Friday, November 14, 2014

Spring Forward, Fall Over

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On Saturday, reopens for "open enrollment" so that everyone can see the wonderful new prices that the government didn't want you to know about until after the election.

The Jarlsberg family will be getting involved this time around, thanks to the affordable care act raising the cost of our old "like it, keep it" policy by another $4,000 this year while reducing benefits.

Checking at using their "sneak preview" function, we've already discovered a few things about finding a replacement policy: none offer as much coverage as our old policy, anything even remotely comparable is going to have a much higher price (although with subsidies, some other poor jerk who is trying to earn a living would have to pick up about half of our bill), and - oh yeah! - virtually no doctors in the area will accept any insurance plan obtained through because the rate of reimbursement sucks like a Hoover vacuum cleaner on steroids.

But hey, it could be worse. At least the people who made healthcare less accessible and more expensive when they wrote the Obamacare bill aren't laughing about how stupid the American people were in failing to stop the law. Oh wait - yes they are.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, obamacare, immigration, amnesty, kardashian

In the face of a whole bunch of potentially bad news for the president, including leaked word that he will use an Executive Order "and a sprinkling of fairy dust" to give amnesty to over 5 million illegals next week, Hope n' Change believes that White House strategists decided to use the so-called "nuclear option" to distract the news watching public.

Specifically, the well-publicized release of photos of Kim Kardashian's gigantic naked ass.

Oh sure, it sounds like a tinfoil hat conspiracy - but consider this: instead of the weekend news programs discussing Obama's flagrant abuse of authority, his refusal to accept the will of the people as expressed in the midterms, his ridiculous "carbon emissions" plan to cripple American industry, Iran's imminent arrival in the "nuclear nutjob nations" club, or skyrocketing Obamacare costs, they'll be talking about some idiot celebrity's bulbous, oiled-up, "has its own zipcode" keester and whether or not you could use that thing as a bottle opener (answer: probably).

Frankly, Hope n' Change wishes the "news" media would someday try to get to the bottom of something other than a Hollywood attention whore.


rickn8or said...

"Give amnesty to WELL over five million illegals..."

(Well, isn't thirty more than five??)

Geoff King said...

I am inclined to agree with Gruber. Americans appear to be getting dumber exponentially. The top grossing film in the movie "Idiocracy" was called "Ass". It was 90 minutes of nothing but a close up of a bare butt. Audiences were riveted. Now life appears to be imitating art yet again.
As far as the Kardashian photo goes, all I can say is: what an ass! She has a big butt, too.

Grafton Cheddar said...

Obama would be the one to be sprinkling fairy dust, now wouldn't he? I empathize about the HC joy inflicted upon the Jarlsberg family. I was allowed, by Feckless Reader, to keep my perfectly-good-policy, but alas, it was not in the cards to pay the 110% increase in premium. So it was on to the exchange for me, where I pay more than I did before and now have a bank busting $6,000 deductible. Thanks, Defender of Unicorns!

TrickyRicky said...

Our president is a much, much bigger ass that whats-her-name's posterior.

Judi King said...

Talk about stupid Americans! These folks beat us all. And is that @$$ on Ms. Kardashian for real? I thought the FLOTUS' was huge.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn80r- You're right that there will be many more amnesties granted if Barry gets his way; the first five million are just la punta del iceberg.

@Geoff King- If anyone reading this has NOT seen the movie "Idiocracy," they need to seek it out immediately. It's always been hilarious, but as time goes on it's increasingly profound and prophetic.

And I genuinely do believe that people are getting dumber, more distractable, and less capable of hanging onto complex thoughts.

@Grafton Cheddar- I'm sure I'll be posting some updates on my adventures in insuranceland. It came as a surprise when my personal physician informed me that if I got any policy through the healthcare exchange that I'd be looking for a new doctor. "The reimbursement is worse than medicare," according to this gentleman.

So my choice may genuinely come down to insurance that is over the moon unaffordable (thanks, Barry!) or insurance that screws other taxpayers for much of the cost while failing to provide access to actual healthcare.

@TrickyRicky- Yes he is.

@Judi King- In these sad and stupid times, debate rages about whether Kardashian's keester is real or fake. I'm guessing that it's genuine, albeit touched up with photoshop for special occasions like this.

Colby Muenster said...

Boehner seems to have finally grown a pair, but the House is a paper tiger for now. O'Liar has nothing to lose, and he has Reid still in power for the time being. It's going to get ugly folks, and there ain't a damn thing Boehner can do about it. They dare not impeach that bastard; the AG isn't going to do shit (i.e., his job), and BO is going to go full speed ahead with his royal proclamations and decrees. The best we can hope for is that the new Congress can undo some of the damage next year.

Kim Kardashian? What a pathetic excuse for a human being... but even more pathetic is our media's and society's willingness to place more emphasis on her ass than the ass in our White House.

Anonymous said...

Does the word callipygian apply to that vast expanse of hide?
It seems to defy gravity.

Bruce Bleu said...

I believe the word you are looking for is STEATOpygian, and why in the hell is such priority placed on MEGA-bootie in D.C. these days... what could it be... what could it be...? Oh, wait... could there be any connection to the centerfold of Wide-Load Women and magilla's photo spread, (and I DO mean SPREAD!). I heard that "she" went skydiving and had to wear 9 parachutes because the combined gravitational pull of the Earth and her ass would have made her reach a new calculation for terminal velocity, 9.81 m/sec^2 squared.

Rod said...

HnC is far more entertaining and a real hoot; but let's all not forget to do our chores. Just last evening I wrote to our reps about what I expect from them when the new Congress is seated. Don't play nicely. Stop this administration in its tracks. Even better & safer for us all, and as a lesson for the future: At his next significant violation of the constitution, law or the presidential oath of office, remove this chief executive.

Jim Hlavac said...

Well, I didn't notice Kim's tuckus, having been, um, uh, coated with fairy dust at an earlier point in time ...

Anyway -- I'm more seriously thinking it's 25th Amendment time -- he's crazy ... and I've seen mention of the idea elsewhere already ... and well, it short cuts everything ... gives everyone something really serious to think about.

If the man is going to be this dictatorial, this extra-legal, then congress should truly begin to consider it -- and that means the people have to rise up and make the case ... so that's what I'm starting ... as best I can.

I think everyone should start the clamor as best they can ...

β male #1 said...

I love coming to this page, but I have to admit, that was a real bonus today - KK's butt. She is undeniably an utterly (udderly?) stupid, vapid, wasted lump of protein but her booty is truly fine. I will get to the rest of today's entertainment once I am through admiring the only reason for her existence.

And then I will bemoan the fact that she, and others like her, do in fact exist... though not because of her booty. No that is fine.

John the Econ said...

I feel for you @Stilton. The Econ family will also soon be experiencing the thrill exploring the frontier of government-managed health care for the first time. As I've mentioned here before, my previous plan was grandfathered, except for the rate which instead of going down $2,500-a-year as Obama promised, has literally tripled. I could now lease a supercar, or a pretty nice airplane with the difference of what I was paying now versus what I was paying back then.

I have little doubt that my experience will be similar to yours; more money to pay for coverage I neither need or want:

From the HHS website:

• Domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling.

• FDA-approved contraceptive methods, and contraceptive education and counseling.

• Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.

• HPV DNA testing, for women 30 or older.

• Sexually transmitted infections counseling for sexually-active women.

• HIV screening and counseling for sexually-active women.

• Mammograms and Colonoscopies (since Sept 2010)

That's just fun stuff for Mrs. Econ, which with the exception of the last one needs absolutely none of it.

But the upside is that (as I've said here many times before) it may make sense for me to semi-retire and make myself eligible for the subsidies (at least until the Supreme Court eliminates them) I'm getting more and more willing to let the young morons who voted for this President twice pay for the bulk of my health care. I've long since tired of paying for theirs.

And say what you will about Gruber, but the fact of the matter is that he's absolutely right. America is stupid for being lazy, not paying attention and letting this happen. And now it's too late. The only transparency in ObamaCare is his statement about it, which would have been more useful 4 years ago. It deeply saddens me that the generations behind me will never know or appreciate the vibrant America I knew. They'll never know what they're missing. They'll just know that what they're getting now and in the future is going to suck.

On "amnesty", we all knew it was a foregone conclusion. But I wish the GOP would get on the ball and send out a talking points memo on my single point:

"Exactly how is flooding the marketplace with 5-million formerly illegal workers going to help the plight of the unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid in the lower and middle classes?"

Once again, we've got the Democrats talking big about how they're concerned and desperately want to do something about "the middle class", and yet they keep doing things that exclusively benefit the ruling class and 1%. The only upside of Obama's executive action is that the cost of domestic labor in Falls Church, Fairfax County and the other DC suburbs where the Washington bureaucratic establishment resides just got much more affordable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go call 1-800-F**KYO to see what my new heath insurance options are.

Judi King said...

Just the term ILLEGAL says it all. Why should these people be granted any thing? I don't see how this is fair to the countless immigrants who have gone through the long process legally. Why aren't the laws already in place being enforced? Immigrants are fine and the backbone of our country but it should be done legally. As for the fiasco of the "Affordable Care Act", I'm on Medicare so haven't been affected, so far, but my cousin just paid $2,000 out of pocket for tests because her deductible is so high because of this act. Insanity!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- I'm hoping the Republicans show some moral strength and leadership, even if their options for actually making much happen are limited.

Impeachment would be largely useless because it would drag out forever. Still, if Barry really pushes his luck (and our buttons) with the royal decrees...

@Anonymous- Thank you for calling that word to my attention. I don't know how I got to be this old and have it missing from my vocabulary.

@Bruce Bleu- Not to get myself in trouble here, but I think the fascination with big butts is an extension (so to speak) from Hip Hop culture and its adherents.

@Rod- Right you are. This election should be seen like a starter's pistol for our active involvement in letting our reps know what is expected of them.

@Jim Hlavac- While I'm unconvinced of the efficacy of an impeachment proceeding, in my heart I'm all for it. Preferably with Barry kept in a holding cell until the case is fully adjudicated.

@β male #1- I think Ms. Kardashian's hiney may be the very definition of "too much of a good thing." It's certainly eye-catching...but in a sideshow sort of way.

@John the Econ- Oh, I'm going to get royally screwed on health insurance, no question. But then, so is everyone else (except for a very small minority of people, many of whom aren't even citizens).

Of your list of mandatory services I'll have to pay for, only the colonoscopy could be useful: thanks to Obamacare, my "grandfathered" plan added a waiver to my plan that the procedure wouldn't be covered anymore because some polyps were found years ago. Meaning that I need to pay full price out of pocket for this important preventive diagnostic, but that the cost wouldn't even apply to my $12,000 deductible.

Last time I had the procedure, I tried to get a price quote (impossible) and it ended up costing me thousands of dollars. I now know that the same physician charges under $300 when he's doing it for Medicare.

But with Obamacare, colonoscopies are "free," right? Apparently not - as I understand it, the procedure is fully covered if they don't find a single polyp. If they do, then suddenly your visit isn't "preventative medicine" (covered) but an actual surgical procedure (not covered).

Then again, it could be worse. If I were Kim Kardashian I'd have to pay a surcharge for the extra three feet of camera cable.

Regarding Gruber's "stupidity" comment, there's plenty of stupidity to go around - but let's also remember that voters didn't get a chance to vote directly on Obamacare, and none of our GOP representatives voted for it in Congress. Which pretty means it was all Democrats who were either lying, stupid, or both.

The American people, however, are certainly stupid to have allowed such awful people to attain elected office.

Finally, I hope the GOP does make a real effort to educate people about what amnesty is going to do to our economy. I've read that black Americans will be more negatively impacted than other groups, as entry level jobs are snapped up.

Geoff King said...

I imagine colonoscopies have to be free of charge under Øbamacare...if only so liberals can find their heads.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg .. the 25h Amendment says that a president can be removed from office for being incapacitated ... by a statement of Congress ... it's not an impeachment proceeding ... nor would it take forever .. the declaration made, the white coats sent in ...

@John the Econ .. sir, I just love your take on things .. thanks so much for the time and effort ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- For Dems, a colonoscopy is the ultimate "selfie."

@Jim Hlavac- I have to apologize for my Constitutional ignorance! Sending in the guys with nets is a great idea!

β male #1 said...

Oh my - it may be a sideshow but it's worth a mint.

And notice the real point of the article - the top 1% pay 24% of the taxes. I say redistribute Kardashian.

David in SoCal said...

@Rod: I've e-mailed my gubment reps and asked them to PLEASE defecate or vacate the porcelain alter, or face the same fate the Dems did on 4 Nov, 2014. May I have some fun now?.....

Regarding Kim Karsizedassian:
As a heavy equipment operator; when I see that ASS, I hear: 'BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP'.
Whenever she hits the road, she requires a pilot car and an 'oversized load' permit.
If you told her to 'haul ass', she'd hafta make two trips.

We at Hn'C are here all week; try the veal.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, the voters may not have had the opportunity to "vote directly on Obamacare", but in the United States of America, there were never supposed to. We are not a "democracy". We are a "representative republic". Remember, the founding fathers were paranoid of being a democracy because they knew that "democracy" is just a polite word for "mob rule", which they wanted to avoid just as much as they wanted to avoid another monarchy.

So while it's true that we never had the opportunity to "vote directly on Obamacare", we really did in both 2006 when we collectively gave Congress back to the Democrats, and then in 2008 when we collectively elected an obvious Marxist into the Presidency.

Okay, you and I didn't do that, but the "mob" certainly did. And now we're all paying for it.

@Jim Hlavac, thanks for the kind words, and the feeling is mutual. I always enjoy your well-rounded thoughts while floating in a sea of insanity.

Bruce Bleu said...

David in SoCal...
If Fred Astaire sang his signature song to her it would be, "Dancing c---h---e---e---k to c---h---e---e---k".

REM1875 said...

Doc, doc youre not being fair about Ø care, if your your entire family uses your 'free' gender reassignment you will come out ahead.
So far my medical choices come out to clan druid, tribal shaman, pagan warlock or santaria priesress and most will take payment in chickens.

REM1875 said...

Holy cow I aint seen that much oil since the exon valdez disaster.

PRY said...

We need the UK's 'vote of no confidence'...the person in question leaves the office immediately and all his staff with him!

Sounds good to me!

Aged Canadian cheddar said...

I am going to be wading into this health care debate once again, the lat few times I did I was accused of being a shill ect. ect. ect. Firstly, the Canadian system is good in so far as what it covers, what people forget is that it does not cover everything, most people have supplementary insurance for that.
It does NOT cover:
Medical appliances
All and any alternative medicine practice - Shiatsu,acupuncture,osteopathy and the endless list of charlatans.
Any medical appliances, walkers, mobility carts.

After all that you may be left with a budget no more that 60% of what is being spent now.

The government does subsidize drugs for low income over 65 - who take most and for all but $2 per prescription for those on welfare so it is the biggest drug buyer in the country and as such negotiated prices with all the drug companies and drug stores, draconian according to them. Can't be all that draconian because I live out in the suburbs and there are 11 drug stores within walking distance.I am getting old and decrepit, I take drugs fro prostate, hypertension, COPD and various other complaints, monthly bill about $450 all but about $400 a year deductible. Those same drugs at Walgreens list price would come to about $1,800 per month and that's where the other half of your health expenditure goes.Most insurance companies in the US have deals with pharmacies and drug Co.s BUT NOT THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA. There's you legislators and lobbyists in action. The same for those mobility carts that are now de rigueur for every grossly fat person in the ghetto. Paid for by Medicaid they are about $5,000, on the market they sell for $1,500. Lobbyists to the fore again.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

β male #1- There's certainly enough of her to go round. And I'm impressed that with no discernible talent, she's amassed a fortune equal to $32.5 million per butt cheek.

@David in SoCal- I'm hoping that the GOP will start putting bills on Barry's desk that will signal how they would run things with a non-Democrat in the White House. This is no time for them to start thinking they won this election because we actually like them.

@John the Econ- Quite right. The voters, whom Gruber characterizes with laudable accuracy, put these lying scoundrels in office. Idiocy by proxy.

@Bruce Bleu- See, that's funny.

@REM1875- I'll admit that I haven't considered "out of the box" options like gender reassignment as an interesting way to use medical services I'm being forced to pay for. Then again, I'm worried that I might become a victim of the Republican "War on Women." Especially since I'd be such an ugly woman.

@PRY- The "no confidence" vote would certainly shake things up around here, and I'd like to give it a shot. I'd also like to see the president being thrown into the snake pit of public debate with his political opponents the way they do in England's Parliament. I'd love to see how Barry would fare when having to defend his policies "real time" with well-informed, vocal opponents.

@Aged Canadian cheddar- Interesting and appreciated insights. The U.S. healthcare insurance system was definitely ripe for overhaul, but Obamacare has done nothing but make it worse.

Which, I believe, has been entirely by design - the goal being to make the entire system fail so it needs to be replaced with "single payer."

Certainly there's a vast amount of data and experience we could collect from Canada about the pros and cons of your system.

Geoff King said...

Dubya now says that Billy-Bob Clinton is "his brother from another mother":
Isn't that just so special? And here I thought Reps and Dems were so different that they couldn't get along. So, if that really was their family relationship, wouldn't that mean that at least one of them is a bastard?

Bruce Bleu said...

It finally hit me... "get to the "bottom" of things"... Stilton, you funny guy. Sometimes it takes me a bit of time, but eventually I see "what you did there". HAH!

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

You're dreaming if you think our media will ever be anything other than "progressive" cheerleaders. The MSM is purely a Democratic party propaganda machine. Can you imagine what they would be doing if a key architect of a Republican plan of whatever, a guy who was paid almost $6M for his "consulting", had turned out to be a liar and to have mislead the American people? Whoa. Armageddon. Now? Silenzio.

"The Jarlsberg family will be getting involved this time around, thanks to the affordable care act raising the cost of our old "like it, keep it" policy by another $4,000 this year while reducing benefits." Just got my insurance renewal in the mail yesterday - too afraid to open it. This horror that the Moron In Chief has unleashed - impeach the bastard.

Oh and then there was this, this morning. NPR?

I effing hate "progressives". Treasonous, lying, sumbitches all.