Friday, May 21, 2010

The Aunt Goes Marching

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Barack Obama's Kenyan aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has been living illegally (and in public housing) in the United States since she ignored a deportation order in 2004. But in a new immigration hearing which is completely and totally unrelated to her nephew being the alleged president, Aunt Zeituni has been given political asylum, a path to citizenship, continuing income and healthcare from taxpayers because...because...

Well, we can't tell you. It's a secret. No, really!

Behind closed doors, Obama's aunt said something to a judge...and he decided that it would be a damn good idea to quickly declare Aunt Zeituni's case a winner (even though in 2004, her case for political asylum was rejected) and throw a veil of confidentiality over the whole thing.

We don't know for sure that her revelation had anything to do with Obama's birth certificate. All we do know is that her secret is now locked away in the same safety deposit box.

According to Whitehouse spokesman Robert Gibbs, Obama didn't help his aunt at trial. And the only conceivable reason we should believe that is the fact that Barack has never done anything remotely nice for any of his family members who live in abject poverty.

And why would he? After all, Obama - who is a great proponent of "fairness" when it comes to sharing other people's wealth - only earned $5.6 million in royalties last year from the books he wrote...about Aunt Zeituni, her half-brother, and the profound importance of his African roots and family.

But Hope n' Change isn't really concerned about dear old Aunt Zeituni staying in America. After all, if we only get the chance to deport one member of her extended family, we have someone else in mind.


Bonus: An excerpt from the Sesame Street episode you'll never see on TV...

Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?
Now it's time to play our game, time to play our game!


Joe said...

And yet nothing good is ever accomplished by simply handing people money, even if they are family. I stand behind the Prez on this one. It's his choice to do what he wants with his own money. If there's one thing his existence proves it's that anybody can make money or obtain power in this world if they choose to. BHO may keep a lot of secrets, but he earned the money to pay the lawyers who advised him to do so. I bet many in his family would refuse the money if he offered it to them. Living in opulence was simply not their choice.

I do find it ironic that he's getting rich of the stories of these people's lives though. Stories about people living in poverty make a man rich.

Returning to the subject of BHO's aunt, I disagree with the secrecy. If there was a reason good enough for her to stay in the USA illegally after she was initially rejected from doing so, I want to know what it is! Especially if the claim is true that Obama didn't intervene on her behalf. Check the name of the lawyer who helped her and see if his name is on any of BHO's trials or in advisement positions.

I'm too tired to finish...

Chris Mallory said...

Why would he want to spend his millions when he has a trillion dollar line of credit with China.

All government meetings and court proceedings should be open to all citizens. No reason why we shouldn't know why this illegal is staying in the country.

Suzy said...

Too many secrets being allowed this term. Secrets aren't allowed with Republican rule, I'm sick of the game changing the Dems do when its their turn in office.

I've never been a "conspiracy theorist" but if there's ever been a "conspiracy", its now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Joe- Obama certainly shouldn't be compelled by law to give a nickel to his relatives. But of course, the tremendous hypocrisy is that the man does enact laws which take money from complete strangers to give to Aunt Zeituni (and millions of others) and justifies it in the name of "fairness" and "empathy." He's free to do whatever he wants with his money...but he deserves no moral high ground from which to lecture the rest of us about compassion.

As far as the secrecy surrounding Aunt Zeituni, we think it stinks. Her original case for political asylum failed, and nothing has changed politically since then...other than Obama's election.

rjl40 said...

Muhammad Hussein Obama is so perceptive that he can write books on the father he says he met twice, yet he can't recall very much about his own life. He never met Blagjovich, yet the photographs tell a different tale.
I hate it when I wake up and he's still posing as a president.

Front Woodsman said...

So, little "o" has an aunt who is not only an illegal alien of long standing, but also a welfare cheat, AND illegally living in public housing besides, and now she's obtained "political asylum" in the USA because of the unsettled conditions in the country of her birth. Seems like a perfect example of the sort of top quality illegal immigrant we ought to be granting entrance. After all, with her obvious high level of respect for our laws, and her demonstrated willingness to steal taxpayer money to support her here, she has the perfect qualifications to stay here and perhaps become a Cabinet member as well. Any chance the judge that sealed the court records on this case might have recently moved here from Hawaii? Of course the fact that she's "o's" aunt had nothing to do with this...probably never came up in the proceedings or in that note passed to the judge in chambers before the case was heard. I'm sure having his courtroom packed with reporters and federal information management types would have had no influence on his decision, right? After all, "o" has never been known to lend any kind of helping hand to any of his poorer relations, whether it be cash or influence or even a Kwanza card, as far as we can tell. Guess we can all agree this is just another case where all us racists are questioning "o" about every little thing, like we wouldn't have had anything to say if a white guy was in the White House acting like a total Chicago influence peddling community organizing anti-American thug-type person. I'm sure Bill Ayers, the Reverend Wright, and etc. are all well pleased with the way their little "o" has taken his proper place in the world, where he can get his aunt on the public dole permanently, and "keep his foot on the necks" of any private sector folks who get in the way, or just happen to be handy when an example needs to be made of the big powers of little "o" Too soon to start talking impeachment for this guy, or maybe we just need to vote him and his cronies out, come November?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Front Woodsman- No, it's not too soon to start considering impeachment. But perhaps it will sound better if we describe it as a "political asylum" hearing on behalf of 300 million Americans.

Anonymous said...

Beware and be aware. Obama is the most intentionally divisive president I've ever seen. He got into office on class warfare issues. The numbers (votes) were on his side as long as he could pit evil businesses against everyone else in a bad economy. Oddly enough, race never came up as a meaningful issue in his election; the MSM ignored or sugar-coated all the relevant stories on this matter. After his election, when an unanticipated opposition evolved (i.e. tea parties), his rhetoric adapted. He never stopped his class warfare, he simply added racial, sexual, and religious warfare to his arsenal. Tea partiers were called dumb, racist "tea baggers" and (most infuriating to me) potential terrorists. He must LOVE the Arizona law. He can stoke all sorts of envy, bitterness, fear and hate without worrying about which rhetorical teleprompter to use. Watch as he unleashes his full vitriol on all things American.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- We couldn't agree more. And we don't want to watch as he "unleashes his full vitriol," but we don't dare look away.