Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Climate Change

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Have you noticed the linguistic shift to "Climate Change" as the scary new environmental threat now that "Global Warming" lacks scientific support? That's because "Climate Change" is impossible to disprove, because the Earth has always been in a state of climate change, and always will be.


Suzy said...

Probably because climate change is going to coincide with Obama's "change" since its a good chance nukes are going to put a big wrench in our climate one of these days.

Philip said...

China, India reject climate change restrictions


By bye Crap and Trade

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip, you're right - the worst polluters are rejecting "cap and trade," meaning the only ones who would play by these rules is the U.S.

Of course, that means if the major polluters aren't reducing their pollution, then the Earth's delicate environment won't improve under "cap and trade;" the only thing that happens is a socialistic redistribution of American wealth.

So in case anyone isn't really paying attention, "cap and trade" is NOT about pollution or the environment...it's about socialism, and spreading American's wealth to other countries.

Philip said...

I couldn't agree with you, Stilt. Anyway, his socalist agenda won't work.

The financial system collapsed. Housing prices cratered. Unemployment is at a record high for the last quarter-century.

And yet we Americans have not suddenly become collectivists.

Boy, I miss the Reagan Years...