Sunday, April 17, 2011

HnC Vault: Secret Plan

Originally published July 15, 2009

After the deadliest terrorist assault in American history, Bush-era officials chose to go after the bad guys and, if possible, kill them. The mainstream media is now declaring that this was a bad thing, a terrible thing, a criminal thing because... because... it was secret! (Gasp!)

So Obama's team has pulled the plug on the plan. The CIA will not be going after Al Qaeda's top leaders, killing them, or even putting them in a carnival dunking booth. And the mainstream media is cheering this as good news because... because... well, because the mainstream media are increasingly anti-American assholes. Oops - sorry, news guys! Was that also supposed to be kept secret?

Update 4/17/2011

In today's busy world, people probably don't stop very often to wonder "what ever happened to Osama bin Laden?" Which is why Hope n' Change wants to remind you that nothing has happened since this cartoon was posted 2 years ago...and nothing probably will.

Few people probably remember the story above, describing Barack Obama's cancellation of the plan to whack Osama and his top co-conspirators. And what did the alleged president institute instead? A two-year delay of prosecutions for terrorists we'd already caught, an attempt to stage "show trials" in New York during which sensititive intelligence information secrets would be made public, and a hunt for Osama bin Laden which is considerably less convincing than OJ Simpson's hunt for the "real killer" of his wife.

And if, by some miracle, Osama bin Laden IS caught and can bet his body will secretly end up in the back of the Whitehouse freezer, packed in with the yams nobody wants to eat, until the most politically advantageous time for Obama to thaw him out and show him off.


John the Econ said...

Nothing has happened, because for the last 9 years or so, it's my theory that they've known exactly here he is. He's either long since dead, or he's in a cave somewhere wired for sound, where his every command is intercepted. Notice over the last decade that his satellites of operatives have all been systematically "removed". He's far more useful in place than in any club-fed.

What I care to mock are all of the liberals who for the better part of 8 years used bin Laden as a foil for Bush incompetence, which Obama was supposed to correct nearly immediately. Well liberals, why hasn't Obama delivered bin Laden?

bandmeeting said...

bin Laden has been (bin?)dead for years.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Seemingly all areas of ridicule or derision which were once applied to Bush have been taken off the table for Obama.

@bandmeeting- It's certainly possible that Osama is no longer among the living. Perhaps we can encourage Donald Trump to look for a death certificate.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Death Certificate - NICE!!!
Lost a good bottle of Scotch (and paid up promptly - I had a job, the 'winner' did not, and had not had a bottle of his own for some time) - lost, anyway, betting that ObL was offline years ago - Then he popped up, in what appeared to be current tapes, endorsing JFKerry.... so, I thought he was dead then, and he burned me. I would love to THINK he's dead NOW, but I don't know. I *do* realize, it's not really relevant if he's still leading the charge or not - there *is* still a charge, they *do* want us dead. As I see it, we can kill 'em there, or kill 'em here - a no brainer, in my book. But, as usual, that's just me - others are welcome to their own opinions..

bandmeeting said...


You should not have paid. The tape that surfaced right before the 2004 election was of incredibly poor quality. Even six or so years ago getting a good HD camera into whatever part of Pakistan (or, Pahkestahn, as Obama pronounces it)would have been very simple. You even state, "what appeared to be current tapes". In this age there is no reason for that not to have been, "beyond any doubt current tapes".

Also, one must keep in mind, with the beard and headdress he would not be all that difficult to impersonate on tape.