Monday, January 31, 2011

Riot Act

One can hardly blame the alleged president for a bit of confusion and anxiety when it comes to the situation in Egypt. Regime change is, at this point, a certainty...but very little else is.

Will a new or transitional government be more democratic...or more inclined to Shariah law? Will the demonstrations, which some people suggest have been fomented or supported by the United States, actually make the country more dangerous and anti-American? And can anyone convince Joe Biden to keep his yap shut for five consecutive minutes?

In Egypt, it seems the rioters in the streets are taking these words very seriously: "We have the power to make the world we seek,
but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning, keeping in mind what has been written."

The words were spoken in Cairo in 2009. By Barack Hussein Obama.



Rose said...

Oh, how you told the Black Truth of this sad tale.
The Daniel Clock moves, again. Stage set: Ezekial 38, 39 - Isaiah 54 - and from Romans 9-12, we see the Clanging of the gates of the Day of the Gentiles as they rattle closed.

We were born for such a Time As This. And here it is upon us.
Psalm 91 and 2 Chronicles 7:14
Dan 9:24-27

John the Econ said...

Does anyone else notice how the media seems to ignore what really kicked off the rioting?

10% unemployment and inflation, particularly on food.


Anonymous said...

Gosharootie, I looked all over the internets for the string: "but enough about me. let's talk about my nobel peace prize" and as close as I could come was the scholarly Free Republic which STILL didn't get it right.

Bobo said...

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded pre-maturely by goofballs with expectations from the Hopey-Changey guy. Now, those same goofballs are realizing their pre-maturely awarded expectations: NOTHING.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Boy-king does not fear violent revolution here in the US. He craves it. He and his minions seek to claim it's roots are forming in the Tea Parties and conservative blogs and talk radio and Fox News. Any violence anywhere can be used to serve that meme and nudge him closer to actions meant to "restore order and civility". Of course this can only be done by "temporarily" suspending liberty and siezing even more control of the economy and every aspect of our lives...for our own good. The riots and anarchy in Egypt and the resulting heightened unrest in the middle east work to his advantage. Also, don't forget that, the more pressure that is applied to those hated Jooos, the better he likes it and the more distance he can put between the US and Israel. He is Jimmy Carter (spit) and Louis Farrakhan rolled into one.

Necron99 said...

More proof that just about anyone can find a Nobel Prize in a box of Cracker Jacks these days... Those fools are about as useless as the UN.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Anon - it's called a punch line, you buffoon. If it had intended to be taken seriously, it would have been sourced and quoted in the text.
Of course, it's also possible that you're employing the old 'double sarcasm' technique of making fun of people who attempt to 'fact check' jokes - in which case, well done, sir!

As noted previously, O's NPP is merely the latest in a string of irrelevancies, starting (at least) w/ Yassar Arafat..

Interesting to me, about the reports coming out of Egypt, is the neighborhood watch / guard groups being formed to protect each other, quash looting, etc. Some of which are apparently armed w/ "automatic weapons".
Either some source does not know the difference (likely) or Egyptian citizenry has access to full auto assault weapons?
Not that Full Auto is good for anything other than wasting ammo in a 'spray and pray' tactic, but it's interesting that they have 'em, we don't....

And God, yes, let's all pray that the new regime is more democracy / freedom oriented than the current one... not less so.

Earl said...

Heard an interesting interview on the radio with a Coptic Christian whose family had fled Egypt after Sadat was assassinated. He still has a lot of family in Egypt and is in regular landline communication. They can't go to work and fear nights the most because of roving gangs. BUT. They are cautiously optimistic that there are enough freedom loving Christians and Muslims who think of themselves as Egyptians first and would work together for a more democratic government. This was one family's opinion, but I find it encouraging. They all agree that Mubarak has to go; their biggest fear is that too much delay will encourage troublemakers to fill the vacumn.

Colby_Muenster said...

Maybe this is a trivial thing, but it really caught my attention. BO has recently asked for the power to shut down the internet in the case of a "national emergency." What was one of the first things Mubarak did when the rioting broke out??? Yep, he tried to take away people's ability to communicate with each other by shutting down the internet.

Does anyone out there REALLY think any good will come of this? Is Egypt going to end up a democracy? Nah!

I'll bet Bin Laden and Ahmedinejad are salivating like Pavlov's dog right now.

Bobo said...

Pete (Detroit) - I think lots of people don't know the difference between a semi- and a full-auto weapon. To most of them, if its not a revolver, a shotgun or a rifle, its an automatic. Plus the MSM, calling it an automatic weapon makes it sound like they know what they are talking about to the unknowing public. Experience working with the media tells me they are ignorant about most subjects, except how to sell themselves as experts on everything.

Anonymous said...

The media don't sell themselves, Bobo, they sell their listeners/viewers (bundled in groups of 1,000) to advertisers.

And they're making a pretty good living at it, too.

Marvin Media

Bobo said...

Marvin Media - not to argue the point, but the media talent/personality is selling to the public, who happens to be the buyer. The more buyers who watch, read, or follow the media talent, the more advertisers pay for their services.