Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Life Review

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Page 425 of the Obamacare bill required all citizens to attend regular, mandatory "end of life" consultations to discuss whether or not their continuing existence is becoming a burden to society and, if so, how the government can help direct them to the "exit" door.

Now, the government is hinting that it will remove the so-called "pull the plug on Granny" language because it's unpopular. Especially with grannies.


Suzy said...

What gets me is that euthenasia isn't even legal in America yet! Kevorkian got in so much trouble and Obama is trying to get away with doing the same thing MUCH larger scale. *shaking head*

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Suzy, doctor-assisted euthanasia is legal in Oregon and Washington these days. Indeed, there is an infamous case in which an Oregonian woman had a recurrence of cancer, but was prescribed a drug which could extend her life. She contacted Oregon Medicaid for help, and was told that the drug was denied because it was too expensive...but that Medicaid would pay for other options, including "physician aid in dying" (government-speak for euthanasia).

Read about it here

Philip said...

It's toast. Even the sychophant Carville said it :

James Carville: "Looks Like Health Care Public Option Is Out"

Suzy said...

BTW support Whole Foods!!!! They are the next liberal target because of health care!

Philip said...

Well, the left finally wonders : "Who is Barack Obama ?" :