Friday, August 14, 2009

Trick or Treaty

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According to page 783 of the proposed Healthcare bill, Obama promises that citizens can choose their own doctors, keep their own insurance, and have no increases in taxes "as long as the eagle flies and the river runs."

Hey, if that promise was good enough for the native Americans, then the rest of us certainly shouldn't have any reservations. (Ba-da-BOOM!)

Bonus: The President tries not to laugh while presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a man whose country was taken away by Washington DC.


Suzy said...

No reservations eh? *Groan*

The worst that could happen....everybody stays so drunk nobody cares what dr they go to or what health care they get.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Suzy, you're absolutely right. In the Soviet Union, the only way people could cope with socialism was by surviving on vodka.

This translated to one person out of every seven drinking themselves to death. Of course, that also reduced the number of people The State had to pay for by 15%, which worked out well for the overlords.

Currently, our government loves to tax alcohol and tobacco, but does nothing to deter their use. After all, every citizen who dies before receiving benefits is a big "plus" in the government ledger...and they know it.

Philip said...

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Philip said...

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