Sunday, April 10, 2011

HnC Vault: Healthcare Cuts

Originally published June 6, 2009

The President has proposed massive cuts for Medicare and Medicaid to help fund his plan to make sure that everyone will have healthcare that will be subject to massive cuts.

Update 4/10/2011

Isn't it interesting that when Obamacare passed with $500 billion in cuts to Medicare (not just the $300 billion cited above), the democrats claimed it could be done without any consequence to seniors...but when Paul Ryan's budget proposed a smaller $400 billion in cuts, those same democrats (and much of the media) reacted as if he were suggesting genocide (or in this case, geriatricide)?

The difference is a simple one: the liberal Left knew that Obama was lying about ever actually instituting the cuts...and they know that Ryan is telling the truth.

There is no plan possible which can cut Medicare costs that won't have some pain involved. That being said, Ryan's plan would have less pain for seniors - and Americans in general - because it would allow Medicare to continue as a functioning service
instead of collapsing entirely, which is currently an economic certainty.

At Hope n' Change, we're really hoping that the GOP is ready to fight for Ryan's budget tooth-and-nail. And while we don't expect Obama and the democrats to drop their games and hypocrisy (now or ever), we hope they'll at least start getting called on it.



Louis la Vache said...

A foolproof way to tell if Obama is lying: observe his lips. If they are moving, he is telling a lie...

pryorguy said...

Got that right, Louis...he is the ultimate self-serving politician, and thats part of the problem...politicians such as he is rarely get anything good done for this country, but LEADERS sometimes do! A LEADER, to me, brings to mind that dad who after working all day, is a scoutmaster, the missionary living in squalor to do some good, the mother who sacrifices for her children's better future, and so on.
As we scan the field for a good replacement in the Oval Office, I'm getting disappointed again. We need a person not in it for a selfish agenda, but an AMERICAN-SPIRITED person who actually cares and has compassion toward others and not just his agenda!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Pyro - "Potential" leaders I see emerging - John Bolton, Howard Cain, Allen West, and yes, Sarah Palin. She needs time / exposure to improve her baggage / traction ratio, the other two are just too new on the scene. Bolton is good to go, if he wants it, but is playing close to the chest. Jindhal is often brought up, but he's going to do one more term in LA, apparetnly. Pawlenty has been getting some notice, but other than the fact that my libby brother in MN hates him, I know nothing about him...
But yes, the parade of 'usual suspects' is annoying / disturbing

pryorguy said...

I like all those folks, would be a big improvement.
Have you heard of Herman Cain? A long shot I am sure, but a great guy! He is a very successful businessman, fills in for Rush Limbaugh occasiionally I think. And...he is a black man, but the polar opposite of Obama!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a lot of trouble believing in the current "republican" bunch. When the announcement of only 38 billion in cuts for the rest of the year is being offset by the addition of approx 54 billion in debt during the *last 8 days* while their negotiating dragged on, the republicans are doing an economic 'Moonwalk'; appearing to go forward while actually moving backwards at a rapid pace.
I also feel the need to comment, again, that Obama isn't naive, incompetent, or foolish. Just my opinion, granted, but he is the equivalent of someone being shown around an historic mansion, who hangs back from his host to toss a handful of lighted matches into each place he sees. Doesn't need to worry about outcome, if it hurts the U.S., it works for him and whoever is on the other end of his encoded Blackberry.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Pyro - yes, HERMAN not HOWARD - Duh me! Agreed, like all I've heard of him, but he's well below the radar.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Hmmm, not as clear as I'd like - *I* like all THAT I've heard of him...

Suzy said...

I'm with Anon in the fact that I'm not seeing a lot of promise in the current Reps in Congress, or in the upcoming candidates. The Reps we have now are probably equivalent to the Dems we had 30-40 years ago. And that's not good. We have nobody even close to Reagan in the running as of yet. Its like we have to compromise our values and morals just to get this Socialist Muslim out of the White House....sometimes I wonder if that's the point? To get somebody SO bad in there, that everybody will agree to anything as long as we get rid of Obama. And thus, the destruction continues, and EVERYBODY has ended up agreeing to it through votes.

Bobo said...

Instead of looking in-house for the next Republican who can win against Obama, the growing numbers of voters changing party affiliation from R or D to Independent may be a place to find the next leader. Don't know who that could be, don't know that I would vote for that person, but I do know I don't really like/know anyone named so far on the R side.

@ Pyro - Obama isn't the only self serving person in DC. As far as I am concerned, they all are in it for themselves - at our expense.

pryorguy said...

I agree, Bobo, these career politicians gotta go, something needs to change badly! Im fed up with their elitist attitudes...I thought the whole idea was to get away from the royal ruling class! Start by cutting their pay and all those lifetime perks!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (6 above)- I'm also frustrated that $54 billion was ADDED to the debt during the time the politicians did their Kabuki dance about cutting $38 billion.

But that being said, I take heart from Charles Krauthammer (hallowed be his name). He's said all along that this particular budget battle (the 2011 operating budget, and current cuts) was largely a distraction from the main events: next year's budget, and a vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Krauthammer has said that the best thing to do was strike a deal, even if not a perfect deal, in order to keep the main artillery ready for the really big fights, which will be upon us shortly.

I sure hope he's right.

SC said...

Hey Pete – I have a libby brother in MN, too. If your brother hates Pawlenty, then, he’s probably going to be a great candidate.

Pryorguy (1st post) – Yes, so far what little I have heard from Herman Cain, I like

For our next President……
If only we could find someone with strong fiscal conservative values &:
* Has the brains of Newt Gingrich
* Has the likability of Mike Huckabee
* Has the charisma and appeal of Sara Palin
* Has the looks of Mitt Romney (shallow, I know, but, it is a reality)
* Has the results of fiscal conservatism like Mitch Daniels
* Has the down-to-earth, pragmatic qualities of Chris Christie
* Has to be a real leader that can communicate with everyday Americans
* Has to deliver a speech as well as (if not better than) Obama