Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tweet Smell of Excess

In news that is sure to rock the worlds of liberals who frequently text things like LOL, WTF, IMO, and EIEIO, Barack Hussein Obama has now deigned to start composing and posting his very own tweets on his Twitter account! OMG!

His very first tweet, on Father's Day, said
"Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job." Considering that he's a complete failure at his day job, if raising the kids is actually harder then they may well grow up to be ax murderers.

Hope n' Change is also wondering how Mr. Obama will cope with Twitter's 140-character limit on tweets. After all, Mr. Obama is faced with
other numerical limits every day (like, oh, the budget) and happily misses the cut-off point by millions, billions, or trillions. Perhaps Harry Reid will soon start warning us of the dire consequences if the "Tweet Ceiling" isn't raised immediately by the heartless Republicans.

Although other designated Tweeters will also be sending messages on the president's account, those
special tweets laboriously composed by Mr. Obama will all be signed "-BO." And to make them even easier to find, they will have the hashtag "BS."

Of course, as a matter of safety, the president has agreed that he will never text a Twitter message while driving...and will instead wait until he's putting.



Dave said...

@Stilt-Sorry but his Healthcare Bill was a much bigger egg.

Other then that hey maybe he is gonna learn how to tweet from Weiner....we know how well that worked out for the dummycrats.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I don't tweet, I don't follow twitter and I really don't understand the appeal, aside from vanity. I'm not trying to be curmudgeonly or contrarian. I just don't get it.

Chuck said...

Twitter messages are tweets, right? Are those who create these tweets called twits?

@Angry Hoosier Dad - I agree completely!
And I'm not "trying" to be curmudgeonly or a contrarian, either ... I come by it naturally!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Just what we need: more B0. I wonder if he's going to get a channel on cable like 0prah did when she "retired". Let's retire him in '12 and find out. I can see it now: Channel Zero: All 0bama, all of the time. Well, probably not: he'd be in conflict with The Golf Channel...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dave- I agree that Obamacare is far worse than the stimulus...but the damage from Obamacare is still (largely) in the future, while the utter failure of the stimulus is now plain for everyone to see.

@Angry Hoosier Dad & Chuck- I have a twitter account, and send out the (very) occasional tweet (maybe 5 in a week)... but only because it's considered a necessary part of the new media. I don't really understand it or like it. It seems like people increasingly want to be in touch all of the time, but have nothing to say. Which, I daresay, the president's tweets will prove.

@Emmentaler- It's interesting to think about what Obama will do after the presidency, assuming that he eventually does relinquish the presidency instead of using his "Civilian Security Force" to take permanent control. Remember, it's only "hostility" if he gives others the chance to fight back!

John the Econ said...

I'm sure the tweeting will be done by the same apparatus that programs the teleprompter.

It's little surprise that he finds parenting more difficult than running the country. After all, in Marxist theory, running a country isn't all that difficult; assume dictatorial control, seize all property, and tell people what to do. As someone who has had zero experience running anything as complex as a lemonade stand,

No Stilton, the failure of the stimulus will be with us for decades to come as well. Remember, as part of the Faustian deal the states made to get much of their stimulus dough, they had to agree to deliver higher levels of payouts long after the stimulus money was gone. Since unlike the federal government, states cannot print their own money, this basically means forcing already weakened states into reducing services that citizens actually want elsewhere or raising taxes.

As for Obama's "Civilian Security Force": If it's mainly built upon the TSA which is so incompetent that it can't fight its way out of a paper bag, I doubt we'll have too much to worry about.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Do you find that the less some people have to say, the larger the crowd they insist on saying it to? (note - no reference to anyone here. I personally enjoy all the comments, even the ones I disagree with)
I suspect BO would like to be on the Golf Channel, not conflict with it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I certainly wasn't arguing that the damage from the (ahem) "stimulus" is over...rather that any demonstrable good effects from it failed to materialize. And you're right, the states signed onto a devil's deal which will punish people for a long, long time.

Regarding the "Civilian Security Force," Obama may have wanted it...but he's not going to get it. And if he mobilizes the TSA for a hostile takeover of the US, I'm guessing that they won't be visiting my home state of Texas. People are seriously (albeit defensively) armed down here.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- I absolutely agree. I refer to this as the "hive" phenomenon, in which all the individuals are buzzing all the time, just to send out the message "I'm here." That sort of communication isn't communication at all - it's just noise. But what frightens me most is that after awhile, the meaningless "buzz" isn't just on people's electronic devices, it's also between their ears.

Colby said...

No offense intended to those who tweet, but it seems to me the vast majority of people who use Twitter are teenage girls like the ones S.J. depicted in the picture above. BO should fit right in. He has no maturity and no balls.

I will be SOOOO damn glad when his taxpayer funded party is over in January 2013.

Stilton, You HAVE to speed that clock up!! Maybe if we all put our heads together, we can come up with a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion.

Andrew said...

Count me in as another non-tweeter. Twitter is nothing new, just an instant-texting feature aimed at yes, teenage girls. That it now appeals to allegedly grown male politicians speaks worlds about those allegedly grown male pols.
+1 to hive mind buzz, nothing to say and the need to say it to the largest audience possible, and the observed phenomenon that time spent on 'social media' kills brain cells as efficiently as sniffing glue.
The 'Civilian Security Force' notion is another symptom of our decline and fall, but being composed of newly hired gubmint employeez who will be in it for the paycheck (and the extra rations from the FEMA food trucks), I doubt they'll be much of a force for good OR ill. At the first sign of danger or armed opposition (patriots or just gangs) it will be 'I didn't sign on for THIS' and home they'll go. The PRC troops and/or Blackwater contractors could be more formidable opponents.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Have never seen the appeal of twitter, posting OR following, until this week. Being on vacation and out of the loop of my usual level of daily chatter, I'm thinking of 'tweet like' phrases all day - things like "you know, when you fill the coffee pot from the carafe, it's right there, and easy to set below the spout. However, if you fill the pot from a jug - EEK what a mess"
Useless low content stuff to let folks know I'm still alilve, and making noise.

george / Alvin,Tx said...

instead of that flux capacitor, maybe we could 'adjust' the generators at ALL of the power plants. I bet we could tweak the outputs to give more than 60Hz. any clocks running on AC would then run faster.

Stilt, I didn't know you were here in Texas! it seems that the Southern states DO tend to be well-armed. I'm sure it is just because we are all "bitter clingers".