Saturday, August 8, 2009

Robust Debate

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The Democrats have now enlisted union members to help them "punch back twice as hard" at townhall meetings, drowning out and physically intimidating anyone who questions the president's healthcare bill. But why would the unions support Obamacare unless it was good for their membership? Because the healthcare bill gives union members a better deal than everyone else (except politicians) will get. And all the unions have to do in return is pay off the Democrats with forced union dues, and occasionally beat the snot out of people who get in the way.

Bonus video: The president who admired the "robust debate" of Iranian politics declares that he "doesn't want to hear a lot of talk" from opponents and wants them "out of the way."


Suzy said...

I've read alot of holocaust books, and while I know we are not nearly as bad as that now (yet??)...I still never thought we'd see some of the government methods we are seeing today in the United States of America.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

This week, Nancy Pelosi accused citizens of "carrying swastikas" and being "brownshirts" - while her party encouraged informers to turn in their neighbors, dispatched thugs to townhall meetings to brutalize protestors, and continued making plans for a government-run board which would decide which people were, and weren't, of use to society.

Hitler never gave a speech in which he declared "let's incinerate the Jews." He did, however, argue that the common people were being oppressed by Jews who had wealth and business savvy, and he rode the people's anger and resentment into power - after which the ovens were inevitable.

The Democrats are using the same fear tactics to empower themselves, seemingly without worrying about where their rhetoric and actions might take us. But of course, they have greater concern for human life than the Nazis did. Right...?

Thought Question: Which is larger - the number of people killed in the Holocaust, or the number of babies aborted in the United States?