Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Us The Bird

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Thanksgiving is a time of traditions, and in this very special year of Hope n' Change, what could be more traditional than yet another idiotic and offensive decision from the Whitehouse?

Although Eric Holder insists that "Thanksgiving ham is not an option," many liberals suggest that the government's case against the Turkey has been irreparably damaged by keeping him "caged like an animal," and subjecting him to slurs like "dark meat" and "butterball." According to one unnamed source, said to be very close to the president, "New York's turkeys have come home to roost."

In other court news, the five 9/11 co-conspirators who are heading to New York to stand trial have announced that they will plead "not guilty," in order to publicly present their political positions, attack American foreign policy, decry the "torture" they've suffered, and attempt to justify past (and therefore future) 9/11-style terrorist attacks on the United States for an audience of over one billion Muslims.

Which means that this Thursday, we will not be giving thanks for Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama.


Red said...

Worst muslim president and sycophantic racist Atty Gen evah!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Red- As they say in civilian courts, your verdict seems to be strongly supported by the evidence...