Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stilton's Little Helpers

Readers: As Santa could tell you, there are those people who are nice, and those who are naughty. And unfortunately, some of the naughty ones are discovering my new book "The Obama Sutra" and posting angry non-reviews on

One critic says that the book is "crass and devoid of any detectable humor," and contains "every tired conspiracy" about his beloved Obama (not untrue conspiracies, mind you - just tired).

Another critic takes you, dear reader, to task and condemns the mindset of the people who read Hope n' Change, saying that it is "everything the Tea Party stands for summed up in one racist, ignorant, spite-filled cartoon."

Gosh- didn't they get the president's memo about using words that heal instead of words that wound?

In any event, it would mean a great deal to me if some of you would go to the Amazon website and post star-ratings and reviews of the book (even one sentence) just to help minimize the future damage which can be done by the trolls as they crawl out of the woodwork.

And if you haven't read the book yet (which is crass but definitely not devoid of humor), I've extended the 99¢ ebook price a bit longer to make it easy to buy or give as a gift. It's readable on Amazon's Kindle or any computer or smartphone using Amazon's free Kindle apps.

Whether you post a review or not, let me thank ALL of you for visiting Hope n' Change Cartoons so regularly. That's a gift that I enjoy, and am deeply appreciative of, every day!
-Stilton Jarlsberg

to the surprising number of people who took time to post reviews . I sort of feel like Jimmy Stewart at the end of "It's A Wonderful Life," surrounded by friends and well-wishers. You've certainly made my Christmas Eve special!


Proof said...

The trolls are just validating what I have always said about the Left. They are humorless.

BC said...

Merry Christmans

BC said...

Doh.... Christmas

John the Econ said...

Seems to me that such hate-filled rhetoric from Progressives would be an endorsement.

And remember, "Words that Heal" are only intended for Progressives, who have their feelings hurt so easily. Conservatives have far thicker skins.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Proof- They are humorless. Although frankly I don't mind that the book annoys them - it's meant to.

@BC- I'd actually just done a google search to see what "Merry Christmans" meant (assuming it had some cool, secret meaning) before seeing your followup post. So Merry Christmans to you too - and a Happy Gnu Year!

@John the Econ- Actually, for my audience those words will be an endorsement. I just don't want the trolls to have undue influence over the star rating attached to the book.

And as far as having a thick skin, believe me that attacks from the Left are easily shrugged off. In a year that saw many members of the Obama administration refer to Tea Party types (even elected ones) in terms usually reserved for terrorists, getting some flack from OWS types is genuinely laughable.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

The stars for the top of your tree, Stilton, are at Amazon. And I hope you have a big tree - there appears to be a lot of them :o)

A very Blessed and Merry Christmas to all of my friends here on Hope-n-Change.

robsan19 said...

Just a note, I downloaded Obama Sutra to read on the PC. About half way through it and enjoy the subtle humor. Gave it 5 stars. Screw the Trolls!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- Thank you (for everything!) and best wishes to you and everyone else here for Christmas!

@robsan19- Thank you (although I had to chuckle when you call the humor "subtle" - which we both know isn't the case!)

Nabu the Scribe said...

Seeing that you're being attacked for blasphemy against The Anointed Obamessiah, I promptly went to Amazon and ordered the book (the REAL book - I don't waste my time/money on non-physical fakes).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Nabu the Scribe- Sincere thanks, and I hope (and believe) you'll be pleased with the book. It really is especially handsome in the print version - perfect for leaving on the coffee table to start conversations (or, in all likelihood, screaming arguments).

Sam L. said...

DONE! Comment added at Amazon. Glad to be of service.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sam L.- Thanks very much! I feel like there's now a nice wall erected to keep mischief-makers from doing much damage, and I'm very appreciative to all.

TheOldMan said...

Bought a copy today!