Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Menagerie

Readers- As events have been breaking (and burning and rioting) in the Middle East, I've been posting single-panel cartoons and responding to comments over on Facebook. So today I'm getting you caught up with all of those recent entries.

It was either that, or do a cartoon about Obama appearing on Dave Letterman yet again tomorrow,
and I just couldn't face the painful reality that we've got a vacuous celebrity of the "famous for being famous" variety instead of a leader in the Whitehouse.

This cartoon was a riff on Friday's Hope n' Change cartoon. Barry just looks too natural in a chicken suit not to use the image again...

Unsurprisingly, the MSM is doing everything possible to tell us that these protests and killings aren't about the United States, or Obama's policies or the security failures of Hillary Clinton's State Department...

And just what ARE those policies of Obama's which assure that he (and we) are actually loved by the Islamic world...?

Meanwhile, we think we've figured out why Obama is unable to "connect the dots"...

This next item got quite a bit of negative feedback from various readers who thought I had gone "too far" in including the bodies of our American dead in a political cartoon. And I very nearly agree with them. But it was Obama who turned this solemn occasion into a carefully staged and choreographed campaign event, going so far as to symmetrically park two open hearses on either side of his presidential podium, and drape a huge blue curtain in the background to assure that things would be photogenic. His policies directly contributed to these deaths, as did Hillary Clinton's decision not to increase security at our embassies on 9-effing-11, even after getting warnings of impending attacks. For these two to try to make political points by using the bodies of our dead as props was beyond unspeakable to me.

And let us not forget the mainstream media, without whom none of this would be possible. Remember how they savaged Bush's initial response to attacks on our nation? What would they have said of Bush if he'd reacted like Barack Hussein Obama did? (By the way, this is the cartoon I'm hoping people will share with their liberal friends. Although, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, "Why you've got liberal friends, I'll never know!")

Fresh material coming up Wednesday! -Stilton


Velcro said...

I agree, you didn't take the funeral photo too far, he did. Truth is merely reporting from the place idiots like him take themselves to.

Good work, Stilton! Your blog continues to be one of the most eloquent on the net.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- The funeral cartoon takes me out of my comfort zone because I know that there will be people out there who think I'm trying to get a laugh out of electric cars, or am somehow blind to the solemnity of the occasion - and nothing could be further from the truth. As you say, it was Barack Obama who bastardized and sullied this ceremony for his own benefit, and it was my goal to "turn things up to 11" to make people realize that a sad (and preventable) state funeral is no place for a commercial message.

Chuck said...

All spot on. And, that anyone could be offended by the politcal cartoon and not the political event that prompted the political cartoon defies understanding (yes, I read the comments made on FaceBook).

The time to stop being nice is long past due. Gloves off. Thanks Stilton!

Colby said...

The hearse cartoon might be a bit over the top, but those of us who use our brains for something besides a place to store cobwebs and memories of running blindly off cliffs can see where you were headed with it.

I saw a commercial yesterday advertising Letterman. It said, "Guess who is going to be on Letterman? The leader of the free world, that's who!" I immediately wondered if they meant Matt Mead because Wyoming is about the only place in the world that is still actually free.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Mocking the feckless stumblings of an inept and purely political animal is not making light of a tragedy. Without those feckless stumblings we may well have not had the tragedy in the first place. It is the job of political cartoonists to point these things out. No, Stilton, you did not go over the line.

SeaDog said...

Look who's borrowing the meme:

I said it before, and I say it again Stilton, for those of us that have cognitive thoughts over 140 characters, the point is not missed. G.W. used to meet many of the flights returning our hero's, but it usually went unnoticed because he banned the media, wasn't appropriate, this was a time for the families. He still meets flights at DFW when the troops are being rotated back. The man has more class in his toenail clippings than this bozo.

CenTexTim said...

The hearse cartoon might have been close to the line, but using the bodies of dead Americans -- dead due to his own arrogance and incompetence -- for political aggrandizement was way over it. It was beyond despicable.

And speaking of despicable, how about sending brown-shirted goons in the middle of the night to pick up the person who made that notorious video for a 'voluntary' interview? That reeks of 1939 Germany.

On a related note, today is the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. The irony is staggering.

Jim Hlavac said...

Good take on this all. Though, it's way too big a morass to ever put in cartoons. Though Obama is weird because he seems to support, or at least enjoy, the uprisings, the killings and the mayhem, he also seems to enjoy sending drones to kill anyone he doesn't like. He's even proud he (well, others,) killed Osama their hero, and so tells the people he wants to work with that "hey, I killed your mentor, so there!" So he's stimulating violence, but proudly saying he's got the power for even greater violence, but he's all for peace from and with the "peaceful religion." In short, he's schizophrenic, or hypocritical or even, clueless. Or all of these, or some nefarious plan that's hard to discern. Since there's no stopping him, let's hope we all make it through all right.

Though never worry that your cartoons would offend other people -- for if we start to only do cartoons that would never offend anyone then we'd all be doing some rather simple cartoons. Basically, if someone doesn't like a cartoon, they should do their own, from behind their line.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- "Gloves off" is the watchword around here, moreso even than before. We are only weeks away from either throwing Barack Obama out of office, or losing everything. This being the case, subtlety is increasingly inappropriate.

@Colby- I had little doubt that people who are really familiar with my work would understand where I was coming from with the hearse cartoon, and I fully expected others to take it the wrong way. And I was right in both cases.

Regarding Letterman, I'm disgusted by the idea of a grinning Obama showing up to do a few carefully scripted jokes, after which Dave will put on his "serious face" and cue up Obama to make some faux presidential statement about the sad loss of lives overseas.

It's all Kabuki theater.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Thank you, sir. I absolutely believe that Obama's ineptitude played a much bigger role in those deaths than any Youtube video did.

@SeaDog- I'd love to think that someone at Fox News picked up the idea from one of my postings, but the truth is that those of us who do political commentary all drink from a common spring (one filled with cliches, phrases, and memorable incidents).

Regarding GW, there's no question that he loves our troops. Loves them. There's no shortage of pictures of him visiting wounded veterans, going on bike runs with them, or similar events - but those pictures are all shot on peoples' cellphones. He does his good works in private. I'm told by someone who knows firsthand that Bush always made time for the 9/11 families...but all of that contact from the Whitehouse stopped when Obama took office.

And once Obama is OUT of office, I predict that you will never see him doing spontaneous acts of goodwill towards our troops (or any other Americans, for that matter). There will only be the occasional heavily-scripted event. An unpleasant chore for a man who has nothing but disdain for our military.

@CenTexTim- I get a chill down my spine when the government starts talking about suppressing free speech because it might offend people. I don't think I'm important enough to get that midnight knock on the door (or a battering ram) - but then again, people get unpleasant surprises all the time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Look at what the Whitehouse has been leaking in order to make Obama look strong: the president, acting alone, decided to take out Osama, and he sits with a deck of terrorist trading cards, personally deciding who to have killed with drone strikes (which sometimes blow the wrong people to smithereens). And look at Obama's reelection campaign- again and again it shouts to the world that Obama killed Osama, expecting that this mantra will motivate voters but not motivate our enemies. Insanity.

Regarding the content of my cartoons and editorials, the whole purpose of Hope n' Change is to push into uncomfortable territory and occasionally draw metaphorical blood. If people want safe, cowardly political cartoons they should stick to Doonesbury.

SeaDog said...

@Stilton: Doonesbury???? GAG

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@CenTexTim: Funny. That news broke my three-month-old, self-imposed hiatus from blogging. It is beyond the pale that Christians can be mocked ("Piss Christ", the play "Corpus Christi", and myriad episodes of various television programs come to mind), with little more response than protest letters and, perhaps, boycotts - and are further mocked for these responses - while these Neanderthals of Peace respond to any criticism, real or imagined, by attacking sovereign nations and murdering their citizens. And, in response, instead of answering with the annihilation they deserve for attacking a supposed super power, we apologize and contrive excuses of the thinnest fabric by which to scoop the "perpetrators of hate" up and detain them in order to appease the "religion of peace". No wonder they hold the US in contempt.

@Stilt: I wasn't going to comment today, but CenTExTim's comment pulled me in. Count me among those who find the cartoon in poor taste. That the asshole in washington saw fit to sacrifice the dignity of those who return home in state is bad enough - but, regretfully, expected. I really cannot countenance the furtherance of that affront in any mode or by any means. Sorry, my friend. I cannot see it in any other way.

Colby said...

"if people want safe, cowardly political cartoons they should stick to Doonesbury."

AAAA-men, Brother!!!!

One of my favorite things is to sit down on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and read the funnies; been doing that for at least 45 years. I have also been skipping right over Trudeau's bullshit for at least 10. What's that doing in the funnies, anyway, alongside Charlie Brown and Dagwood? They don't put Michael Ramirez in the funny pages. Trudeau's a "triple-A." That is, an Arrogant, Anti-American A-hole! Must be BO's brother from a different mother.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog- Yeah, Doonesbury totally sucks. And believe it or not, right now they're doing rerun strips - apparently because Trudeau can't find anything topical going on to talk about.

@Emmentaler- Hey, no problem that you didn't like the hearse cartoon. It's a matter of taste, intent, and interpretation and those aren't all variables which I can control. And I deliberately got offensive because it was the only way I had to comment on the offensiveness of the president's actions. Hey, it was a choice. And fortunately, people here can judge my intent over the long haul instead of on a cartoon by cartoon basis.

@Colby- Unsurprisingly, I'm a "funny paper" junkie, too. I finally quit my local paper, the Dallas Morning News, when it became such an embarrassing liberal rag. So now I subscribe to two online services to keep up with my favorite comics. And I only look at Doonesbury to do opposition research.

My Dog Brewski said...

Speaking of local liberal rags...I just got back from a job interview (advertising sales) for our local liberal rag. It is so liberal I quit our subscription during the Clinton administration. But I'm not torn about working for them. In this economy, I'll sell vibrators to nuns if it will keep the bank from taking our house.

Colby said...

@My Dog Brewski,
You could be a spy! Infiltrate the enemy's secret meetings, and hump sombody's leg to interrupt the train of thought. Barf on the floor when they have their meetings on how to hide conservative stuff on page 47. I'm sure a industrious dog like yourself could think of some good ones!

Vibators t onuns? Harf!!

Sparky said...

Obama, like Slick Willy, is a publicity whore.

I watched the event of the four hearses very closely. I found it distasteful and shocking. I've never witnessed a President or even a presidental dignitary holding a ceremony like this before. Interesting side note, if anyone gets a chance, watch it again as Barry & Hillary walk away from the podium after the speeches. Barry tries to bear hug Clinton walking across the floor and she sorta pushes him away with disgust on her face. Now, I'm not a Clinton fan but I "think" even she is disgusted with him? That, or she's jealous that she didn't think of this herself.

I'm still so angry over the lack of leadership from O'blamo & the Hilda-Beast in the Middle East (and everything else) I'm almost incoherant. I had to calm down before posting today:

I don't write as well as you, but it's from the heart.

Thank you Stilton for all you do. I'm sure we all appreciate your calming (and humorous) view of world events. You are a treasure.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Thought others might find this interesting - an 'open letter' from one of the actresses in that stupid movie...

CenTexTim said...

@My Dog Brewski - "In this economy, I'll sell vibrators to nuns..."

Q: You know what nuns do when they want to have sex?

A: Dress like alter boys.

Apologies to any Catholics out there. Please don't riot, burn buildings, or murder people.

Mike Porter said...

Stilton: I am deeply offended by allah of this- so by all means, keep up the good work.

Stan da Man said...

Offended Tim? Hell, that's FUNNY!
You know what kind of meat priests eat in Lent (on Friday)?

JustaJeepGuy said...

If Hillary had divorced Slick Willie and then run for president 4 years ago, she would have had a much easier time against Barack Hussein. The only reason she was dumped by the MSM was because the MSM were tired of protecting Slick Willie, which they would have had to go into overdrive to do. The MSM found their new messiah and ran with him. And we have to suffer for it.

My Dog Brewski said...

@ JustaJeepGuy:
I respectfully disagree. I think the MSM has always loved and admired Clenis for his ability to make end-runs around the Republicans while being a lecherous rapist who never had to answer for the worst of his crimes. They went for Duh Won in 2008 because they were overcome by his magic melanin. As you said, he was their new messiah, but Clinton-fatigue had nothing to do with it I think. It was all about skin color, baby. Still is apparently.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Brewski - It sure as heck ain't about reducing dependance, strong foreign policy, supporting Israel, decreasing energy dependance, unemployment, or...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@CenTexTim: We don't do that; the burning and murdering. That's why we're constant subjects of such abuse. But note that, whether intended or not, the offense is there. In such situations, we simply pray for your soul - rather than release it, as adherents to The Religion of Peace are wont to do...

@Justajeepguy: Nah. I think Billary was simply out maneuvered by Øbama. Øbama had quite a track record for winning elections through the Dirty Tricks department. The MSM will support anyone with a (D) next to their name unto death, and in a very Pavlovian/Chris Mathews-like manner.

Earl said...

Timely and excellent WSJ op-ed by Dorothy Rabinowitz regarding much of what is said here by Stilton and commentors regarding the msm. You can find it on the left side of the Hope'nChange blog in the Wall Street Journal box.

Irene Peduto said...

Stilton - was away an entire six days with an African-American turned radical. An old college friend she was. She was "in-your-face" with me & all we met along the way. Her attitude spoke volumes of her superiority to, well, whites for starters. Obama has told the people who support him to "get in their faces" and she has endorsed his message. I did not see the news but the hearses alongside the podium is over the line. God help America.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@My Dog Brewski- Good luck on the job front. Any honest job is a job worth having in this economy.

@Colby- I like your sneaky way of thinking.

@Sparky- As much as I dislike Hillary, I really do think she holds Obama in very low regard. She knew he'd make a crappy president when she was running against him and she was right. I'm still not sure why she took the Secretary of State job, but you can be sure that it wasn't - and isn't - with the intent of making him look good.

And I really liked the editorial over on your blog!

@Pete(Detroit)- Fascinating account of the "Innocence of Muslims" film and 100% believable. In a nutshell, everyone involved with the film thought they were making a low-budget adventure about two Egyptian tribes fighting over a comet which had fallen into the desert and could give them supernatural powers. After the shooting was completed, new dialogue was dubbed in to make it into a very, very bad movie about Muhammed.

@CenTexTim- You should try to show greater religious sensitivity. Especially since it's hard to give up sex with nuns once you get in the habit.

@Mike Porter- I do the best I can considering this is only a Non-Prophet Organization.

@Stan da Man- Thank you for taking the heat off my "habit" joke with a more offensive one (grin).

@JustaJeepGuy- I agree that Bill Clinton was a liability to Hillary, in that the media and the Dem leadership didn't want to have to defend him anymore...but I'm not sure that the Democrat base felt that way. One thing I'm pretty sure about - Hillary would have made a much better president than Obama.

@My Dog Brewski- I think "Magic Melanin" may well be my favorite phrase of the day, in no small part because you're completely right. There was nothing compelling about Barack Obama's politics, but for the Left to get a chance to vote for a black president was their ultimate wet dream. But after four years, it's time to change the sheets.

@Pete(Detroit)- Exactly. The man is a complete failure and was never even minimally qualified for the job he holds.

@Emmentaler- Good point. The ability to suck up offense without going on a murderous rampage is what makes freedom of speech work in the United States. Hearing things which offend us is the price we pay for the right to say things which may offend others.

And regarding Obama beating Hillary, I do need to give him credit for being a supremely talented politician- in an entirely sleazy Chicago kind of way.

@Earl- Dorothy Rabinowitz is always worth the read, and this is no exception. Here's a clickable link to her article.

And let me remind readers that there is ALWAYS great topical material in the lefthand column widgets for the Wall Street Journal,, and Newsbusters. They're updated continuously with the latest headlines.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- The problem with Obama's supporters "getting in our faces" is that they're doing it over preposterous issues. They want free money from the government... free food, housing, and medical care... they want "the evil rich" to pay for everything while abolishing capitalism at the same time, and to quote black economist Walter Williams, they'd blame racism for a flat tire.

Regarding the hearses, you can see the way the scene was staged as carefully as a Broadway musical right here.

Colby said...

I will predict that tomorrow, the MSM's focus will be completely shifted to Romney's outrageous statement that 47% of voters will vote for Barry "I'll Give You all the Free Shit You Want" Obama. They have been desperate to find a diversion from that pesky Arab uprising that was making O-Butthead look bad, and Mitt was quick to oblige.

As far as libtards using the get in your face crap...

Mrs. Colby and I play guitar and fiddle stuff, mostly Irish and Scottish, with several friends. One called my wife one day and was nicely asking a lot of questions about what she thought of Romney and Obama and such. She sort of started to get aggressive when she wasn't hearing what she wanted to hear. The next day she called again and suggested "You really don't HAVE to vote, you know." A couple of days later it was starting to get ugly, and Mrs. Colby suggested they quit talking about politics before their friendship was ruined, and the friend reluctantly agreed. I find it disturbing that someone was willing to trash a longtime friendship for the sake of promoting an anti-American socialist a-hole. Blind ass lemmings!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby, not so much that Mitt was 'quick to supply' - they'd been sitting on that tape since March.
And, really, in context, he has a point. People not paying taxes are not going to be excited about tax cuts. Need to find a batter way to motivate them - like JOBS, Mods (flat tax) to tax code to allow them to GET rich if they DO get a job, THAT sort of thing.
Friend of mine just posted on FB - "One fundy diff b/n Libs and Cons, is how they look at "rich" people. Lib's say, 'Wow, lookit all that $$$ he's got, it's not fair, let's take it from him.' Cons think, 'Wow, that's cool, how can I do that?'"

Stan da Man said...

This needs more attention, again, too.

SeaDog said...

I don't think you'll ever see President HopeyChangey doing this:

GWB has more class in his toenail clippings than Obama will ever have.

Stan da Man said...

Young lady seems to be having a good time, too. Often disagreed w/ the man, but gosh he was good for morale. Natch, some might say it's the LEAST he could do, seeing as he put 'em in harm's way to begin w/, what w/ faking 9/11 and all that.
Me, I say for an example of 'the least you can do' look at State's response to warnings of embassy attacks on 9/11/12 - NO 'high alert' to keep the Libyan Ambassador home, NO BULLETS for the Marine Guard in Cairo, Un-Effing-excusable.
Way to go, President Zero.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, when you said "Hillary would have made a much better president than Obama," the only thing I could think was, "How hard would that have been? Who WOULDN'T have been a better president than Barack Hussein?"