Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deemin' Democrats

Once again demonstrating their puckish sense of humor, House democrats have - for the first time ever - decided not to create, propose, or vote on a national budget. Rather, they simply "deemed" that a non-existent budget bill for $1.12 trillion dollars had passed by magic, allowing them to continue their economy-busting spending spree. Whee!

Which got us thinking...if the democrats can simply deem that the untrue is true, why should it stop with budgets?

Why not deem the BP oil leak capped, and the Gulf coastline clean as a whistle? Why not deem full employment and a soaring stock market? Why not deem a cure for cancer, cars that run on distilled water, and pigs that fly?

The reason, of course, is that "deeming" doesn't make anything happen in the real, non-political world.

So $1.12 trillion dollars didn't magically appear when the democrats waved their "deeming" was simply stolen from taxpayers' pockets, and the pockets of their children and grandchildren.

And that's a trick we've seen before.


Philip said...

Welcome to the Double-Dip Recession

With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern

Buzz Bannister said...

One man's crisis is another man's master plan.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Clearly this is all somehow Reagan's fault. Just ask a liberal.

alan markus said...

I think today's post alludes to worse things to to come. Here's something else to chew on:
Congress is teeing up a lame duck session the likes of which I don't think any Congress watcher has ever seen

To quote:

"What this means for you and me is that after we vote out or in our Member of Congress at the Novemeber polls, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid will call Congress back in session for a lame duck session. This session will occur in Mid to late November and could include all sorts of mischief in the form of tax legislation, cap and trade, immigration and much more. Even if we have voted them out of office, they still keep their jobs until Jan, 2011. This lame duck session could be a real ?doozie?, check it out:"

Lame Duck Congress

I don't have a gun, but if I did, I would certainly be clinging to it now. I think we are going to see the s**t hit the fan the likes of never before seen in this country.

Dr.D said...

There is very little difference between "deeming" and "damning".

Anonymous said...

So $1.12 trillion dollars didn't magically appear when the democrats waved their "deeming" was simply stolen from taxpayers' pockets, and the pockets of their children and grandchildren.

So why do so many love this Socialist Party. It seems to me the Democrats are not the people's party by a long shot unless you're braindead with your hand out saying, "where's my entitlement". This being the case I would say Obama was put into office by the most stupid free-loaders this country has to offer the world. One more reason to vote for having to take a test before you can vote, gene research and the sterilzation of those who are pinheads.

Anonymous said...

Let me clue you into a you tube presentation of the NRA and the UN Gun Control agenda that Hillary and Obama are pushing for. Go to and click on the text between the spinning hammer and sickles.

Anonymous said...

Remember who's watch the depression started on?

Ah yes, George W Bush.

He was borrowing trillions, and spending on it wars we couldn't win looking for weapons that didn't exist.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (immediately above)- We won't defend George W Bush's spending record; you're right, he was acting too much like a democrat. Although Obama's borrowing and spending now make Bush look like a pre-redemption Ebenezer Scrooge by comparison.

Moreover, Obama is spending trillions on jobs that don't exist, and trillions to raise the cost of healthcare (while driving doctors out of the system).

And above all, Obama ran for president aware of our nation's problems, and promising that he could fix them instead of making them much, much worse.

We'd say more, but you probably need to go back to trying to scare the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Also, Anon -
1) it's cheaper to kill terrorists there than here
2) we won the Iraq part, in case you missed it

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Bush did the Obamanator is the most socialist anti-gun muslim mole this nation has ever see and he's not even a US citizen nor does he have any patriotisn for the USA. Any moron that would allow the muslims to build a mosque at ground zero should be shot as well as the people that support him. read all about it here