Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Axe Not What Your Country Can Do For You

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us. A very special, uniquely American day in which millions of people will join together to give thanks for the fact that election day is finally less than a year away.

Also among the thankful is the Whitehouse turkey (no, no - the one with
feathers) who actually did receive an official pardon from Mr. Obama, and has now been offered a job in the liquor industry...just like the president's Uncle Omar, who presumably has not been invited to the Whitehouse feast and will probably have to split a frozen TV dinner with Aunt Zeituni.

In the president's official Thanksgiving proclamation, he reminds us that the original feast "honored the Wampanoag for generously extending their knowledge of local game and agriculture to the Pilgrims," a fact which is more sleep-inducing than the amount of tryptophan contained in an entire Butterball. He then goes on to say that this is an occasion to "renew our gratitude to all American Indians and Alaska Natives."

We're not sure what the Alaskan Natives had to do with Thanksgiving, considering that they've only been Americans two years longer than Barack Obama...but perhaps they're responsible for those frozen TV dinners we mentioned before.

In any event, the president also goes on to perfunctorily offer thanks to "our men and women in uniform...each other and to God" (in that order).

But apparently wishing to save expensive proclamation-grade ink, the president gives no thanks whatsoever to the 1% of taxpayers who pay 36% of the government's bills...thereby putting food on the table every day for the 45 million people who find themselves on foodstamps in the Obamaconomy.

Still, and in all sincerity, we have much to be grateful for in this wonderful country...and it can only do us all good to put politics aside on Thursday and take time to think about our blessings and to humbly give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Hope n' Change Cartoons.

And be sure to save room for the delicious "Lockbox Pumpkin Pie" you've been promised!


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The Pilgrims thanked the Indians for their help but the purpose of the feast was to praise and honor God. What's so hard to accept about that?
Rush Limbaugh does a fine retelling of the story of the first Thanksgiving. Obama's probably heard it but he can never admit it. Then what would he have to admit about those 20 years of sermons from that disgusting, racist preacher of his?
One of the benefits of having Thanksgiving at my MIL's house, besides not having to cook, is it reminds me to be thankful for having been born in this great land of freedom and comparative peace. My in-laws suffered greatly under the Nazi's and the communists before they beat feet out of Poland and found freedom here. I am thankful that God chose to bless this nation in the past and pray that He will bless us again when we prove deserving of His blessings. Perhaps when we stop slaughtering millions of His precious unborn.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Anonymous said...

you are great keep it up. gb

Chuck said...

@AHD - Amen and Amen. I'm a naturalized Citizen and appreciate the fact that I am a US Citizen every single day, because as screwed up as we are right now, we are still so much more free and prosperous that the majority of the countries on this planet.

I am constantly amazed at the myopic embrace the left gives to “the right to choose” when it comes to one person killing another for the sake of convenience (abortion) but don’t believe we should have the right to choose what kind of light bulbs, toilets, food, cars, etc. to buy or whether or not we want to wear a seatbelt (affects no one but ourselves) or purchase/have health insurance (again, affects no one but ourselves).

And to the mental midgets who say, ah, but if you don’t buy/have insurance, you still get care at the expense of others I can only say. “Why is that?” Choices have consequences, and if I choose to forgo health insurance, I have no right to expect others to provide it for me. What about those who CAN’T afford coverage? That is what I give to charities for … it is NOT the job of government.

However, there is still no cure for stupid.

As one of the 53%, I’ll be working tomorrow for at least part of the day … best time to bounce servers is when everyone else is out of the office. However, as suggested, I will forgo political issues for the day (tomorrow) and wish all of you here a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Pete(Detroit) said...

There actually *is* a cure for 'stupid' and it comes in many calibers. In extreme cases teh Naturalist Darwin takes care of things Naturally. Just think of it as a 'retroactive abortion'...

After a 5 year stint (hate to call something THAT short a 'career') in retail, I will be gloriously sleeping in tomorrow, watching football, and generally enjoying myself. Even thinking of going 'sale-ing' on Friday - Microcenter doesn't open until 8 - that seems reasonable...

So yes, all give thanks, and enjoy the day.
Go Lions!

CenTexTim said...

Chuck - Welcome. I wish more natural-born citizens saw things as clearly as you do.

Stilt - Two huffpo links in one post ... are you drifting towards the dark side?

All - best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Quite Rightly said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

My Dog Brewski said...

If you accept the LSM's definition, we are the dark side.
As usual, the hardest thing I have to do tomorrow is find the perfect balance on my plate of turkey (60% dark, 40% white for me), stuffing and mashed potatoes - with gravy over everything...Yum! The wife can have my share of congealed cranberry stuff.

Coon Tasty said...

Not being an American, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. *However*...I am always grateful for the existence of the USA, so to all of my conservative American friends, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

John the Econ said...

I also like to think of Thanksgiving as a celebration of American Exceptionalism. Do remember that it took a certain kind of drive to leave the established world to come to what was then a wilderness. America wasn't yet known as the land of opportunity. You had to survive getting here, and then just survive here first.

A lust for independence & freedom is in our genes. It's part of the reason that the "old world" still doesn't really understand us. It's their loss, just as we were.

pryorguy said...

This country is our sure ain't perfect, but it's a hundred times better than what comes in second! Have a thankful holiday!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good messages from all! At the moment, a turkey is roasting in preparation for tomorrow's get-together with family (and the aroma is wonderful) and Mrs. Jarlsberg and Daughter Jarlsberg are trimming a small Christmas tree in our den for us to enjoy until the BIG tree goes up in a week or so. It's all quite nice - and only made better by the friendships I enjoy on this site!

SC said...

This year (among the other blessing in my life) I’d like to give thanks to Stilt; this website & all of you. Visiting here is a high point in my day, we need to laugh & the cartoons never disappoint. The comments are heartfelt, insightful & an education. Have a Happy Thanksgiving; we Americans really are the luckiest people in the world.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SC- I offer a humble "thanks" for your nice remarks. This site has never been about anything other than venting, sharing, encouraging laughter, and hoping that all of us can support each other enough to keep believing in, and fighting for, this country's future. And I'll admit that clip art and a snarky attitude are odd tools to bring to that fight, but they're what I was given to work with.

Best wishes to all for turkey day!

Pete(Detroit) said...

John, I was in North Carolina (South, and a bit west of Ashville) this spring and between the terrain (craggy mountains w/ Very Steep sides) and the vegetation (a cross between rain forest and evil jungle, complete w/ vicious killer thorn bushes of MANY kinds) I was just stunned that anyone would have had the drive to hack a way through that, making roads one tree at a time. Probably w/ natives shooting at you.
THAT, friends, took gumption, and stones the size of bowling balls. And we can be thankful that they did.

Brewski - what, no candied yams?
No one got Grandma's recipe before she died, I had to reverse engineer it. It might be nice, some time, to bring something else to a dinner (the bread and salad, for instance) but it's good to have a dish to be known for.

Again, merry happies, all.

LLoyd said...

You are 'da man' foe sure! Great one. When I saw the 'Lockbox" pie I got very nauseated and then I wanted to kill.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@LLoyd- Actually, that's a stronger reaction to the "lockbox pie" than I intended - but certainly anger is appropriate!

While I don't want to over-explain a joke, I'll admit that the pie graphic was inspired by recent stories about how many government IOUs have replaced the funds collected for entitlement programs. The government acts as if their IOUs were the same thing as money...but nobody would believe that an IOU is the same thing as a pie. Which is why I so desperately want an actual leader to finally stand up and tell the American people that Washington ate their pie and has nothing to replace it with.