ahem) VERY Chicago in style as you'll see when you watch this clip...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can gift him with a nice surprise drone attack. Assuming he's still alive.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drjim- A study in the last day or two showed that the majority (a high majority) of test guns and bombs make it through all of our current airport security. So the tech that we're trying to rely on to avoid profiling is failing. The notion that it's better to occasionally blow up a jet filled with Americans rather than hurt anyone's feelings strikes me as a very odd definition of "sensitivity."

Chris- An armed population is likely a deterrent to the bad guys, and would certainly make a Mumbai-style situation much different (when the victims start shooting back). Which is why such attacks are more likely to occur in soft, gun-hating communities.

Louis la Vache- Funny clip and very cathartic!

Anonymous- "Hellfire missiles - the gift that keeps giving."

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Chris Mallory:
Damned straight, dude! Whatever you're comfortable carrying at all times (legally)...don't leave home without it. I may even start carrying in church. What better place to terrorize the infidel than mass slaughter during midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

pryorguy said...

I am afraid the day will come when NO ONE will argue against 'profiling' some people due to their ethnicity. But too many Americans will have been blown to bits by then.

The police profile all the time, and guess what , it works! What the hell else can you do?
This political correct approach ( 'racial profiling', just call it 'criminal profiling') to keeping our country safe is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

pryorguy said:

"I am afraid the day will come when NO ONE will argue against 'profiling' some people due to their ethnicity. But too many Americans will have been blown to bits by then."

And Americans' biggest problem is a president who is willing to accept this because he thinks America deserves it. Where's John Wayne when you need him??


Bobo said...

Criminal profiling...I like that term. Its exactly what it says...looking for criminals not based on ethnicity but on how they dress, speak, behave, and look in a given circumstance or place.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Not long ago, I heard a radio report about a robbery that had taken place in the Dallas metro area. The suspect was 5' 10", about 175 pounds, was wearing a red knit cap, and a black t-shirt with some band's name on it...and the public was being asked for information.

So what's missing from that description? Oh yeah - apparently the witnesses noticed the guy's height, weight, and wardrobe but couldn't remember his race. Because that would be, you know, profiling.

Perhaps the greatest indictment the Left has against profiling is Rudy Giuliani's use of profiling to clean up the streets of New York. And the Left hates it not because it didn't work...but because it did.