Monday, March 16, 2009

Embryonic Research

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This cartoon would be extremely offensive if human life began at conception. But apparently the President has decided that it's no longer "above his pay grade" to decide exactly when life begins. Or ends.


Suzy said...

Oh YUCK. :-)

Got the paper yesterday and they had a sob story about a lady with a chronic debilitating disease and how now the wait has ended for her now that hero Obama has lifted the ban on stem cell testing.

These people think Obama is going to save them all tomorrow!

And the media never reports about the advances on using stem cells from cord blood or other safe methods.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Yes, this is a nasty little cartoon and I had to think carefully about it. But really, what is suggested here is actually less offensive than procedures that Obama has already endorsed, such as partial birth abortion or, if a baby survives an abortion atempt, post-birth abortion.

And as you point out, the stem cell controversy has been tremendously misrepresented. Bush did not forbid such experimentation - he said that no federal money would go to pay for it. He DID encourage (and fund) "safe" stem cell research.

The problem isn't really whether unwanted embryos will be "used"'s whether, once a market is created, embryos will be created for no purpose other than to become "product." Is that really the world we want to be racing towards?

I think these are topics that take a lot of thought and debate. For Obama to push his aggressively pro-abortion views as simply "science over ideology" is disingenuous at best, and clearly shows either his lack of intellectual rigor, a deficit in character, or both.

Suzy said...

Speaking of science, there is so much information out there that shows that Roe v. Wade should definitely be revisited from a scientific point of view. Of course its such a lucrative business these days, they never will.